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Jon & Kate Gosselin Violated Child Labor Laws?

Jon & Kate Gosselin Violated Child Labor Laws?

Jon & Kate Gosselin are under investigation for violating child labor laws (the couple has have 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets).

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor tells The Associated Press that they’re looking into whether the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is complying with child labor laws after receiving a complaint against the show.

Aunt Jodi, is that you?

The show’s network released a statement in response to the complaint: “TLC fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is no exception. For an extended period of time, we have been engaged in cooperative discussions and supplied all requested information to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. We will continue to engage the appropriate officials and meet any standards or regulations that are applicable to TLC productions.”

A new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs this Monday @ 9PM ET/PM on TLC.

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  • me

    I hope they arrest Jon for being a dolt

  • Ralph

    Actually my guess is that Paul Peterson of “A Minor Consideration” and former child actor himself initiated the complaint.

  • mertz

    ahahahaaa jared. i’m sure they’ve been getting complaints from even the typical viewers since this show started. it’s always good to sellout your family for money though isn’t it…and then you can stand on your high moral ground and say I’M RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG. religious people. all hypocrites. also…if they are going to complain about violating child labour laws in penn, and against tlc, and this family, well wake up lawmakers and officials, this shit has been going on for years, and now you decide to take an interest. they better be investigating all those shows with the same formula as this or all the shows on tv that involves children or showcases children. lets go law. if they’re going to do this and scapegoat this family, then they better do it for all those other people who have done the same thing. i have seen many children on tv, so i’m sure there can be many cases to tie up the courts. as diddy would say “let’s go common sense”

  • me

    I’m soooooo sick of Jon and Kate everywhere! They are publicity freaks and money grabbers.

    I feel so sorry for those kids. How messed up are they going to be in a few years?

    Enough of Jon and Kate!

  • Kate Gosselin

    You are still poor Aunt Jodi!!!!!!
    Eff you!!!!

  • to ralph

    Actually my guess is that Paul Peterson of “A Minor Consideration” and former child actor himself initiated the complaint.

    yeah i would agree with you. from what i’ve read paul peterson is the guy who would interfere where he’s not wanted. but i would be willing to bet the complaint came from kate’s estranged brother. if so, i highly doubt she will ever speak to him or see him again. and i think she would make sure that never sees her children again.

  • Michael Jaclson

    TEE HEE…….pass the Kleenex Tito

  • t
  • t
  • Cara

    Hopefully, this contract becomes ‘null and void’ so these children can receive a normal childhood and grow-up psychologically healthy.; yet, another in vitro fertilization story in 2009. One can only hope the AMA is observing this and the Octomom story closely. When women have a challenge getting pregnant and do conceive (once) through in vitro (then) they need to stop and be grateful for their first born and find a way to “honorably” support (them) instead of having more in vitro fertilization and giving birth to six more children in this particular case). This woman and Octomom are psychologically disturbing stories to me.

  • angel

    Anybody else find this investigation a waste of government money and time? How are these children working? They are living the life of a child – doing crafts, playing inside and outside of their mansion, going on lavish vacations and staying at 5 star reports at many places, including Hawaii, and going to museums and sporting events. I see more hard working kids working on their family farm than leading the pampered life of the Gosselin eight!

  • Kate Gosselin

    People – this complaint is SO OBVIOUSLY from the cheaply dyed red headheaded anteater nosed ugly twa^t red lipstick wearing AUNT JODI!
    Radar Online and others have stopped taking her calls and requests for cash. So – she resorts to this bull&sh*it retaliation.
    Fu&cking Aunt Jodi is still pissed she’s not getting her cut of $$$ from my show. This complaint won’t do sh*it Aunt Jodi. Why?
    It’s a reality show – showing their lives – playing, vacationing, eating, etc. They are not making sneakers in a sweatshop with no air conditioning or bathroom breaks.
    This “complaint” will go NOWHERE because my kids are well taken care of financially – they are well fed, educated, and have extra toys, trips, etc. to keep them happy. This is so pathetic Aunt Jodi – it’s sad what you will do for $1.

  • Amie

    I thought of Aunt Jodi right away when I saw the headline.

