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Prince Harry Goes To Ground Zero

Prince Harry Goes To Ground Zero

Prince Harry lays a wreath down to pay his respects to the victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack at Ground Zero on Friday (May 29) in New York City.

The 24-year-old British royalty marks his first official trip to the US. The young prince spoke to relatives of 9/11 victims, visited firefighters at Engine 10, greeted people at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and planted a tree at the British Memorial Garden at Hanover Square.

Prince Harry is scheduled to visit the Harlem Children’s Zone and play in a polo match Saturday at Governors Island in New York Harbor before wrapping up his two-day visit in New York.

Dubbed as the “party prince,” Prince Harry showed a more solemn, heartwarming side during his debut visit to the US.

On the wreath he hung at Ground Zero, Harry left a note saying, “In respectful memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001, and in admiration of the courage shown by the people of this great city on that day. Harry.”

25+ pictures inside of Prince Harry visiting New York City…

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Credit: Jackson/Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • HockeyGurL

    What an amazing young man

  • JJ

    i love prince hot ging. His so freakin hot.

  • Simon

    Lets not forget he used to be a menace. Remember the hitler costume and that racist paki comment. Still he is one hot ging and good that his more matured now.

  • Neil

    What an amazing event! He actually DIDN’T PUT HIS FOOT IN HIS MOUTH! And yet would you believe people want to get rid of the royal family!
    He is a privileged brat; no less and no more.

  • anon


    Well, some people are spoiled, priviledged brats but never grow out of it. I think he is maturing and don’t tell me you never did anything that was stupid or never said anything that was stupid. From birth he grew up in the limelight and his life will always be like that. I’d like to see the spotlight on you all the time and I am sure we’d all have a good laugh or gasp at your expense.

  • chels

    he is super HOT … im happy he is single again

  • Neil

    I think your comment was supposed to be directed at me. There are worse things a person can be than a privileged brat but that being said it just reaffirms that even if he looks fine he is of no consequence. His whole life will be about trying to be relevant and so justifying his privilege. “Welfare” of the highest order.

  • Courtney

    Neil @ 05/30/2009 at 8:28 pm

    Harry is young and hasn’t always made the right decisions in how he conducts his private life.
    But that said, he has done a lot of good for Lesotho. He did the equivalent of an internship there and has continued his campaign for awareness for this small, impoverished country which he supports and visits regularly. He also has continued to do charitable work that his mother started.
    So maybe some people want the royals to die off and disappear, but I’d far rather have someone real like Harry,
    And yes he has been privileged, but he also had his mother die in a horrendous car accident–a mother he loved and cherished and who loved and cherished him. He has had to face constant rumors about his parentage, his mother and his father’s affairs etc.
    Privileged upbringings don’t negate the infliction of emotional pain.
    I think Harry seems to be growing up and turning out to be a fine a young man.

  • To Neil

    He doesn’t have to justify his privliege. And he is of consequence. What god or higher authority gave you the right to declare a person royal or not royal of no consequence.
    As the previous poster said, he continues to do his charity work. Maybe it makes no difference to you, but I bet it makes a difference to those he affects and effects.
    I seem to remember a story of his first visit to Lesotho. He held a three month old child in his arms. A child who had been brutally raped by someone thinking the witch doctor’s doctrine of having sex with a young virgin would prevent you from getting AIDS.
    He has continued to look out for that child. Paying expenses for her care and education.
    You know what Neil. you may think he is of no consequence, but I bet that child thinks he holds the sun and the moon in his hands. He saved her and gave her value by his support, his patronage, his privilege whatever you want to call it. He made a difference to her.
    What have you done of consequence that has made a difference in a person’s life?

  • chels

    he signed “harry” he is humble, because he could have signed as “prince harrry”

  • Norman

    I completely agree with Courtney – Harry acted like a complete tw*t sometimes but if you have seen footage of him out in Lesotho – it is heartwarming – and before anyone says it was all for the cameras, he continues to visit the children without the cameras, so its not just about the publicity.

