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Megan Fox & Shia LaBeouf are Coffee Costars

Megan Fox & Shia LaBeouf are Coffee Costars

Shia LaBeouf and his Transformers costar Megan Fox grab some early morning coffee at a donuts shop on Wednesday (May 27) in Burbank, Calif.

Megan, 23, and Shia, 22, are gearing up for their big summer release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen coming out June 24.

At a recent press conference in Los Angeles, Megan shared what it was like working with Shia. “He probably is my favorite person in the entire world. Shia makes me laugh harder than anybody I’ve ever known in my life. I end up crying or almost peeing myself every time I’m with him. So he’s just my favorite – I love you Shia! And he’s really super-handsome!”

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf grabbing coffee together…

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  • La

    Ha Cute

  • Shiacrazyfan

    He’s really very hot, awesome actor, sexy…
    They are so cute together. I can’t wait for Transformers.

  • huh?

    FIRST! :D
    Shia is now banging this girl? Who can’t Shia have? He is a loser and these girls must only like him for his money, not looks because he is one fugly dude!!

  • jason

    finally. it cool to see shia turning the alphaero on. they look happy together, too.

  • amy

    they would make suck a cute couple!! don’t ya think?

  • Verónica


    I agree! :)
    Is not a secret wha these two have a lot of chemistry since always and they look really happy with each other. Nice!

  • Kayy

    I LOVE Shia but I HATE Megan.
    So NO, I don’t want them to get together. Shia deserves someone SO much better…..and classier. Not the piece of trash that is Megan Fox.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    they’re both really cool, and cute together.

  • mia

    I get the impression that Shia is as cool as his name and really down to earth. Megan is not one to mince words and that’s why I like her. I’m not too sure about them being a couple though. It really doesn’t bother me.

  • sweetness

    these two went for coffee…why does that imply he’s doing her? not to be on the typical is he gay bandwagon…but has this guy ever been seen with any girl…if he’s so hot..who else has been officially linked too?
    this shia and megan getting coffee is pure publicity to keep you reminded that their movie is approaching…

  • tanya

    reply to huh?…. you wasnt first and keep ur lame comments 2 urself.
    PEOPLE…..they need to promote their movie. so dates like this is a must. trust me i know.

  • LolaSvelt

    They’re definitely shágging! Wouldn’t want to tell her Beverly Hills 90210 boyfriend that!

  • Verónica


    Shia is not the best guy/person neither. But these two are made for to be with the other. They’re a cute and funny couple (If is the case and they’re hooking up)

    I hate the last Megan’ comment on an interview. And we know how are the interviewers (transforming the words and all that). Se need to know how to play with the press but she has reason sometimes. And is for that what the people hates her (leaving on a part, the fact what she’s hottest girl ever): Because she’s honest! She said the true and sometimes, has her own opinion. Is this bad? Because, excuse me, but you are trash and stupid and hypocrital If you don’t see that. You’re tell us what Megan is a trash, stupid or whatever? Well, is your opinion, is that bad?
    Anyway, the point is….that she doesn’t have the best words always but look at this!!!! I have the impression of you,guys, are hating her for the unique fact: She’s powerful, has a lot of money, could have any guy… and she’s hot.

    And finally, all that people who said: “She can’t act”.. well, TF1 was her first serious film. Michael Bay said recently that Megan was improves A LOT on TF2. In addiction, Diablo Cody said the same about Megan on “Jennifers Body”.

    This girl needs a oportunity haters.

  • Gab

    Reply to Tonya, how the hell do you know that that “dates like this is a must”? I don’t recall that this happened before. Do you know Shia himself and did he personally tell you this (that his date with Megan is a must)?…..
    Reply to sweetness, I think Shia is 100% aware of his “hottness” and knows that he can have any women that his heart desires, but maybe right now he is focusing on his career and is not interested in a serious relationship. But when he is ready he will have first pick of the litter and he knows it!
    Also, what is up with Megan and her 90210 guy (BAG), now they made a perfect couple? And Megan has noted in several interviews that she would not date a guy in his 20′s. But Megan and Shia could be “getting it on” she did say how she thought that Shia was so hot!

