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Leonardo DiCaprio Navigates NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio Navigates NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio checks out his phone as he walks around on a rainy day in New York City on Thursday (May 28).

The 34-year-old actor has been rumored to play Frank Sinatra in a big screen blockbuster about the crooner, if he can learn to sing. He has hired a vocal coach to win him the part in Martin Scorsese‘s proposed movie, The Sun reported.

Leo has hired a top vocal coach to get him sounding like Sinatra. He is a massive fan of the singer and has always wanted to play him. He would be sick to miss out on the leading role because his singing wasn’t up to scratch,” a source said. “He is now in intensive vocal coaching lessons to replicate Sinatra‘s distinctive style.”

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  • The Best

    Simply the best!!!!!!

  • Pattycake

    As great as the voice challenge would be…let’s face it, there is dubbing, his stature could be a deal breaker. Francis Albert was bone thin in his 20′s and 30′s. How would Leo do that?

  • dough dough

    He wasn’t that good singer few years back – via youtube:

  • rovie

    random…. i think Wentworth Miller is better to play as Sinatra since he has an awesome voice :-)

  • nino

    Leo is the bessssssssst!))

  • nino

    actor everrrrrr

  • Babydoll♄


    I’ll be furious if he gets the part of Frank Sinatra.Why don’t they go to New Jersey and pick an unknown Italian kid? I think that would be a good idea.


    “It’s not true i had nothing on, i had the radio on”

  • cc

    looks like he have slimed down a little

  • NativeNYker

    The sad part is that he is the perfect actor for the role. (I say this cuz I don’t like him…)

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Lain

    Hope he will get the role .

  • mell

    He was with Adam Brody in some bar the other night

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    he looks pissed……………….. :(

  • Sara

    Always love seeing new pix of Leo !

  • Heart of Glass

    Finally a new Leo thread… thanks Jared :)

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    he looks mad, i hope that everything is ok with him………. :)

  • ………

    Thank You JARED!!!!! He looks sexy,sexy…and he’ll not play Sinatra.Its just romours.
    Where Barrrrrh, Jared??


    some foto??.He’s permit this!!
    Leo give us some foto of him like a ”GIFT”. Like–”are you miss me??OK, look at me”’ Fuuuck you Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!.
    YOU’RE HYPOCRITE!!!!!!. I was waiting you foto 2 weeks and now i dont want to see you!!!!!!.Maybe you loos one fan as me but my comment will read a lot of ppl.

  • Heart of Glass

    @17 what the hell are you talking about? are you on drugs ??

  • http://israel Lisa rose


  • Doreen

    Thanks #19 for that insightful comment.

  • Heart of Glass

    i know, what is up with this (…….), what does this(……..) mean???so annoying..

  • Catarina

    Hypocrite, you’ve totally lost it!
    How dare he being photographed now when you were waiting for photos 2 weeks ago? The world is so bloody cruel! Ay me! hah!

    Leo looks gorgeous and not mad, just pensive. Beautiful, as he can’t be otherwise. Love you, Leo! *hugs*

  • francis

    Leo looks like a chipmunk. Ugly, fat and has no fashion sense.He has the worst bone structure in his face I have seen. Thank goodness he has some money and talent, because the mere sight of him makes my skin crawl.

  • @23

    Hi Scott Davis, sd, mr. d, jaye, jennifer86, now “francis” – still back to make more insults to the handsome Leo? How’s your teeny peenie? Say hi to it if you can find it. Leo is still hotter than you.

  • Heart of Glass

    i see that the crazies have forgotten to take their medications today…

  • @23

    He needs the right woman in his life no matter if he’s into girls or not. Even as a friend she would make sure he dresses himself in a ‘fashion-correct’ way and is looking sexEy in your book ;)

    For me he’s looking ‘ok’, but by all means NOT sexy. His dress suggests he’s still not a mature man. You would think a 34 years old should look like an adult, but this one is looking like a 15 years old momma-boy! No wounder he’s just into young immature girls…*head shaking*

  • jennifer

    Leo looks great as usual , he’s dressed casual and he’s texting in his cell phone so he’s not mad, he’s concentrated! love him in anyway!

