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Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge: Petrossian People

Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge: Petrossian People

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill eats an early dinner with his girlfriend, model Lily Aldridge, at Petrossian restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday (May 29).

On Sunday night, KoL will perform live at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards for the first time ever, treating viewers to their rock anthem “Use Somebody” from their hit album Only By The Night. In addition, Eminem will take to the stage to perform music from his new album Relapse.

15+ pictures inside of Petrossian people Caleb Followill and Lily Aldridge

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caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 01
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 02
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 03
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 04
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 05
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 06
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 07
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 08
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 09
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 10
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 11
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 12
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 13
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 14
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 15
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 16
caleb followill lily aldridge petrossian 17

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  • xo

    I love Kings of Leon.. amazing band.. and is girlfriend is really naturally beautiful..

  • chels

    idk this group.. can someone tell me good songs about them so i can download them pls=)?

  • Anonymous

    im seeing them live in germany in june!! :D

  • waterhouse

    sex on fire : use somebody : notion : revelry…for example, thats their new stuff

  • nadine

    i love kings of leon!! caleb is so hot! :) im jealous of lily! but they look cute together!

  • mertz

    rolling stone has that great story they did of them. yay kol. can’t wait for the new record, and i wish these guys many successes. lol. i remember when people used to laugh at them and thought they couldn’t make it. w/e. good musicians with passion for their art always win in the end. love em. don’t speed up the song at the awards.

  • sonia

    nadine, you took the works right of my mouth, Caleb eyes make me melt and she is naturally pretty , they look good together.

  • hey

    @chels: FREE downloads

  • LuckyL

    Like this band, so over this hipster sh**.

  • jj fan

    damn he’s cute.

  • Katharina

    I usually don’t visit these kind of sites because I think that the kind of photos that are posted on them are so invasive. Magazines with photos of people that are seen upon as famous for what ever reason are just as bad. I don’t want to know what a musician eats for lunch, I don’t want to know where he buys his cereal, I don’t want to know if he drives a blue or black car. All I really care about is that every musician, actor and writer does his or her job and does it well. When is this celebrity obsession ever going to end?

    Plus, Caleb Followill is a musician, not a typical “celebrity”. You guys may call me a hypocrite since I came to this type of site, but I heard from a friend that a site had for a second time posted paparazzo pics of our fave musician. Stop buying photos of famous people and stop visiting sites like this. Let them slowly die.

    Let people in the spotlight live their lives in peace and enjoy their body of work instead!

  • Jules

    Listen to the whole of because of the times and of course stuff like ‘King of the rodeo, soft, milk, genius, four kicks, joe’s head….I could go on and on…just buy all their albums.

  • anna

    Use somebody is so annoying song, KOL are overrated. music today in general is very very bad.

  • anon

    He looks really bored and she looks boring (no different from any other generic looking, wannabe hipster in LA – of which there are thousands). Judging from the uninterested look on his face, I can imagine her conversation was less than enthralling but then she’s a “model” so it’s not surprising.

  • Guy

    He looks like he knows the pap are watching.

  • Irish Girl

    Can’t wait to see them in September!

  • ptm

    They look so bored together. The old “you are a rock star” and I am a “model” so we should be together. LOL. Will it last? NO. KOL are ok so she figures – hey the guy has $$$ and I am no Giselle so I have to hook-up with this hick while the cash flows.

  • sandra

    oh god. i love KOL but seeing them on JJ means they are getting waayyy too mainstream now for sure. :(

  • Vicki

    How do the ugly girls get to be models? He can do much better.

  • no comment

    good looking couple

  • cillian

    She’s a Monet. She has shark’s teeth (slope inwards) with gaps and no matter how trendy two-tone color is, that hair looks dry and over-proccessed. She needs to stop doing the glorified groupie thing, get off the frickin’ tour bus for once, get a full-time career and make a name for herself off of her own back. She’s become more well known for who she sleeps with than for any modelling work she’s done. Not classy.

  • cooooookie

    I don’t like her. She seems to like to ride on his coattails while he buys her nice gifts and takes her to beautiful places around the world. I would love caleb ten times more if he wasn’t dating a “model”. It’s so cliche. I honestly don’t know why a good solid guy would want to date a model anyway, they’re all the same and they’ve literally all got the same mindset. Good for nathan for dating Jessie baylin. She seems sweet.

  • cooooookie

    goddddd his eyes are intoxicating. And to all the people making quick judgments about KOL’s music: listen to EVERYTHING thoroughly. At first I thought they were pretty mundane, but you’ve got to just sit there and listen. “Manhatten”, “Fans”, “Cold Desert”, “The Bucket” really got me.

