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Jon Gosselin's Mother Speaks Out!

Jon Gosselin's Mother Speaks Out!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin continues to deal with allegations of infidelity and rumors of a pending divorce.

For the first time, the 32-year-old’s mom, Pamela Gosselin, is taking a stand and speaking out in support of her son.

“I don’t think he will ever be portrayed fairly,” a frustrated Pamela tells Star of Jon‘s relationship with wife Kate Gosselin. “It’s always twisted. I don’t think it’s fair, and it never will be.”

DO YOU THINK Jon has been portrayed fairly in the media?

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  • jo jo

    Yessss….now we’ll get the real scoop when the families start to dish.

  • D

    Even though he is portrayed as being a cheater, for the most part, most people have sided with him over Kate.

  • aden

    he’s 32?

  • Abby

    No, he has not been portrayed fairly. She completely trashed him in People magazine and he got to defent himself in a small sidebar. The fewer words the better Jon. We are all on your side. She will never find a man to put up w/her….EVER.

  • Jane Q. public

    Ok mom, can you be any more non-specific. Does she say more? What does that mean? Is this the extent of the interview, If so, why bother? Total BS. Lady, defend your son.

  • Roberta

    In PA local news; there are reports that the PA Attorney General’s office is being flooded with calls from churchgoers who feel they were lied to by Kate . It involves the “Love “Offerings” that the mostly local working class people donated in church to help out the Gosslins . They’re complaint is that they feel it is misrepresentation and fraud due to the fact that they were told a much different story about the Gosslin family finances than was the truth when they donated. Stay tuned.

  • LolaSvelt

    She should be ashamed of her son regardless. He’s a z-list loser!

  • Angie

    What are saying Pam, that he ruined this whole family down the drain with his actions for the past few months. If you really are his mom, think about what he did to ruin the whole family with his ACTIONS. While Kate was working, all he did was party, drink, get high or whatever and it’s CAUGHT on tape! If not for him, everything was going great with so many more for this family. They could have had all the monetary security that many people don’t have, especially in this time and age. Your a mom, TEACH your son that what he did, espcially this past weekened probably was the last straw to break and destroy all hope for this family. He truly is a total fool.

  • Just wondering

    Did anyone notice that Hannah metioned on one show that “Daddy is at his Mom’s house” not at Grandma’s House. Do they not know her as Grandma?

  • Zoe

    She had her kids out yesterday for a boat ride and they have reported that he went to a bar with 2 women. One of whom he was getting very friendly with Why wasn’t he out with his family and trying to save his marriage?

  • mertz

    that’s very insightful of you #7. all these “rumours” have been as non specific as they come. the only detailed ones that have come out is the brother of that girl (lie), the five dollar allowance and contract signed in blood (lie), and then the whole aunt jody uncle kevin shit (lie). US magazine is RAKING in the money, along with EVERYONE else. i for one am tired of these NON FUGGIN (cause i can’t curse on here) CELEBS being given front page coverage and international coverage at all like they actually have careers. what, aside from being parents (i never knew being a parent made you into a celebrity…no wonder the octomom thought it was alright for her to get pregnant for the sake of getting a contract from oprah and tlc) makes these people into celebs. i mean now we know the extreems of becoming a celebrity…you can either become a p*rn star or become a parent (ala bristol palin etc) or you can go on youtube and pimp yourself. this is bullshit. i know i’m ranting but this is totally crazy to me. no one cares about how they are being portrayed. the dude is an ahole and the lady is an ahole. now for the sake of god and all that is good in this world us magazine shut the hell up about these two and actually report about real celebrities. what the hell is janice min sayign we’re proud to introduce new celebrities into the limelight of celebrity. wow. thanks much you f beotch. /end rant.

    also why people seem soooo invested in this family, like they are actually in this family is beyond crazy. w/e. they made their bed, and they have to lie in it. well good for society.

  • emma

    you can hardly blame Kate for thinking that Jon is a cheat. She was in North Carolina with her kids the other day and on the same day there was a photo of him with 2 younger women having a drink in New York.

  • Lillianne

    Someone once said there are always three sides to a story. Your version, my version and the real version.

  • Shindig
  • Billy Bob

    Yep, really concerned about his family. Another Getty here.

  • Susan

    When your wife comes to you and says it’ s over 6 mos. ago and goes her own way what is a man ( or woman) supposed to do? People that are separated do sometimes date ,and if your wife is definite and you know your headed for divorce, with no chance of reconciliation, why not date. Problem here is , the TV contract that is hiding the truth and people are forced to speculate and take sides, usually reflecting their own projections on to these two. If you’ve been done wrong by a man you’ll side with Kate and vise-versa.