  • NYC

    Didn’t she say she thinks guys in their twenties are a waste of time? Until I see them officially announce something, I doubt they are dating. Men and women CAN be just friends, you know. Stranger things have happened.

  • Cheers

    I thought that Shia wanted someone like his mum..and now he is with this girl (Megan Fox), she (Megan) is so opposite from his sweet beautiful mum!

  • Verónica

    Shia loves Megan since always.

  • shg

    your’e not first.

  • gil

    I hope that Megan gets back together with Brian Austin Green they were so cute together. But right now she could be using Shia for sex, or she likes guys who are stuck on their looks like Shia, who knows and who cares I really only care about the movie coming out.

  • Lil

    They could be friend or they could be lovers who f**king cares. I know that people pick friends that match their personality, well I read somewhere that Megan is a big time b***h, Shia must be a big time a**hole then. I do agree with “gil” I can’t wait to see the movie in June.

  • magda

    hard too believe they were born in same year.

  • magda

    too many “o” in “to” , sorry

  • Kayy

    Shut the f*ck up. Don’t call me trailer trash you b*tch just because I stated my opinion about what I happen to think Megan is. If you don’t agree, then too bad. I don’t give a sh*t. I think Megan is as dumb as nails. And if you think she’s “smart,” than thats your opinion. But don’t bash mines.

  • TGIF

    Okay yesterday I was in line at the supermarket and there was this blurb in one of these weekly mags about how Megan Fox admitted that she thought that she was hot. If that is the case then yeah her and Shia would be a perfect match because Shia is so full of his looks (I do not know why he thinks that he is so cute, he is not “fugly” like “huh” said, but not at all good looking). The only credit that I can give Shia is that he has some good humor, that is it. On a scale 1-10 about his acting, I say a solid 3 at best.

  • win

    They should just date and get it over with because it won’t last so all the people here can calm down. Shia will not date you anyway. they all just do this to make press for their movie. All clebs are probably only truly capable of loving themselves. And in Shia’s case their mommies.

  • Q&A

    Agree with Kayy (#’s 7 & 23).
    Also, It must say something about Shia’s true character to date or be friends with someone like Megan Fox.

  • Ha

    They both look so tacky. I like how people are saying Megan is trashy like Shia’s not. They both are. Look at how htey choose to look in public!
    Whatever. I hope Shia like’s being used if they do date because that chick ain’t makin’ no money when her plastic starts to melt!

  • ColourMeHappy

    To win,
    As for me, I would never ever date someone like Shia Labeouf anyway!!!
    Also, I am sure that Shia is completely in love with himself. He knows that he is “hot as s**t”. He is just using his looks to get the gigs because he is not a good actor I think.
    There are some good celebrities who are not stuck up like Shia seems to be.

  • Hola

    I completely agree with you Ha.
    Maybe Shia can tap into his “fund” to help for Megan to get more botox injections and any other plastic surgery bulls**t. He seems stupid enough to do something like that for this trashy girl.

  • Bell

    This is to #25 win,
    Shia only will date superfical looking b***h’s because he is so f**king shallow, that is why.
    And why is the media making such a big deal over this peice of s**t (Shia)?

  • Megan fox rocks

    Megan is so sexy , hot , cool she’s perfect

    Shia is so lucky

  • ohnoyoudidnt

    Megan plastic face tramp is trashy.Her only acting talent is to look hot in movies. Shia may be a douche but he has some talent.

  • me

    Losers. Haters.

    and #32: I don’t read your blog anymore. Is totally a shit.

