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Nadya Suleman Reality Show -- CONFIRMED!

Nadya Suleman Reality Show -- CONFIRMED!

Octo-mom Nadya Suleman and her family of 14 have officially been given their own reality series, Nadya‘s attorney Jeff Czech confirms to Us Weekly. Here’s what he had to say about the “quasi-reality TV series”:

On what the show will be about: “[Nadya and the producers] are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children’s lives would be filmed in a documentary series. One of the events in the children’s lives might be their first birthday.”

On how often the show will air: “There might be several shows aired during a year. There are all kinds of possibilities. It really depends on what the networks want.

On distancing Nadya from Jon and Kate Gosselin: “Her television program will not be like the Jon and Kate Plus 8 show. [Nadya] is looking forward to providing her side of the story.”

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  • Cari

    Ugh, a show I will not be watching! This woman is crazy, she should focus on being a mother to her kids instead of having her face on tv.

  • AQ

    I was talking to my daughter yesterday about Jon&Kate, and I said to her I bet Octomum does a reality show as well!! Anyway, I would NEVER watch this money-grabbing, plastic thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The kids will already be harrassed with such a disgusting woman as their mother, so I do not think the show is a good idea!

  • GTFO!!

    OH SH*T!! I defiantly won’t be watching!! Money sucking media wh*re!!

  • mertz


  • alexia kaelyn

    lame I will not watch her show.

  • Jokergurl

    This woman needs a shrink and a good whipping, those poor kids, what a disgusting human being.

  • joss

    ummm didn’t she say she didn’t want a tv show?

  • zoe

    The state of California is in the process of suing her for child exploitation for this reality show, which should be done to every reality TV family.
    I can expect that level of insanity from these insane fertile stage parents, but the people that watch this crap and actually allow it on television have no excuse. I am so disappointed in mainstream America.

  • olivia

    CRAZY SHE SHOULDNT HAVE A SHOW! but now everybody can get one even if she is exploiting her kids

  • k

    Aunt Jodi better get on this one and call child services.

  • Hannah

    Oh great, just what her kids need..

  • a realist

    She is no worse that Kate and Jon. They are exploiting their children too.

  • Melanie

    wow. all I can say is wow. I love Jon and Kate and their kids, they’re so much better than this fame whore.

  • Charles U. Farley



    I will watch because they are the worlds only Octuplets, America should be proud of its medical advances, and their mother found a better way to raise them then welfare or foster care. Everyone who is hating on her is just making her more famous. Shes going to be a decent parent and I think thats what most women hate about Nadya & Kate- they found a balance to take care of a huge family and have a good lifestyle, while most women struggle to do their make-up & cook breakfast for their 2 or 3 kids in the morning. Congrads Sulemans!

  • trisha

    You know Jon and Kate are pretty bad when Octomom wants to distance herself from being like their show. That’s hilarious. All of these reality shows exploit children and shouldn’t be allowed to air.


    I am not surprised but am disgusted. As another person already has commented, those that actually watch these shows and breath life into this reality show type of programming, are the same people that have the power to put an end to this disturbing trend. Octo-Mom and Jon & Kate are not really to blame as much as the very viewers and advertiser’s that give such a soul sucking venture wings to fly and make money. I have yet to see which “network” is behind this and if it is TLC, I will not be watching their programming any longer. I have had enough and cannot be party to such a disturbing trend. I hope all the children that are effected by such programming have all the health and happiness that they deserve and that when they turn 18, there is actually money in the bank for their futures, and not spent by the very parents that saw fit to sell their childhood for money and notoriety.
    The only thing that I can hope for is that any reputable network would have the good taste to not touch this one. Is this really what people want to watch on TV? Seriously? If so, I am depressed for the future of the human race in general. Peace:)

  • LuckyL

    The sweet smell of desperation

  • LuckyL

    Oh, and exploitation. Mmm mmm.

  • mertz

    thanks #17. you are dead on. unlike myself you are probably nicer and don’t have a potty mouth but trying to explain the hypocrisy and the longterm problem to some posters on this site is like walking into a concrete wall. much appreciated.

  • Domino

    LOL Angie #2

  • linda

    Interesting that the only supportive comment comes from “Elizabeth,” whose name links to the site that pays Nadya to blog.

  • kerriS

    I don’t get what is WRONG with most of you guys on here–Leave her ALONE. I think it is great that she has a way to support her kids without using your tax dollars–and the kids’ lives will be a little better because she is doing this, you just can’t give kids a decent life on welfare and food stamps–come on people, back off of her and be happy for her!!

  • sucre

    Oh, this is an awesome business plan!
    I can see thousands of bankrupt immigrants with implanted multiples coming to the USA …
    Soon to be millionares.
    Way to go!