  • mertz

    the 10 million dollars their worth is such a disingenous number and it can easily be over or under, but it’s most likely a number someone pulled from their a$$. and stop speculating about these kids. you are not their mother or father. most importantly, YOU are not married to either of these douchebags, and you are NOT these kids. it’s alright to have empathy, but some of the judgements that people have been so vitriolic about because they just have some massive hate on seems so f en insignifcant. like there is more important sh*t than these two. please us weekly stop being such a dope fiend. i mean lets actually talk about celebs like mel gibson and his divorce or even the penns. gah. they have CAREERS. they are CELEBRITIES. none of this i’m on reality tv shizz please.

  • Joley

    Let’s not forget all the b/s Kate has put him through. She is always mean and rude to him, and he never really seems to stand up to her on the show…I remember on one of the episodes when they went to the Train station, and Kate bitched that none of the kids wanted to sit with her, and Jon turned to her and said “that’s becuase your a grump”. I loved it!!! Good for Jon. He should have left her a loooong time ago. I only feel sorry for the kids. They are the ones who will be most hurt by all this. Kate is just stone cold and heartless….I guess money does really make the world go round!!!

  • Wut wut

    Wah wah wah. Weeks after the news of him cheating broke, all people are yapping about is what a bitch is wife is! I’d say he’s getting a free ride in the press. Rather than talk about what hypocrites they both are and how low it was for him to INVITE SKANKY women over to his house to lounge around in bikinis while his wife was away, people just trash Kate.
    And you know, the only victims in this are the children.
    Maybe his wife is too harsh and controlling, but when you want to leave a relationship you LEAVE, you don’t cheat and then lie about it.

  • TVsnark

    I’m glad to hear she’s finally speaking up! I wonder if we will hear the truth about her “broken foot.”

  • Maryeileen

    I dunt care what his momma says. I believe Kate and her army of of well placed and timed photgrafers and PR people. Kate would not launch a preeemtive attack on her husband to get control of the family wealth. She is a GREAT MOM and wonderful person. As a single mom with 6 kids and no child support I can identify with Kate’s daily struggle to survive. …….Jon in immature…get growed-up boy!Bless you and yurn Kate.

  • mertz

    exactly #21. me personally i don’t get it, but i’ve seen the show and i know tv and if anything i know how reality tv is made, so no i’m not surprised about their editing, and the way people seem soooo invested in what they’ve seen of these people on tv. the point is that beyotch jon gosselin is no better than his beyotch of a wife to whom he married (i’m sure he was pressured, running scared, and peeing in his pants all at the same time), so get off your pulpit and see them for who they are. HUMAN. it happens. F***. i don’t understand why they are SOOOOO popular. if i have to hear about this one more time while watching my local news (and no not everyone who comes on jj is american) or on cnn, i will punch my tv. there’s somethingn wrong in the entertainment business formula if non celebrities are becoming more significant that actual celebrities.

  • me

    women are lame for supporting that dude. he’s a wimpy momma’s boy. He never grew up and that’s wht Kate treats him like a 9th child. can you imagine being a mother of 8 with a husband acting like a child still?

  • Allison

    i think that john was portrayed in the wrong light. No one was on Kate when she was away from the kids for all that time on her book tour while John was at home. She then bitches about how he leaves while she stays and plans the little one’s birthday party. The kids didnt need such big party. so yes. he was portrayed in the wrong light.

  • Shoka and Nala

    Hey everybody – We just made a poop in Jon’s shoe!!

  • miranda darling

    i watch the show regularly and love it. if he is concerned about his image as a good guy and father, then he should not be out with young single women at night, in cars, at his house. my father would NEVER have behaved in such a way. as a child from a family just as large as jon and kate’s i know how difficult it is, but that is the life they chose. he is just selfish. that is the real problem. this behavior and a possible divorce will break all of his children and they will all suffer effects of it for years. my parents struggled with having so many children but they made it through. it is not impossible. 8 kids is a lot today but not too long ago there were many families with 10, 12 , 15.

