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Wanda Sykes' Twins -- FIRST PIC!

Wanda Sykes' Twins -- FIRST PIC!

The New Adventures of Old Christine star Wanda Sykes shared the first picture of her adorable 1-month-old twins, Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude, on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

The 45-year-old funnywoman’s wife, Alex, gave birth to the twins on April 27.

Wanda joked during the show, “Babies are very inconsiderate! Everyone said twins should be here at 35 weeks but nothing! Lots of waiting and they finally induced at week 39. I was [in the delivery room] when they did the C-Section. When the doctors tell you “Don’t look this way,” don’t look that way. It was not pretty.”

When asked if the twins calmed down after they got home, Wanda hilariously said, “No! All hell broke loose! It’s like they were tag teaming us, you put one down and then the other one starts crying. There is nothing twin-like about these babies, they are just two babies. I mean, I don’t even think they know each other.”

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  • mertz

    FIRST. i love wanda. god bless her family. i saw this on leno. everyone tune in to watch leno tonight before he goes prime time.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    um.. are those babies.. w.. um, nevermind. LOL.. i love wanda, she a funny-fcuk. good for her.

  • Lynn

    WHO is the FATHER ????

  • me

    Wanda Sykes is hilarious. Congrats to her and her wife.

  • mertz

    yes we know # 2 & #3. wowzers. this isn’t the first time jared has posted about wanda on this site. i’m not even going to bother to explain. i’m sure someone will pick it up for me (thanks in advance).

    babies are so cute!!!!
    i’m never having kids.

  • bailey

    adorable kids.

  • Magicha

    they aren’t really her kids…..

  • Lynn

    Congrats Wanda and Alex! They’re adorable, wish you all the best.

  • me

    is jared gay ?

  • ello

    What cuties!

    Congratulations to Wanda and her Wife Alex

    Mazol Tov

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    @me: arnt all bloggers? hahahaha..

  • Ellen & Portia

    Yes, he is. Wanda is in a same sex, inter-racial marriage and their children are mixed race mulattoes.

  • papadontpreach

    those are white kids…not even mixed. Too sad.

  • mertz

    hating realling can send you straight to hell so take your f en ingnorance and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. hating is not a very attractive quality in a person.

  • mertz


  • Dance Ellen!

    They are not white they are biracial wanda and her wife stated as much. Mulattoes often look this way at birth.

  • Dread not

    - Wanda joked during the show, “Babies are very inconsiderate! Everyone said twins should be here at 35 weeks but nothing!”

    Those kids ain’t stupid. They were gonna ride out that vaginal hideout for as long as they could. They knew who was waiting for them on the outside and they wanted no part of it. Don’t believe it? That’s why they had to induce labor at 39 weeks! Those kids were like’”aw, hell no! We’ll stay right here, thank you very much.” They had to cut them little suckers out!

  • jaye

    Their father must be so proud, wherever he is.

  • k

    I feel so sorry for these babies.

  • prop8

    Sperm donor babies.

  • fuzzy britches

    @Dance Ellen!:

    Mulattos?? OMG did I just fall ass first into a time machine and get spit out during the Civil War? Who the hell says Mulattos in this day and age??

  • eva

    Why are people so desperate to know the children’s skin color? what is it to you? whatever their skin color they are sweet and very loved. They will be happy with their mothers regardless of what other “normal” idiots want for them. Most people are too stupid to care about human beings, all they want are labels to call on others and feel good about their sad little conventional lives.

  • ellie’

    Your just too funny. Congrats with those adorable twins..

  • missy

    I’m still waiting for a picture of Wanda and her “wife” 2 mommys and a sperm donor, America’s new norm! I know the worlds gone nuts, but I hope some of you fools do know that Wanda and “wife” can’t have babies. Just a little “reality check”

  • Rosie O’Donnell

    Gays have been adopting children for a while now and they will continue to do so in the future. Get use to it.

  • sav

    I’m sure kids of interracial couples are sad and confused too. The ignorance of posters on this thread is never-ending. The fools are people who still think there is an ideal of a “perfect” American family. Reality check: It doesn’t exist!!!

  • Jill

    Cute babies. :)

  • Shawna

    @Magicha: Yes, they are and you are ignorant! So you think adoptive kids aren’t someone’s “real” kids. Yes they are! Just because they are not biologically related to her doesn’t make them any less her kids.

  • Rhonda

    The best thing a woman can give her child is a daddy. Its old-fashioned but thank God for DADS and not two dads, just one

  • Edila

    God bless this two beautiful babies!

  • Christina

    I’ve seen her ‘wife” and she’s bi-racial herself, that may be why they’re so light. Mixed kids tend to get darker as they get older. I think they’re gorgeous!

  • marina

    funny thing is that Wanda and her wife are not the first one nor the last ones to have children this way:
    jodie foster
    cat cora
    ilene chaiken (producer)
    mary cheney
    melissa etheridge
    rosie o’donell
    sara gilbert
    cinthya nixon (she had her kids with her then-husband)
    judy gold
    amanda bearse
    to name a few, and I’m leaving out the gay fathers

  • marina

    stop hating, I bet the kids will learn to not be prejudiced against people.

