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Orlando Bloom: Angelino Arrival

Orlando Bloom: Angelino Arrival

Orlando Bloom returns to Los Angeles and arrives at the American Airlines Terminal at LAX on Friday evening (May 29).

On Thursday, the 32-year-old English actor was in Manhattan at The New York Palace Hotel celebrating Burberry Day with the label’s creative director Christopher Bailey.

Girlfriend Miranda Kerr did not make the trip with him as she is shooting the summer 2009 David Jones catalog outside of Adelaide, Australia.

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Credit: MWB/BSB/ZOJ; Photos: WENN
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  • arkesha

    He looks so good for his age. He looks like he is in his early 20s!

  • http://justjared love him

    Busy boy love love him. Orlando looks great for someone who has traveled as much as he has this past two weeks I don’t know how he manages to look so good.
    I agree that he looks at least 25 in these pictures and don’t forget he is 32 years old.

  • shelle


  • tongue teaser

    he’s getting hotter. love his short hair

  • Irish Girl

    Finally, back on the radar. Welcome back, Bloom. :)

  • Greg

    Can’t believe he’s 32, he looks so much younger. Nice jeans!

  • Hair today, gone tomorrow

    Orlando the chameleon. Agree he’s looking pretty good here but I’m still not digging the haircut. Bring back the curls Bloomie!

  • yes

    Thanks for the pics!
    He looks so good!
    I hope we get some pics from the event that he was co-hosting in LA last night, too.

  • lira


    No need to reiterate countless of times about the whereabouts of his gf. It’s very obvious now and no need for redundancy!

  • overrated

    He looks terrible with short hair. The longer hair offers a nice distraction from his face. My boyfriend is his age and looks much younger than him. Orlando looks like a million guys I go to school with every day, another words, nothing special! There are some true beauties out there, Orlando definitely is not one of them LOL.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Ignores the comment above ……. me I have to say I love the his curls I miss them but he has to do what he has to do for the characters he pays I guess people were used to him in long hair because he shoot Pirates for years those hair were for the movie he always said he prefers his hair short .

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Ignores the comment above ……. me I have to say I love his curls I miss them but he has to do what he has to do for the characters he pays I guess people were used to him in long hair because he shoot Pirates for years those hair were for the movie he always said he prefers his hair short

  • sigh

    10 or sd we heard you the first time. Yes he’s very ugly and that’s what he’s known for. Happy?

  • duh

    Yeah, he’s ugly.
    So ugly that they were willing to cast him as a charater described as “fair of face beyond the measure of men”. Yeah, that really calls for someone who is “nothing special”.
    I love how you come to EVERY Orlando thread to post about how you aren’t impressed. What kind of pull does this man have over your life? Why are you so consumed by him?
    IMO, he is waaaay above average. Gorgeous eyes, magnificent bone structure (which the short hair really shows off), beautifl skin and a smile that lights up a room. Average? Not even close.

  • citylove

    He looks so good ! And super sexy !

  • Erika fonseca

    I totally agree with duh! Orly is not avarage and he is not gonna be.

    he is special and his smile lights up anyone, anywhere!

    Nice to have news of him everyday! Thank you JJ!

  • http://Justjared Mrs. Bloom

    For those of you who do not think that Orlando is the sexiest man to ever walk this planet – please have your eyes tested and your head examined! Orlando you are hot!!

  • Kiko

    I am SOoo glad he cut his hair!!
    he looks sooooo fine!
    I would lick the bottoms of his feet!

  • Sweets

    Baby! There is NOTHING avarage about this boy!
    he is HoT !!!
    LoVe Him!!

  • Summer


  • Chriss

    Orlando is Gorgeous!! If this guy is “Avarage” to you, Then I want to come where you live!! LOL

  • beth

    Orlando is so cool!

  • http://justjared lol

    Now I am curious to see a picture of these poster’s boyfriend lololol
    The man must be really hot or these poster must be really in love to regard him hotter than Orlando Bloom a man that as many said is known for his good looks and has always I mean always topped the lists of good looking man in Hollywood the most recent is the who magazine list a mouth ago I think and he was 4th and he has overcome Robbert Pattinson who was 5th or something (don’t forget he was People’s magazine most eligible Bachelor 2004) .
    I don’t think people would vote for him if he was average lolololol.

  • Misshalfway

    Love him…

  • lostchick

    Why does he want to look like John Mayer with that silly buzz cut? Is it for a movie or something?

  • @25

    Yeah, I’m sure that he was sitting at home and decided that he wanted to lok like John Mayer, so he cut his hair. He’s an actor, why else would he cut his hair other than to look like John Mayer?
    Anyway, he had a buzz cut for his role as a cop in Main Street. That cut had very short sides and a slightly longer top. He probably just got the all over buzz to even it out. It looks much better this way than the cop cut. It really does show off his bone structure, but I want the curls back.

  • Orlando’s girl

    Forbes magazine has just listed the highest paid models in the world and his girlfriend Miranda Kerr is 9th, she’s in elite company with Giselle, Hedi and Kate Moss…..lucky Orlando having not just a beautiful girlfriend but one that is very successful as well.

