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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Wichita Wild

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Wichita Wild

In the upcoming action comedy Wichita, Tom Cruise will play a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single woman, according to Variety.

The 46-year-old actor will costar alongside Cameron Diaz in the James Mangold-directed film.

Wichita is scheduled fora summer 2010 release.

Tom was just at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to support his wife Katie Holmes for the Memorial Day concert.

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  • H.

    Sounds interesting. They might make a cute onscreen pair.

  • victoria

    He’s got his haters, but I like Tom. He always seems to throw himself into everything 100%, he definitely enjoys his life. :-)

  • denver

    he looks hot

  • 90210

    He’s doing a comedy? I hope he does the Matarese with Denzel too with his MGM studio….

  • thanks jj

    handsome,nice guy and versatile actor

  • iron chef


  • pr person

    Crazy playing a secret agent? Like thats new! Ugghhh…….. I smell a stinker!

  • dabu

    At his age, this is a good part for him instead of him always taking pure action roles to try and convince us all that he is still a young stud. He’ll probably do well in this as he can play himself which is when he excels (Jerry McGuire and Risky Biz).


    one word: F L O P

  • Jake

    That’s another I’ll miss.

    Even from a woman’s perspective, there will be NO chemistry bewtween them.


    Just say no to cults!

  • dido

    cruise and diaz ,they will be a hot couple, ı can’t wait for this and ı hope he does motorcade and materase circle after this film, go tom

  • yeah tom and katie separate


    Wow and how is he going to be Australia with Katie while she is
    making her movie..??Guess she gets her wish anyway!!

  • Michaelangelo

    I’m finally realizing the truth. I think all you guys are right. Tom Cruise doesn’t even know I exist. Why should my poor wife have to beg me to get off the computer every day? I spend all my time defending this man and he won’t even send me an autographed photo that I’ve been requesting from his fan club for over a year now! He ignores all my letters! I’m getting really sick of this. My wife might leave me and my thearapist says its ruining my life. I can’t even get employment because of this! I got fired from my pizza delivery job because I was trying to post here from my phone while I was driving. Some idiot moron wrote a comment about TomKat and it just made me crazy! So now, even the Church of Scientology won’t accept me because I don’t have any more money to pay for courses. So sorry I’ve acted like such a dumb ass guys. But I know now that Tom will never love me the way I need to be loved.

  • truth

    Vanila sky with Cameron diaz was lame may be the 2nd time better?

  • bandit

    This is not the best casting. Tom and Cameron had NO CHEMISTRY at all in Vanilla Sky. I like Cameron, but not with Tom. And find it hard to think of Tom as a romantic lead anymore anyway, he oozes weird intensity, IMO he can no longer can play the leading man who gets the girl anymore.

  • Annie

    Oh no, not again. Gay Tom, just go away already will you??????

    I don’t think I can stomach one more round of “promo” crap from him ever again. Now he will start to come out ( we hope from the closet), and strutt is self-absorbed self and act like his poop don’t stink. He’ll parade around his “arranged” marriage robot wife and spawn like show ponies and go throught yet another round of plastic surgeries to try and make himself likeable. And putting Cruise together with Diaz is like pairing a monkey with a Lynx…….just isnt going to work.

  • lorenawoods

    won’t be seeing that one. he shot his last wad with me long time ago.

  • dian

    Handsome Tom this movie will be a hit best actor ever

  • boo

    Sounds like a really fun movie and it seems like Tom and Cameron would be a good on screen match.

  • boo

    90210 – Cruise was absolutely hysterical in Tropic Thunder. He does comedy very well.

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww man u tricked me jared
    i thought cameron was at the game =[ = [ =[
    anyway, im so happy the lakers 1
    in was pretty close until they closed it out in the 4th quarter

  • Jen

    i like Tom and he does well in comedies.. I dunno if he’s a good match with Cameron, but we will have to see

  • S3ZZ


  • Jenna

    Two words. Who. Cares. Cruise is so O V E R.

    It sounds like a piece of crap. Everything Diaz does recently is a B movie that doesn’t do well in the box office. I guess thats the best Cruise can do these days.

  • Marieme

    Really cute idea! Sounds a thousand times better than a turkey baster.

    Tom is such a great actor.

  • what an all around actor

  • holly

    Ageless hottie

  • 24

    TC deserves the Oscar by now.

    I know he’s doing another film so I hope its an action one.

  • agnes

    That pic is from the Laker game. Go Tommy :)

  • amway

    Tom Cruise…patriot
    few usual trolls changing their names….pinheads

  • passing through

    #24 – Valkryie a WW-2 flick was a hit for Cruise. Only Cruise can make that happen since those kind of genres dont do well.
    Smart of him doing comedy (Tropic Thunder was a hit and he got a GG nod), shows he can do it all not be a one note actor.

  • Trekkie

    This pic gives me flashbacks from when Tiny Tom tried to zap the Lakers with his Scientology laser watch.
    I think Tom should move to Witchita with his spaceship.
    Tom needs $ so he does not care if he does a stupid movie. L. Ron Hubbard told him to do the movie so he does it. He will try to convert the cast and crew to Scientology. That’s why all celebrities hate Tom because he tries to kidnap them and take them to church with him.

  • csilla

    two words: cant.wait

  • danny


    U need to finally be the man god intended and be with yur own kind.
    Enuf with the fake wife and kidz. U will be better off, Trust me. dany

  • He’s Done

    35 Comments including mine. That’s pathetic. Nobody cares about Cruise anymore. Stick a fork in him. He’s done. LOL

  • Pinkberry

    JJ loves da gays.

  • Donatello

    Her last movie, What Happens in Vegas, was a huge box office hit, #24.

    You’ve been saying that for 4 years now, #35. He’s not going anywhere.

  • violettatone40

    Fascinating. Can’t wait. He is gorgeous.

  • mi

    Cruise will never be over and you losers might as well get over it because you’re the only ones that are over and really never even were in the first place. Diaz and Cruise were amazing in Vanilla Sky and in fact were sizzling. Even the director, Cameron Crowe, went on and on about the onscreen chemistry between them. That’s probably the reasoning in them acting together now in another movie. The simple fact is, Tom is not only much sexier and more manly than you losers here, but he’s also much more intelligent. GET OVER IT!

  • Chaz

    Two aging plastic face actors on their way out….wow, can’t wait.

  • Dor

    I’m very happy to see Tom and Cameron together. I think they are both awesome people, and they obviously like working together. The film should be a great entertainment.