  • Sarah

    well we live in times when any straight male is suspected of being a homosexual and a great many of stereotyped to owe child support. so its no surprise that such rumors would fly around about him. besides i think tlc focuses more on kate than even the plus 8 and jon because they probably figure women make up the majority of viewers so they’d have someone (a woman) to relate to, sympathize with, and/or support, or not.

    who knows, on the other 5 days of non-filming, maybe kate is not a dominatrix nor is jon the effeminate human lapdog.

    again, who knows whats really going on. don’t take it so seriously. jerry springer, wwe/f, steve wilkos, lonelygirl15 – all successful at creating realistic drama and “the learning channel” is just milkin that same cow

  • sarah

    #14, Kate was with her bodyguard and the kids and her nanny in NC. Please don’t make it seem she’s going it alone with the eight kids, hardly the truth and I seriously doubt she’s ever taken any of them alone though she pretends she is. She wouldn’t do shit with her kids if she wasn’t getting paid by TLC to do so.

  • t
  • t
  • BTE

    If Jon was going to cheat I’m sure he would have done it long ago…I give him credit for putting him self out there in the public and having her put him down, make fun of him, boss him and others around, she comes across as a very controlling person. How many men do you see taking the role and being so involved in his family. He needs to have some freedom too…she takes off with her book signing crap and gets away…so should he have a bit of a normal life…and where are all the pictures of him inside of these bars drinking it up and dancing…Iv’e only seen a picutre or two of him with 2 girls…hello they could be fans! I won’t believe that he cheated until I hear it out of his mouth!

  • mertz

    lol @ the fake shooka and nala person. thanks for the funnies.


    If not for stupidity of the actions of your son, all this b.s. could have been avoided. He started this whole freakin mess and he needs to clean it up. He basically ruined this family with his so called immature acts which basically got his family to this point. The show was gaining in popularity across the country and now it’s becoming joke. The kids didn’t cause this, Kate didn’t cause this, and now due the media blitz state of PA are looking for b.s. about child abuse. Who made this happen? It was one of your son. I just can’t believe he did this to his own children, and it makes me sick.

  • Kel

    He’s a very good looking man and people will always judge, esp when it comes to celebrities… NO one knows anything for sure but the “people” in a situation (if that be Jon and his wife, Jon and someone else, Kate and her husband, Kate and someone else…).. shame on people for putting statements “out there” who don’t really have a clue…

    It’s their business, no one elses.. Put yourself in their shoes. Would u like it?

  • Brenda C.

    I can’t believe some of these comments by females ….women should stick together….right or wrong ….because after all, it’s about the kids.

  • bonzo

    he has a gay smile

  • emma


    yeah but Kate was working. Jon was just taking a break and hanging out with woman

  • earl

    Kate Gosselin is a narcissist who learned to MANIPULATE people from the time she was a child. A good author and investigative journalist could make some money by doing a book on this woman and how she ticks. how she manipulated people and her own children to make money and seek fame for herself.
    Jon needs to stop being her supply source, seek counseling dealing with a narcissist for him and the kids. They all need help. Look up narcissism and divorce. The Leech Channel needs to stop exploiting people like Kate who has a mental problem and children like the Gosselins. Jon stand up and say NO MORE!
    Get counseling for the whole family, and make it private! Go to hell, TLC!

  • mertz

    jon gosselin is no freaking innocent # 40. i think you have some good thoughts and i can’t help but agree with you about the h e double hockey sticks and tlc, but lol your innate balme it on the kate gosselin train ride is kinda funny. lol. poor jon. he’s an angel and of course his wife kate is the spawn of the devil or the devil herself. f man. people. geez. you can learn from this or watch some judge judy. you don’t get married and have 8 fn children with someone like kate if you don’t want to. was poor jon gosselin brain washed when he was saying his vows ala spencer and heidi. they are both two f en adults. they make decisions. puhlease stop crying for them.

  • alma

    I support Kate 100 percent, she work so hard, Jon seems nothing but walk around without helping Kate with children. Jon is immature!!! he need to grow up! I can understand why Kate is being frustrated and bitchy because Jon just stand and do nothing like a dummy! Its his fault…

  • Tia

    Of course it’s difficult for parents to have patience with eight kids. Though I do agree that Kate was very hard on him for not rational reason. I think it became a habit. Though, even so, Jon is responsible for his own actions. It is better to be honest that you’re not happy and divorce then shred your family through infidelity.

  • elle

    I have always been on team jon. stop the insanity and free the kids

  • Sue

    Bottom line is Kate is out there working to support her family and she is spending the majority of time when not with the kids. Always HAS and always WILL.

    You don’t see pictures of her out partying at night with men do you? When Jon’s out with these women, I would bet that it is KATE who is tucking the kids in bed while Jon’s at play. He needs to grow up and realize start putting his family first.

