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Susan Boyle -- Did She Win???

Susan Boyle -- Did She Win???

Susan Boyle, who captured the attention of millions of TV and YouTube viewers, performed her last song, ”I Dreamed a Dream,” in the finals for Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday (May 30).

The 48-year-old unemployed Scottish sensation, who lives alone with her cat, was favored to win prior to tonight’s show.

The results for reality show Britain’s Got Talent were just announced. It was down to Boyle, dance troupe Diversity, and saxophonist Julian Smith.

Click inside to find out who won!


With the judges divided in their opinion, in the end, street-dance act Diversity took the crown. Susan Boyle took second place in the talent show.

Diversity wins 100,000 pound ($159,000) and will perform for the Queen Elizabeth II as part of the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium in December.

Congrats guys!

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  • tia

    Good for them i was getting sick of her

  • indun

    im sooo glad they won, they are awesome!!!!

  • mia

    She acted all high and mighty through the show. i’m glad she didn’t win she was doing my headin…

  • darrrrrrrr

    well deserved!
    sad about Stavros Flatley not being in the top 3 though! i love me greekos!

  • capriciousdiva

    I dont why America is going gaga over her. They can have her…

  • lauren

    diversity were simply the BESTxxx

  • Simone

    It wasn’t between those.

    It was Susan, Diversity & Julian Smith.

    & yeh America’s welcome to her, flashing her legs and doing some scary dance.

  • lola

    Susan B. will be fine. She didn’t win and I hope that will get the british paparazzi and others off her back and give her some room to breath. Those saying they were tired of her….she only performed on stage 3 times. The rest was the fault of the media. She did not go out and seek all the attention that was dogging her. GOOD LUCK SB. I’m waiting to buy your first album… ;-)

  • anita

    She should win

  • dsfsd

    wooooooooooh diversity!!!! they were soooo the best!!!

  • ginger

    The reason why America loves her is because Britian doubted her during her first performance on the show. The snickered and laughed at her. Because she wasn’t this beautiful young woman or young child. She was older and homely looking. And when she sang, it blew everyone away.

    And she does have a very beautiful voice.

  • anon

    Dum Yanks – Julian Smith (saxophonist) cam 3rd, Diversity won & stupid BOyle face came 2nd which is just as well because she was getting to big headed for her 3 fat-ass chins. They should ship her off to America with her 50 cats because they seem to have shown a bigger interest in her than us Brits. Go ahead and buy her album you burger eating, McDonalds creating, iHOP going race of deluded people.

  • x

    They fully deserved to win the best dancing I have EVER SEEN! mind blowing! anyone who hasnt seen it…needs to seriously check it out!

  • hollister

    im sick and tired of this ugly woman

  • Rhonda

    Susan has already won, if she can handle the pressure. I’m sure she has a recording contract already and a tour planned. This generation sure loves its generic entertainment! A bunch of urban young men, do a two minute dance or cheerleading thing and they win. I’m SURE they will go far, NOT! Anyway I’m not really surprised that 47 year old, not cool woman, with a boatload of talent, LOST.

  • istar


  • ladies’ man

    haven’t heard of them!they are great but not enough for first!no

  • wynne

    susan was fantastic- leave her alone she has done scotland proud.

  • Raichill

    Diversity were very good good and popular with the younger people. Younger people are more incilned to vote so it’s whoever is more popular with them.

  • anthony

    Diversity sucked! susan should have won. susan still won!!

  • anthony

    Diversity sucked! susan should have won. susan still won!!

  • HockeyGurL

    Diversity is amazing been a fan since I saw them on YouTube. Susan is good but these guys are amazing

  • jo

    who cares really?!

  • roosta

    lol @ butthurt susan fans

    I’m happy they won, they were better – anyone who says otherwise is pandering to hype or a classical music fanatic!
    I’m proud of the Uk for voting for talent over hype.

  • Chloe


  • kc

    people fail to forget that susan boyle has some sort of learning difficulties. She was deprived of oxygen after she was born, its quite evident in the way she acts normall one second n weird or random the next. diversity were absolutely amazing though, they deserved to win.

  • k


    As we Americans would say….BITE ME !

  • S.

    So glad that Diversity won!
    They are huge inspirations to the younger generation in my opinion and they show that not all young people are useless, rebals etc as most young people are sterotyped and they showed that not all young people are like that if that makes sense. They were way better then Susan, they were orginal and very entertaining. Yes, Susan was a good singer but would she have got half of the attention if it wasn’t for her looks? I know thats quite shallow but let’s face it. Paul Potts who won the first Britians Got Talent is way better then Susan, yet didn’t get half of the media she has got and qutie frankly i am glad that she didn’t win. Not because i am a huge Diversity fan but because she will get a record label anyways and tbh she wasn’t the best act in the competion as Diversity showed tonight. I wish Diversity all the luck in the furture and esp Ashley, who made up the phemonal routine.

