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Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego Brüno, the Austrian fashion journalist) falls into rapper Eminem‘s lap during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

It seemed completely staged but watch the funny clip of it below! Classic shot here. Mind you, Bruno‘s rear was completely bare. Eminem got 69′d!


This was prior to Zac Efron winning “Best Male Performance” for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Bruno Falls Into Eminem’s Lap!!!

10+ pictures inside of Bruno @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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282 Responses to “Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!”

  1. 1
    Halo Says:

    That was very rude…

  2. 2
    ladida Says:

    i didn’t think it was funny at all

  3. 3
    Emily Says:

    i can understand why eminem got mad…it would have been better if they told eminem what was going to happen before….

  4. 4
    RAE4KMA Says:

    was it staged? Eminem is a bad actor… and he didn’t seem to be acting there. I thought it was HILARIOUS!! I am not an Eminem fan and was rolling!!

  5. 5
    lori Says:

    come on eminem lighten up

    now you should know how it is to have an ******* make fun of you. like you made fun of everyone else


  6. 6
    pop86 Says:

    I’m surprised he catch a beat-down for Eminem.

  7. 7
    i Says:

    Does anyone know if this was staged? Eminem looked PISSED, so I thought it wasn’t.

  8. 8
    pop86 Says:

    meant from Eminem.

  9. 9
    cari Says:

    Yeah….SAW IT. I don’t think it was staged. Meaning I don’t think Eminem knew about it. Bruno’s balls were in his face and ass up his nose!

    Eminem then got his thugs to go after Bruno and then he got up and huffed out of there like the little girl baby he is. It was awkward.

    But then again the whole show sucked. I mean really……TWILIGHT?
    Best Movie??

    It’s Official MTV is now irrelevant and dead to me.

  10. 10
    rpatzfan Says:

    LoL that was funny haha ,Congrats to all the Twilight Team!

  11. 11
    jay Says:

    that was rude and humiliating:/
    i love sasha cuz hes hilarious but
    he just dosent know when to stop:/

  12. 12
    Paulie Says:

    Eminem deserved this for his years of homophobia. Apparently he can dish it out (he is the man who wrote “My bum is on your lips” after all) but he has no sense of humour when the tables are turned on him.

  13. 13
    sam Says:

    it didnt look staged to me. eminem looked pissed.
    i thought it was funny tho haha. anyone else probably would have laughed it off, they should have known eminem would freak out haha

  14. 14
    nomnom Says:

    all reports are it was NOT staged. Em really left with his “crew”

  15. 15
    Jen Says:

    not funny.. just rude and nasty, im surpirsed eminem didn’t hit him or something, i think he took it pretty well..

  16. 16
    diggie Says:


    Eminem is such a sensitive pansy. He takes himself way too serious nowadays. As if anyone cares about his washed up rapping career.

  17. 17
    HockeyGurL Says:

    I was reading some of the blogs, this was real, if I were Sacha I would stay far away from Eminem has I can.

  18. 18
    Sergio Says:

    I enjoyed it for the shocking moment it was, but it was still kinda messed up.

    There’s a big difference between talking sh*t, and actually physically getting in someone’s face like that.

  19. 19
    Liv Says:

    it was very rude for bruno to do that… you don’t shove your genitalia in other people’s faces… regardless of whether they are homophobic.. it is an invasion of personal space, privacy, and complete disrespect of others

    isla fisher can do better

  20. 20


    um it doesnt matter if Eminem “talks” about celebrities..when another mans ass and whatever is in your face YOUR TAKING IT TO FAR.

    Maybe if this was planned and Eminem agreed to it than it was okay but now they just lost Eminem. He is never going to show up to the mtv movie awards just because someone pulled a stunt like this. Regardless no oNE would ever react positive to this. It was NOT hilarious!

    and to all the people saying “eminem should have beaten him” Relax its not that serious and hes on live tv while millions watch including his daughter. He did the right thing by walking away

  21. 21
    dee Says:

    thought it was funny as hell -he makes fun of everyone else but as soon as it’s done to him he stomps off like a lil b****

  22. 22
    jdub Says:

    definitely wasnt stage. Em was pissed! If this were like 5 years earlier he probably would’ve shanked Sacha right then and there.

  23. 23
    sarah Says:

    anyone that was/is tired of eminem’s homophobia thought he deserved it.

    others who don’t mind the use of the word “***” in their music thought it was out of line on Bruno’s part.

    i thought it was about time someone gave it to eminem. sick and tired of people claiming he’s the best rapper out there. maybe he is, but he sure isn’t a tolerant one.

  24. 24
    Didi Says:

    I thought Eminem had every right to be upset… I mean common people you have Brunos junk all up on your face.. from the outside it is somewhat funny but for Eminem who isnt able to do anything at this point but have everyone at the awards show and people at home laughing at him… I just think it was poorly done. Bruno is definitely lucky Eminem and his peeps didnt get some serious hits in there

  25. 25
    Terri Says:

    I didn’t think it was cool at all. I would have been pissed too. Em did his thing on stage and that stunt was uncalled for. I would watch out if I were Sacha.

  26. 26
    Bruno Says:

    Hi guys its meeeeeee BRUNOOOOOO….I put my sach in hiz fash and vhat you guys didnt shee iz dat he tossed my salad…and i gave him a little **** and spritzed some man juice on his fash.

    Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa

  27. 27
    mel Says:

    I thought it was funny but disturbing,and i can see why em got pissed but i think he needs to lightin up it was all in good fun! (he can dish it out but cant take it!)

  28. 28
    ANNIE Says:

    good. eminem deserved it. he is an *******.

  29. 29
    Diana Says:


  30. 30
    Mary Says:

    Eminem did “my bum is on your lips” to copy a Tom Green skit. It was not his original idea… I love how he tried to make his big comeback as a serious rapper and this happens. He always flips out and he made himself look stupid again. First he tried to fight a puppet, now this. LOL

  31. 31
    bubby Says:


    “washed up rapping career”? LOL

  32. 32
    OTWbassist77 Says:

    I thought it was hilarious, they only thing that would have been better if Bruno had said at that moment My bum is on your lips. It looked like Eminem did get his ego hurt.

  33. 33
    ha Says:

    that was priceless. em is a pus-c as$ btch. wtf do you expect from sacha. em mabye you should rap about it ******. you know you liked it. i loved it. everyone stop btchn about it you em dik riders. he sucks now anyways. em couldnt beat up my 1 yr old daughter. so every1 stop sayin he would whup sachas ass. never would happen hes 2 big a BTCH! *** EM N HIS 14 YR OLD FANs!!! IM OUT BTCHS!

  34. 34
    shenanyginz Says:


    OMG YES! You said it. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  35. 35
    shenanyginz Says:

    the link don’t work no more btw :(

  36. 36
    HelloJJ Says:

    “he makes fun of everyone else and as soon as its done to him he stomps off like a lil b****” makes absolutely no sense…he wasnt making fun of him he put his a$$ and Balls in his face…now idk about ne of u but that would disgust me and I’d be equally as upset

  37. 37
    dumb Says:

    I don’t see how people are saying that he can dish it out but can’t take it. Name one time where he went to another celeb that he “talks about” and physically did anything to them. That is a big difference.

  38. 38
    Raean Says:

    for the ppl who say eminem should lighten up or he takes himself serious how the heck would u feel if you had that in your facE???NOT cool lmao!!!

  39. 39
    wiiamputee Says:

    this is not the same thing as making fun of someone.If bruno had got on staged and made fun of eminem it would have been the same thing. Forcing your bare ass/balls in someones face would be considered sexual harrassment in any other situation.

    This is not funny, and i am very suprised MTV would stage this.
    It was actually good on em’s part to walk away from the situation. If he would have said the word d12 would have beat the **** out of him. but he just walked away.
    He didnt huff and puff, he acted less pissed than i would have that’s for sure.

  40. 40
    Anon Says:

    I saw it live and it didn’t look completely staged. I think Bruno was supposed to “descend” in front of Eminem or someone else in that area and his lines got tangled. His butt was right in M&M’s face. Eminem was SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF. Like, if it was staged he wasn’t in on it. He walked out after his body guards got rough with Sasha, and he was cussing all the way out the door. Very angry guy.

  41. 41
    bubby Says:

    Eminem has a cameo in Sachas next movie. Make of that what you will.