  • cooooookie

    I remember seeing her in Teenvogue some years ago when she was only 18 with Caroline D’Amore. I thought Lily was kind of ugly, to be honest. She seems to have gotten a little prettier.

  • katie

    oh god i wonder if the paps are gonna start following the rest of the band. hehe, caleb looks like he knows they’re watching.

  • luci

    She only scores work now because of her association with him and that comment she made warning girls to back off Caleb in the making of the Use Somebody video was just laughable and shows how insecure she is. Probably why the dude from Incubus dumped her inconsequential ass.
    She’s from a privileged background so naturally decided not to get a proper job, hung out with the right people and has subsequently ridden on their coattails ever since. Nothing more than a glorified groupie who has used her oatmeal looks and association with other far more successful “friends” to get where she is now. Dude needs to pull up his skinny pants and find a gf who doesn’t need a free ride and has some credibility.
    I bet it was her idea to sit right by the front window when the place is completely empty and yes, Caleb looks bored but after two years of dating a “model” who does little but hang out on his tour bus, what’s left to talk about?

  • cooooookie

    agree luci. He should date another musician so they can have musical babies and carry on the tradition of followill family bands. Except they can call their family band Kings of Caleb.

  • noname

    There are more pictures of them posted on the WENN website before or after they ate at the restaurant walking hand in hand. He looks awkward, uncomfortable and is barely holding her hand, she’s feigning ignorance and clasping on for dear life (clingy much?) but even in those pictures they barely look like a couple, there’s no spark at all. Sex On Fire? With the lack of any real chemistry between them it’s hard to concieve they could even light a match. She comes across as a stereotypical “model” girlfriend – vain, dumb and incredibly vapid. A bit of arm candy with no real personality.

  • Evyn

    Oh great.. now the Paps are after them :P
    I hope i don’t see them in those teeny bopper magazines, not that i read them.. Lol :D
    Anyways i LOVE KOL :D

  • wavey

    He seriously needs to dump her fading ass. She hung out with the Hiltons, Nicole Ritchie, the Olsens and Kimberly Stewart (Caleb’s ex) so that gives you some idea of how irrelevant she is. No credible merit WSE and she looks empty in those pics. Caleb looks uncomfortable in the WENN photos of them walking together whilst she’s clearly loving the attention but trying not to show it, hence the Raybans.

  • evi

    Lily’s a fame whore. That restuarant was empty so they could have sat somewhere more private, instead they’re in the most prominent place of all. Petrossian is well known for being a major hotspot for the paps and Lily’s from LA so she would know.

  • jess

    Oh come on, all those jealous comments are just stupid. Lily is a gorgeous girl. She help him alot, Caleb is insecure about himself, he as a low opinion about him. And he need someone to cheer him up. I think Lily is here for him… Just read the KOL Rolling Stone.

  • high baller

    Everyone in LA knows of Petrossian – EVERYONE. It’s always swarming with paps and you only ever go there to be photographed. You never eat at that place if you want some privacy, you go there for the photo ops and as someone mentioned, with Lily coming from LA she should have known that they would be photographed because it’s been around since 2001.

  • southern girl

    She obviously makes him happy otherwise he wouldn’t stay with her.i don’t understand why people severely dislike her. she made a joke on the use somebody video saying “Back off ladies” because obviously they both know a lot of girls are after Caleb, it’s not exactly a secret. And I like the fact she’s not conventionally “pretty”. If anything it proves Caleb’s integrity. I think she’s beautiful, and natural and obviously they make each other happy. Considering they’re the biggest band right now she’s going to obviously get fame due to Caleb but I see no evidence of her exploiting herself while riding on his coattails. I think she’s brave, and i really respect this band so its chill when things are going nice for them in my opinion. If it doesn’t last it doesn’t last, but it’s not really up to us to speculate what makes him happy, or what kind of person she is because obviously we don’t know her. So chill all yall who are insulting her. Just because she’s a model doesn’t mean she’s stupid or worthy of us getting angry.
    Also just stumbled on this page from a link, and seriously Paparazzi following them is a little ridiculous. but that’s just my opinion.

  • goddamn

    king of the rodeo, milk, manhattan, arizona, trani, the bucket, four kicks, my party, slow night so long, charmer, soft, red morning light or just some of the songs new kol fans need to check out, awesome band!!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Kings of Leon is the best band ever ever ever ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Every song is amazing, but their classics i suppose are:
    California waiting, King of the Rodeo, The bucket, milk, four kicks, on call, charmer, fans
    Although i am completely obsessed with everything they’ve ever made so download all their albums!

