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Zachary Quinto is The Milk Man

Zachary Quinto is The Milk Man

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto presses up against a few metal bars at a construction site in Los Angeles for photographer Tyler Shields’ new book “The Dirty Side of Glamour.”

Be sure to check out the other outtakes and video portrait below! If you’re curious, it’s whole milk!!!

In the latest issue of German GQ, the 31-year-old actor was asked how his characters from Star Trek and Heroes differ.

Zach analyzes, “What Spock (Star Trek) shares with Sylar (Heroes) — both are deeply divided personalities. They have two souls that are battling one another inside them. And that is how I can best identify with them. I often act introverted, since I’m torn between my head and heart. I’m probably not alone in this.”

Zachary Quinto is the Milk Man
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Photos: Tyler Shields
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  • wendy

    OMG I AM DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • s.d.

    How sweet, a face only a mother could love. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Soundbyte

    HOT, yes very HOT!

  • Soundbyte

    HOT, yes very HOT!

  • ddlebg27

    i do like me some ZQ

  • aNIA

    oh he is soo handsome i love him!
    in the video tho it looks like someones ejaculating on him haha!!

  • lh

    I love Zachary Quinto <3

  • wendy

    The handcuffs is my fav! I want to see milk photos.

  • Parkan

    Love his unconventional looks. He’d stand out anywhere.

  • LuckyL

    So cute

  • Lívia

    He’s ugly!

  • Samar

    Sweet Jesus of Nazareth! Somebody save me from all teh hotness!

  • kk

    tyler shields does the body good

  • Tedd


  • Noticias de famosos

    It’s tremendous!

  • Chris

    So effing hot

  • heymary

    W O W
    me likey. a lot.

  • cuppa_me

    This is the gayest video I’ve ever seen. And I’m gay.

  • [marie]

    Cute but gay..

  • RD

    He looks great.

  • Keax


  • Still hot!

    I’m thinking more and more that he’s gay – but still HOT.

  • Ancha

    I think the video is supposed to be artsy and deep and have a separate meaning, BUT I can see why people might take it the other way.

    He is REALLY sexy

  • Ningnomaningnong


    I SO thought that!!! I felt bad thinking it was just my dirty mind. hahaha But you’d wanna go and then run ur ass off with that expression. ;>_>

  • Meepzy

    God he’s gorgeous. But this commercial is lame xD

  • Thursday

    # 19, i don’t get it. what is so gay about the video? do we even know what the term “gay” means anymore? all i can see in the video is artistry.

  • sweetness

    God this man is Hot…I want his babies!!!

  • GEEZ


  • itstime4theperculator

    OMG and WTF? What is so damn “gay” about this dude? Seriously. I live in New York City and a good majority the dudes out here look like Zach Q.
    Scarves, slim jeans, flip-flops, an obsession w/ apothocary products, etc. It’s like models crawled out of A& F and Gap ads and melded themselves into everyday society. It’s the current fashion. If Z.Q. moved here, he’d blend in like the rest of them. Most of us chicks out here l-o-v-e it. I like my men in an Alec Baldwin/James Gandolfini package, but Zach is quite yum.
    My gay pals have a saying: “if u actually SEE him sucking a D***, there ain’t no proof. Or, if he was on E at the time, it still doesn’t count.” Seeing him at a gay club doesn’t qualify as queer. I go to gay clubs alot. They have the BEST music and the crowd is so warm and welcoming. Plus, people out here have big mouths when it comes to celebs. He’s big enough now where some queen could totally push his (fine) ass OUT of the closet…So…
    Until then ladies… unpeel your German GQ pages and turn your vibrators up to 10 ;)

  • Thursday

    # 29, well said !

  • Pen Pen

    His character Spock in Star Trek has such a subtle and irresistible charm, even more than Chris Pine’s James Kirk .
    Drooling <3 <3 <3!!!

  • Mel

    That is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while… I tried to think clean but the whole time I was thinking “bukkake”.

  • name

    hehe, it’s very “ejaculative”. totally hot : D

  • name

    hehe, it’s very “ejaculative”. totally hot : D

  • sahe

    OMG I just creamed my panties. That look on his face makes me *rrrrrrroar*!!! :-) The “milk” however, yep, that’s very cum… :-/

  • Patruuna

    exquisitely hot hot hot…xD
    Chris Pine may have a hot body but Zach is a walking charisma and a hot mind :)

  • ****

    Zachary Quinto covered in a creamy white liquid? Yes, please!

  • becca


    the guy’s good looking in a non-traditional way, but i’m so lost.

  • yawn

    Not sure why this site gives Tyler Shields so much coverage.. nobody else seems to care. He’s a wannabe edgy artist and I think his stuff is corny :/

  • yawn

    Not sure why this site gives Tyler Shields so much coverage.. nobody else seems to care. He’s a wannabe edgy artist and I think his stuff is corny :/

  • Ella

    HAWT! I love this guy. He’s gorgeous and yes, I think he’s straight too.



  • slickcat


  • Beach bum

    He is scarey.

    I want him to rape me.




  • Robfeet

    He should be barefoot….with Chris Pine.

  • vmars111

    Zachary’s sexual ambiguity meter just went off the charts with 125% GAY-ORGY GAY! Whole milk my ass, LOL.

  • friday

    He looks like he is grrrrrrowling in the video, a pity we do not have an audio of that sound. Reminds me of how in the STXI movie ,as Spock, he was roaring as he attacked Kirk. Delightful ! A multifaceted personality. From dancing all dorky on the Ellen Show to exposing his sexy beast in this video. Milk never looked so good on someone, forget about those lame “Got Milk” commercials ! The white t-shirt (as opposed to a bare chest) prevents it from looking porny. Can only imagine the bottom half of his body, maybe milk soaked white boxers, dripping bare legs and feet ?

  • Marta

    I saw this video on, check it out!

  • jrfan

    Ya….I had to fight off the dirty thoughts the entire video. But I wonder if we’re supposed to have those thoughts? Plus there was this little movie that came out recently called “Milk”. You might have heard of it….about the fight for gay rights and all. Hmmmm. lol Probably unrelated but you never know…