  42. 42
    mary Says:


  43. 43
    Billy jean Says:

    That yit was funny. Eminem had Borat’s BALLS in his Face!!!! HAHAHAHA. Learn to laugh losers! Eminem raps for a living, it’s not like he’s a real hero in society. YO YO YO, I rhyme fo sho. I’m out. PEACE.

  44. 44
    Billy jean Says:


  45. 45
    Sarah Says:

    I am a huge Eminem fan and I do not think that was funny at all.
    (Even if I wasnt, I still wouldnt think it was funny)

    I am surprised Eminem didnt punch him before he left.
    Eminem doesnt have a sense of humor? Be it as it may, think about it, would you be laughing if you had Bruno’s junk in your face? No.

    And as for walking out, it was classy if you ask me. Most people would probably nail Bruno in the face, or even worse. Eminem was right for walking away before something else happened.

    He ruined the night for Eminem and it was a dumb stunt of his.
    I hope gossip magazines and gossip TV shows slam Bruno.
    He ruined the MTV movie awards for Em.

  46. 46
    eminem Says:

    Word up! I got 69ed by Bruno. It was nasty, but a part of me enjoyed it. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a sack in your face baby!!!!

  47. 47
    k Says:

    That was disgusting. Good for Eminem to walk out.

  48. 48
    kylie Says:

    “My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips”. Was “The Real Slim Shady” video Cohen’s inspiration? Joke or not, that wasn’t even funny…just something stupid to talk about.

  49. 49
    bruno Says:

    Meine Bälle waren im Mund von Eminem. Der Geschmack war sehr gut schokoladenbraunen Süßigkeiten ähnlich. Jeder war glücklich. MTV ist das Beste!

  50. 50
    Michael Says:

    @Mary: I find it hilarious when people discuss Eminem as if he is some washed up former rapper. The guy has the number one selling album in the country. Hardly irrelevant.

    That said, I laughed my ass off at the stunt. In fact, it was just about the only entertaining moment of the entire program. Eminem was obviously targeted by Cohen, as he is notorious for taking himself very seriously. It is quite evident that he still does. Oh well, Eminem will no doubt spoof this event in an upcoming video to act like he was down with the joke, ala Triumph in “Ass Like That”.

  51. 51
    nonny Says:

    that was so trashy and disrespectful of mtv to do especially when eminem was helping promote the award show.

  52. 52
    sierrarose Says:

    If this was not pre-approved by eminem, it was one sick joke. it should happen to no one. shoving your bare ass in someone’s face with your **** not far away is not a joke-it is a sexual assault. if anyone has an understanding of why eminem reacted the way he did, listen to relapse. then see if it funny.

  53. 53
    Rob Says:

    Hell yeah! Man this was the best part of the whole show, seriously. Mr. Mathers deserved everything he got, and it was awesome to see him make an even bigger jerk of himself (If that’s even possible) by storming out like the little candyass he is. Good on ya Sascha, this is the best thing I’ve seen in weeks!

  54. 54
    Mari Says:

    WAY TO GO SACHA. Eminem you had it coming and DESERVE IT!! He makes fun of everyone, especially women and gays. So there you go little pansy…keep on crying thug!

  55. 55
    Mari Says:

    WAY TO GO SACHA…EMINEM is always insulting and degraing women and all sorts of people. He had it coming. Best stunt ever!

  56. 56
    mertz Says:

    i’ll just start off by saying people must be real stupid if they getting hectic about this. eminem knows how to take a joke, even if the joke is on him, but his face doesn’t bare all of his motions so you have to know the guy to get him. second, lol, he’s much much much smarter than you think he is, and he doesn’t do anything without calculation.

    it was sooooo staged. so many people called it instantly, but then other people were debating if em agreed to this then why would he sit there in that awkward moment and have that, and the truth is that no one knows.

    i figure mtv ran him through what was going to happen and em’s guys knew what to due, but the whole thing seemed too convenient. if that’s marshal pissed lol then i must be blind, cause the dude has got a temper it’s kinda scary because he goes both ways.

    also the thing was funny. and thanks to bruno i didn’t have to see zeffrons face for a long time on my tv.

    eminem gets baron cohen. if anything it’s not a personal thing and it would definately be on mtv’s part that messed up getting their wires crossed.

    that was one of the worst awards shows i’ve seen in a while. some good moments though…but they were mostly bad. love ks dropping the award. lol. karma. and jj abrams, the cut eyes at miley from the bres and from vanessa to ks was pretty good too. jonah hill (love him) deserves his own tv show.

  57. 57
    asdf Says:

    I’m not an Eminem fan and I thought it was not funny! Didn’t even crack a smile! It was stupid! Eminem should of beat the **** out of Bruno instead of walking off. MTV is stupid, superficial, and irrelevant!

  58. 58
    cutiepie32 Says:

    1st of all, the bit wasnt even funny to begin with.
    2nd, if it was me I’d be pissed off too, so I dont blame Em at all. They should have staged it better, like practiced it with someone who actually in on the bit and knew what was going to happen and could pretend to be angry, like Will Ferrell would have been good.

  59. 59
    vannie Says:

    I was shocked…i was like was this supposed to happen or not? lol Eminem was soo mad, i mean he had every right to be but he could have just laughed it off or moved out of the way…DUH! But again its Eminem and he has a temper and i can understand why he is mad, its his first time back and they always play him like that

  60. 60
    Bruno FTW Says:

    somebody call Eminem a whaaaaaambulance

  61. 61
    Tek Says:

    Em has gone through a lot with recovery the last year. He’ s in an addiction/recovery phase and probably not in the funniest of moods. I love Em and support him (bought his whole album to show support), but he got wayyy too pissed about something he could have brushed off. He could have pinched his balls and everyone would have laughed and Em would have still been reguarded as funny, BUT that’s not what happened and EM is gonna have to learn with recovery, to tolerate and realize life is not as serious as he’s making it. I’m a recovering addict too, so he better go to a few more meetings and learn to have fun with life and soon…

  62. 62
    Rob Says:


    Mr. Mathers. If you want people to take you seriously, then stop acting like a giant douchebag all the time and take some music lessons! Perhaps you could consider pursuing some kind of higher education, and doing something constructive with your life, instead of simply providing entertainment for the lowest common denominator. We already have “reality” television for that.

  63. 63
    mertz Says:

    that was one of the worst tributes by two non comedians to give to a comedic actor. triumph was good. the whole awrds should have been called highschool muscial et al, or disney, and the twilight show. i don’t know how jim carey (love him) won, or how ks won so many awards. twilight, is probably one of the worst movies ever, even if the actual book is a good book. my goodness. i thought mtv took low to a new level, but after this lol they’re definately in the desperate for ratings category. i guess the fans are to blame since they voted for the winners, and also this awards show lol i guess can’t be taken seriously since they tried (hardly) to actual include good movies from the past year, and not necessairly the ones that made the most money. i guess that’s why we have cannes, sundance, tiff et al. one of the worst things i’ve seen on television. andy was alright though.

  64. 64
    Shawon Says:

    Yes it might’ve been funny for people, and yea it was just a joke, but how can you blame Eminem for getting pissed. You can say oh Eminem is always rapping about homos and all that, yea true, but RAPPING about homos is different than having another man’s junk and bare ass all up in your face. It would’ve been different if Bruno was just on the stage and cracking jokes about Eminem making fun of gays or something, yea of course, but you cross the line when you actually do something like that and physically invade his personal space like that.

  65. 65
    elnino Says:

    I don’t think it was staged because Eminem looked pissed. I would be too if I got someone’s a$$ in my face! I would not be surprised if that dude turns up bruised up somewhere.

  66. 66
    cutiepie32 Says:

    I also dont happen to find Sasha funny at all. Borat was stupid, I didnt find it funny at all and bruno also looks like a dumb movie. The only movie he was good in was Talladega Nights, I think its because he actually didnt write his lines in that movie.

  67. 67
    mertz Says:

    also relpase is selling pretty well, so even though you may think em is washed up, lol, listen to the record and you’ll find a couple good tracks, and great lyrics and some decent beats. it’s not bad considering all that has happened to him in the last while. not surprised by the critics and all, but there was prejudgements about what this album was going to be, but eminem makes no bones about this record. he knows what it is and what he was doing. lol. he says it himself. people need to stop taking the dude so seriously.

  68. 68
    TEKNO Says:

    Eminem should chill out, I love him, but his recovering addict pitty party needs to toughen up and learn to laugh at life already.

  69. 69
    steve Says:

    wow if i was EM i would have punched him in the face!!!!

    em rocked the stage and now this!!! wow……………..

