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Reese Witherspoon is a Little League Lady

Reese Witherspoon is a Little League Lady

Reese Witherspoon takes her 5-year-old son Deacon and 9-year-old daughter Ava to a Little League baseball game in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 30).

On a similar note, the 33-year-old actress has been playing softball lately as she continues to prepare for an upcoming still-untitled movie with Owen Wilson.

Reese is also slated to be in a sci-fi comedy called Used Guys that was put on hold several years ago. The movie, which originally had Jim Carrey for the lead role, will now have Ben Stiller and Reese in the guy-centric comedy.

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  • emmy jay

    Her daughter looks so much like her. Now there is a hand’s on Mom.

  • charlene

    wow – Ava is so pretty and looks so much like her daddy! I’m starting to like Reese more these days. I never used to buy into her down-to-earth, wholesome, Southern-sweetheart image that she was so desparate to persuade everyone into believing was for real. But when i see her just do normal, everyday stuff like this she does seem like the kind of ordinary woman who could be your friend and also have this superstar alter-ego going on! So, go Reese!

  • jaimie

    Glad to see her son is a Cubs fan! I knew I liked her for good reason!!

    Go CUBS!

  • k

    gollee! Ava looks SO much like Reese. geez.

  • AJ

    How can someone look so glam while just going to a baseball game?

  • love kids

    Ava is a mini Reese. She is very pretty. Reese is a very good mom.

  • bla85

    Reese looks angry and I don’t blame her I would be pissed at someone taking pictures of me and my kids at one of my kids baseball games.

  • Leo

    Can’t stand that b!tch.

  • vivian

    Ava look exactly like her mommy

  • phony Reese

    @bla85: LOL!

    Reese Witherspoon loves “good mother” photo ops.
    She’s cheap publicity ho.

  • Go cubs!

    GO CUBS!!

  • Christina

    She has got the cutest kids ever. She looks great too!

  • whortensia

    If you compare Witherspoon’s kids to Mathilda Ledger the difference is amazing. Mathilda is laughing and playing and looks very very happy. Reese’s kids never smile, never laugh and look glum most of the time. Wonder why?


    her daughter looks just like her. might as well have named her reese jr.

  • OK

    I like Reese but I have to say just because we don’t see other celebs does not mean that they are not hands on parents. We see Reese with her kids a lot. So I think that is what people think. But some celebs are carefull about pics of there kids. We just don’t see them a lot. So a picture is just that a picture. proves nothing..

    I do like her and her daughter is very cute. Look like her mom.

  • KnockYouDown

    Wow. She spit that girl out completely.

  • whortensia

    I suspect years of probably witnessing the strife between Ryan and Reese has damaged the kids psyches. Mathilda never had that to contend with. The fact that Witherspoon’s kids never laugh or smile makes me think the divorce has had a very bad effect on them. In effect they have two daddies and two mommies: Ryan and Jake and Reese and Abby. Emotionally confusing.

  • whortensia

    Daughter may be “cute” but not happy. I don’t think glum kids can really be “cute”.

  • cam

    It looks like her daughter inherited the bad gene of looking mean from her

  • beth

    I’m not sure if that softball movie will be a hit. Unless it has kevin costnar, then its not a sure thing.

  • #13

    first of all, why would you compare Matilda to Ava and Deacon? they’re all different children with different personalities. and how sure are you that these kids never smile or laugh? do you hang with them 24/7 that you could make this stupid conclusion of yours? there are thousands of probable reasons why they didn’t smile in these photos. they are not celebrities, they are not obliged to smile to every photo. stop inventing stupid analysis. if you like Matilda’s bright personality, go ahead, you don’t have to put Ava and Deacon down.

  • Becks

    I wonder how JJ chooses this pics Faded Youth blog has more pics and there a couple of Ava very happy.

  • Anon

    These pics are probably from yesterday not today.

  • taylorswiftfan

    For the haters, I’d like to see cameras following your kids around 24/7 and see how “happy” they are, so we can judge YOUR parenting skills.

    It’s so ridiculous you all think you know all about these kid’s psyche and how good of a mom Reese is by a few pap pics you see.

    I’m sure most of the posters here don’t even have children. Why every celeb kid is compared to Matilda, I don’t know. You act like she or Michelle give a damn about what you think.

  • equis

    You don’t have to have children to know a lot about them. I’m a primary school teacher and I don’t have children, and trust me, I can tell you for sure I know much more about the kids I teach than their own parents, how can you assume you have to have kids to know the subject. From your comment you appear to me like a very ignorant person. Plus, how do you know those kids are followed 24/7? Do you follow them,too?