  • caz

    Sooo glad Diversity won!!! (:

    But the only reason Susan Boyle was getting attention from the whole world was because she is ugly. I mean, take a look at Shaun Smith. He’s gorgeous and is just as good, (well 10000 times better) at singing than Susan. It’s just pathetic. America can have her.


  • Phillip

    I’m kind of ashamed to be British sometimes. We just don’t support our own talent. We build them up and then just tear them down. It makes me so sad that other countries are more support of our “talent” then we are of our own. Up until a week ago everyone LOVED Susann Boyle, then a few nasty stories appear in the trashy tabloid newspapers and all of a sudden she’s public enenmy number one. I for one support, admire and look up to Susan Boyle and am SO proud of her for how well she has handled herself through the whole competition. I want to wish her all the luck and happiness in the future. Good bless C: xxx

  • sierra

    yaaay! i bloody hated susan boyle! soo overrated

  • lakers fan in boston


    thank god she didnt win
    she’s been so so so so so so overrated man
    it’s unbelievable
    is she a good singer? of course
    but some ppl were really just pushing it, and btw i dont get why she would perform a song she’s already done once for the final…………
    i really like her at 1st as well but then ppl were really taking it 2 far and i just wanted ppl 2 see her overratedness
    im super glad she lost, and i saw diversity on perez and tbh they’re pretty good. i dont no that much about dance groups but i was impressed

  • Crica

    This awards are ANNOYING and never fear. She didn’t win ’cause she is too famous this group is ok but far from good. But she will be famous and them forgotten ;)

  • Jill

    I never heard of these kids but they are very, very good. Congratulations to them.

  • lakers fan in boston

    and also thanks 2 u brits for voting over her eventhough some ppl were gawking over here
    this is why i like the UK!!!
    ur accents are cool and u have pretty girls!!
    btw jared u should start making posts on cheryl cole!!

  • Julie

    Diversity killed it really damn much! They completely nailed it and deserved it to win! They were the best! I love Diversity!

  • Lauren

    so glad diversity won.
    wanted shaun and aidan to be in the top three though, ohwell live tour here i come.

  • x


    the group is ‘ok’? …Jesus people like you make me loose all hope for humanity they were beyond the word ‘ok’ infact they were beyond amazingly fantastic..did you even watch it?

  • Noticias de famosos

    Susan Boyle winner!

  • miley cyrus supporter

    flawless were good but not in the final

    i didnt wan susan 2 win cause she was so big headed in interviews.
    i laughed when she didnt win lol. holly steel was good when she broke down in tears last nite and ran of stage was so sad

  • emilse

    susan should have won!!! sooo not fair!

  • jeannified

    I agree with Rhonda…Diversity were good, but no better than a well choregraphed cheerleading ensemble. Ugh! Susan was somewhat tense, so her performance tonight wasn’t flawless. However, overall, I think she was more talented (at least for my taste), and would have represented Britain better at the Royal Variety Performance. I’m sure the queen would rather have seen Susan Boyle!

  • roosta

    We know our Queen better than you do, Americans, so you’d better stop using that excuse. They always have classical acts, modern acts, and everything inbetween on the RVS. It’s VARIETY. It wasn’t really about what the Queen would rather see anyway (and she enjoys a wide range of things, actually, for instance she was delighted with George Sampson last year), it’s more about the public. Either way, Diversity won the UK vote fair and square and you all should get over it and concentrate on your own talent shows.

  • The Duchess

    Regardless of her looks and behaviour, she is still pretty darn talented. It’s too bad she was suffering so much pressure from the press around the world. She might have won if was not in the spotlight so much the winners. I hard heard anything about those kids during the who competition.
    I hope the producer somehow give her a chance to perform for the Queen. It would have been amazing to see her sing in the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium in December.

  • Dave

    Another black dance group..Whoopee!

    Will be forgotten in another 6 months or less.

    In USA Tons of groups would put them to shame.

    The truth is: Susan Boyle attracted MILLIONS, the dance group did not attract anyone but the ass holes who voted for them.

    Go buy their crap A holes.

  • karol

    im sick and tired of this ugly woman[2]

  • Lori

    I can’t believe the number of rude and cruel comments about Susan Boyle. Who are any of you to judge her? Are any of you perfect? I sincerely doubt it. No matter what you say, she is a lovely, talented woman who was brave enough to pursue her dream and she will attain success beyond that of any of her critics. Bravo Susan!!! God bless you and the best of luck!


  • emmaa

    Thank god

  • Dave

    Great Lori, I agree and I will NOT be so kind as you are. The reason is because creeps that write the crap they do only understand harsh language.

    The jerks that down Susan have poor excuses for lives and need to criticize others. Susan will out shine any of these fly by night groups. The only reason they had more votes is, they multiply faster than the more intelligent.

    Diver SHITTY will wind up in the toilet as you can bet one of them will be caught with drugs or some other substance.

  • roosta

    #49 – How hypocritical to say it’s wrong to be cruel to Susan then say such horrible things about Diversity. Just because you are mad that your favorite did not win. What twaddle.