  70. 70
    steve Says:

    wow if i was EM i would have punched him in the face!!!!

    em rocked the stage and now this!!! wow……………..

  71. 71
    kylie Says:

    there’s no need for people to lighten up, that was CHEAP comedy.

  72. 72
    Firtula Says:

    Eminem is always bashing people in his songs…and if they make fun of him for just a second, he has to act all childish. Eminem won’t really make a diference in MTV, he’s an idiot. You should really lighten up Em’…it’s comedy!

    Also, Em’s entourage was EXTREMELY harsh about trhe situation…they actually beated ‘Bruno’…they should be charged of something.

    In conclusion…Em’s a stupid sore loser and Sacha Baron Cohen is a hilarious actor!

  73. 73
    Firtula Says:



  74. 74
    Adolf Says:

    It is funny how eminem always talks **** to everyone, but when he is insulted he can’t take it if this was’nt staged.

  75. 75
    Charlie Says:

    eminem looked highly pissed..

  76. 76
    jami Says:

    sacha was wearing underwear, it was a prank n unsurprisingly, eminem and his crew of goons took it way too seriously.

  77. 77
    marty Says:

    eminem should have kicked that **** ass

  78. 78
    jason Says:

    eminem got OWNED! He got a mouth full of a$$ & c*ck. Finally that lame ******* got what was coming to him. anyone ever heard of KARMA!

  79. 79
    marty Says:

    @diggie: F U

  80. 80
    taipeigurl Says:

    it is rude but c’mon, take a joke em!
    It’s pretty anal of him (literally too) if he’s actualy pissed! hahahah

  81. 81
    jordan Says:

    He has every right to storm off and be upset.. he had that guys junk all up in his face. Nothing to do with him taking himself to serious or anything..i think anyone in that position would have got extremely upset, surprised eminem didnt punch the douche bag

  82. 82
    Fudd Says:

    Ha… I would have whooped his ass… Eminem left so he wouldn’t slap the **** out of that ***… Was funnt as Hell though!!!!! Lmao

  83. 83
    yvonne Says:

    Eminem got what he deserves but this stunt was disgusting.

  84. 84
    c12pimpin Says:

    where the heck is Ashton Kutcher? to tell Eminem he got Punked on Mtv!!!!! wheres the punked crew at???????

  85. 85
    HockeyGurL Says:

    For everyone saying he deserved this why ? because he makes fun of people in his music videos, he didn’t deserve this, would you want to be teabagged by some nasty guy? Now we know why he never attends awards show cause of crap like this.

  86. 86
    jo jo Says:

    That’s what that little b!tch Eminem gets! hysterical!

  87. 87
    sam Says:

    I looks pretty was staged becasue his people were did not punch or hit Cohen, if you see the repeet they just pushed him out but all the blows were up in the air, there was no real punch. In another situation they probably would have punch him out and security would have jumped in

  88. 88
    Misha Says:

    Why wouldn’t Eminem just get up though? It was obvious dude was about to fall in his direction. He stayed so im thinking completely staged.

  89. 89
    tom sawyer Says:

    well i mean he showed up as triumph the dog thingy right?
    so maybe that’s why he stormed out?

  90. 90
    Ninjawookie Says:

    @EMINEMisBRILLIANT: He was obviously just pointing out that Eminem and his whole posse are just a bunch of homophobes, which is funny because Sascha Baron Cohen is married man. What sort of a reaction is that for someone who talks **** at everyone whether they deserved it or not, to not be able to take it.

  91. 91
    homermoosevols Says:

    You guys are idiots if you don’t think this was staged. I mean come on. Everything is staged at these award shows. Right down to the lip syncing. If you believe this to be true then you are some dumbA$$es. If it was true M&M would have punched him.

  92. 92
    amuff Says:

    you’re saying eminem is a bad actor but you’re saying it’s not staged, which basically states you can’t tell if he’s actually pissed or not which makes him a good actor if it was planned. You’re not to bright are you kid?

  93. 93
    Helena Says:

    well.. trying to annalize it objectively… it WAS sort of funny… if it’d been me I’m one hundred percent sure I would have laughed my head off the whole show, and would be still laughing. I think eminem overreacted, but well, he’s the superstar, not me. don’t think he was a sh*thead as everyone’s saying, he just doesn’t have the same sense of humor as we do.

    I think, the priceless thing here, what everyone is missing, what ‘bruno’ overshadowed, is zac’s reaction. he’s completely confused, as we see him mouthing ‘what? did i just win?’. he was so absorbed in the distraction that he missed everything!

  94. 94
    az wildcat Says:

    hahahahaha!!! That was funny, if you think it was rude or over the top you obviously never listened to a Eminem album before. This will be all over the news tomorrow, giving Sacha Cohens new movie “Bruno” some great publicity. A brilliant move on Sacha’s part, there is no such thing as bad publicity. If you were a fan of Borat, then tonights stunt is only affirmation that “Bruno” is going to be funnier than Borat.

  95. 95
    Karen Says:

    I am not an Eminem fan—really I can’t stand him or what he says, etc. HOWEVER. Sacha Cohen was totally out of line and disgusting. I was far from being funny. And moreover it was unfair to the winner of that award no matter who won it. In this case it was Zac Efron who obviously was floored that he won but worse yet he couldn’t he tell that he had won until everyone else started telling him he had done so! The tackiness of this really ruined the moment for the winner of that award. It was shameful. MTV has absolutely no class.

  96. 96
    susan Says:

    Disgusting. I would be furious. I think Bruno went way too far and it was not funny at all. Let’s see what happens when the same thing happens to him. We will see how he likes it. There is funny and then there is just rude and obnoxious. And, to do it in front of all those people and on TV was even more disgusting.

  97. 97
    Yadayi Says:

    why would MTV risk something like this? they shouldn’t even staged this or planned it in the first place…

    come on doing this to somebody like eminem draws trouble and might jeopardize the whole award show….

    sacha cohen is prolly goin to get his a$$ f’d up later on….

  98. 98
    funny! Says:

    omg too funny, so NOT staged!

  99. 99
    Brett Says:

    You idiots, of course it was staged. Do you really think that he “just happened” to come down, perfectly positioned, on Eminem like that? Just so happens that both of these guys happen to have new projects they are supporting this month? You people are so easy to manipulate it’s pathetic. Do you morons understand “show business”? Here’s a tip for you…. and trust me I KNOW… “accidents” don’t happen in showbiz. Never…… EVER.

  100. 100
    Stilk Says:

    It’s fun to read all of the comments. Are people really upset? A guy who makes crappy movies put his rear end in the face of a guy who doesn’t know what music is on MTV. MTV, who completely forgot what “M” stands for. I think you have to have additional MTV channels in your cable package to even see something that involves “music”.

  101. 101
    Louis Says:

    F$%^ Eminem! That **** was funny…homophobic trailer trash. One of the highlights of 2009.

  102. 102
    Mike S. Says:

    It was definately staged. If Sacha was going to fly in like that, why would there be a pillar in the middle of his flight path. Those things are planned on. And if it wasn’t, Eminem saw he was gonna land on him, the cameras panned to EM before the fact, yet Em just sat there, letting Bruno wrap his legs around his head. Come on guys, it’s so fake.

  103. 103
    cain Says:

    this is a joke is NOT funny. it’s so disgusting. e already took it pretty gracefully. if i were him i would punch his balls!

  104. 104
    Sickening, Stupid Awards Show Says:

    That was one of the stupidest things on TV that I have EVER seen! I cannot believe how low people are sinking and how little disrespect society has for young people.

    That was nasty and MTV is a joke. When it began it was so wonderful. Now look at this show. The awards are just pathetic. There is so much vulgarity and sexuality.

    Where is the talent? There is none. Everything that used to be good is now horrible. Who are running these stupid shows anyhow? The people must be burned out or on drugs.

    It’s just bad TV. Eminem didn’t deserve any of that. MTV shouldn’t have done something like that in the first place. That’s really low-class of them. I don’t watch MTV at all anymore. I was hoping the awards would be better.

    Everything is going to the dogs now. Young people hardly have hope or a prayer.

  105. 105
    joshua asante Says:

    I have three letters for that moment….WTF! That was nasty as hell and by the way, for those saying Em deserved it, no one deserves that even if he made fun of gay people in his songs. That was straight up wrong, and Bruno’s lucky they didn’t kick his bare ass. Btw, Twilight sweeping all the awards? Thanks MTV for making yourself even more irrrelevant

  106. 106
    Mitch Says:

    LOL, that was high comedy. I’m buying two tickets to see the Bruno movie, so I can get right back in line and see it again.