  • You/Me

    Prince Harry is a great guy, and I think he has the potential to be an even better man. Yeah he has had his party days and his share of “scandal” but I think his heart is in the right place and he will follow in his mother’s steps and try and help other people as much as possible. It’s ridiculous to rag him just because he was born royal or privileged…..that’s life, some are and some aren’t. It’s what people choose to do with their lives, born privileged or not, that matters. And I believe Prince Harry will do good.

  • to neil

    What an amazing event! He actually DIDN’T PUT HIS FOOT IN HIS MOUTH! And yet would you believe people want to get rid of the royal family!
    He is a privileged brat; no less and no more.

    do i detect green eyed jealousy in your tone. i think i do; poor boy. he was born into the british royal family with all the privileges that go with it and you weren’t. let me guess, you’re of the opinion that he should have to give you money.

  • ini

    Prince Charles IS NOT his biological father.

  • me

    He’s so Handsome…William who?

  • um

    JJ you forgot to mention one of the most important things:

    The polo match is to benefit his charity called Sentebale. The American branch of this charity is overseeing this trip.

    Our mission is to transform the lives of Lesotho’s orphans and vulnerable children.

    Sentebale was founded by Prince Harry and Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso to help the forgotten victims of poverty and of the HIV/Aids epidemic ravaging this kingdom.

  • to ini

    Prince Charles IS NOT his biological father

    that’s a rumor that has been around since the day harry was born. the only people who know the truth for sure would be likely be charles, the queen and prince phillip. all of whom was have demanded a dna test by now. i also have no doubt that by now harry knows the results. i should point out that they are not legally required to give out the results. in any case, charles is the man that harry acknowledges as his father; for me that’s all that is necessary.

  • New Yorker

    He’s been getting fanstastic coverage here. Not too much but enough to make people aware. He has competition because President Obama and his wife Michelle are here on a “date night tonight”. There is so much security in the theater district because they are at a broadway show called Joe Turner’s Come & Gone, or something like that. Tthey looked so cute. Prince Harry looks great also.

  • stupid ppl

    WTG Harry. More Americans should remember 9-11;many are forgetting it.
    some Americans and celebs should give housing for the terrorists if they want Gitmo close.

  • wow

    A very good looking young man with a big heart. I think he got the last bits of the riff raff out of him and is now an upstanding prince who still enjoys a good time here and there. That’s his spirit, . He doesn’t have the pressure that his older bro has though. I think he loves that!

  • ahdy

    You all know 911 was carried out by the us government right? It’s the same show that’s been done for years as a reason to start a war. Attack ourselves, blame it on others, and go to war.

    Just do this one thing.. what happened to WTC Building 7 ? Answer that, then go deeper.

    One day perhaps the truth will be told, otherwise do your own research and know what evil your own government has done.

  • Love

    Harry is a breath of fresh air (like his mother) compared to his stiff father and brother. He is honest and humble and I wish him the best of luck in his life.

  • D

    Shut up with the conspiracy theories #21.

  • Neil

    to neil @ 05/30/2009 at 9:59 pm

    No, not green eyed jealousy. More like jaundiced eyed. The Royal family knows very well about public perception and no doubt he has had his wrists slapped and a good talking to more than a few times. If he has some intelligence he will negotiate his future with fewer flubs. But then that seems to be The Raison d’être of the Royals. I am no fan of Dianna but I do believe it wasn’t about damage control with her when she invested her time and money into charities and such. Harry and the rest of them…. I am not convinced.

  • ellie’

    Prince Harry your a wonderful young man. Your Mother as you know was so popular so charitable hands on and brought the both of you up beautiful. I’ll always miss Princess Diana your beautiful mother.

    People to say He is not Prince Charles son your wrong his mother’s brother had red hair and does look like his Dad..

  • w.d.

    It’s the ugly red-headed stepchild. Prince Harry has a face only a mother could love. Ahaaaaaaa! William looks much better.

  • camerondiaztwin

    You haters are bunch of freaking hypocrites. He’s young, inexperienced and like every college age guy has done some stupid things.