  • Married to a woman

    What is WRONG with you people? Wanda is absolutely one of the twins’ mothers and she and Alex are MARRIED! Were you not paying any attention on Tuesday? CA Supreme Court UPHELD the same-sex marriages performed before Prop. 8 passed. All of us 18,000 couples are LEGALLY MARRIED. It’s very unfortunate that so many people have a problem accepting these facts, and ignore and distort them, then adding lies. More facts: There is a vast array of research, including long-term studies, that show clearly that gays and lesbians are just as capable of being good parents as straight people. Children that grow up with lesbian/gay parents are, typically, very well-adjusted, happy and healthy. Look it up, if you’re able to.

  • patty

    What lovely children. White, They remind me of Pax and Shiloh.

  • aeon

    cute babies. ITA eva why do you care what the babies race are. Get over it.

    Congrats Wanda. Love her she is funny.

  • ogal

    Love Wanda. Good luck to them!

  • Rhonda

    Someone mentioned Cat Cora, now thats one twisted sister there.

    this has all, just become a big freak show. I’m glad I had one mom and one dad

  • Lenny

    I guess this is suppose to be normal, I can’t wait to see what will be considered normal in 10 years.

  • nikki

    Congrats to Wanda and her wife!! The babies are adorable! :)

  • katie n

    Congratulations to the proud mothers!!! babies are cute.

  • nothatin’

    Why is it “hating” to ask who the father is, or to point out that 2 women cannot biologically conceive a child? I don’t see where the “hate” is. Seems logical/factual to me.

  • Stand Up

    Lenny @#40
    In 10 years the world most likely will be one melting cauldron. God will not be mocked. He loves every human being he created and like a loving parent, He is giving us every chance ,hoping we will turn from our wicked ways. But the world is heading to hell in a handbasket! They have kicked God out of the schools and wonder why kids are murdering kids in masses everday. Do kids even learn the Ten Commandments any more? How long can we continue to hurtle downhill in the name of progress? Not for much longer.

  • mertz

    oh shut up you religious bigots. i have a mom and a dad, but i wouldn’t mind if my parents were of the same sex. same sex relationships might offend you, but you can’t really judge unless you are one of them (i’m not trying to make this an us and tem argument and i am aware i’m not being concise), because your hetero/opposite sex relationship may offend them too. shut up. people are soooooo ignorant now a days. there should be equal rights for all people, the religious and the non religious and for all ethnicities. i don’t like people, religious or non religious, pushing their views on me on what is acceptable. f. you can’t expect to uphold all your rights and beliefs and at the same time hold others down. it’s called hypocrisy. god don’t like ugly either so be a good person and open up your hearts and minds and don’t be like that idiot prejean chic or sarah palin, or that tard lady i see all the time on cnn the director for the national rights of marriage or whatever she stands for. contradicts herself when she speaks.

    and yeah i was going to post earlier that people should stop calling people mutts like it’s normal. oh it might be true, but if you are using that word then you must not be aware of it’s stigma. so please stop and be more considerate. what if i called you a mutt.

  • Whaddaya

    this is an obvious case where ignorance is not bliss. just plain ignorance. get your head out of the book that was written from 100+ perspectives and open your eyes. If you were an adopted child and found out your parents weren’t your biological parents, I would highly doubt that you would treat them that differently afterwards.

    I know plenty of same-sex couples and they are some of the loveliest people I have ever met in my life. They treat their kids just as well as any other parent would. Love them, educate them, and let them learn on their own as well as we should.

    by the sounds of it, some of your parents taught you to be ignorant fools because they can’t deal with any ideas outside of the white picket fence, 2 kids and a dog idea. such a shame.

    what’s going to happen if in the future, YOUR kids discover they’re gay and want a family. would you be ashamed and disown them? or would you just realize that they’re still a human being who loves the people around them and deserve to be happy? Life boils down to a couple of things in order to survive. the basics, and happiness.

    Oh, and if you’re going to bring God into it, you’re just proving that you’re not thinking with your own thoughts, only someone else’s.

  • KnockYouDown

    Her white girlfriend had…white babies. No mixed ones. Wonder why. Oh right, when she splits, she doesn’t want anyone to know she was in an interracial.

  • nanapat


    babies born from people of color are actually white in color when they are born and as the blood breaks down to it’s own blood type their skin color changes also..

  • ringo

    Watch in youtube ”
    “Prejudice – The Work of Byron Katie”

  • Getbackup

    Right, sorta like Ben Affleck & JLO.

  • kait

    @Lenny: Seriously. People now, are terrible. I don’t know where I learned my morals because my parents are racist and I’m not sure about their views on gays… but I am SO happy that I’m not as small-minded as half the people talking shit about an interracial gay MARRIED couple.