    Hip ganster wannabes suck. People who can’t laugh at themselves suck even worse.

  107. 107
    Mike dro Says:

    If that was me, I would be in jail right now for killing Sacha Baron Cohen.

  108. 108
    Stilk Says:

    My wife went to bed early, so I was channel surfing. I hate MTV, but I saw that it was the movie awards so I checked it out. Whenever I watch MTV, or read comments like the ones here, I lose a little faith in humanity. I maintain a little, because I usually don’t expose myself to this bs. Who gives a shart about any of this? Personally, I just stopped in for yucks, and I figured I’d chime in and say that this is a pretty lousy thing to care about! I just cracked myself up.
    Maybe at 30 I’m getting too old for teeny bop garbage, but eminem is not music to me, and Borat is a douche. Actually, they have both cracked me up on occasion, but I think if you are really upset, you need to either go to bed because it’s a school night, or re-evaluate your adult life. Me? I’m just off tomorrow and I’m drunk. I’m moving on from here though. Goodnight teenyboppers. Hope you enjoyed your parents’ cable for the MTV movie awards.

  109. 109
    Viviane Says:

    MTV music awards show was sick and discusting. What they did to Eminem was demoralizing, disrespectful to all rap artist and listeners, inhuman, rude and cruel. I hope Eminem sues MTV and kicks Bruno’s ass in court.

  110. 110
    Harley Says:

    Funny stuff. You gotta lighten up a lil yes maybe it was a harsh way to get ur first 69 but you gotta have it some day slim shady lol

  111. 111
    Hater Says:

    All of you that are hating on Em, you are all hypocrites. Who would want that done to them? Despite your harsh feelings towards another person, it is called decency. Have some respect, kids.

  112. 112
    boomboompow Says:

    @cari: cheer up! everybody knows twilight is just overexposed. you pick your own winners :)

  113. 113
    name Says:

    of course it was staged. jeeeeeeez

  114. 114
    regina Says:

    Oh c’mon! Eminem based his career on bashing other celebtrities, and when the tables turned on him for once, he walked out like a pansy! Don’t dish out what you can’t handle, Eminem!

  115. 115
    Robert E Says:

    what a big homo eminem is…. he would have come off much better if he just laughed it all off instead of thuging out, cussing like a dumb nig and turning his pack of nigs on Cohen. I love that he stormed out of there, his career is now as irrelevant at MTV is in the film industry.

  116. 116
    justin Says:

    it was stage eminem would of got up befor bruno hit him, common sense..

  117. 117
    Andy Says:

    Oh my God! You people are wayyy too sensitive. It’s comedy. Of all people Eminem should have a sense of humor, after all his lyrics are “My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips”, but it doesn’t matter because it looked planned out to me.

  118. 118
    Virushunter Says:

    Eh, I mean yeah you should expect that from borat and eminem was perfect to target due to his past but i mean its so wrong to do something like that on national TV with millions watching, you know?

    but they wanted to shock and they did it. everyone will be buzzing about this until the next big thing

  119. 119
    Mobyislaughing Says:

    Someone Moby is laughing his @ss off!! And so am I!!

  120. 120
    eminem Says:

    Hi, I’m Eminem and I deserved to have a pair served on a platter and shoved to my face! I like to rap about killing my mom, and putting the mother of my daughter in the back of the trunk of a car and throwing it over a cliff. I also like to to clown on peeps who I know can’t fight back to my lyrical bombs, but I’m sure if I were to talk crazy smack about Diddy or Jay-Z, or maybe Tupac and Biggie if they were alive today, I’d have my balls served on a silver platter and served to starving kids in 3rd world countries. I’m so damn hardcore!!!!

  121. 121
    Mobyislaughing Says:

    ooops somewhere not someone

  122. 122
    johnny Says:

    if he looked like he enjoyed it the way he did with elton john he wouldnt be able to have a comeback… so, storm out.

  123. 123
    Jehu Says:

    if any of you know the slightest thing about eminem you would know hes NOT a homophobic person. Elton John is actually a close friend of his who helped him through his rough times over the last few days….they talk on a regular basis…you people need to know what youre talking about before you make comments of ****.
    its one thing to make fun of someone and its another thing to put your balls in their face
    cant wait till ya’ll get teabagged for everyone to watch

  124. 124
    random101 Says:

    “it was very rude” lol whateva, you people and eminem need to learn how to take a joke well, clearly eminem doesnt have that skill and stormed off, making himself look like more of an ass. Bruno owned!

  125. 125
    MissNessa Says:

    honestly, that was so f***ed up. yeah in a way it was hilarious but you just don’t do that to someone, homophobic or not., if they don’t know about it. he should’ve done that to someone he knew would think it was hilarious and gone along with it cause then everything would have gone smoothly and all that drama wouldn’t have happened. sacha baron cohen is a dumb*** and eminem should have beat the crap out of him.

  126. 126
    MissNessa Says:

    honestly, that was so f***ed up. yeah in a way it was hilarious but you just don’t do that to someone, homophobic or not., if they don’t know about it. he should’ve done that to someone he knew would think it was hilarious and gone along with it cause then everything would have gone smoothly and all that drama wouldn’t have happened. sacha baron cohen is a dumb*** and eminem should have beat the crap out of him.

  127. 127
    rrr Says:

    Yeah sure, you all accuse Eminem of not having a sense of humor. He Did write all those lyrics but he didn’t shove his balls up in anyone’s face…The movie Borat sucked and Bruno will suck even more…waste of acting talent. And get off eminem’s back…no onw likes the smell of sweaty balls EVER

  128. 128
    Bambu Bonds Says:

    wooow….out of control…That was funny..Now i have to see bruno the movie Great promotion stunt.

  129. 129
    Why don't you get it and Says:

    Why are you AMERICANS so dumb?????……it was STAGED, it was
    a JOKE……Duh…

  130. 130
    DOLAN Says:

    STAGED. Look when he says “put me down!!”. The cameras immediately switch to Eminem and he is looking up angry already.

  131. 131
    Byron Says:

    Emine shoud of smashed him but how can u call eminem a cry baby for walking away… that was fuking mature. There millions of people watching that show… and thers a big difference between making fun of somebody with words then to put ur ass in there face (disrespectful)… i have a lot of respect for eminem and still do

  132. 132
    Dennis Says:

    This was really messed up. But I think it was maybe staged. Shirts are already being sold on E-bay!

  133. 133
    SF Says:

    This is funny?? If crass crude humiliating humour is funny, then HA HA HA. Why Eminem you ask? Simple. He isn’t as famous as he was and some people at MTV thought this was funny. Try it on Kanye, I dare you! He will probably cap all his posts AND not just storm out but ban MTV. Eminem was right to walk away from this insulting display of crass humour. And Jared you find this funny? I never thought you were so… tasteless.

  134. 134
    mia Says:

    Staged or not, Cohen is a jack ass. He was original and funny (for about 10 minutes) years ago. Time to grow up, Sacha.

  135. 135
    Prophet Says:

    Not funny at all. Disgusting. Rude to not only eminem but the winner of the award. Just plain wrong.

  136. 136
    Prophet Says:

    Not funny at all. Disgusting. Rude to not only eminem but the winner of the award. Just plain wrong.

  137. 137
    cort Says:

    I didn’t think it was staged. More points show it wasn’t staged.

    1) Eminem’s curses weren’t bleeped at first. So, it was without warning.
    2) D12 would’ve been holding back laughter had it been staged… esp. Bizarre… but they were dead serious and hitting Bruno pretty hard.
    3) Tyrese was laughing hard and then got serious all of a sudden.
    4) They didn’t even announce the nominees over the loud speaker, they just announced Zac’s name.
    5) If I were Eminem and had a few millions of dollars.. being the type of guy he is, there isn’t an amount of money you could pay me to let some dude stick their ass/junk in my face and embarrass me on television.

    If it was staged, it probably would’ve been funny. That crap was not funny.

  138. 138
    cort Says:

    KStew dropping her award… THAT was funny lol.

  139. 139
    Jayveee Says:

    I have no idea why his album is number 1, I guess people just bought it based on his past work. It is a crap album, by far the worst effort of his to date. I like his past work and have listened to this album over and over trying to like it but it is just a really lame effort.. Doesn’t deserve to be number 1.

