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Hugh Jackman Has Bulging Biceps

Hugh Jackman Has Bulging Biceps

Hugh Jackman shows off his bulging bicep after a good work-out at the gym on Thursday (May 28) in New York City.

The 40-year-old Sexiest Man Alive has been spending quality time with his family. Hugh picked up 9-year-old Oscar from school on Thursday, took a stroll with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, and helped 3-year-old Ava with the zipper of her little jacket after dinner on Friday.

Hugh was just in Mexico City on Tuesday promoting X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film’s Mexican premiere was delayed due to swine flu concerns.

10+ pictures inside of family man Hugh spending time with Oscar, Ava, and Deborra

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Credit: Fame Pictures, Vallenilla/Vila/Anderson/RAM; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, INFDaily
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  • susi

    OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rebecca

    everyone raves about Suri, Shiloh, and Nahla, but I think his children are the cuttest and seem the happiest. He seems like a wonderful father and all-around decent human being.

  • susi

    @ rebecca
    I totally agreed with you!!!

  • Hannah

    He is pretty awesome.

  • Hannah

    I also think these kids would be happier because they probably have a much more stable live. Not both of their parents are mega famous so that would help.

  • mary

    it’s obvious that hugh loves his wife and both his children. his family comes first. too bad the same cannot be said for other famous men; like mel gibson for one.

  • Joe

    The wife looks too old for both Hugh and those little kids. I heard she is 53 years old. She should really be a grandparent!

  • me

    Wow!! I can’t even breathe…this man…just wow…I can’t even think right now. :P

  • Leslie

    Hugh’s mother left the family when he was a child. Psychologists would say that Deb is actually the mother figure that he was missing in his childhood. It’s kind of creepy and gross when you think about it. :( He should really find a woman that is more appropriate for his age… or find an older woman that is as beautiful as Demi Moore!

  • George

    Yeah, that old lady looks ridiculous playing “mum” to those little kids.

  • Wanda

    lay off Deborra-Lee Furness!!! she is beautiful inside and out and its no wonder hugh fell in love with her. So what if she is older than her husband? how shallow can you ppl be??

  • :D


  • fickle red

    He looks sooooo good!

  • her real age

    When Hugh was on “the view” he said Deb is 8 years older than him, so she is 48 but she does look a lot older than him, he looks fantastic for 40 whereas she hasn’t aged well and looks more like his mum.

  • jg

    It’s amazing that people are so keen to tell this man who he should be with or what kind of woman he should have. Why should he screw up his home and family because people who don’t know him or his wife, don’t think she’s good enough for him? If he’s happy with his lot in life, and there is no reason he shouldn’t be, anybody who likes him, should be happy for him. We should all be so lucky.

  • to leslie

    Hugh’s mother left the family when he was a child. Psychologists would say that Deb is actually the mother figure that he was missing in his childhood. It’s kind of creepy and gross when you think about it. He should really find a woman that is more appropriate for his age… or find an older woman that is as beautiful as Demi Moore!

    well, i hate to break this to you but your opinion doesn’t count. the only opinion that matters belongs to hugh jackson. he loves his wife and has not intention of leaving her; get used to it.

  • peaches

    HUGH IS SO FREAKING SEXY if i see him i would jump on him and kiss his sexy lips i can’t stop thinking of him i want u hugh

  • snoopy

    @her real age:
    you keep saying that, but I’ve watched him both times on the view and he never said that.

  • ellie’

    Just love you Hugh Gorgeous

  • cam

    He loves his wife his wife I remember him said she is the coolest chick you will like to meet. They seems to have a good marriage that is what counts.

  • w.d.

    Huge is a great guy and a tremendous actor. He looks particularly attractive in these photos. Jackman is much better looking than fat face Gerard Butler.

  • Hannah

    She is 53. 13 years older than him. So what? Why is it ok for woman to marry older but not men?

  • Manuela

    So Hugh has an older wife….SO WHAT?!?
    She has the greatest looking boy toy ever…LOL.

    He looks amazingly happy so who are we to judge.
    I know Ava is adopted but she sure has his eyes.She has his looks,how odd is that.
    He seems to be a very warm family man and I am happy to see that it still exists in Hollyweird. Hope to find myself a nice guy like him.

  • debz

    He is the best. He is setting the proper example for other celebs. On a sillier aside,he should give Gerard Bulter lessons onbeing casual chic. Hughalways looks neat and respectible.

