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Orlando Bloom Celebrates Burberry Day

Orlando Bloom Celebrates Burberry Day

Orlando Bloom makes merry for Burberry Day, wrapping his arm around pal Christopher Bailey (Creative Director of Burberry) at The New York Palace Hotel on Thursday (May 28) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actor danced the night away in a large huddle with Christopher, fellow Brit Alexa Chung, and engaged couple Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy. Orly was gettin’ down to the music, giving lotsa shoulder action!

M.I.A. all night was his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, who is currently in Australia for a David Jones photo shoot.

25+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom celebrating Burberry Day…

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Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Photos: RAM/Fame Pictures, Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • sarah

    He looks good, his girlfriend Miranda Kerr is in Australia doing
    a photo shoot for David Jones, so no mystery, she’s just working
    and will be back with Orlando in NY soon.

  • sally

    The reason Miranda’s M.I.A is because she’s in the Australian Outback shooting the new catalogue for David Jones. But I’m sure the jealous haters will have some conspiracy theory about them breaking up or some other made up story, just wait for it…

  • Pokerface

    Orlando will be shooting ‘The red circle’ in Macao in june!

  • pregnancy

    Love Orando Bloom.. Can’t wait to watch his new film.

  • drol

    forget about orly..
    look! hugh shaved!! ooohh hansome…

  • http://Justjared Nicole

    Orlando looks extremely happy . . . . mmm wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he was alone. And yes I know I’m going to be critizised for saying that but these images don’t lie. So bring on the backlash.

  • @ Pokerface

    not saying that the movie will never happen…..but that seems pretty close considering that there is another movie Johnny To will be doing before that…..and Red Circle is still in development…..check article below…..

    where are you getting your information?

    The only movie I know about that Orlando is suppose to be doing is The Cross…..which was suppose to start filming in July 2009…..but has recently gotten pushed back til September 2009.

  • Pokerface
  • izzy

    is it just me..or does he look like John mayer in photo 1??

  • fidelity

    See the new commercial photos of Orli for Burberry 2009 September line:

  • WOW!


  • @6

    Yes, people are going to criticize you for that post. But that’s what you want, right? Otherwise, why would you post something so stupid? I guess that you are going to claim that all of those smiles that we saw in Cannes with Miranda were fake, right?
    As others have said, you haters are soooo predictable.

  • @7

    “The only movie I know about that Orlando is suppose to be doing is The Cross…..which was suppose to start filming in July 2009…..but has recently gotten pushed back til September 2009.”
    That is why some of us gave some credence to ‘The Red Circle in June’, rumor.
    We had heard nothing but the talk of constant delays/death of TRC, then out of the blue comes this rumor of a June start, right after we hear that The Cross has been pusheed back a bit. Coincidence? It’s probably wishful thinking, I know. But I guess that we will find out soon.
    BTW….the man is lookin’ GOOD!

  • Liverwurst

    About time he got a haircut, much better.

  • Keira

    I prefer Rupert Friend.

  • NativeNYker
  • http://Justjared Nicole

    @@6:What photos of him smiling in Cannes? And I am not a hater as I am probably one of his biggest fans. And I do want to see him happy I just do not think Miranda is the one that will provide that long term happiness for him.

  • gingernut

    Yeah, not alot of smiles in Cannes….looked a little constipated actually. He always looks happier when she’s not around….thats a good thing.

  • @17

    well, I’m sure that he will take your opinion seriously and drop the woman that holds his heart in her hands, just because you said so.
    It’s amazing that some people think that he isn’t happy with her. If she didn’t make him hapy, why does he travel the world to be with her? And why is he still with her after over a year and a half?

  • Pokerface

    why does he travel the world to be with her?
    This time he didn’t travelled a lot, since he flied to UK and not to Australia to be with her…just coincidence I guess!

  • @20

    Well, gee…
    I guess that since we have photographic evidence that he was making an appearance in NY, and news that he will be promoting Sympathy for Delicious at a party in LA tonight, maybe….just maybe….he had prior commitments? That’s just a wild guess on my part, though.