  140. 140
    tomtom Says:

    That was painfully awkward to watch. I spent the entirety of the video cringing.

  141. 141
    fdgvd Says:

    Dating a beautiful and sexy girl on ———–
    Dating a handsome and rich man on———-

  142. 142
    Jennifer Says:

    Staged …….and stupid. Americans are such idiots.

  143. 143
    whortensia Says:

    I am amazed they could drop Bruno right into Eminem’s lap. Very well targeted. Who cares whether M&M liked it or not?

  144. 144
    Liz Says:

    Wow. I thought Eminem was a piece of work, but it looks like his “fans” are bigger crybabies than he is. Obviously, it was staged. We just don’t know how staged. But who really freaking cares if it wasn’t? Eminem is a misogynistic homophobe. He’s deserving of a lot worse than this. Seeing so many women defending this guy is disturbing.

    Oh, and best rapper? Please. Selling records doesn’t mean anything. Even Paris Hilton has sold a few records here and there. Eminem isn’t even the best rapper alive. He’s certainly not the best of all time.

  145. 145
    oz trey leah Says:

    eeew thats soo gross.. i dont blame eminem for freaking out. he got really emaressed and really did not deserve to be humiliated like that.. TOO FAR this time sacha, you’re disgusting

  146. 146
    DIEGO Says:

    @RAE4KMA: Not an Eminem fan??? I think you are out numbered. How can you not like Eminem? Is your life that miserable and dull that you have to hate one of the best rappers of all time? And for what reason? You cannot possibly have a reason for not liking Eminem other than you are lame and have bad taste in music. I hope you get assed in the face someday just like em did.

  147. 147
    Bson Says:


  148. 148
    laughing on the floor Says:

    em was not acting neither did he know what was gonna happen.
    his relapse album is shite with all that shock vaule lyrics but what
    happened here shows how much respect em has got…. an ass in
    the face. LOL hahahaha
    em always sings about **** like this and now when it has happened
    to him he does not like it…..
    im so happy that they ***** him up. now he can go back to the studio
    and release more ****** lyrics

  149. 149
    Jake Says:

    I like how Eminem’s little b*tches are crying foul here. How much do you get paid to be his devoted little stans?

  150. 150
    Alona Says:

    Eminem always being rude to people, so why not, why not a **** in his face

  151. 151
    Billy the Kidd Says:

    HEHE that was great, loved every second of it, eminem is a big tough guy (thats why he needs a crew lol) and look at him get humiliated like that. MTV is lame and their awards are a joke, its basically the commercial music sellout channel, this was the only interesting to see all night.

    Go rap about that tough guy.

  152. 152
    Rainee Says:

    I thought it was pretty hilarious. sorry.
    it could have been anyone but why him?
    but ye, no one deserves all that in your face. disgusting.

  153. 153
    sterculius Says:

    I thought it was hilarious and think Eminem WAY over reacted. You would think someone who dedicates their career to controversy would have a sense of humor, or at the very least understanding when it came to Cohen’s antics, but instead he just throws a tantrum like a toddler.

    Most people I know thought it would have been gross sure, to have another man’s bare ass in their face, but they also would have simply laughed it off and shook their head with mild embarrassment. But not Eminem, oh no he got a taste of his own medicine and did not like it one bit. He can dish it but can’t take it.

    Instead of sleeping pills, maybe he should’ve gotten addicted to chill pills.

  154. 154
    bruno Says:

    it’s obviously staged… all sacha baron cohen’s material is made to look like it’s real, and the fact that you’re all questioning it shows how good he is at it. the idea of his comedy is to outrage people, so it’s definitely worked. if it was real, eminem’s bodyguards would have actually attacked him, rather than just pushing him around so he swings comically like he did. but the whole idea of sacha baron cohen’s is to cross the line, THAT is why it’s funny.

  155. 155
    Tom Says:

    It was not funny. Not sure if Em was in the know or not and was playing along. But I could see how it would annoy someone.

  156. 156
    sjk Says:

    What a perv! And way to totally ruin Zac’s moment. So uncool!

  157. 157
    mankey wanky Says:

    It’s about time MnM ate humble pie, or should that be peachy ass. PMSL. That was hilarious, staged or not.

  158. 158
    Simone Says:

    I just dont see the funny side at all.

    Only bit that made me laugh slightly was Zac Efron’s “what!?”

  159. 159
    Furiousblue Says:

    hmmm…………….let’s see…. being totally humiliated on national TV
    as another man’s junk and bare buttocks is in his face.
    Ur right he should not be mad at all.

  160. 160
    jules Says:

    that was disgusting…it wasnt funny…eminem had every right to be upset…so uncalled for! ….no one wants a strangers bare ass in their face like that

  161. 161
    J Says:

    Face it Eminem is not going to do anything to Sasha. Em can talk all this crap he wants about it as this goes on, but the reality of it is that Sasha already has no shame in his comedy. Its gonna be hard for Em to win that one. And for real, Em isn’t going to do anything violent now or 5 years ago. Hes an ENTERTAINER not a gangster, criminal, thug. Stop reading into the music so much. This is truly funny. Em was the butt of a joke that he couldn’t take. To go gay on a homophob. Great prank!!!!!

  162. 162
    drew Says:

    @EMINEMisBRILLIANT: I agree totally, he did the right thing. Yeah, he could have stayed and had people constantly looking at him the whole show. Chances are though, being the facts of history shows us Eminem has been in Anger Management programs, it could have gotten out of hand. I think he did the mature thing, was the bigger person, and just walked away.

  163. 163
    kevz Says:

    That was rude..

    Eminem doesn’t know that something like that would happened..
    He’s so pissed..
    Anyone would be pissed of what Bruno did..

    I mean, do you like a gay’s face on front of your **** and a gay’s ass on your nose and face…

    Very irritating.. x(

  164. 164
    oooggaaa boooggaa Says:

    I think it was really messed up what he did to Em. I mean he deserves better from MTV after performing and everything. People tune into these awards just to see acts like Eminem. So I would say he definitely didn’t deserve it. I think they owe him a big apology. If I was Em I would be pissed off too, I don’t know why Em didn’t just start wailing on him? It’s just really embarrassing because you know millions of people saw it and are gonna be talking about it.

  165. 165
    finallyfindtheway Says:

    That’s perfect for EMINEM

  166. 166
    bpop Says:

    To think after all eminem has been through in the past year, which has taken him to hell and back, and then to see them to do this to him live on mtv is rediculous. Completely rediculous

  167. 167
    Frankrizzo Says:


    my bum is on your lips is from Tom Green moron. Eminem said it making fun of the fact that people get on TV with dumb **** like that. Maybe if you actually listened to what the man says in his songs, you would understand and be able to comment about them.

  168. 168
    Frankrizzo Says:


    you mean his washed up rapping career that just happens to have the number 1 album right now?

  169. 169
    Nando Says:


  170. 170
    BELLA Says:

    I don’t think it funny at all..if you are talking about bashing people Sahha id the expert on bashing people Emenem is a man to live the show…

  171. 171
    Lori Says:

    He deserved it for talking ****? Since when is speaking your mind a crime? He has a right NOT to agree with the gay lifestyle (most people think its pretty friggin gross, I sure as hell do!). So he gets publicly humiliated because he’s not fake like everyone else? This “politically correct” BS only makes people hide their true feelings. Cohen is a nasty, obnoxious jew who thinks he’s Gods gift to comedy. He isn’t the least bit funny. I doubt anyone who had his sweaty balls and hairy ass plopped in their face would think it was funny.
    MTV is a joke (and NOT of the humorous variety). If I were Em I’d sue them for assault. That was no doubt the most disgusting display of “comedy” I’ve ever seen. MTV has sunk so low they’ve lost their credibility. Whats the point in presenting someone with an award when you reduce it to nothing more than a joke? Where’s the honor? Do they really think these actors and actresses were proud to receive them under the circumstances they set forth?
    Sasha Baron Cohen is a perfect example of WHY some people don’t like gays. As if that lifestyle isn’t perverted enough, you have to literally shove it in someones face? Cohen acts like a complete moron, and I’m dumbfounded as to why people even think he’s funny. Eminem showed more class by walking away than I would have because Cohen would still be looking for his nasty little nads.
    If you don’t like what I have to say, tough crap. Its still a free country and I’m free to say how I feel.

