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Fergie is an Electric Blue Babe

Fergie is an Electric Blue Babe

Fergie attends the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Japan at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on Saturday (May 30).

The 34-year-old Fergalicious singer and the Black Eyed Peas are set to perform at the awards show along with Katy Perry and Korean pop singer BoA.

The BEP are still at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with their hit song ‘Boom Boom Pow‘ for the eighth week in a row.

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Credit: Kimura; Photos: Getty
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  • zion


  • saskia

    is she liftet?

  • sandy

    operated?! her face… looks like shit.

  • sia

    The Peas are such an original and talented bunch…. which is rare nowadays, but whatever Fergie’s doing to her face she should stop it immediately. Then again, I fear it’s too late.

  • suzette

    i literally gasped when i saw this! looooove her outfit!!

  • cvb

    She looks like Priscilla Presley clone. That’s bad.

  • ez

    her hair is not flattering at all.

  • drop_dead

    The dress kills fashion…..

  • chels

    @cvb: i agre with you, SHE LOOKS SO GREASY AND OLD

  • Nino

    Fergie is in perfect shape

  • bla85

    Bottom line she is fugly!

  • Jaz

    that outfit is on point!! I love the BEP even though they copied a concept from N.E.R.D. with their album title. I exercise to boom boom pow all the time<3

  • vivian

    butter face!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OK

    She has a cut figure, and I lover her music.. But lets be honest something is wrong with her face. She just looks so much older. It just seems like she is an older woman acting younger. Are we sure she is 34 years old. I just don’t get it.

  • KnockYouDown

    Ugly dress. I thought she was pregnant with twins?

  • mertz

    is it just me or is what she’s wearing not happening. is that velvet? what is up with the two fabric choices. it doesn’t make it look any better and also cutting out of youru dress in these triangle shapes isn’t flattering. who is the designer…they need to be petitioned for making that dress. lol at #8. i don’t know about killing fashion but it definately makes the worst dressed list. gah. i like fergie too. why why why does she have to do this. also lol #14. i was looking at jared’s post about christina aguilera and i couldn’t help thinking there was something off with her face. gah. that dress looks so poorly sewn it’s kinda sad.

  • mertz

    after reading some more of the comments i see that i am not absolutely crazy. thanks people. lol. that dress and the hair is definately HELL.

  • KnockYouDown

    LOL. Fergie is an older woman acting younger. Anybody over 30 in the music biz is old. She was a dope head and she had plastic surgery.

  • Nahla

    I love her no matter what. You guys are so damn shallow, judging her from her appearance. She’s a great singer and performer. I think she’s a talented proper artist. I truly love her. I lvoe the dress. I love her style. At least she’s original (unlike most of you stupid haters who only know criticizing but do nothing with their own lives. Get one!). Oh and she’s famous and rich and btw has one of the most handsome and hottest husband ever! Jealous much? HA. Eat your hearts out!

  • beth

    she’s not a butter face

  • Kaka

    Ugly Check:
    Face – check
    Hair – check
    Outfit – check
    Shoes – check
    Overall ugliness: 4 stars
    Thanks for playing!

  • Kaka

    Ugly Check:
    Face – check
    Hair – check
    Outfit – check
    Shoes – check
    Overall ugliness: 4 stars
    Thanks for playing!

  • mertz

    lol. i love fergie and i have always been pulling for her to be sucessful in her career, even though i am an old bep head and was definately buggin huge when she inflitrated the group, but she’s brought a freshness (/staleness) to them and i believe in william’s vision. i love bep prefergs…and i like them alright now. anyways but i’m not afraid to say that i may be shallow so that’s alright, but really. AHAHAHAA THAT DRESS IS THE WORST EVER. she must really like being on the worst dressed list all the f’n time. it’s good she has money now and isn’t spending it on drugs and drinks and other crap, and i wish her many successes, but the only thing saving that look is maybe the shoes and herself (body wise. i’ma stay away from the face hate. i think she’s cute personally but what do i know. yeah there’s also the whole offness with her face too, but what can you do. she’s still pretty), so maybe she should do something with all that money she has and HIRE AN F EN GOOD STYLIST. it’s not that hard. must hurt less than surgery and wearing that fugly a$$ dress. like there’s actually nothing going on with that sac. there’s no shape. black and blue…metallic blue…wrong fabrics, wrong cutouts, it’s just wrong everywhere. i must stop talking or looking at the dress because it’s hurting my head. gah. end rant.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Body of a thirty year old; face of a 60 year old. She must have done something bad to get to that state. Would like to see pictures of her fifteen years ago to compare. Good voice though; has a certain talent.

  • sham

    pff… not so cute
    Primero que el negro no le queda bien
    Segundo sacate esa raya al mediooooo
    Y tercero hacete otra cosa en el peloo dios siempre igual fergie ¬¬

  • RobinMN

    Another case of bad plastic surgery. I don’t get it: she was fine before she went under the knife. Now she looks like plastic woman…

  • Angie

    idk how anyone found her attractive in the first place =-/

  • jaye

    I’m beginning to think some people on here live in a bubble. They always bring up with someone did in the past. They seem unwilling to think of the accomplishments these people have achieved in their lives. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Grow up and stop being silly about what this woman USE to do. So she did drugs, she got over it; you’re still an idiot. Try getting over that.

  • Norman

    I’m not a hater – think she’s a lovely woman BUT I am going to comment on her face – not in a mean way, more in a ‘what happened???’ She only started looking like this recently…..looking at her face alone, I would say weight gain was the answer but the rest of her looks like her usual self – the hair colour really doesn’t help anything – but as long as she’s happy + healthy, then I wish her wel!

  • Fergie Fan !

    uh ! SO HOT !

  • Alison

    She dresses like a tramp and way too young for her age.

  • Let

    the dress@@..

    Marc Jacobs??

  • sucre

    Do you really need a designer to wear a black plastic bag with pieces of foil stuck on it?

    Naah, I still love her. Just an objective appraisal.

  • LuckyL


  • manny

    dress is Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

  • Jen

    Can someone please tell her that dark brown hair looks horrible on her.. too harsh for her

  • Diss

    who are any of you losers to call her ugly?
    what do you old hags look like, post a pic of your face…i bet you look worst than her, anyways, her face looks fine, have you seen her in wild orchid? her face was 12 times worst and that was over 15 years ago, as far as the dress…its unique, and might cost more than all the money you haters have in your accounts :)

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She is oh so fierce!!

  • Nai

    Oh come on PEOPLE ! How can you print this woman is 34 years old? Do the damn math right…She is definitely in her mid to late 40s and certainly not aging well. I’m so sick of the media, emails, mags reporting a celebrities age as light years younger than what they really are.. IN this case the old hag face doesn’t lie!

  • melaniekaras

    she is a rock star why would she wear a ball gown. Whatever though. Her knees look so young her body looks young then her neck is lumpy and old it’s wierd. She is still prettier then most people but you have to wonder about aging face.