  • @20…..pokerface

    I’m sure he didn’t “flied” to Australia because it’s an 18 hour flight and would have barely have arrived before having to “flied” back to NY for the Burberry opening……but of course why let common sense get in the
    way of a good conspiracy theory….lol.

  • Pokerface

    No conspiracy…I was just considering that the same day Midanda lied to Australia he flied to London…Obviously I didn’t expect him to join her for a couple of days! I just pointed out that he isn’t always following her, that’s it! Back in february he took a break from the set and reached miss Kerr in Australia, this time he preferred stay home with his family for a week, that’s all folks!

  • @23

    Sometimes your job gets in the way.
    THEIR jobs often have them separated by half of the globe.
    To put it in perspective, what you are saying is the equivalent of…”why didn’t the husband stay home? He went to work, so they weren’t together 24 hours a day. If he loved her, he would quit his job so that he could spend every moment with his wife…..”
    Same thing, different job requirements.
    Common sense? From a hater? You silly, silly person. ;)

  • gingernut

    Body language says it all. He is screwing her, but he doesn’t seem to like her very much. She seems quite vapid so I guess I understand.

  • Aisha

    I heart my Bloom so much!

  • Pokerface

    Oh, I see…everyone who has a differenet opinion from yours is a hater….interesting!

  • @27

    Noooooo, your posting history gave you that title.
    You EARNED it BB.
    *air kisses*

  • Pokerface

    Oh, you’re so sweet!
    hugs and kisses!

  • yes!

    Dang, he looks good!!
    Tanned and gorgeous!
    How can someone look so good after that long flight from London?

  • When he’s smiling

    Orlando always looks so much better when he’s REALLY smiling – and I’m not referring to those tight-lipped forced little ‘half-smiles’ we usually see him photographed with these days. He has a beautiful smile, when it’s genuine, one that lights up his entire face. Makes him look so much more ‘youthful’ as well.

  • s.d.

    Miranda seems alot more inteliigent and articulate than overrated Big Bad Orlando Bloom. Orly needs to lay off the steriods with his big, buff self. His friend is much cuter than fugly Bloom.

    Miranda, if you read this, I beseech you, to lose this scumbag and set your sights higher. You can do so much better.

  • @32

    My goodness you spend a lot of time on threads about people you don’t like.
    Nothing much going on in your life, I guess.
    Poor thing.

  • @s.d.

    Man, you sound like one bitter hater. If you think he’s that bad, why even bother coming to these threads and commenting? You’re not going to change the opinions of genuine Orlando fans anyhow. We like him and think he’s attractive. Why not visit DiCaprio or Timberlake’s threads instead? Obviously Miranda finds him attractive too, both physically and personality-wise, to have stayed with him this long. She obviously doesn’t need him for the publicity – especially now that her own career is doing exceptionally well.

  • gingernut

    HHmmmm, okay, if you say so.

  • citylove

    SEXY !!! i love him so much !

  • hellyeah

    Sooo gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see his new movies!

  • tsk

    I just read that he was staying in a hotel while in NY. Wonder why Miranda didn’t give him a key and say: stay at mine.
    of course He might have wanted to avoid the kind of publicity that would have given rise too.

  • @38

    Nah, he was only staying in NY for a few hours. And staying at a hotel makes more sense than opening up her apartment for just one night. I’m sure that he already has a key, so no worries there.

  • @tsk

    “I just read that he was staying in a hotel while in NY. Wonder why Miranda didn’t give him a key and say: stay at mine.”

    For the same reason his ex, Bosworth, didn’t have a key to his room at the Chateau Marmont back in March ’05. She had to wait for him to come home, with the paps waiting as well. . . Apparently Bloom didn’t give her a key. If she had one, she could have – and SHOULD have – let herself in instead of waiting outside with Sidi till Bloom came home. He was not a happy camper about that.

  • Kate was different

    I don’t think Kate ever really asserted herself with Orlando – not the way I believe that Miranda does. Miranda has succeeded in getting this boy to jet halfway around the world and back again just for the pleasure of her company! Orlando only did that for Kate once, and that was after they’d broken up and he thought that he’d ‘lost’ her to some male model in Australia.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Oh wow I love this man!!

  • cutiepie

    he is the definition of sex in the flesh! spank me daddy!