  • @17

    @ HYPOCRITE @ 05/29/2009 at 11:34 am

    Heh?!? WTF do you talking ’bout?!?…Ahh, you’re prob. that bruenette who was seen with him at a party the other night. I guess he didn’t bite, huh? And now you are pissed. Well, don’t worry babe. Just wait a bit and you’ll surely overcome it!
    Damn weirdo..

  • Heart of Glass

    @26 what do you want him to dress like ? a wall street stock broker or something?

    do you guys see any pic of him riding a vespa? someone said they saw new pics of him riding one, but I don’t see it anywhere.

  • Sharon

    No, no, no! Leo cannot play Sinatra!!! As Sinatra aged, his face showed the story of his life. Leo’s face will always look like a kewpie doll. Can you imagine Leo playing the role in “From Here to Eternity”? The whole thing was based on the fact that the character was a skinny little guy. That’s just not Leo. He’s going to have to do a whole lot more than learn to sing to deserve the part.

  • @29

    Here are the pics of him riding a vespa.
    Leo looks great, casual as usual but I agree about the maturity thing ( that #26 mentioned ).

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Leo looks sexy even with these clothes………..

  • Lain

    Yes Sinatra was slim , and where the hell you see Leo FAT ! ???

    I don’ t know if he can to sing, so anyway it is not request , he can doing it , he can take this role .

    Look at ” The Aviator” , he did amazing job.

  • Rufus

    Look – it’s daddy reading my text message.
    Don’t forget to get more dog food and treats!!!!
    Love you daddy!

  • nine

    He looks hot. You haters can kindly STFU!

  • @29

    No, I don’t want him being dressed like a business man just like a normal ADULT guy. He just needs to wear his pants a lil bit higher than he does. It would surely make him looking in a completely different way.

  • nine

    true, he dresses too young than his real age but i still love him.

  • @37

    so do I..

  • nine

    Anyone see that nasty Bar shoot on Perez?

  • @39


  • nine

    Go on PerezHilton and go to page 2 or 3. I don’t have a link, sorry, #40.

  • @41

    Oh ok, thanks mate!

  • Mary

    i think the way he dresses is fine. he looks damn fine to me :D

  • @39

    I saw the post I wish I hadn`t. Barfie in a bikini – who would have thought? Her pictures are boring and always the same. BTW since when do we care about the French Marie Claire cover? I guess since we haven`t seen pictures of her with her famous boyfriend for almost two months now.
    Leo looks really good and honestly I don`t see why some people think he is fat.

  • Heart of Glass

    thanks for pics #31… i still see nothing wrong with his attire.. I don’t feel like he needs to dress all conservative just b/c he’s in his 30′s. Everyone has their own style and way of expressing themselves…

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Nice to see how everyone here are missing Bar after they didnt sew her for two months (even the bigest haters)……….. :)

  • francis

    Yea, Leo is a real paragon of beauty LOL. Josh Hartnet, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Gerard Butler, Robert Pattinson, etc. are all green with envy. They wish they had Leo’s uncanny sense of fashion, ripped physique and bulbous face. Hell, I wish I looked like a chipmunk too. God made Leo out of his own likeness LOL.

  • lia

    Well than go to a Robert Pattinson post and look at his messy hair and dirty face, or an Orlando Bloom post and look at his babyface, or a David Beckham post and him with his freakishly huge smile and plastic gf while we all look at Leo and yes, Leonardo is ugly as hell because he’s made 50 most beautiful people in the world. You’re gay, Scott. What straight male goes on a guy celebrity thread and posts under various names to say he’s ugly? You prob. went to Leo at a club and he dissed you. Have fun finding your little thing under your fat ugly stomach, Scott!

  • francis

    Ya, Lia, Leo rebuffed me, that’s it LOL. I’m still waiting for my opportunity to grate cheese on Leo’s rock hard abs. I see him being an underwear model in the future!

  • Lulu

    why would you even bother commenting if you have something mean to say. no one here appreciates it.