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Sienna Miller: Baroness in Beverly Hills

Sienna Miller: Baroness in Beverly Hills

Sienna Miller sports a Chanel shirt outside the Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon (May 29).

The 27-year-old British actress recently told ET that wore a black wig for her role as The Baroness in the upcoming live-action adventure G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

“It was not a dye job,” Sienna said. “This is an old-fashioned tale of good versus evil, and historically the good guys tend to be blonde, and lighter, and the bad people tend to have black hair, like witches — it adds to villain-esque behavior. And also, she’s a very famous character within the cartoons and there’s a specific way that she looks, the same with Scarlett with the red hair, and so we had to be true to the characters the way they were created.”

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Photos: Apega/Agent47/WENN
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  • mertz

    since you source e!, did you see the totally hilarious and awkward interview the cast of the movie did with ben for in the lyons den? i didn’t know sienna miller could be a bad ass black chick, or had a sense of humour. lol at marlon trying to get a rise from her.

    i like her booties. she’s gonna be at the awards on sunday yeah? presenting?

  • zara

    she look so great but still without job and man…!

    poor sienna hop for her to find a job and boyfriend…!

  • Billy bob

    ….Kate lock up Jon…..Sienna’s in town.

    He’s still married so he’s fair game to Sienna. Lots of kids too, all the better for this ho.

  • jennifer

    I love Sienna! She’s got amazing style and she is a great actresss~

  • Twiggy

    This chick is so skanky. Wonder who’s husband she is after now?


  • lakers fan in boston

    love love sienna, she maybe a slut, but i still want her =]
    the shirt is alright, i usually like any chanel merchandise a chick wears, makes em look nice
    and also it’s not her best outfit but whatever it’s alright
    love ya sienna!

  • Chloe

    Ewwwwwwwww, I can’t stand her! Those shoes are ugly.

  • mertz

    lol #6. how unsurprising.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Sienna is very beautiful for sure.

  • Kevin

    Is this tramp still around? Why?

  • Dorie

    Sienna is a husband-stealing ho bag, that’s for sure.

  • gonuggets

    Damn! She looks like seven kinds of arse!!! Blech!!

  • Irish Girl

    Love her. Great style and beautiful presence.

  • Melissa

    Her face is okay, she looks better as a blonde

  • Karma

    Her kind are a dime a dozen. She doesn’t stand out from any of the other flaky HW wannabees who clamor to be noticed.

  • A

    it must be pretty warm in those f*ckme shoes in LA, and considering how old are they, it must be pretty smelly too. right, Sisi?

  • sue

    Amazing, arrived in LA without pics at LAX, guess she didn’t want the attention and therefore did not tip off the paps. Her outfit is awful, shoes just do not go with the jeans and the shirt is sloppy. No jobs lined up, it;s been one year since her last picture. Producers know she is a bad risk due to her public image, karma, karma ,karma. Really suprised she did not wear her flower dress from her romp with Balti in Italy, where her boobs are exposed and he is well…….she has been seen wearing it in London. Is Balti still around??? Maybe her wearing the dress was a message to get ready, she is coming to LA!!!!

  • A

    perhaps, a pack of smokes and a glass of vodka suppress any smell.

  • c

    1) Wait, SM arrived in LA without any “LOOK AT ME” stunts at an airport? So she can sneak in and out of LA and evade/AVOID the paps who are ALWAYS “stalking” her? Hopefully, she will leave LA in the same manner by which she entered it. I commend her for not crying wolf!!!

    2) That was pretty low of SM, wearing that “breast sucking” dress. She claimed that she “dumped” BG because of his “baggage”, and yet she went through great lengths to remind him of their affair. What stunt will she pull for the next kids’ birthday, wear that sailor’s hat ?

    3) “This is an old-fashioned tale of good versus evil, and historically the good guys tend to be blonde, and lighter, and the bad people tend to have black hair, like witches — it adds to villain-esque behavior. ”

    The sad thing is, SM really does believe that this applies to her life. In her mind, her very public affair with BG is a old-fashioned tale of good( blonde hair) vs evil( black/dark hair). It explains why she has been trying so hard to depict BG’s wife as a villian/witch and herself as a victim/good guy and has not taken any consideration for RG and her 4 kids/feels entitled to keep rubbing the affair in their faces.

    4) Just last week, her PR put out a quote where she stated that she wanted to GO DARK and that she wanted to dye her hair again? Was the quote about dying her hair from a different interview/movie (so her PR team are being deceitful by deliberately using old quotes) or is she just backtracking now?

  • mertz

    at your number 4, she was wearing a wig. she said so in the interview with ben that i saw a couple weeks ago, and she also said she wouldn’t mind going dark and that she’d have to die her hair instead of wearing a wig, but that if she goes dark she has to do a dye instead of wearing a wig. and she also said she may want to cut her hair. but she sounded undecided.

  • D

    LOVE her……….. stylish girl, confident and upbeat personality

  • c

    Here’s the actual quote:

    “I actually loved the dark look,” says Sienna. “The worst part was going back to blonde afterwards from such a dark color but it’s back to normal now. I keep thinking though that I might dye it again. It’s fun to have that change.”