  • office fan

    He is just so….just wow! Anyway, I am sure that he could give a rat’s @ss who the world thinks he should be with. He and his wife are obviously in love, and that is all that matters.

  • snoopy

    @office fan:
    Amen! always makes me laugh, comments like “he should choose someone younger!!”, like he cares what we think.

  • @18…snoopy

    He was on “the view” in 2003/4, it was when he was playing Peter Allen
    on Broadway and they discuss her age, and he says she is 8 years
    older than him……it’s on youtube go and watch it, she is 48!!!

  • snoopy

    I just watched it again, and he doesn’t. look, if you’re sure he said it just point to the exact time alright? here’s the link
    anyway, it doesn’t really matter to me what deb’s age really is.

  • Amanda

    I don’t care if he is really gay…. I think Hugh is the best!

  • Kate

    I read that Hugh likes “blondes.” :)

  • Sean

    It’s hilarious that Hugh thinks that fat old hag is a prize for wife!

  • Donald

    LOL! The old lady is known to be quite bossy as well!

  • Irish Girl

    He has aged so well. He looks better NOW than he did in his thirties.

  • lori

    I think the gay rumors are just started by those who are jealous and want him. Its ridiculous. I guess he is too popular with that crowd that they have to spread malicious rumors about him.

  • marina

    he was in Mexico ans all the reporters love him, he was so nice. Even the toughest of reporters interviewed him at the primetime becuse he was very polite about the flu crisis, and he was impressed and said he was a “tipazo”= great guy.
    Knowing that he seems to have a great family life makes me like him more, I hope it is true, fo rthe kids, even if his wife is older that him. I am myself 10 years older than my husban, so I am “craddle robber”, Oh, well…

  • snoopy

    people call you that? it’s only 10 years, I don’t see the big deal.

  • to amanda

    don’t care if he is really gay…. I think Hugh is the best!

    hugh really gay!!!. i asked someone who has contact with the jackman family the question. his response is blunt and to the point. if you’re stupid enough to believe that hugh is gay then you’re stupid enough to buy a shark infested swimming pool.

  • Jokergurl

    His wife is so lucky, she’s 8 years older than him, but so what, she’s cool if she’s got him and she does. She was with him before HE was famous and SHE was the famous one. He’s just so handsome, talented and classy, a cool dad, no surprise here. And he’s Australian THUD! He has bulging biceps? Really I hadn’t noticed he could bench press a small car.

  • Nicolette

    Thank you very much for these cute pictures! :)

  • Donald

    He’s gay. He’s married to Wolverine, excuse me Mr. Furness! :) BTW, it is OK if he is gay.

  • Ariana

    When was Deb famous? Those kids are cute. They look like Hugh.

  • William

    Hugh IS a great guy. Although, regarding the earlier comments about his old wife, they do look a little silly together. She looks like his mum.

  • snoopy

    She was a famous actress in australia when they met in 96 (or 95?) , on the set of Hugh’s first acting job in the mini series correlli. She’s also a director – directed two movies so far I think. Won a few awards as well, people who have seen her movies say she’s a very good actress.

  • :P

    He is so cute and gorgeous. I love his hair. Oh, and they’re wet because of the exercise at the gym… Oooohhhh!!!!!!!!

  • marina

    @snoopy: hahaha as far as I know, people do not call me that, it’s justa saying in my country, and we joke to each other (my husband and I, some times) sorry took long to reply

  • Ariana

    @snoopy: That does not sound as if that makes her “famous.” (At best, maybe remotely famous a long time ago in Australia.) BTW, did Deb get the director’s job purely by virtue of the fact that she is married to a mega-celebrity???

  • snoopy

    get your facts straight. deb was the famous one when they met. she was the “mega celebrity”, at least in australia. a lot of people respect her, she got the director’s job on her on merits.
    she had dozens of movies under her belt when they met, it was hugh’s first job.

  • wondering

    I am sure she is a woman of many virtues and accomplishments. But still I don’t want to marry Mother Teresa. Why is Hugh not attracted to younger women or women near his age? Does he like women at all? Just wondering.

  • Answer

    @wondering: I don’t think he actually likes women at all… look at that ghastly-looking creature that he’s married to. If was actually straight, he would find a decent looking woman. She’s probably more of a mother figure that pushes him around.

  • http://justjared Diane

    I do not think Hugh is gay at all. Why do people keep saying that? Because he sings and dances -come on! how dumb are you.He seems to be the BEST GUY EVER ! SOOO sexy sooo real. He was great on Howard Sterns show. The man likes women.