  172. 172
    Frankrizzo Says:

    anyone who thinks he “got what he deserved” or that it was funny, or that it wasnt criminal, come by. 1357 Ave U. Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY. I’ll be happy to slap my nuts in your face and we’ll see how funny it is when I put it up on youtube for the world to see.

  173. 173
    KingManos Says:

    Its different to say something about someone else and its different to put your ass in front of somebodys face idiot….

  174. 174
    Lori Says:

    @KingManos: Which is what I was saying, idiot! Can’t you read? Or maybe its comprehension part that eludes you .

  175. 175
    Lori Says:

    @KingManos: I’m the idiot? LMAO! If you’re going to comment on something, try reading it first. Idiot.

  176. 176
    Lívia Says:

    Sacha Baron Cohen is an ass!

  177. 177
    zenlove Says:

    That was not cool!! Just because the whole world is into the gay thing doesnt make it okay to do that to a guy who obviously has a problem with it. Eminem should have beat his ass!!

  178. 178
    Per Edman Says:

    Eminem could always get a new stage name. I suggest T-bag.

  179. 179
    Faith Says:

    I have to admit that I like sasha….but that was just sick and rude.

    Not to mention blasphemous for mocking God’s creations that way.

  180. 180

    When Eminem make fun of people, he does it on his music videos, not in someone’s face! If Sacha want to make fun of Eminem, he should’ve make fun of him in his movie!

    If Sacha did that to some other Rapper, he would’ve got his ass kicked!

    I wish Sacha try that stupid act one more time to some other Rapper or someone that is a gangster!

    I wouldn’t think they would take it as a joke!

  181. 181
    rigworker Says:

    The rigging was put in place and tested so that Bruno would drop down over the seat. “Bruno” began turning forward and locking his legs into the rigging wires & at the same time he let his right arm make contact with the speaker rigging. Eminem was in NO way aware that the actor was going to drop all the way down and if you were there you could see that the last 4 feet he came down rapidly and the planted subject in FRONT of Eminem made sure he landed the way he did. Eminem dropped the F bomb and it was picked up on “Brunos” Microphone. The censors cost MTV a $250.000 fine for that by not catching it. Eminem just finished his set on stage and they made their way to the seats. They didn’t “show up” as part of the plan. It was only “Planned” in the sense that they set Eminem up for the worst gag in history. You have to ask yourself one question, Would Any rapper set himself up to the the OWNED poster boy for the next 20 years? He was NOT in on this stunt. He was “Punked” by the MTV show producers.

  182. 182
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    funny?!? boron cohen’s a complete lame.

  183. 183
    cutie pie Says:

    that was some silly bullcrap.. i would have been pissed too, some of you people take things too far, that was not funny a mans bare butt up in another mans face,, i believe it was stage dor there would have been a big as– fight! so silly and childish!!

  184. 184
    Crystal Says:

    Omg, that was just so f-d up.

  185. 185
    jay Says:

    for all yall talkin **** about ems homophobia. he did s show with Elton john years ago….i dont thinks hes that homophobic. for all yall that said he should lighten up, let me rub my nuts in your face and see if you keep a smiling face… yaaaaburnnnn

  186. 186
    jackie Says:

    Lori @ 06/01/2009 at 10:01 am
    Sasha Baron Cohen is a perfect example of WHY some people don’t like gays. As if that lifestyle isn’t perverted enough, you have to literally shove it in someones face?

    erm Lori NEWS ALERT – Sasha isn’t Gay he’s married father of 1, Bruno is a gay character /alter ego her plays in a forthcoming movie!!.

  187. 187
    pete Says:

    hilarious GO ON SASHA!!! laughing my head off :D

  188. 188
    ELLE Says:

    Don’t blame MTV, blame the disgusting rabid twilight fans who can’t bear to see anything else but Rob, Kristen and the movie itself win.
    If the Oscars were nominated and voted on by the people, Kristen and Rob would already be Academy Award winners.

  189. 189
    Micah Says:

    i don’t know why people think it is okay to sexually assault someone (and by legal standards that is in fact what Cohen did), if you dislike them personally or politically. Eminem is offensive, but he is verbally offensive not physically offensive. Cohen crossed the line both ethically and legally. He should be in jail just the same as anyone who would do that to a woman WOULD be in jail.

  190. 190
    Shakirakitten Says:

    I thought it was too funny. Laughed out Loud. Seeing ‘Bruno’ flying around in a thong and getting all messed up was pretty funny. Normally, I am quite a ‘properly’ behaved person but come on guys, that was funny.

  191. 191
    Duderino Says:

    Dude, you guys need to loosen up, that was HIGHlarious!!!

  192. 192
    asim Says:

    @Emily: well if some one put their hairy balls and ass crack in your face and you didnt know about it then i think you’d be pissed as well i guarantee if that was someone else , celebrity they would react in similar ways

  193. 193
    JC Says:

    LMFAO @ the people who thought this was real!!!!!


  194. 194
    Noticias de famosos Says:

    What a shame Eminem had to go in front of the whole world
    who were in the gala, with all that ass in your face ….

  195. 195
    Dat nucca Says:

    @diggie: washed up? be real bro, the guy doesnt rap all the time anymore because he is more so producing, and if you just listen to his commercial ****, try actually listening to his mixtape ****. you say the man over reacted but if you werent told about a dude about to have his ass(literally) in your face i think you would react close to the same. the guy wasnt even wearing pants, thats messed up. Eminem held himself back from assault charges and embarressing himself on tv by whooping the dudes ass. And for those girls who think he over reacted its just like having some random chick put her ass in your face without knowing. Yeah he might crack on people with his lyrics, but do you ever see him put his bare ass in somebodys face on camera? Dont think so. all yall need to quit lying about the way you would of reacted, anybody in that situation deserves to be pissed like how Eminem was and leave. The nigga makes music, he isnt a comedian.

  196. 196
    Greg Says:

    It was staged. If you look back at the movie awards right before the commercial break you will see them escorting Eminem down to that seat from his actual seat. When he got up and left after Bruno sat on his face he didnt leave the awards show he just went back up to his seat

  197. 197
    Kyle Says:

    I am an eminem fan and a cohen fan and I’m gonna have to side on the person whose balls were exposed on this one. All eminem does is talk about how people need to get a sense of humor and not take him seriously. Seems like he got dished exactly what he talks about in his songs and didn’t enjoy it too much. Seem extremely hypocritical to me for him to make such a big deal out of this. It’s hilarious and he himself needs to lighten up (another point he stresses but apparently doesn’t follow through on). I enjoyed it and if it happened to me I’d be honored to smell his balls and I am nothing remotely close to a homosexual and I’ll end it on that.

  198. 198
    britbeck Says:

    We made u Eminem…haha now u have somebody to make u bak. However, it is really insane n silly n stupid n cruel. Em’s react to this action was really gud. Just walking away very manly aha. Em wont let this go, he will pay u bak MTV.

  199. 199
    Fake Says:

    Come on people this is FAKE.
    MTV and Sasha planned this and Eminem had to be in on it.

    no way would you sit there and watch some dude in a thong land head down in your lap.
    he never flinched or got out of the way.

    how ridiculous are you people for believing this is real?

    and M’s entourage was there…and did nothing until he said something.

    total BS and totally fake…wasn’t even that funny. kinda ripping off Stern and fartman. MTV awards are a bunch of BS anyway…and I am surprised big names actually go…except Jim Carey who is so amused by himself…I used to like him and think he is funny.

    If this is real M should really tell MTV to F themselves because they always pull this fake crap on him…like with Triumph the insult comic dog….which was actually pretty funny.

  200. 200
    LEE Says:


  201. 201
    qBOY Says:

    @Why don’t you get it and: – WHAT’S WITH ALL THE ” YOU AMERICANS” CRAP?? WANKER!

  202. 202
    B_ROCK Says:


    Bruno I hope to god that someone seriously hurts you for that bullshit of a stunt that you pulled last night. The thing you don’t understand is that Eminem has some of the craziest fans in the world, and they all got his back. He does not even have to do anything, his fans are capable of anything. You will be lucky if you don’t get killed over this bullshit. I hope you do.

  203. 203
    tal Says:

    That was so disgusting

  204. 204
    YARBAR Says:

    MTV has been dead to me for 10 years.

  205. 205
    Winston Says:

    Well I never!!!

  206. 206
    Leon Says:

    check out all them girls and that peeing their knickes, they have NOOOO class. i just sat here and imagined that dudes bare butt in one of them girls faces… would they be laughing then, hmm….