    Either her PR is feed the media an old quote or SM is telling so many lies that she can’t keep track of the things that she is saying during her interviews.

  • mertz

    lol. sienna miller has dyed her hair dark before and this isn’t the first time she has said that going bak to blonde is hard on her hair. gah. she wore a wig for the film she recently did and she’s talking from past experience. wow. you would think for people who hate her so much they would know that she isn’t a blonde. gah.

  • mertz

    *would know that she isn’t always a blonde

  • Annie Rich

    Nothing special bout her style…….or her. i don t get it.

  • c

    No, hate is sleeping with a married man and shamelessly flaunting it. Even going so far as to wear momentos from the affair to make the married man regret spending time with his child on her birthday. You think that by now she would get over her insecurities and stop trying to upstage an innocent mother and her children.

    Spin, spin, spin. When presented with the exact quote, you change your story. These two versions of the hair dying/wig story demonstrate two things: SM is a liar and doesn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face and her PR team is so dishonest that they put out OLD QUOTES.

  • MATT

    I absolutely love this girl

  • vanessa

    ‘c’ enough already… you absolutely hate sienna – we get the message. and yet you are obviously completely and utterly obsessed with her… you blog on every single post… you can even quote her!!! you are basically a twisted sienna FAN!!! weird…
    on the other hand… i love sienna!!! love her style!!!

  • gonuggets


    And does her style mean she get’s to chase after married men? Must be nice.

    The thing is that she seems like a really cruel human being. This whole free spirit thing must mean you don’t have to care how other people are affected by what you do, because she just keeps hurting people over and over again and obviously doesn’t give a ferk. What kind of role model is that?

    I wouldn’t not want her anywhere around me, and the sooner she just goes away, the better off a whole bunch of people will be. It’s terrible the way some people gloify an evil person like this.

  • sunseeker


    Style is a matter of opinion, depends what age you are. Hate is too strong a word but I think she has no character no morals and no class, to get involved in a relationship with a married man who has 4 children is not something a person who has any sense of right or wrong would do. I personally do not know one person who thinks what she did was right, and Getty is a lowlife that I would not even give the time of day. Rosetta is the only person who comes out of this affair with any dignity. We all are accountable for our behaviour, whether we are a free spirit or not.

  • A
  • london

    hehehe im with you vanessa… some ppl cant get over the fact that ms miller slept with a married man, i find their obssesion absurd and ridiculous.

  • c

    VANESSA is london/yay (compare the writing style-lower case letters, breaks up his/her sentences with “…” )

    Just as I predicted you would do, out of the blue a “different” poster shows up calling me “obviously and utterly completely obessed”, “twisted SM fan”, “wierd”, and talking about how I post in every thread. By your logic, you are “obviously and utterly completely obessed”, being a “twisted SM fan”, “absurd”, “ridiculous”, and “wierd” since once again you continue to follow other posters from thread to thread and hide under different names as you make personal attacks against other posters.

  • c

    London (aka yay/ vanessa)

    Of course you agree with “Vanessa”, you are one in the same.

  • c

    london (aka vanessa/yay)

    In regards to quoting SM, you’ve heard of cut and paste, right?

    Usually when celebs get themselves into hot water, they either LAY LOW or do the opposite of what got them into trouble. But not SM. Since SM opted to prance around London, NY, LA, Prague, Mexico, and Italy with a MARRIED MAN who hadn’t even filed for a divorce/legal separation, your argument is not valid. SM is not a VICTIM and despite what you believe, people are not “picking on SM for no apparant reason”.

    So you think that SM “great sense of style” should be enough to make people “get over” the fact that she slept with a married man? When you make arguments like this, you slap SM in the face. How many years did it take SM to get over the fact that her finace cheated on her? Using your same logic, if JL nanny had a great sense of style, then that should have been enough for SM to get over the fact that she slept with her fiance?

    People will “get over” the fact that SM slept with a MARRIED MAN when she shows remorse, stops dropping hints about how she is still sleeping with him, stops rubbing the affair in RG and her kids faces, shows some consideration for RG and her 5 kids, takes responsibility for HER actions and stops blaming everybody and their mother for her misdeeds, crying wolf (tipping off the paps and then acting distressed by their presence), and stops playing the victim.

    I get it, you think that you and SM have a connection because she has a great sense of style and well as you admitted time and time again you like it. So you perceive any non-postive comment about SM as an attack against you. Hence, why you use “hate” to describe those posts that are not praising her and have made it your mission in life to “set posters who won’t condone SM actions” straight. Instead of worshipping SM, you should work on developing some compassion.

    PS. We have been down this road several times before, so you might want to wiegh the pros and cons before for the umpteenth time you try to “set me straight”.

  • princess

    To Sue #17 – There were pics of Miller at LAX arriving just before the MTV awards show. Miller was photographed with an older woman who might have been her keeper (her agent’s rep. or some PR rep.) It was not her mum Jo Miller.
    Miller looked drunk as usual and grubby as usual. However, Miller did clean up well for the awards show.
    Wonder what she looked like after the show and how many married men passed her around?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She has fabulous style.