  • Donatello

    There’s no point in comparing, #13. All kids are different.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fugly Reese with her rat face

  • hag

    you know i really had no opinion about reese. then i saw the random comments hating her, i looked into her more. what i found out is that she endured a cheating husband, divorced and began dating another person. I LIKE HER

  • foafoal

    Ava and Deacon are very happy kids. Both of their parents are very loving and dedicated. From both parents they inherited the ability to give very dirty looks and use them for the paparazzi whenever they see them.

  • jennifer

    I love Reese! It’s disturbing though her kids are being followed at his game.

  • taylorswiftfan


    Maybe you should go back to teacher’s college and refresh your reading comprehension skills.
    A reasonable parent would not look at a few pictures taken by paparazzi and judge the child’s entire mental state like many here do. That doesn’t mean non parents are not capable of being reasonable in this situation as well. Even the most well-rounded and happy children do not smile and laugh all day long especially when strange men are shoving cameras in their faces.
    I never said they were followed 24/7, simply emphasizing a point. It’s easier to judge others than live the life yourself.

  • martin

    don’t bother to reply, 31 is obviously a freak with no life and probably no kids.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Ava looks just like Deacon with long hair. Reese only smiles on her terms………

  • Pattycake

    First of all, some people are smilers, some people don’t smile at strangers because it’s not their natures. As for whether Reese is a good mother or not, the proof is in the pudding. She has very well adjusted kids. That’s a compliment to BOTH parents. The kids are both cute as can be, regardless of which parent they look like. I see both parents in each child’s appearance. And Ava is becoming a real beauty.

  • snaps

    Why is it that when Ryan has the kids for his three months you don’t see them trotted out in front of the cameras? As soon as Reese get them, the cameras are everywhere. And if the paparazzi do get Ryan with the kids the kids are smiling.

  • Reese is a lousy mother

    Reese is a lousy mother.
    She loves to pimp her kids for PR, and kids never smile around her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    love reese
    she looks like such a sweet mother and caring person
    always taking her kids personally to where they need 2 b
    i always use 2 really dislike but i was wrong and she seems to be a good person

  • tammy

    There are pictures of Reese and her kids on X17 from the same day and place and it looks like they have fun.

  • me

    Reese always comes across as pretentious and snobby.

  • Carmela

    Another day, another staged photo op. Oh that’s right, the paps just hung around the field all day hoping to catch pics of Reese and her kids and by coincidence they just happened to show up. Reese’s annoyed face is an act for her fangirls. Like the ones here who believe that fake BS about how the paps bother her, follow her around and what a good mother she is. Yeah right, want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

  • rose

    can someone explain to me why celebrities kids should smile at the papps?????

  • rose

    can someone explain to me why celebrities kids should smile at the paps?????

  • Princess

    Lol, I would not be happy either, it looks like a really Cold Day!

    Reese is a good mother, leave her alone, she’s doing the best she can while with Paparazzi following her, how would you feel trying to just take your children out and have masses of people following you, it would be frustrating.

    As for the kids, well……Ava looks like 99% Reese and 1% Ryan and Deacon does look like both but I see Ryan in him more.

  • dee dee

    Wow, looks like pr was working overtime today to post positive posts about Reese. Everyone is too bored with this phony to even bother.

  • Shawna

    @equis: You know more about the kids you teach than their parents? LOL That is so ridiculous that all I can do is laugh. Their parents who raised them from the moment they are born or the teacher who is with them a few hours a day, five days a week for one school year. Oh yeah, hands down, you know them more. *insert HUGE eye roll here* And yeah, unless you are a parent you know NOTHING about parenting. Being a teacher does not give you ANY insight whatsoever into being a parent.

  • Shawna

    @snaps: That would be because Ryan is nowhere near as famous as Reese. The paps don’t want pictures of him.

  • equis

    Thanks for your your time and attention. I don’t know what you are saying as I haven’t got the time to read it and to be honest, I can’t be bothered, but thanks.

  • whortensia

    What is odd is that NEVER do you see these kids smile in ANY photos taken. Statistically it would be logical for them to smile in at least a few of all the pap photos taken of them. But they don’t smile….EVER. Sorry if this fact bothers you. But it’s there.

  • whortensia

    Unless you know the family personally you have no idea whether the kids are well adjusted and happy or not. Psychological research has shows that children of divorced parents often, very often, are not happy and are not well adjusted. Read the book by the U. of Chicago professor who talks about his students. He found that those with divorced parents were usually psychologically disturbed and he saw lots of students. Too bad if the truth hurts.

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: Oh give it a rest. If that’s true than more than half of the kids alive today are “not happy and not well adjusted.” Just because some U of C prof with the nuts to superficially judge his student wrote a book doesn’t change things. Kids have to learn to deal with the real world. that’s part of growing up. Good parents provide the moral and emotional support for them to do so…not keep them locked up in a fairy land. You sound like you have issues you need to deal with yourself.