  • Charlotte

    Caleb looks really uncomfortable- it looks like his girlfriend is a bit of an attention and fame seeker! In the clips ive seen of her on the net she comes across as in it for the ride i.e free tour around the world with a rock band,award ceremonies, she prob saw Caleb as her little project for the next few years before she moves on to the next band. he needs to meet a down to earth girl with a career of her own who can rescue him from her clutches! :( She seems to be into him more than he is into her.

  • pinky

    she seems to be a bit of an attention seeker, and her modelling career is very non-existent, she is so using him.
    if you’re in love and want down time why would you sit so close to the window and not somewhere more private?

    she obviously pretty and i like her style, but she seems to be completely different to him, he seems more down to earth and weary of attention from paps, she loves it.

  • pinky

    she seems to be a bit of an attention seeker, and her modelling career is very non-existent, she is so using him.
    if you’re in love and want down time why would you sit so close to the window and not somewhere more private?

    she obviously pretty and i like her style, but she seems to be completely different to him, he seems more down to earth and weary of attention from paps, she loves it.

  • idk

    use somebody and sex on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!
    look it up on youtube. great songs!!!!!!

  • yermaw

    there’s pictures from the same day of them on, and the description is ‘caleb followill with a female companion’, so she’s not even known in her native LA. doesn’t this prove that she is only getting major work because of him? lets see….the use somebody video, well goes wiothout saying cos she’s dating him, and now one oicture for New Look here in the UK, but everyone just recognises her as caleb’s girlfriend. she’s famous by association because of the family she comes from and the friends she has. and i’m not saying this out of jealousy; i’m old enough to know that he wouldn’t look twice at me!

  • pinky

    @yermaw – you’re totally right, all she does is hang out with him and follow him around on tour, her modelling is not that extensive.

    she is pretty, she is slim, has good style – i can recognise that BUT she’s famous by association by being his GF and because of the family she comes from

    her being in her bf’s music video is such a cliche, she’s totally using him.

  • Bobby corwen

    I don’t know of their relationship in-depth or Aldrigde, personally. I don’t know of Followill’s lives either…so I don’t have the right to judge. But so far from other people’s opinions…I’d be careful in handling Aldrigde…if I chance decorate her face or help fit her into a fabric.
    All models are generic, by the way, but no doubt she is attractive.

  • Bobby corwen

    You must be a well-known dating coach playing it sketchy with a pseudonym.
    The s.o.b. can waste his life and libido away with anyone he chooses.
    And might I remind everyone that he is definitely not a good and solid guy. He and his boys don’t exactly have the ideal childhood or past. But I do believe they have one hell of a life so far…

  • cc

    why do you guys have to be so mean to her? caleb and lily have been together for almost two years. its not just a “im a rocker and your a model lets get together” thing. she seems like a nice girl and they look happy together. if you truly loved the band you would be happy for him and the other band members.

    quit being so cruel and jealous.

  • VS

    You don’t have to like their gf’s to like their music, in fact you don’t even have to like the the band personally to be a fan of their music! It makes me laugh when people honestly think you have to like/love EVERYTHING about a band/actor in order to be considered a fan of their work, it’s simply not true.
    I could care less about them as a couple, I just can’t stand people who hang off of their much more successful other-halfs and she does that aplenty. Yes, she’s pretty and that’s obviously nabbed her a decent boyfriend but she has an awful reputation as a massive hanger-on, who only got where she is today because of who she knows. Caleb can marry and have kids with the woman if that’s what he wants, doesn’t change the fact that she comes across as someone with very little scope for doing anything other than hang out with bands all the time. If she’s happy to do that – fine, just so long as she doesn’t mind the reputation that comes with it.

  • yermaw

    @VS: you’ve hit the nail on the head! excellent point, thats what i was getting at..

  • mona

    calm down guys!it’s their life,and i think caleb is smart enough to know if she is an attention seeker or not.we don’t know her,it’s stupid and false to speculate about other’s personalities.she may be all that,an attention seeker and so on,and she may be not.we don’t know it,and we’ll never know,unless we get to know her personally,what is pretty unlikely.caleb is old enough to make his own decisions and doesn’t need anyone to tell him who to be wtih or not.leave them alone,respect their privacy and enjoy KOL’s music.that’s all i have to say about that.

  • forte

    @mona “Leave them alone and respect their privacy” – which is why you’re looking them up on a gossip website. If you’re only intention was to come here and tell people to leave them alone, well that was a waste of time. This is a gossip site where people gossip – good or bad, right or wrong and if that bothers you, I can only suggest you go look up KoL on a non-gossip website if you’re only interested in their music because there’s no music of theirs here.