  • mertz

    hey #24, your gross prejudice is showing

    i don’t think people would begrudge this lady a decent way of supporting her many children, but she is a crazy psycho and unstable dbag, and now she’s going to bless us all by making her shit reality. puhlease. people need to stop this reality thing. we don’t all watch garbage. it’s not that she can’t make this show and have it on air or w/e they want to do with it. it just sucks that people aren’t smart enough to resist their need for satiation over watching people like her pimp out their kids. it’s good to know that i can do everything she did and supposedly become famous. i mean that’s what i want isn’t it. please god help this world.

    doctor tells you to open wide so he/she can implant multiple embryos into you. she’s either brave or absolutely crazed with her need for fame to carry those children almost to full term.

  • Ann

    not watching.

  • oct- ange

    Ah, she’s lovely. A natural mother like her idol Ange. Watch this space whilst Ange buys another two brown babies to reach octo status and a nation watches transfixed to see which of the world’s biggest baby buying attention whores spends the least time with their purchases. Still at least Nadya got her sperm from a donor and not someone else’s husband.

  • Caroline

    Wonder what station?? Boy, are they going to get the backlash.

    This one I will NOT watch.

  • yipee!

    why would anyone want to watch this ugly woman on T.V.???

  • guest

    no thanks.

  • Layla

    Yes i will watch the show. As far as i am concerned it is no diff than the Jon and Kate show. There is only one set of Octuplets and i think it would be interesting to see them grow. Not every week kind of deal but the first day of school, all the first time events would be interesting. And yes i would love to see this woman prove to the world that she can be a good mother. The media tore this women to shreads and people follow their bs. Again would love to see Nadya prove them all wrong.

  • Catt

    Face it people! If the world is watching jon and Kate plus eight they are going to watch Nadya Suleman with her brood of 14.
    Thats just the way the world is. The more gossip whether it be true or not the higher the ratings. You will see.

  • Kelly

    She’s nasty looking. What the hell is wrong with her face!?!?! Gross!

  • Gasol_fan16

    You just watch! Octo-Hag will be getting her reality show and making a whole bunch of $$$ and taking vacation after vacation with her litter of kids like, Jon and Kate plus 8. Same cr*p. Easy way to make a whole lot of $$$. Plus, Octo-b*tch slime will be taking money out of us tax payer’s still. Now that’s the sh*t’s!!

  • justme

    Yeah i will watch it. I just can’t imagine anyone with that many kids.
    And a single mom at that. Whoa!
    Even though we know she is doing it for TV kids don’t lie.

    I wish them all good health and yes it would be exceptional to see this woman raise all of her children with unconditional love something they won’t get or we won’t know for sure from a foster family. I will watch them and i think alot of people who say they are not going to watch this show will watch it to see what its like. People are like that and you know it. We will find out from the broadcasting station just how many watched it. I think it will be large. jmo


    All these kids are going to be such screwed up adults.

  • http://aol susan

    I sure wish she would wash her hair more often. It ALWAYS looks so gross and greasy. She is so very ugly.

  • Yar

    Of course she was doing going to do a reality show. She has to support those 14 children and she doesn’t have the means to do it. How else is she going to do it? She’s good for nothing.

  • aNGRY IN la


  • Sam


  • Ashabee32

    Wow NOOO suprise there!!!! I will NOT be watching…… so ur saying if i have 8 kids i could get my own show omg… NOT i would never do that to my family!!!! those poor kids!!

  • Deb

    I will be boycotting that show, just like I boycott john and Kate plus 8, can you say SCRIPTED?


    Another reality show of people using their children to make them rich- Sad!!!

  • Tandreas

    Sweet Jesus, this bitch is so fugly with her inflatable lips. It’s disgusting she seriously had 500 kids for money or exploits. LOSER

  • shanice

    Give the lady a break! Make that money girl and take care of them kids!

  • jaye

    The kids aren’t even able to roll themselves over, what to watch with THAT. The show will be all about her and her lying. She told everyone who would listen that she didn’t want a reality show, including Dr. Phil. Now here she is using them to make money and stay in the limelight.

  • shanann


  • Catt Cantu

    And perhaps she just wants to show that all she wants is to be a good mom.
    With all of you idiots putting pressure on anyone that would hire her, what else is she supposed to do? You keep saying the kids should go up for adoption.. one way or another, the public is paying for it, so why not let them remain with their natural mother?

    All you have against her is that her and her doctor lacked proper judgment when it came to determining the number of fetuses she could carry and care for. You don’t have anything else to “hate” her for that isn’t just mere speculation and hearsay or just plain nastiness. (Mel Gibson, for example…)

    Everyone who could be her friend is instead motivated to bash her to get their 15 minutes of fame. All the things you bilious people are doing will ultimately hurt those kids worse than anything she has done so far.

    She has just as much right to work on the aftermath of a mistake as anyone else. Hell, Madoff doesn’t get as much hate mail as she does!!


  • JFS in IL

    California, unless Pennsylvania, has actual laws to protect kids (Coogan law). Otherwise I am sure Octomom would be doing exactly what the Gosselins are doing.

  • Meream

    Well at least she would have money now to feed her kids.