  207. 207
    kellybelly Says:

    the worst Eminem will do is rap about ‘bruno’ in his next song! i thought it was funny – Cameron Diaz was laughing her head off – at least she’s got a sense of humour! lighten up

  208. 208
    Nigapleez Says:

    It was a hilarious stunt, which both eminem, and cohen were a part of, its just a publicity stunt, an B_Rock lighten up, we all know Eminem fans are nothing but wannabe hardcore suburban nerdy white kids who wish they were innercity blacks, his music sucks, but the stunt was funny

  209. 209
    npdelo Says:

    LOL Eminem is a little *****.
    hes cries like a 12 year old girl, just get over it man

  210. 210
    CAppy Says:

    You would never see a chick hanging like that or have the camera man zooming in on her skin like that at an awards show… just shows that Hollywood is full of ****.

  211. 211
    hannah Says:

    shut up how would u feel if someones @ss and everything else was in your face!!! my man looked pissed!! love u Eminem !!

  212. 212
    mrloki Says:

    Hahaha I hate M&M so I really just have one question? As he looked deep into Bruno’s brown eye, did he enjoy the tea bagging?

  213. 213
    mrloki Says:

    I love how all you idiots think m&m is some kind of tough guy, he is a wee lil girly boy. Wife beater and Tats don’t make you tuff, taint breath.

  214. 214
    RnBlover Says:

    Who is that gay dude? His booty was all in Eminem’s face. Poor Eminem. I think Sasha planned this, but Eminem never knew about it.

  215. 215
    hannah Says:

    how the hEll would u know that your just a nobody who has nothing better 2 do why don’t u shut the fU(K up loser!! your just making him more famous!!anyway dumb @ss

  216. 216
    mrloki Says:

    Strange how he just stared at it for awhile, before finally acting upset. We know you like that man booty m&m. You ain’t fooling nobody.

  217. 217
    mrloki Says:

    Hey Hannah, go make a “leave Brittny alone” type you tube video for your fruity m&m. My money is your a fatty who digs fem dudes with concave chests!

    Just make sure he gets some listerine to wash out that taint smell!

  218. 218
    mrloki Says:

    I can’t wait for the “my bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips” remixes with this video. Thank you BRUNO! This will stay with that little b*tch for the rest of his alleged career. m&m looking at his brown eye should be the official movie poster! All of m&m’s little 14year old tough guys probably cried all morning over this, I did too, but that was from laughing so hard. I wish I could have seen Dre’s face, my money is he laughed his **** off too.

  219. 219
    chocolate starfish Says:

    Hello I’m Bruno’s chocolate starfish, would someone please tell em to stop staring at me?

  220. 220
    mrtainty Says:


  221. 221
    RnBlover Says:

    @mrloki: LOL. “My bum is on your lips”. From Eminem’s own song.

  222. 222
    he cracks me up Says:

    I smell a$$ did eminem just burp?

  223. 223
    mrloki Says:

    I hope SBC tells everyone about how lil emmy was sporting wood during the whole incident.

  224. 224
    david Says:

    I thought it was funny! These rappers take themselves AWAY too seriously! Take your work serious, not yourself!


  225. 225
    susan boyle Says:

    all u eminem retards are going to look real stupid when this is revealed as a setup . i thought it was bloody hillarious !!!!!!!!!

  226. 226
    chris Says:

    actually tom green said that..

  227. 227
    JWil Says:

    Okay, to the people saying he deserved this, let me make an example:

    how would you feel if you were making fun of an animal and one day the animal decides that it will try to make you the mother/father of its children…how would you feel?


  228. 228
    mrloki Says:

    Yeah Tom Green did, but m&m who has never had an original thought in his life (like most rappers stealing other peoples work) used the line in one of his “songs”

  229. 229
    kramer Says:

    He totally got done that was truly amazing . and that is why sacha is possibly the best comedian in the world . LEGEND

  230. 230
    mrloki Says:

    JWil, wtf are you smoking? emmy is a b*tch, the body of a olsen twin with the mouth of a fighter. F him and his “fans”

  231. 231
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    1st of all, i think this was planned by sacha and mtv, but im pretty sure em had no idea about it
    he genuinely looks pissed off and i actually saw it on tv and he started swearing….if he knew he wouldnt have said that
    not only is that some gay ****, but it’s really rude
    who wouldnt get offended, some random guy just puts his a$$ in ur face….really?

    2nd of all i think sacha takes his role 2 seriously, bruno for a fact will never ever reach the funniness of borat, it just cant
    from what ive seen of bruno, it’s not even funny…..a gay supermodel movie?
    no thanks man, there is already a great movie on that called zoolander
    i no he has a wife and kid and all but sacha just comes out as totally gay 2 me, totally losing respect for him

  232. 232
    jboy904 Says:

    come on yall !! yall are saying its a joke, ( eminem lighten up ) and saying em makes fun and disses people lyricly,cuz what he sayz is true,and just jokes, but its verbally !!!! he aint never put his hands on nobody,, but that dude rockin a thong and ass next to the face and he’s on ur lap, in 69 position,, yo thats crossing the line with a joke,, thats a disrespect,and that was uncalled for,, what if that happend to yall,,, and dont front like you would go along with it,, cuz you lying,

  233. 233
    Jackson Says:

    @Paulie: Agreed, but the “Bum is on your Lips” comment was mocking Tom Green. Eminem didn’t come up with it.

  234. 234
    chocolate starfish Says:

    I’m surprised emmy could even walk sporting that stiffy, then again he probably doesn’t pack much downstairs.

  235. 235
    JWil Says:


    He talks about that stuff…it’s another thing to shove your balls in someones face…how would you feel if someone did that to you?

  236. 236
    mrloki Says:

    Hey lil emmy you whiny B*tch, you can’t stop the internet baby. The video may have been pulled from here for now, but it will live on forever! Hahahaha, he’s scrambling to get it pulled off every where, WON’T HAPPEN B*TCH!

  237. 237
    Shawn Says:

    I personally think that if Eminem knew he was straight he would have laughed it off, but I think Sacha should have known his limits. Eminem should realy man up since it’s just a joke….and Twilight sucks ass!! Not even the cast liked the book or the movie!!! Did you not see their reactions everytime they went on stage….”STEPHANIE!!!” XD

  238. 238
    godsword Says:

    Em did the right thing.. i’d be pissed off to if i had some balls thrown in my face for millions to watch! and for all you who said he acted like a ***** for leaving you guys are the *******!

  239. 239
    GoHomeDude Says:

    “mrloki is obsessed. I bet you wanna lick Eminem.

  240. 240
    For the record... Says:

    Paris Hilton stated on “The View” that she was told about the stunt beforehand and that Eminem DID NOT know it was going to happen.

    So there!

    Eminem can say whatever he wants to say. It’s called freedom of speech. He has never attacked anybody’s person. He doesn’t go out brawling in bars and he’s also never been accused of raping a woman.

    This Sacha guy is mental. He doesn’t know where to draw the line and thinks everything is funny.


    His nasty, stinky hairy butt in Eminem’s face was nothing short of psychotic. The guy had better watch his back. I’m sure a lot of rappers who like Eminem are very angry about what that crazy idiot did to him.

    MTV sucks. The show is a big waste of time.

  241. 241
    Taliya Says:

    yes it was staged but eminem didn’t know anything about it thats why he was pissed when it happened because no one told him what was going to happen.

  242. 242
    paula Says:

    i think that was very rude i mean Eminem didn’t expect that to happen regardless of his homophobia or not that was a very rude thing of Bruno.
    he got lucky that he didn’t get beat up!! I love eminem<3

  243. 243
    VANNIE Says:

    i dont get it

  244. 244
    is a little bit of both Says:

    CIt’s the $64,000 question of the day: Was the Flying 69 that Sacha Baron Cohen executed on Eminem at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards staged or not?

    The answer, according to Life & Style magazine, is a little bit of both.

    An MTV insider tells the mag that producer Mark Burnett did, indeed, get the go-ahead from Eminem to allow Cohen—in the guise of his latest movie character Bruno—to drop in from the sky and situate his rear end in the rapper’s face.

    But according to the source, Em was left in the dark as to how naked Cohen would be when the stunt was pulled. And as everyone who watched the awards ceremony last night knows, Cohen was in a very natural state indeed.

    A second source reveals another tidbit about the stunt: That Eminem wasn’t the first celebrity they intended to pull the stunt on. Apparently, the producers had first hoped to drop Cohen’s butt in the face of hotel heiress Paris Hilton, but she declined—because Hilton is classy like that, yo.