    The only difference between him and morons like “Neil” is that Harry had to live through public embarrassment over it.

  • mertz

    thanks jared! i was waiting, but i knew you had heard my pleas. also you focused on the right things. i saw some great footage of him in harlem playing around today on the news.

  • Michelle

    What a wonderful thing Harry did. I remember when I visited Ground Zero a year after it happened. It brought me to tears. I do believe he’s turning into a more selfless person who’s trying to make a difference in the world. And he’s so handsome!!!!

  • rentonsgirl

    Its great to see that you’re giving his visit to the States coverage JJ.

    Prince Harry is by far my favourite member of our Royal family and its great to see him out doing so many wonderful things.

    Some people may think that royals get it all very easy and think they’re lazy but they do work very hard for charitable causes that doesn’t always get media attention.

  • xsleekx

    i dont get why people think hes such a party* guy, he is in his 20s, hes not a monk, if he didn’t go out and have fun hed go mad like everyone else……plus i actually dont get why people took the whole natzi thing seriously, they tried to kill people all over the world and we beat them….he was taking the piss….its just sarcasm…. he’s done more good than anything ‘bad’ he didn’t have to go out to afgahn and he dosn’t have to go out to all these places and try to help out.

  • Neil

    The Royals are irrelevant whether they do good works or not. Ask any Brit you see. Same here in Canada. Half of us could care less about them and think they are a waste of space and that has been the case for most of these last 50 years with this latest family. Americans on the other hand have a peculiar glassy-eyed gushiness about them where it concerns the Monarchy. Ironic. Enjoy them while you can. William will be the last.

  • *******

    An admorable man

  • *******


  • mediterranean

    If you think that Harry is not the son of Charles, just because he has red hair, please do SHUT UP!

    Your comment only shows how much you don’t know of the family of Diana. The brother and the sisters of Diana DO HAVE RED HAIR. Especially, the sister who went out with Charles before Diana has same hair.

    On top of it, Charles loves his OWN sons. What he did to Diana was very sad but he is a good father to his two sons.

  • Marco

    MY God he is soooo incredibly HOT!!! and Royal!

  • http://justjared hot

    Love him

  • http://justjared hot

    He is the hottest out of the two brothers that is for sure.
    I can see why people found William cute because he reminded them of Diana but as time went by he grew up to resemble Charles so he lost the cuteness he had.
    I think Harry is a perfect mixture between Charles and Diana that is why he grew up to be such a fine young man .
    Whoever thinks he is not Charles son must be crazy I see a lot of Charles in him.

  • weezer

    Looking at him close up………i don’t see Charles in him…….mmmmmmm…….may be that guy that used to be diana’s riding instructor had something to do with it.

  • lori

    Its pretty awesome that the Tudors King Henry split from the catholic church so that he could divorce and have many, many wives. It is what god intended and now we are free!

  • mediterranean

    Harry is the mixture of two Charles of Diana; Charles the husband and Charles the brother.

  • Wake Up

    He looks just like his dad – CAPTAIN JAMES HEWITT.

  • Angela

    I love the way Harry defied the Queen, his father and the military and insisted upon being deployed to Iraq with the men of his squadron, with whom he trained. He saw several months of hard combat, until a news organization “outed” his precise location, thus jeapordizing Harry and his unit. Sure, he was a prankish young boy, but he’s turned into an amazing man. I still love the old picture, where Charles is fly-fishing in a kilt and toddler Harry lifts the skirt to look underneath.

  • elsa


    Who told you that Prince Harry is not Prince Charles son? If you look closely he looks exactly like when Prince Charles was at his age. Maybe you’re just jealous ‘coz you were not born a royal. Prince Harry is a very level headed guy now that he is in his 20′s. What about you did you do anything that would help alleviate the sufferings of other people especially the less fortunate ones. Prince Harry has done a great deal for less privilege people.

  • mediterranean

    wake up, you need to wake up indeed……..

  • brina

    love you harry!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He is perfect :)