  • Vanessa

    Love U Jon!!!

  • Gosselin fan

    I will continue to support the show and pray for Jon and Kate to heal the wounds of resentment so that the children can return their focus to growing up instead of Jon’s being separated from them. Both parents’ personalities compliment one another and they have been a successful team until this past year. Jon isn’t the first man to have felt discomfort (crisis) in his shift from dreaming of one day dating barely legal babes to accepting that he is a permanently at the head of a huge family. I hope that they don’t choose out of this embarrassment to permanently sever the union that has kept them for ten years, because these growing pains, like all of them, are temporary. Divorce would permanently negatively affect these children, who only are supposed to focus on being silly and loved rather than shuttle time between two parents. When I read ridiculous comments about Kate being mean or her hairstyle that is severe, I judge the writer, not Kate. She is juggling the healthy development of 8 souls while trying to manage her own disappointment of recent events. None of us can imagine living her life, let alone doing it gracefully in public. Like tough can-do women who came before her, the public takes shots at her for what I am guessing is the public’s own idea that women’s roles in families are more passive, when they should notice that a less-assertive Kate would not be successful as a leader because Jon is more a playmate to the kids than a decision maker. He helps carry out plans, but it is Kate who organizes them. If Kate and Jon decide that it is best for the family that they go on separately, I hope that Kate will have some relief that she is not having to beg for help from Jon and that he is going to have to step up his leadership of the children. Also, no barely legal babe is going to be attracted to a man with eight dependents, regardless of his TLC money (which will run out eventually). Look at early video of them and you will hear Jon admit that he was aimless before he was partnered with Kate. His current situation allows him to be with his children rather than away in an office and look at where he is choosing to spend his time? His mother might be less articulate than he, if that is possible, but surely would choose unity over division for the sake of the children. Hopefully, his ten-year itch crisis will be short lived and he can get back to being a productive co-leader of the Gosselin team.

  • chillinoregon

    I think Jon’s mom should speak out more, there’s still time for her to do her best to tell us the truth about Jon. Jon is not an aggressive, argumentative person from the episodes that I’ve seen. It doesn’t bother me if he did cheat on his wife. He’s only human and needs some connection, contact with those of the opposite sex. His wife seems to hate his guts. She despises him to the enth degree. He deserves to be happy too. I think it would do Jon some good to speak to the media to defend himself and his kids or just his kids. Forget the wife. She can obviously defend herself. Having 8 kids that young is too much for almost any couple. Jon needs to fight back against any untruths that are being reported by the tabloids. If not him then his mom will do.

  • Rex

    Be sure to buy Kate’s new cookbook titled “100 recipes Using Your Husband’s Nutz.”

  • mertz

    this family doesn’t owe you and i anything, and that mother should shut her dam mouth because no one wants to know her opinions or her second hand information. that goes for everyone in the extended family that is not jon, kate, or any of the kids (since they can talk now). jon’s mother does owe you or i anything. infact she can lie to us for all i care. you must not know what hate, despise, and nth degree means or else you would reword your comment.

    no disprespect to his mother or to any mothers out there by saying damn. w/e. if you’re good enough to believe rumours then you should also be good enough to wait until the truth comes out of their mouths or someone actually does some good reporting (not u.s. weekly) and diggs up actual recorded tapes of these two. puh lease. give us evidence or get wasted.

  • Kelly

    If forced to pick sides between Jon and Kate, I am going to have to blame aunt Jodi and uncle Kevin for their lack of support,especially for the children.

  • Lisa too

    It’s no secret that Kate is very controlling. She is even first to admit it, but he is stupid to think that the press isn’t going to pick on it that he is out late at night with other women. If they want to try to reconcile their marriage, he needs to quit acting like a “playboy” and work on his marriage. If they aren’t going to work on it, then just get divorced and move on and let her do the show if that is what she want. If he want no part of it, then go get a freaking job instead of hanging out at bar and being with his so called “friends” ( who all seem to be women). He isn’t making things better for himself by not being around his kids for family outings. I think it’s great that she is thinking of her children first and still trying to take them out and do things with them. It has to be hard to keep all the kids busy and productive all the time. Jon needs to figure out if he is willing to act like an adult or like a teenage boy who doesn’t have the responsibilities of raising a family. I really felt bad for him when Kate was so hard on him on the show, but maybe she was right all along. Maybe he does act like the 9th child?