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Drew Barrymore Honors Lupus LA Efforts

Drew Barrymore Honors Lupus LA Efforts

Drew Barrymore (in Prada) speaks at the 9th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Thursday (May 28) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old actress presented the “Loop Award” to Nancy Utley, President of Fox Searchlight Films, the studio that brought us The Wrestler and eight-time Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire. Utley was honored for her efforts to further the cause of Lupus LA, which raises funds for research to prevent, treat and cure lupus.

20+ pictures inside of lupus activist Drew Barrymore

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drew barrymore lupus orange ball 01
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 02
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 03
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 04
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 05
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 06
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 07
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 08
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 09
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 10
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 11
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 12
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 13
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 14
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 15
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 16
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 17
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 18
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 19
drew barrymore lupus orange ball 20

Photos: John Shearer/WireImage, Jason Merritt/Getty
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    god, i love drew. she lends her name out to so many causes!

  • taraneh

    lovely pics. thanks

  • jo jo

    hahaha – drew is everywhere these days. aw well, at least she is doing something. what has paris hilton done for us lately?

  • Toni

    I have Lupus and I like Drew Barrymore so this post makes me very happy!

  • bambamswife7

    Thank you Drew. I am a fan. I also have lupus.

  • tmcdermottsmith

    I think it is wonderful of Drew to have such a passion for life that she contiues to “get” involved with issues such as these. Lupus is such a serious health problem for those that do have it. Good for Drew!

  • DesperateDrew

    Is Drew promoting a new mascara soon or what?

    Drew-my-career-is-in-the-shitter-Barrymore is here to save the world!!!!

  • J

    What’s flew up your no-no ‘Desperate’?

  • Halli

    Thank you Drew.

    My mother suffered from Lupus since she was 27 years old. It robs yu of your life. She spent too much of her life in the hospital, luckly she is now okay only because of a kidney transplant.

    This disease is becoming more and more common and targets organs and makes people blind, its important to bring this illness to awareness!

  • Melissa

    Luv Drew, so pretty

  • http://Justjared Jerry

    A wonderful sense of philanthropy and very easy of the eyes. :)

  • http://Justjared Jerry

    Did Drew just go back to brunette? She’s been blonde for about the last five months.

  • shante

    @Halli ur mom is so lucky she got a kidney transplant my mom has lupus and she passed away from it BUT she lived with for her whole life im amazed she had made that long alot people my mom knew passed away from wen they was in their 20′s and my mom also need a kidney transplant thats so awesome drew did that alot ppl dont knw about lupus

  • J

    Who could beat that smile?
    With all that charm? Twist my arm. :)

  • J

    I am very much aware that you certainly aren’t my woman/gf/wife or anything else. The only way that would change is something drastically different happening face-to-face, but I’m not so foolish as to believe that’ll be happening anytime soon.

    Why don’t you just go spend time with your boyfriend on his birthday?
    I don’t want to get blamed later because you didn’t.

    I’m on my way – no more bullsh!t necessary.

  • J

    It’s sad to think we’re not gonna be here
    And it’s gotten to the point
    Where we just can’t fake it
    For some ungodly reason
    We just won’t let it be

    I guess neither one of us
    Neither one of us wants to be the first to say good-bye

    I keep wondering
    What I’m gonna do without you
    And I guess you must be wondering the same thing too
    So we go on
    Go on together
    Living a lie

  • J

    Your reason’s not ungodly. I’ve seen their faces Drew. I understand.
    Then I saw your face when something was going right. I like to see your face like that picture up there.

  • J

    I mean the happy one on the left. Not necessarily the one where your frowning in what I can only assume is concentration listening to the woman speak, or where you’re empathizing with the Lupus people.

  • J

    I’ll find another you, only it’ll be someone who really does love me and want to be with me.

  • J

    When it comes to you and me, I don’t need to be with you romantically. I’d just like to find some kind of thing, where we’re not mean and hurtful to each other anymore.

    Right now I feel like it’s friendship or nothing.

  • J

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  • J

    Stay together for what? Something that makes us both cry all the time? I’m not into that anymore.

  • J

    And f-you for making me cry at work again.

  • J

    Like I said before, I can do anything for a few years, then my life will be mine again.

    If you don’t like that, or something else I’m doing, please feel free to kiss my arse.

  • J

    I know you want me to believe that I’ll never find anyone else but you, but if I keep working on myself and make something happen for myself, why can’t I?
    How come in all these years you never spoke to me, if you really want me? Never once. You share everything with someone else (whoever that is at the moment).
    Maybe whoever I wind up with won’t be as extraordinary as you, but maybe we’ll have an easier chemistry together where we’ll be good to each other. You have to put in effort and take risks to have something worthwhile. I get that. I felt giddy at the end of yesterday – just being out and doing that little film I was doing. I want more of that feeling and someone to share it with. That’s my dream.

  • J

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  • J

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  • J

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  • J

    I need a vacation from you poking me in my sensitive spot. It needs a break from the picking.

  • J


  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Drew is so amazing!! She has been looking so beautiful lately!