  • talan

    Am I the only one who noticed that he arrived in NY in the same terrible sand color T shirt and that he was in this T shirt during all his stay including a lot of dancing on the B party (he was supposed to be sweaty after such activity, doesn’t he?). And when he arrived in LA again the SAME T shirt. From London to LA , three days in the same T shirt? I noticed this T shirt because my grandmother has the same and I wonder why did he put on female cloth. I really don’t like his dressing stile. And I don’t like the idea that he didn’t change T shirt for three days. Handsome or not.

  • mia

    @Orlando’s girl:

    You are wrong. She is not even near elite company. Just compare the money they made, not only the position on the list. Check who left Miranda behind. Vodianova, among others. Not VS angel, mother of three.

  • @28

    NO. The t-shirt that he had on at the party was a darker khaki/olive and made from a finer fabric. Not the same shirt at all.
    And I think that it is interesting that your grandmother wears men’s t-shirts. How is a tan t-shirt feminine? If you think that t-shirts are feminine, I have doubts about your “stile”, too.

  • anywho

    Orlando looks ok, ive seen him at better times. Hes not ugly though. About Miranda’s agency she is with a very high agency which has a lot of supermodels in it. I wouldn’t go as far to call Miranda a supermodel(because she isn’t a famous as Gisele B or Kate M), but she is successful enough to make the list.

  • Yup, he’s a chameleon

    Along with changing his overall look practically on a daily basis, how is it that he can look ‘buffed’ and filled out one day and then seem too scrawny the next? Really, is it the clothes he wears? LOL – I actually think this guy looks better with ‘minimal’ clothing rather than when he’s fully dressed especially when you consider that his ‘fashion sense” is seriously lacking.. Anyway, In most shirtless pix I’ve seen he looks like he has a nicely toned body.

  • WOW

    But Naomie Harris would still look better on his arm!

    And the people who say he looks good “for his age” are morons? What is he? 65? Are you fetuses?? People need to get over the late 20s and 30s as being “old”. We’re not living in medieval times when people died at those ages. In case you haven’t noticed, people live until their 90s and 100s nowadays. This planet needs to get over its’ ageism or people will start thinking 21 is over the hill!!

  • @33

    I think that most people are just saying that he doesn’t LOOK his age. Which he doesn’t. Especially when he has such short hair. He seems to look younger when he doesn’t have any hair to hide behind.

  • knightsintodreams

    ah handsome as always :D
    he wears such lose clothing >:O hes like my brothers, im always yelling at them when they buy jeans, if they dont want nice jeans, why ask me to come!!!?? god!!!
    im begging them to put on nice shirts and pants, and then they always act surprised by all the attention from women they get lol cant these guys see how many woman would fawn over them with a little effort on their part??
    miranda needs to nag him a bit :P

  • @35

    But I really don’t think that Orlando needs well fitting pants to have women fawn all over him. Women would fawn over that gorgeous hunk of man if he was wearing a potato sack.

  • @35

    No, not all women would “fawn over that gorgeous hunk of a man,” since not all women find him handsome or that good looking. He’s not as good looking, IMO, as he was in ’02 and ’03, and his build is small to medium, not large and “hunky.” Eric Bana is a “hunk.”

    The bright paparazzi lights eliminate the multiple forehead wrinkles that Bloom now has, and I agree with the poster(s) who said he looks better with longer hair. His POTC and Troy looks were the best, IMO. The longer hair takes emphasis away from his facial flaws (nobody’s perfect, even the most beautiful people), such as the cucumber nose (should have been fixed by a good plastic surgeon using photos of Orlando’s nose from before it was broken) and his very thin lips, as well as the extremely pointed chin (which sometimes makes him look like he has a double chin, even when he doesn’t).

    He has a ‘tailor’s slump,’ usually leaning to his right in red carpet pix, and his legs are somewhat oddly shaped from certain angles. He’s as normal and human as all the other movie stars out there, and he’s been just as overrated IMO.

    What I miss most is the soulful expression he had years ago. Remember pix from way back in ’02? He just doesn’t have ‘it’ in the eyes anymore. And all that ‘potential’ that so many of us kept waiting for still hasn’t materialized into a grand slam knock out performance. A lot of hype but too little substance.

    He’s okay, but nothing really special.

  • @36

    My post – #37 – was meant for #36, NOT #35.

    @#35, I don’t think Orlando needs nagging about his wardrobe. He’s a grown man. He might need a stylist, but he also might need to love himself and respect himself a bit more. That might help his overall appearance. Clearly being madly in love with Miranda isn’t helping his sense of personal style or improving his overall appearance.

  • @37

    Well, I never said ALL women, now did I. I am open to the opinions of others, I was just stating MY opinion. Yours differs, apparently. But that only matters to you, and not to me.
    I think that he is gorgeous. The broken nose only adds to his charm. I bet it’s hard to find someone perfect enough to suit your standards of beauty. And I bet others would disagree with your choices.
    As for soulfulness in the eyes. It’s still there. You are just too jaded to see it, IMO.

  • @39

    Ignore that dear. It’s obvious that you didn’t mean all women as that’s impossible for any guy. It’s clear that you meant that a very big number of women like him, which is a fact. And when too many people agree that something is good, that thing is not over rated but good.

  • @37…

    Wow, what a nasty judgmental critical person you are……..who gave you the right to stand in judgment on Orlando Bloom’s looks????…..hey, why don’t you post a pic of yourself so we can all make comments about how you look????

  • @37

    Wow! You study everyone that is “okay” in such detail? Or, do you study everyone, like, do you have a ratings chart?