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T.R. Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy

T.R. Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy

Multiple sources confirm to E!’s Marc Malkin that T.R. Knight will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy next season.

False reports are circulating that the show’s creator Shonda Rimes rebuffed this news, calling it “a hilarious, ridiculous rumor.”

Well, Shonda did in fact tweet those words but she was responding to the ridiculous rumor that Dr. George O’Malley would have facial reconstructive surgery and his role would be re-cast.

Here’s the original tweet: “Heard a rumor about George today. Said that TR would be replaced (by plastic surgery) and we’d still have George.”

Dr. George O’Malley is, in fact, dead. Live with it!

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  • Anjelica

    george is cool…I love him and want him 2 stay

  • ggfan

    the writers are not smart with this move
    many fans will be upset

  • sugaroo

    I am very upset about this. I think I will write them a letter. I will refuse to watch this show ever again if that happens. This has ruined my night.

  • Julian

    they should kill meredith and put another actrees.

  • lacey

    Fabulous. Can you please confirm that Izzie is dead as well?

  • dianad1968

    Thank God!!! The next one they should rid of is Katherine Heigl.

  • Mary

    I dont really care if George stays…i’ll still watch the show.

  • whatthehell

    He needs to go after the stunt he pulled on Isaiah Washington. It’s called karma folks.

  • rahchis

    LMAO at lacey and dianad1968′s comments. I think many share the very same sentiment.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    soo… hahahahaha… whoo is the little homoo.

  • Mel

    George’s character has been ‘dying’ for a while now, really. He hasn’t had much of a role in the show lately. It’s not really a surprise that he’s now completely gone.

  • Debbie

    Good! I’ll still watch. He wanted out of the show, it wasn’t the writers. Good luck on your next job…

  • TEDS

    George’s part in the show has been dwindling anyway, his story lines have sucked or he has been hardly in it!! I think T.R. should be happy and move on to something better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kar

    noooo george..

    i hate the writers of this show. merder never got married and they kill george. ugggh i hate them


    everyone is leaving this show!

  • Chia

    I would be so pissed if George OR Izzie died! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I heard both of them signed on for the next season anyway, so I doubt this is true. BAH! [Or atleast I hope not!]

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    About time!

  • greysaddiction

    TR is fabulous. And George is the heart and soul in MAGIC. If TR does leave, it would be a tremendous loss for the show. But, I have to say, the original source of this article from E!Online is spreading a rumor– I won’t believe this until we have official word from TRK, Shonda and/or ABC. I truly want both George and Izzie to live on.

  • heather

    I’m pretty sure TR requested to leave Grey’s and the show complied with his wishes. He WANTED off the show.

  • Mrskinnman

    Ok a couple of things are really strange. 1 when George is standing in his dress uniform, why? He has not even entered the military or completed any of his training, in other words he has not earned his service or national defense ribbons yet. 2 no rank even when the military did draft they made a surgeon a Capt. and sent them through a modified basic and such, doubt a surgeon would be made a combat medic. 3 why set up this military story line George could have easily saved the woman without enlisting.

    George you need to come back.

  • Amy

    It’s TR Knight’s decision to leave the show. He didn’t resign the contract. Be mad at HIM. He’s the one who’s bailing on the show. The show just has to do the best it can around him leaving and I think they gave him a FANTASTIC send off. Katherine Heigl is still in negotiations… hence the reason the season ended without really knowing about her… she didn’t get off the elevator. George was already off. He is dead. Izzie is the one we don’t know about. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how negotiations go.

  • Carter
  • statingtheobvious

    Do this guy honestly think that he will have a career after Grey’s Anatomy? He wants to leave let him. No one will hear from him ever again.

  • sandy

    DITTO #23

  • sandy

    DITTO #23

  • Bothdecidedtoleave

    So what if it’s TR’s decision to leave the show, it’s Katherine’s too. How the hell would you know whether he signed the contract or not? The execs are now being quiet about BOTH of them, which isn’t a good sign. They can be mad at whoever they want, the show sucks. She’s the other one bailing on the show too, not like she was ever really IN the show. Anyone who still believes that Katherine is in “negotiations” instead of DEMANDS with anyone loses all credibility. The season did not end without knowing about her, you just don’t understand metaphors. The elevator IS death, moron. She doesn’t have to get off the elevator – it IS death. Either way, they’re both dead. Izzie coded for three straight minutes, you don’t come back from that moron. WE know about Izzie, you just don’t because you’re an idiot.

  • Jordana

    George is my favorit…. damn!!

    i hope that it isn’t true!

  • me

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:
    Who are you to judge someone by calling them names. God is the only person that has any right to judge and you should be ashamed



  • Bianca

    Well I am really sad about George leaving, cause he was part of the croud, and I liked him. Anyway that doesn’t mean I’ll be mad at the show, it was a good call not to recast the part, leave that to soaps. Anyway the one I would be very pissed is she left is Katherine, cause Izzie is such a great character, and she’s an amazing actress. I hope she’s alive.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This is exteremly upsetting.

  • nick

    It’s all very well these people telling us TR Knight is dead when in fact not even the other writers know – only Shonda Rhimes does. TR will not even know if he lives or dies until all of ABC’s actors get their contracts renewed/declined in early July – so until then please stop making up false rumors. They will probably both live and this will like Merideth drowning incident.

  • mir


  • skittles

    they made him die in such a crappy way,and no one even seemed sad besides callie!! Meredith looked ugly and old like always but no emotion..even christina seemed more upset than her…cant believe izzy didnt even cry even though just a couple months before she was ‘in love’ with him, and he was her best friend… thats so sad, thats all george gets?