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Gerard Butler Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Gerard Butler Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Gerard Butler covers up his hair with a newsboy cap as he makes his way through security at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday (May 29).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud plays Kable in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Gamer. The character is the superstar and cult hero of the ultraviolent “Slayers.” Kable is controlled by Simon, a young gamer with rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding Kable to victory each week. Taken from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, the modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity and to save mankind from Castle’s ruthless technology.

15+ pictures inside of newsboy Gerard Butler

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gerard butler newsboy cap 01
gerard butler newsboy cap 02
gerard butler newsboy cap 03
gerard butler newsboy cap 04
gerard butler newsboy cap 05
gerard butler newsboy cap 06
gerard butler newsboy cap 07
gerard butler newsboy cap 08
gerard butler newsboy cap 09
gerard butler newsboy cap 10
gerard butler newsboy cap 11
gerard butler newsboy cap 12
gerard butler newsboy cap 13
gerard butler newsboy cap 14
gerard butler newsboy cap 15

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  • me first


  • me first

    do i get a prize?

  • me 3


  • notfeelingthegerryjuice

    WTF, the chipmunk cheeks are back after only a few days. What is going on with this dude. That style of headgear didn’t work for Pitt and it’s definitely not work for the Butler.

  • anon annoy

    He’s got a rip in his shirt.
    Doesn’t he look in the mirror before he leaves the house?
    Someone help this boy, please!

  • anon annoy

    Actually the whole shirt’s ripped up. Looks like hell. Is this the new style for celebs.
    The How To Look Like Sh*t look.

  • eliza

    Is this all there is now for G. Pics of him at clubs and airports. Someone said on another thread that G should do some kind of charity events or be part of a “do good” organization where he’d get good press. Of course JJ isn’t giving G bad press but there really isn’t much to this Gerry Butler guy if all we see are these random pics of him doing, well, nothing..

  • LuckyL


  • !

    I really think somethings up with JJ and GB’s pr team. How come all these stupid photos show up here every other day?

  • buy some new clothes

    Didn’t he have the same clothes on the other day?
    And why is that shirt covered in holes? Who wears something like that in public? I hope he bothered to shower. What a pig.

  • buy some new clothes

    Didn’t he have the same clothes on the other day?
    And why is that shirt covered in holes? Who wears something like that in public? I hope he bothered to shower. What a pig.

  • Sue

    Stop it. He looks great. Maybe it’s his lucky shirt.

  • WTF?

    Did he dress out of a dumpster?


    Sheesh, you people have obviously never seen me catching a flight. LMBO. I dress for comfort.
    Not like that’s a public event or something.

  • jujujuicy

    Seriously, if I see him with a damn phone to his ear one more time…

    I’m getting reeeally bored with this guy. And this trashy look he’s been sporting is starting to annoy me to no end. Good lord, you have $$$ man!! Put on some decent clothes!! I’m poor so I’m allowed to look like sh*t, but you sir are just plain gross looking.

  • you who

    @notfeelingthegerryjuice: I think the only reason he ever looks like he doesn’t have chubby cheeks is because of the lighting and different camera angles. He always has a puffy round face. Every movie after PSILY shows it.
    IMO it’s likely due to meds he’s on. Lots of drugs can make the face swell/puffy. It might be for something serious -hopefully not- or to keep him from smoking etc.
    Or it could just be from old age!!

  • jujujuicy

    TRINITY, this is the way he looks when he goes out to clubs and to special events. The airport look is his “works for everything” look.

  • !!!

    This is Spart-uurggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • !

    @anon annoy: Maybe the holes in the back of the shirt are from some club chick’s finger nails tearing at him while f*cking.

  • !!!

    to #19 that might be funny – this is just a guy who doesn’t give a sh**!
    Boring guy and (shame on you JJ) no story again!

  • anon annoy

    @!: LOL. Great visual. Nothin’ like sex with your clothes on!

  • ?????????

    That shirt looks like it was riddled with buckshot ! There are so many holes all over the front and back. The side seam looks like it is about to come apart and there’s a big hole under his arm.
    (Ugh!! I wouldn’t want to look at some guys armpit hair on a plane.)
    Not appealing. And he looks like he has aged dramatically since last week. What happened to him?

  • jane

    @anon annoy: If only JJ could get a picture of that. HHHEEEEELLLLLOOOOO Baby


    jujujuicy, thanks for the info. To each his or her own. I don’t think a holy shirt for a night flight is a biggie, but what do I know.

  • !!!

    ~24 – do you mean ‘holy’ – because that might be stating his case for fangurl sainthood too much?????????


    Lots of !!! and ???
    Sorry, I meant holy as in holes. Again, sorry.

  • anon annoy

    @?????????: -”riddled with buckshot”
    Maybe one of his FWB got tired of his sh.t and took aim.