  • Lillianne

    It could be anyone who made the complaint. There’s even a church that has turned her in to the feds for fraud for trying to solicit “donations” due to their difficult financial situation. The people in the church want their money back .

  • Rex

    I hope they arrest her for that hair.

  • Lisa too

    It has to be someone that knows them that reported them. The average viewer thinks they would follow all the child labor laws, but someone close to the family would be able to see up close what is really going on behind the cameras.

    It seems to me that these days, the show isn’t even about the 8 kids, it’s just what is next for Jon and Kate.

  • Nathan X

    Former production crew members turned them in. There was a revolving door of disgusted employees.

  • t

    Hope the investigate if those children have money set aside for them also? Now if they could only get the IRS involved to see if they declared their love offerings on their tax returns

  • Bella

    Aunt Jodi sucks, who goes around trashing their own family publicly, i don’t care what they did.

  • Shoka and Nala

    Hey peoples!
    We just peed on Kate’s coat!!!


    Please enough of this money hungry wh*ore, yes you Kate! We are sick and tired of you and I hope now that the stupid season premiere-no I didn’t watch it and refuse to watch this train wreck! I’m so sick of seeing her ugly face everywhere- PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS SHOW!!!! Go boff your bodyguard while someone else watches your kids you HO!!! You aren’t famous and I don’t get while you are receiving all this attention- oh, that’s right because your boinking your so called BG! Any man who hooks up with you in the future is only after your money cause honey no man in his right mind would put up with your sh*it for more than 5 min.! Just know that- Hobag!

  • Ali

    Well then all those tv show with kids should all be void.
    Small People, Big WOrld
    Table of 12
    18 Kids and counting!
    people just talk about jon and kate but it is not different from what other show are doing. THey just got there first.

  • ha

    @ #10 cara: you’re stupid! who are you to tell families who use ivf how many times they can use it to concieve?? america is the only country that allows a woman to implant more than 3 embryos. other countries have a limit on implantation. so get with the rest of the world america and stop crazy control freaks from ruining children’s lives!!

    also if they filmed this show in california, those kids would be soooo rich and jon&hate would be broke. they would have to ask their babies permission to use their money. it’s would be better that way.


    I believe it was Paul Peterson also- I seen an interview where he was talking about the filming of children on potty- the children having signs saying camera out- I would say it was Paul Peterson- They should check into the labor laws in my opinion.

  • mertz

    lol # 23. see my point. that’s what i meant. hahaha. i just think these guys are filing a big empty hole of hate in some people’s hearts, because otherwise some of these comments i’ve read/heard about them is unacceptable. lol at another shooks and nals.

    also #22. i’m sure the hobag stench of jealousy coming from you will drive your family away too. karma’s a bitch chicas.

  • mertz

    and this whole reports of violations is nothing new. this is an old conversation and i’ve seen them read comments/complaints like this on the show really early on. it’s nothing new. it’s not the end of the world. i’m sure tlc has been handling it the best way they can and are getting away with it all, or else they wouldn’t be able to continue filming the show, syndicate the show, and make MANY spinoffs from this show formula. infact if they really are/want to take this to the courts, let it happen, because then a lot of other people who have done the same thing the gosselins have done will probably be considered under the same umbrella.

  • Maryeileen

    I don’t see the big deal. I have 3 kids in the caoalmine here in WV under 17 and they give me their paycheck, sort of, and I use the social securtity checks from my two youngest to keep us in electricity, frozen pizza, and the odd trip to Burger King. More power to ya Kate. Did I tell you what a wunderful mother you are?
    Keep them kids workin’, its good for em. Teaches them about life…and such. If come around my way again I’d love to borrow some money to come see you.. Bless you Kate.

  • chelsea

    this show has been on the air for 5 years, all of a sudden everyone thinks these children are be exploited!?

    this is ‘aunt’ jodie’s way of getting back at kate for whatever reason!

  • mertz

    let’s list the shows

    i’m sure denise richards and her spawns would also come under the umbrela, the lohan’s stupid show, even the kardashians, ryan sheckler, oprah and all these talk shows that have little kids on them, jimmy kimmel, david letterman, mtv (lol, mtv would take the cake for all the underagers they have on their network), so yeah. this isn’t just a pennsylvania issue if people want to make this into a stinker. this is just off the top of my head. on all these shows i’ve seen little kids, and who’s to say they were all compensated or treated fairly. so yeah lets do it and make a big stinker out of this. it would make me laugh so lets do it.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    damn, yall still dcikriding these two? hahahahaha..

