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Nathan Trasoras' SYTYCD Audition -- BRILLIANT!

Nathan Trasoras' SYTYCD Audition -- BRILLIANT!

Nathan Trasoras was the brilliant dancer who auditioned to Daphne Loves Derby‘s “Pollen and Salt” during Thursday’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Here were the glowing comments from the judges:

“That was really damn extraordinary. You were pretty beeping impressive.” — Adam Shankman

“You did everything we ask of a dancer — you had contrast, you covered that stage, you have technique. You have a great stage presence.” — Mary Murphy

“One of the best centers like (brothers) Travis [Wall] and Danny [Tidwell]. You’re a brilliant dancer.” — Nigel Lythgoe

Unfortunately, Nathan‘s only 17-years-old and therefore ineligible to compete this season. But that’s okay! Nigel gave him a ticket straight to Vegas for season six this fall! Nigel said, “If you do not come back next year, I will search you out and drag you here. We really want to see you here next year.”

Can’t wait to see Nathan in the fall! Who’s with me?!

Nathan Trasoras – SYTYCD Audition, 5/28
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  • melanie

    Is this what they call dancing now adays???? If he was too young to be elegible, why did they let him tryout?

  • mertz

    AAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah. and he got the guarantee ticket. i really hope he comes back. phillip came back too, with a girl. and i think i emailed you about sex coming back. too funny. i love this show. also katies friend came back and made it in, and so did sean (i think that’s his name. the youngster who didn’t make it cause he wasn’t of age). i hope you’re watching jared. i was telling my mom about this guy yesterday and we were both yelling so much after we saw him dance. the ballet chick with the perfect feet from oregan didn’t make it. she looked like she was gonna die. so sad.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    someone has a man-crush. hahahahaha..
    he shouldn’t have been able to tryout. producers aren’t slick.

  • mertz

    also they’re doing the double season right, and then there’s abdc, and then there’s also sytycdc. lots and lots of tv watching.

  • mertz

    i’m sure the producers know. he’s not the first underager to audition for the show, and he won’t be the last. but he is definately the first guaranteed in for another season. i’ve only seen that a couple of times on this show (i mean straight to vegas for the previous year). look at how they didn’t even bother letting phillip through choreography.

    i love this show. thanks nigel. jared you think pono (the hawaiin kid) is gonna make top 20 like mark did last season?

  • wha

    YUMM!! he’s soo hott ;)

  • goslingtwilightlover

    He’s cute!!!

  • jo

    why did they let him audition if he’s ineligible anyway? he shoulda just waited for fall.

  • mertz

    because he’s that good. the producers know what they are doing. and also this isn’t the first, since they have to have id and they do have people there who check things, but lol some of the contestants lie on their forms about the year they were born. easy peasy. also when you go to the site and get the forms or when you go to the audition and get the forms it says you have to be of age and explains all the requirements, you have to be american citizen, have your green card or working card visa w/e that thing is. yeah but it’s expained, and people read it and clear it from their heads a.s.a.p. if they want to get on the show. good for nathan. i really hope him and some of the other guys just dance cause they are GREAT. love this show.

  • RobN

    The let him audition because it’s tv, people. It’s not the Olympics. They can do whatever they’d like, and in this case they’re going to have everybody watching next year to see how far he’s come in a year. The producers didn’t get this far being stupid.

  • Jen

    he’s cute and did awesome! im with you Jared, can’t wait to see him in the fall

  • Kt

    THAT WAS AWESOME! he good.

  • barron797

    he is sooo cute! good for him for not quitting dancing. Its going to pay huge dividends!

  • becca

    wow! that was beautiful!

    he’s definitely 5 years younger than me – BUT I SOOOOO WOULD!!!! lol

  • bambam

    That was a perfectly AWESOME audition! Thanks Jared for posting this.

  • lesley

    he’s ADORABLE and extremely, extremely talented.. i CAN’T WAIT for next year!! he’s going to be amazing

  • Sade

    Is that Keanu Reeves’ son? Whew!! He is hot. He reminds me so much of Keanu when he did the Bill and Ted’s movies.

  • Melissa

    Interesting guy, i’ll keep an eye out for him.

  • april

    He is amazing !! Thanks Jared !

  • Marieme

    I want him on the show now! Such a bummer he’s not old enough.