  • mertz

    this guy mr. butler is a good interview because he doesn’t have that shitty demeanor so many hollywood types have about him, and he can actually look good…but most of the time he doesn’t try because he knows he’s making money and that he can bang any girl he wants. what girls see in him must be his huge dong, because he doesn’t do it for me at all, but he’s actually not a douchebag and is a decent dude. he’s also funny. i wish i hated him or something but i’ve met him and it’s true. gah. why can’t some people just be like john mayer or spencer pratt in real life. then i can be happy when i call on their garbage.

  • ?????????

    After picking something off the floor to wear, Butler decided to go the extra mile and accessorize his fine ensemble with a couple of cheesy “trying to hard to hang on to my youth bracelets” and a “chipmunk cheek and nose enhancing” hat.
    Well done.

  • no he can’t

    bang any girl he wants. It seems plenty of girls say no to this hunk of lard.

  • mertz

    lol. no really. he gets girls fallimg over his shit. he’s like russell brand. i don’t get it. i mean look at him (imagine without the money). who would want to sleep with him????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mertz

    doesn’t he look like an older version of shia?

  • getting boring

    What is with JJ reporting on Butler ever couple of days for a total of four different reports in a week? And they are about basically nothing?
    JJ and Butler’s PR team must have some kind of relationship. It’s boring and just makes Butler look like more of a manwhore.

  • lulu

    OMG. so bloated , he look like a 50 y.o old man.

  • boo boo day

    JJ posts his pictures because he knows Butler means hits to his site from people like you.

    Who are the dummies? Not JJ.

  • WTF

    Come to mama!

  • WTF

    Maybe he travels light, he seems to cover a lot of ground, and maybe he just hates clothes-shopping like most real men. Maybe that is his appeal!

  • Anon

    He doesn’t look very “Scottish stud..” to me. His face is really fat and he is a slob. I don’t believe he is 39. He looks more like 49. This movie sounds like crap, too. But it will make money and he’ll get $$$$ paid. Gerard Butler should do more movies like Rocknrolla. He makes a good Scottish thug not stud. And he should do that kind of comedy because then we wouldn’t have to take him serious.

  • Designermania

    You too can have the extra soft Distressed Tee if you are willing to plunk down $45 big ones at Fred Segal.

    Cap by Ed Hardy and sexy smile courtesy of Gerard Butler.

  • WTF

    Thanks for the photos, JJ, I liked them. They just prove what a great actor GB is, that he can look different in life to the characters he transforms himself into in his movies.

  • I see…

    I see chipmunk cheeks is back!!!! I hope it’s not the drugs he’s doing.

  • Laughin’

    He’s finished banging all the new LA chicks (“he’s keeping a list, and checking it twice”) and now he’s on his way back to New York to bang Jennifer Aniston.

  • WTF

    @ I see: lets hope its just the milk shakes and icecream.

  • Laughin’

    He’s finished banging all the new LA chicks (“he’s making a list, and checking it twice”) and now he’s on his way back to New York to bang Jennifer Aniston.

  • Tiny


    Yeah, sure, milkshakes and icecream. What did he have, a tanker full in the last 48 hours. That bloat is caused by something else.

  • WTF

    OK, so his life is just one big smoozy party, maybe he needs to get back to the gym.

  • Anon

    How can a photograph “prove what a great actor GB ca be…” That is stupid! He probably could have been a really good actor once, but he sure isn’t now. He is crap. His movies are crap, too.The movies he is in with Hilary Swank and that chick from Grey’s Anatomy, are all tired, worn out predictable B.S. And he is not convincing as a romantic leading man. Not anymore.I bet he is a lot older then they say. He sure looks it.His face is so fat and he has lines, so I bet he’ll get plastic surgery or botox or something. Then he really will be a chipmunk face.

  • StinkyLouise

    The pictures outside the airport look OK. It’s just that one inside that seems to bring out the chipmunk pouches.Also the paint on the walls is not exactly flattering to one’s complexion. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here. The clothes? He’s trying to be hip and young. Holey jeans and shirts are “in”.Unfortunately he looks a “holey” mess. LOLO.
    Just as Aniston arrives in LA, he leaves. LOLO. He probably needs to fine tune the NY herd befor filming begins.

  • still-love-him

    #16 IMO it’s likely due to meds he’s on. Lots of drugs can make the face swell/puffy. It might be for something serious -hopefully not- or to keep him from smoking etc.

    I have been thinking the same thing, his body is really lean but the face looks puffy. I hope it isn’t serious. Still love him even with the hamster cheeks.
    To all who have remarked this is a non almost all the pics on this site are the same…celebs doing nothing… what else are you expecting? If GB was photographed doing something “interesting” you would only bitch it was staged for publicity.
    As for the holey shirt..not my taste..but I expect it cost quite a bit of money is subjective.

  • you have to be kidding!

    @39: $45 for that – good grief! I could have made that for him for – well (obviously including time to sort through the dumpster) 50cents! Lets be benevolent though, the poor schmuck looks a real mess! Fashion or not, he looks neither hip or fashionable. And, its another JJ non story – just loads of people commenting on a page where there are loads of advertising slots between the comments – (thats proberly the real story).
    Uh Oh – I hear the sound of the loony fangurls running to his defence! Better leave now!