  • Donna Reed

    @Kate Gosselin:
    Hey Dumbass, did you ever watch the show and see Jodi’s house? Not exactly hurting is she????? Unlike your own trailer, double wide, huh?

  • Donna Reed

    @Aunt Jodi:
    or GDNNOP

  • Summer

    THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! i think that the law should leave them alone!!! Since the law is investigating “Jon and Kate plus eight” I think that they should also investigate ” Table for 12″ and “18 kids and counting”.

    I dont see anything wrong with thes shows. The kids are happy and healthy!! SO LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE!!!!

  • Phil

    —-J&K +8 have what the other shows just don’t have
    an out of control MEGA- BAYATTCH.
    —-Squeaky wheel get the grease AND the scrutiny… and deservedly so……. it’s human nature.

  • barbara

    Here is a good sight I just saw on another blog. you have to google the wayback machine and type “”. It has all their old websites where they used to ask for money and other donations. You should see all the organizations and people that gave them things. They begged for months for diapers,formula, money and even the van. They even sold their old things on there.EWWWWWW

  • Brainfart



    mertz guess you are a stinky ho too! No dear my family loves me and I would never exploit them and show them lots of love unlike this robot of a woman. So Bite me BIT*CH!!!!!


    so mertz/kate wasted enough of my precious time on hos of the world who will do anything for money. Time to get ready for work, the poles are waiting………….

  • mertz

    ahahahaaaaaaa how did i know you would come back with your vapidness. awesome. thanks beyotch. it takes one to know one, that’s why i found it so interesting that you called her a big hobag more than once. takes one to know one. i don’t care if my family loves or doesn’t love me. i am not lacking in any way and i know to accept my reality. have fun stinking up the air around you. i’m not even affronted that you’re commenting that i can go to my non existent hooking job. puhlease chicana. grow an f en brain. lmfao rotfl.

  • 8 MY foot

    I hope they put Kate UNDER the jail. I hate that woman with a passion. It’s all about “her”. And please, she’s been cheating on Jon for a long time. I wish the media would report on that. But nooooo. It’s always the husband.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who cares…
    it was probably her sister who called
    ppl need 2 understand kate doesnt give a shit
    even if she gets divorced she will continue the show

  • TM

    @Kate Gosselin:

    Just because they have extra toys, and are fed and get vacations doesn’t make a kid happy!!! if she was a mother that truely loved her children this would all stop!! in that whole list you gave NOT ONCE was stability in there…because they don’t have any.

    I’m so sick of seeing those two in the headlines everytime I turn around enough is enough!!!!!

  • Love JODI and Kevin

    I couldn’t be happier , it is about time they investigated J&K.

    Who cares who reported them? That makes a difference? The children in ALL these so called reality shows are exploting their children for cash and you care who did the “tattling” Give me a break.

    Grow up people. Think about these innocent lives being ruined for your viewing pleasure!

  • Love JODI and Kevin

    How telling, you don’t care what the familyk members do? No matter what, you shut your mouth?
    Sure glad I’m not in your family!!!
    Jodi and Kevin did the right thing. God help you if anything happens to you or yours in your family. Surely, it would be hush, hush@@

  • Kate Gosselin

    Fu*ck you Donna Reed!
    Aunt Jodi lives on welfare compared to me!!!!!!

  • jaye

    They child labor laws should ALWAYS be check in cases like these to make sure they are being followed. If the state needs a COMPLAINT to do that, then BOO on them. You can’t assume anything where kids and money are involved.

  • me

    f off jodi and keny ***has no clue what she’s talking about and just want to be part of the online drama**** f u jodi and kenny . without tlc jon would be a bald welfare dad standing in the unemployed line


    Please be sure to watch our new show: Jon & Kate Litigate.

  • Tricia

    What about the other shows with kids like 18 and counting????
    Ain’t NO ONE said sh*t about them!!!!!!!

  • Dank

    Hold on, these kids work??? Arent they like 10 and under? Oh wait, i forgot their mom is a slave driving bitch. Carry on.