  • n.o.l.a

    He’s going to be AMAZING to watch.

  • amanda

    he was AMAZING!
    i completely adore him!
    when they said he was ineligble, i was so pissed!
    but then they gave him the ticket to vegas next season, i wasnt pissed anymore :D i was happy!

    omg, i love nathan! <3

  • diva

    sucks that he couldn’t compete kid was good to!

  • wow.

    his fuetes..amazing.. such a talented dancer

  • silentsophi

    He is cute and a very masculine dancer which makes him hotter.

  • joss

    his audition was really amazing
    a very talented dancer

  • Andy

    Very Good… but not as good as this 15yr old from Australia who performed on the Aussie version of SYTYCD. Check out Caleb:

  • Jonathan

    Nathan is an AMAZING dancer!!! Can’t wait until the Fall Season of SYTYCD!

  • molly

    i plan on marrying him!!!!!!! :)

  • brina

    aww well if he’s turning 18 this year maybe they can make him an excpetion. hopefully he’s on next season

  • Victory

    oooh he’s a cutie!


    omg hes kinda hot. and his dancing is amazing

  • Lee

    Um, he looked really awkward and without rhythm for most of that audition. He could spin well, though. I guess if spinning well is considered dancing then he was good. ????

  • Noticias de famosos

    This kid with a bit of dance training a lot better, the penalty
    what the age, but the year will be much more than good preparation.

  • drol

    i might not know that much about dancing, but this was really beautiful. i keep re-watching it.
    i love, love the first pirrouette (sp?) in combination with the bow. it’s so humble and graceful. that in combination with the music and feeling he put in it, makes it mindblowing. eventho it might not lóók that complicated in the first place. i guess charisma plays a big part in dancing too. sad, i can’t follow this show (next year) in the netherlands. wonder what he will come up with.

  • thatsillogical

    he was crazy trying out this year.
    now we all have to wait till the fall.

  • lukebandit

    he is fantastic! God bless you Nathan, you have a gift from God, and best wishes this fall.

  • mertz

    i love this kid’s ability. i know blake mcgrath thinks he’s the absolute beez kneez dancer, but out of all the people i’ve seen on the american version of sytycd, travis and danny had the best centers and control of their body on the show (oh them and WILL. REMEMBER WILL. he’s doing training at ailey. love him), and this kid is right up there with them. really strong temple, great control, AWESOME CENTER/GROUND FORCE, and although it wasn’t the best solo i’ve seen through the prelims, i have to say he had a really good solo and choreographed well for his body. love him. i love this show so much.

  • trekkier

    flashdance anyone? but, he is good.

  • hrhkat

    all you silly girls, he wouldnt want you no matter what you looked like……….wait scratch that, he would do you if you looked like zac efron and had a weeny…..

  • http://justjared Dean

    I don’t understand the rules for age. On A.I. they have contestants that are under the age of 18, why do you have to be older than that on this show? Can anyone explain?

  • darci

    I also loved Nathan Trasoras – can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next season. However, I get the feeling that the show’s producers knew he was going to be awesome and also knew he was only 17, and only included him in this audition to get people excited to tune in for next season. Smart marketing move? I dunno. Kind of lame though.

    Anyway, none of this is Nathan’s fault, as all he does is dance. And boy does he DANCE. I love the sweeping, dramatic way he dances, and I was also so happy to see that he was dancing to “Pollen and Salt” by Daphne Loves Derby that he completely won me over.

  • lalalandgrl7

    His name is Nathan Trasoras not “Trasorio”, he goes to my school . Hes really good at like every kind of dancing ( especially hip hop) , he deserves to go on the show ( hes a player be warned! )

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He’s a cutie.


    Nathan in the fall??? I’m with you Jared!!! Can hardly wait….

  • Delilah

    I can’t stop watching this!
    He’s effing beautiful.

  • Delilah

    I can’t stop watching this!
    He’s effing beautiful.

  • hatestupidcomments

    @melanie: u sound dumb

  • Kelly

    OH my god….i stood next to him tonight at the taping of So You think You Can Dance!!! He is soooo hot! (even cuter in person) . it was a taping for the 100th episode, and Benji and Travis both said hi and high-fived him

  • misha

    He’s a fellow half asian, sooooo adorable, and AMAZING dancing!