    What happen w/ u, guys? If u don’t like the girl, the guy or the pair/couple, not comment!
    Who’s Megan’s fan, will hate you… and will think that your comment and you are a crap ;)

  • Maria

    I agree with Bell!
    Shia is an over rated actor. The only reason he gets these roles is because of his looks. The guy so knows this too! My guess is that in 3-5 years from now Shia will be a “stale name”. I can also imagine that in 5-10 years Shia will have developed a beer gut or a double chin, look at his mum she is very over weight. But then again, Shia is rich so he can afford plastic surgery (if he has not done so already). I wonder if now that he is dating Megan that he will get plastic surgery like her, I would not doubt it if he did.

  • I have an opinion

    All this looking like they like each other and want to date or whatever is just to make people see the crap that is Transformers 2.
    Do not be fooled.

  • Verónica

    Hate me, Kayy … HATE ME! HAHAHA

    I prefer to have a friend like Megan (honest, powerful or whatever) than a jerk, stupid and false friend. ThaT’s the truth.
    I’m like Megan. My character and my “body” are similar to her and I can stand this girl.

    You think about me, that I’m a bitch? Well, I’m a bitch If you’re happy :)
    She doesn’t have the best quotes or anything what’s her best but…I prefer a persona like her, like I said.

    Anyway. Can’t wait 4 to see your face guys, when she **dreaming** wins an award for best actress :)

  • Maria

    I think that #32′s blog is called “ohnotheydidn’t”.
    I agree with you #35.

  • tyna

    they make a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark


  • queen

    they are togheter!
    i saw them kissing!!!
    On thuesday night she was at his place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatgives

    wow! i really think the paps are trying to get some juicy gossip about them being spotted together. i mean all megan did was give him a ride to go to physical therapy and they stopped for coffee. people are speculating that they are dating…. in this world people just assume assume and assume. i read that shia likes a girl that has a great personality which means he would like to date a girl who has a big heart like the girl who he dated years back because he has more of a heart than megan.

  • Chow

    What is the read deal:
    Is Shia really dating Megan Fox?
    Is he doing this for publicity for the movie?
    Is Shia hot for Megan and that is why he is going out with her?
    Have they been dating for sometime and now are coming public about it?
    Does Shia simply like superficial looking b**tchy gals (you know some guys get off on that)?

  • mary

    WTF they are FRIENDS!

    shia to be with a girl like megan….No way..she is too hot for him!!!!!!!!!

  • Lipton

    Oh queen it would not suprise me one bit if they were at his place kissing!!! I am sure that he has f**ked her as well. Shia is a male sl*t and knows it as well. I am sure that the reason he broke it off with his ex of 3 years is because he knew that he could get any woman he wants. I feel sorry for his ex but then again she is so much better off without that cocky a**hole. Megan is so good for Shia they are both completely shallow I think!

  • s.d.

    Since when did Shia LaDouche became handsome? Please, send me a link, because I have yet to see that. I can’t comment on his acting, for I’ve never seen any of his movies.

    Say what you want about Megan, but she is MUCH TOO PRETTY for Shia. He must have a ten inch cock, or the most alluring personality imaginable. There is no way she would be attracted to a guy like him, when she could be “dating” virtually anybody. Get some sef-respect, Megan!

  • ohnoyoudidnt

    me @ 05/29/2009 at 12:41 pm +Maria @ 05/29/2009 at 12:46 pm

    I do not have a blog site. It (oh no you didn’t)is a general saying people use everyday. Don’t abuse me just because you don’t like my comment okay?

  • eh

    Do you think that Shia gives a s**t what people say about him? Shia seems like the type of guy who could careless about what his fans (and nonfans) have to think about him. He has got to be one of the most insensitive guys out there, I think.
    Also Megan has said how she really likes Shia and Shia once said that Megan is one of the most beautiful women in the world.
    Shia seems to get everything that he wants, now dosn’t he?!

  • shialooks

    i really think that shia and megan are definitely wrong for each other in so many ways. i think the paps are just trying to get story they can get
    i mean you can tell megan loves the camera and the attention and shia tries to hide from the camera and live a normal life. to me he seems pretty grounded unlike her. megan still likes brian but she is afraid of commitment level to the marriage extent.

  • not@all

    Shia and Megan are both trash.

  • t

    I agree that they are both trash!