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Cameron Diaz Covers Parade Magazine

Cameron Diaz Covers Parade Magazine

Cameron Diaz opens up about having kids (or not) in the latest issue of Parade.

The 36-year-old Shrek star shared, “I’m not somebody who is going to declare either way if I’m absolutely going to or I’m absolutely not going to have children. I have no idea. I’m still young. I have an unbelievable life. In some ways I have the life that I have because I don’t have children.”

Other pictures include Cam hanging out in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood on Thursday (May 28) after returning from her vacation in Hawaii.

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Credit: Edward Opinaldo, Anderson/Vila/David Krieger; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • jo jo

    Way to be Cameron. She looks fabulous and is enjoying her life. The media hounds these “stars” that are have kids over everything from how they dress them to how many they have. Then they hound ones that don’t have to have kids. Hahahaha. sados

  • NJ

    She’s great and kids are not the answer to everything. Id!ot people remain id!ots no matter how many spawns they breed.

  • http://justjared a fan

    She is a class act and looking good

  • LolaSvelt

    She looks like Calista Flockhart on the cover.

  • Drew looks like a man

    LOL, she’s still young? Hate to tell her but at age 36 you become high risk for problems during pregnacy and also your risk goes up tremedously for having children with down’s syndrome…36 is NOT young when having a first time baby. She needs to wake up and see that women 20 yrs younger than her are having kids and THEY are considered young…BUT NOT HER!

  • papadontpreach

    she’s still young? there are people her age that are freaking grandmothers…hahaha young my azz!

  • kitty

    Having kids is the thing to do in Hollywood these days. Monkey see, monkey do.

  • Suzie

    I agree, she shouldn’t say that she’s “young” to still think about having kids. Tell that to her Hollywood counterparts who decided to get pregnant when they were approaching 40 and had to use IVF.

  • NJ

    Yeah, 36 year old who are grandmothers are nothing but trailer trash and a dime-a-dozen. Move it along. This woman is beautiful, successful, rich, and has a great future that may or may not include biological children. The nobodies will continue to breed nobodies. Please.

  • Annie

    Don’t do a movie with Scientologist Tom Cruise!!!!!!!! Please, don’t! RUN!!!!!! Run, run, run, as fast as you can!! Your way too good for that!

  • emily

    loads of people have kids at her age.. she is young, and beautiful, she’ll be fine whether she wants them or she doesn’t. it’s her decision so i don’t understand people commenting that she’s too old, how is it your business?

    oh and #5 i think it’s just the skanky whores having kids at 16 love.. that isn’t normal.. having kids when your cameron’s age however, is :)

  • sum

    Wake up, dozey Cameron! You’re in denial! 36 is NOT young when it comes to having a child. A woman’s fertility starts to decline after the age of 35 and then you have to think about all sorts of potential problems.

    Too many women are putting off having children until after 40 and I think it’s selfish. I repeat, selfish! A UK woman of 66 yrs old gave birth last week after receiving IVF treatment. Now that is way out of order! Cameron is just like the characters she normally plays…. clueless. She has a weird spaced out look about her anyway. As for her claiming that she has a “wonderful life”… yeah, right. Where’s Paul?

  • emily


    66 is nowhere near 36- cock.

  • dp

    oh please… considering that Letterman had a kid in his 60s and Halle in her 40s, she’s not that off the mark about being 36 and young to have kids in Hwood. And biological is NOT the only option.

    I’m glad she has this attitude about life and she still considers herself young. People are still living past their 70s – she’s got a lotta life to live.
    sick of HW sudden obsession with children. accessories is one thing, but other human beings? Having kids is not a TREND. and this twin trend is another mind boggling thing altogether.

    And the tabloids pitting actresses that are childless against ‘with child’ is disgusting. what manufactured BS. and yet another vehicle to sell clothes, baby accessories, ugh.

  • sum


    Well done for working that out! Now subtract 40 from 66. I’ve made my point.

  • NJ

    Having a kid young won’t stop the nobodies from living and dying like nobodies. But I guess for most people, wiping their spawn’s noses and bums will be the highlight of their achievements. She has a great life and knows it. Hate much?

  • dp


    selfish as in how? versus those that have kids in their teens or early 20s? or those that have 5 or 6 kids when the world is over populated as it is? when you have working mothers trying to juggle kids and a career? there is some element of being selfish in all these scenarios. actually there’s an element of selfishness in having kids or not having kids either way. doesn’t make you any better or worse for deciding to have kids.

  • emily


    agreed :)

  • http://justjared love her

    She is great lady she looks great

  • an oldie

    Kudos to Cam for being honest. People change their mind as they move along in life, according to circumstances. But by all means, just don’t claim you want kids when you really don’t.

  • And the photoshopped award ..

    Goes to The Jocker!!! i have no respect for this unstable old hag who spend her time drunk with the wh*re paris hilton and who change mans every year…she has no class gosh someone got to tell to this immature old hag to act like a woman you’re getting on your 40′s stop acting as you are a teenage ,pathetic old hag

  • NJ

    ^ To the astronaut above, calling someone who is 36 ‘old’ confirms that you are a 15-year old overweight, pimply geek who’s playing with himself in his mom’s basement. All of this is way above you so go back to staring at Miley’s poster.

  • dIETER

    I had just had a wank on the butt of hers. I totally came !!!

  • lola

    thats her choice if she dont feel like to have children!!! you’re not her p****y !!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    who’s she dating nowadays?
    she’s pretty quiet when it comes 2 her relationships so idk
    looks cute in the casual photos, love the jeans, her face is butter face as always tho =[
    the cover is ok, could be better

  • Irish Girl

    @sum Get real. Not having kids before 36 isn’t selfish. Some people want to focus on their careers. If a woman chooses to do that, that’s OKAY! She’s a north American woman and not in Saudia Arabia where being pregnant is IMPOSED on women whether they want to have them or not.
    Give your head a shake, lady. If anyone is selfish, it’s you. Women fought hard for equality and rights over our own bodies. Damn, it was only DECADES ago that women were not even considered people in most ‘civilized’ countries like Canada, America, and, dare I say, Britain.
    ’nuff said. >:|

  • rach09elm

    She’s 36 years old?? She looks nothing like 36. I thought she was 28.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Cameron would be an amazing mother. Her bioligical clock is ticking so she better get it going.

  • celebrityavalier

    cameron is and will aways be beautifull

  • NoShe Didn’t

    @# 22 posted by NJ,
    Actually 36 IS rather old. I hate to break it to you. 22 is young, 36 is not. And before you go off and call ME a 15 yr. old like you did another commentor, I am 35. But reality is reality. We are not really young, and quite frankly, I believe her to be OLDER than what she’s telling because I saw her face right after her breakup with Justin Timberlake & she was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She had MASSIVE lines and crowsfeet on her face. Like overnight it happened. You know when some women have a line down each of their cheeks like a cat scratch? I saw that. But after that her face was filled out and the lines were gone. I think it’s botox or something, Restalyn. I’m not making this up- I saw her face on TV and I think she’s got to be in her 40′s, not 30′s. Too many wrinkles under that botox.