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Shia LaBeouf is a DVD Dude

Shia LaBeouf is a DVD Dude

Shia LaBeouf checks out a video store with a friend and buys a bunch of used DVDs including Death of a Salesman and Willow on Wednesday (May 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Transformers star still had a brace and some bandages on his left hand. Earlier in the month, Shia shared with Playboy a little more detail on the accident that injured his hand.

“My hand got jammed under the car, and a slice of the finger came off. So I just picked it up and showed it to the fireman… It was really insane-looking,” said Shia. “The firemen were like, ‘Get this dude to a hospital.’”

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  • A

    I ♥ Shia:)

  • Generic

    I think that friend is Cage (Chris Palko) the rapper that Shia is friends with, directed a video for and is going to produce and star in a movie based on his life.

    Any Cage fans out there that can verify?

  • layla

    haha willow is such a good movie. that just made me love him even more.

  • alex

    So what, they don’t do plastic bag in that store????

  • s.d.

    I hope Megan Fox isn’t interested in Shia LaDouche. Talk about a mismatch! She is much too pretty for him. He is fugly, dishelved and outre. Megan, set your sights higher, girlfriend. Hook your star to somebody else’s wagon. Live Shia to the homely, feckless bitches that are more his speed.

  • kristina

    i agree with s.d. i think they ake a cute couple and he is sexy….i wouldnt be surpirsed if you are a girl that is fug ugly and seriously jealous of her.

  • kristina

    i ment i disagree

  • Thebeastandthebeauty

    That is Chris Palko aka Cage, he is in LA for a bit. He and Shia are hosting Subterranean on MTV2 tonight. He tweeted yesterday

    -I can’t even walk to the store to get a few dvds without papz taking my picture Lemme live B
    6:29 PM May 28th from Tweetie

    Talented Dude, very talented. Check out I Never Knew You on Youtube and Vimeo.

  • hp

    Shia is loser who is stuck up for no reason, he can not act worth a s**t and his directing ability is horrible. Oh and is Shia calling himself the beauty and his friend, Cage the Beast (ha try the other way around)? Or is he trying to be smooth by calling Megan the beauty and saying that he is the beast. What now Shia thinks that he is in love with Megan she is in love with him or something? Damn this guy gets on my nerves more and more!
    Also check out what people are saying about Shia and Megan on:

  • me

    so hot!! WILLOW??!!!! so funny…..stupid dykini

  • wendy

    AWWW…Willow, one of my favorite movies, the kid has great taste.

  • mileycyrussucks

    i love shia. period. done. nada.

  • Ju


  • R&B



  • agatha

    he is the most handsome and sexy man i ve ever seen in my life not to mentio charismatic actor….

  • Jen

    aww Willow, cool movie! gosh slice of his finger came off, ouchhh! poor guy

  • Melissa

    four fingers are better than none

  • heshot

    i love him. he’s so hot :):)

  • 10:12pm

    Cage is way better than Shia, Cage should be the famous dude, not Shia, Shia sucks!

  • Shiacrazyfan

    He’s so hot !!!!! I love Shia

  • nina

    HA HA HA Does cage really think the paps were there for him????

  • theshy1/keepingitlight/outcast

    Looking at these two I’m not sure Shia can physically play Cage in the biopic the want to make.

    But it would be great to watch Shia take on a role with so many ranges of emotion.

    Cage and Shia have such a strong bromance, I’m so happy for Shia that he found a friend he can trust and depend on.

    When I use to write my blog I would go into great detail about Shia and his life and Career but now I can just sit back and enjoy his movies and his little forays into directing.

    I’ve seen the short film Shia directed and the two music videos he directed. I’m kinda proud of him for branching out and doing his own the with grassyslope productions.

    I also think it’s cool Shia helps out his friends, that just warms me up to the core ;)

  • slickcat

    I want shia between my thia……

  • mwah!

    s.d…ur probaly a fugly idiot..i tink shias too good for megan shes jst some bimbo

  • Jokergurl

    Shia LaBeouf is so cute, and very talented, he’s also hilarious, humble and just cool. I hppe his hand is doing better. He’s like a young Tom Hanks but with an edge. Just fun to watch, I can’t wait to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • Jerrica

    @Generic: Yes, you are correct! Cage is the shit too! Can’t wait to see what happens with this friendship.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Poor Shia. His hand is so messed up, when will he ever be better?

  • elliegreen

    yes, that is cage