    “Paris is quite happy she turned down the offer,” the insider notes.

    What, like she would have even noticed?

    Have your say in the comments section: Would you have preferred to see Sacha Baron Cohen pull his stunt on Paris Hilton instead?

  245. 245
    gobruno! Says:

    LMFAO!! EMINEM DESVERD THIS! You can put your ass in someone’s face (I think The Real Slim Shady Video) but no one can’t put an ass on YOUR face?…Take it B!tch!

  246. 246
    gobruno! Says:

    Sorry. DESERVED*

  247. 247
    mUFFY Says:

    Eminem is not gangster! I like Em, but he’s not a bada**! lol

    That was nasty! If that was black guy, Sasha would’ve been in the ICU!

  248. 248
    The Real Slim Shady Says:

    Doesn’t MM already have a song about this incident? It goes:

    I don’t believe it, it’s almost to good to be true
    I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING

  249. 249
    Caro Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha that’s the best thing i’ve ever seen hahahaha i really don’t like eminem so this is the best!!!!!

  250. 250
    mrsefron. Says:

    POOR EMINEM!! !that was soooo messed up!


  251. 251
    wtf Says:

    I’m not an Eminem fan but this was definitely NOT funny at all. Having someone’s testicles shoved in your face is just extremely disrespectful, and Eminem did the right thing by walking away. I’d be way more pissed and woulda had my crew beat the crap outta Sacha. Eminem basically promoted the show, MTV made the wrong decision by pulling off that stunt.

  252. 252
    Jokergurl Says:

    Sasha Baron Cohen is not too bright, the poor guy had to be rushed to the hospital due to a waxing incident for Bruno. He is funny, but there’s a point. Sticking you erhem in someone’s face is just not cool. Even if it was planned, I don’t think Eminem was in on it. I’m surprised that Eminem didn’t beat the crap out him then and there. He’s lightening up a bit , he just stormed out. I think Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher is funnier than he is, and she doesn’t even have to try (Wedding Crashers anyone?) Just a bit much, even for MTV, which doesn’t ring cool like it used to.

  253. 253
    Jess Says:


  254. 254
    mia Says:

    Funny and totally crazy!

  255. 255
    Annie Says:

    TOO FUNNY!! Lighten up people…..And I honestly don’t think Sacha gives a crap about some stupid rapper.

  256. 256
    HelloJJ Says:

    @Why don’t you get it and: What does it have to do with being american?

  257. 257
    Bruno is a turd Says:

    If you’re saying “yay,” I’d like to see Bruno stick his cr@ppy butt in your face. See how you’d like it . It’s so easy to see other people get slammed. Yea, it’s so funny. People are so inane and mean. It’s always funny until it happens to you. When it happens to you, then you’re throwing a fit too.

    I’m not an Eminem fan, but Bruno… er Sacha is vulgar and a low-class Jew. I wouldn’t think a Jewish guy would be so dumb. What an embarassment he must be to his family.

  258. 258
    mertz Says:

    why is everyone still on this. i know eminem isn’t still going on this at all. this whole thing was planned by mtv and sacha and eminem was in on it otherwise he wouldn’t have been mic’d so perfectly and the stupid camera man would not have gotten his reaction before bruno yelled lower me down. puhlease use your commen sense sometimes and maybe get to know eminem. there is no way he would let someone do that to him if he didn’t need the publicity and to sell records. lol. he’s not on the drugs and is even more leathel calm now than he ever was. if this was real, someone would be losing their lombs and some real nasty **** would have gone down…the dude may be white but he definately has full hood mentality and would not have sat down for this unless he had known before hand. gosh. even his guards were being gentle with sacha. are you kidding me. if this was real there would have been a serious fight and mtv would have had some real gangster sh*t on their hands.

  259. 259 Says:

    It obviously wasn’t staged. Sasha accidently got his wing caught up on part of the pillar (Or whatever you want to call it) . Eminem should’ve just played along. He’s always talking **** about other people. When his raps are serious, he is legit though.


  260. 260
    tara Says:

    I wish Taraji Henson would shut up. She doesn’t know if it was planned or not. I think the MTV producers are trying to cover up about how mad Enimen really got. He’s already considered a homophobe.

  261. 261
    Lola Says:

    The latest I’ve heard about this is that Eminem knew about the stunt, but didn’t know Bruno would be bare-@ssed! I wonder why they picked on Eminem —–of all people. He’s been reclusive as of late. He finally comes out to play for once, and now he’s going to go back and be a hermit again. It seems like a lot of people have suddenly turned on him for some reason.

    Do you think Nick Cannon (Mariah’s husband) put Bruno up to this stunt?

  262. 262
    Jen Says:

    rude.. mtv knew this was gonna happen.. they are sooo low….i guess they will do anything for ratings

  263. 263
    douknowurenemy Says:

    i would’ve done the same
    how would like having some dudes ass in ur face on live tv infront of everyone? would u laugh?
    hell no u wouldn’t u would be pissed
    he bashes ppl yeah. is that wrong yeah but that doesn’t mean he deserves ass in his face

  264. 264
    Kaine Says:

    Bruno’s Eminem stunt was staged, says MTV boss
    The stunt involving Sacha Baron Cohen’s film character Bruno landing on Eminem during the MTV Movie Awards last week (May 31) was staged, MTV head writer Scott Aukerman has confirmed.
    Writing on his account (on a post since removed), Aukerman said that both Eminem and Baron Cohen had rehearsed the stunt, which saw the comedian lowering his backside into the rapper’s face.
    “Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged,” he wrote. “That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so let’s get it out of the way. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”
    Fans had been speculating about whether Eminem was in on the stunt. Many pointed out that he must have been as he appeared to be mic’d up when the incident took place, mid-way through the Independent ceremony in Hollywood.

  265. 265
    Marbilus Says:

    Bruno’s Eminem stunt was staged, says MTV boss
    The stunt involving Sacha Baron Cohen’s film character Bruno landing on Eminem during the MTV Movie Awards last week (May 31) was staged, MTV head writer Scott Aukerman has confirmed.
    Writing on his account (on a post since removed), Aukerman said that both Eminem and Baron Cohen had rehearsed the stunt, which saw the comedian lowering his backside into the rapper’s face.
    “Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged,” he wrote. “That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so let’s get it out of the way. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”
    Fans had been speculating about whether Eminem was in on the stunt. Many pointed out that he must have been as he appeared to be mic’d up when the incident took place, mid-way through the Independent ceremony in Hollywood.

  266. 266
    Shannon Says:

    Bruno’s legs are sexxyyy/

    I wish my legs looked that good.

  267. 267
    Fahad Joudh Says:

    ur right it wasnt staged it was a prank, did u just say tht eminem is a bad actor? did u watch 8mile?

  268. 268
    adz Says:


    i think it was the funniest thing iv seen in a loooooooong time.
    who would have thought he liked sniffing but.. he even put his head forward at one stage. LOL

    all his lyrics how he loves homos and etc etc and his newest album featured around erotic serial mastermind killer that raps and yet he cant put up with a little bum in his mouth.

    see what goes around comes around.
    i had to seriously laugh out loud.

    good stuff.

  269. 269
    Dr. YO Says:

    Eminem once sang: “My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips”. So his lips on a bum, LOL, this is just great!!! Eminem moons all the time (everyone has seen his ass) and now he gets a face full of ass, and the world has seen it, and is seeing it via vids and pix of “The Great Ass In Eminem’s Face Event 2009.” Everyone is talking about this!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I guess this makes Em “Bruno” Sacha Baron Cohen’s *****. I think Em knew Bruno was going to fall on him as a planned joke. BUTT!!! Em did not know the getting a face full of ass part. Em was hella punked!!! So, I think he was really pissed and left the MTV event. I am a big fan of Em’s music and he is way cool and all….BUTT this is so funny that it happened to Eminem!!!!! Peace OUT!!!

  270. 270
    Gregg Says:

  271. 271
    hey Says:

    adz @ 06/03/2009 at 12:47 pm

    Would you like a little bit of Bruno’s butt in your face?

    A lot of people are homophobic. What about all the rappers and hip/hop people and just straight men in general? Most of them are homophobes, so singling out Em isn’t right. He has a right to have his own opinions.

    Bruno or Sacha – whoever he is, could spoof Em in his movies or single a song and put Em in it. He didn’t have a right to invade Em’s space like that – especially on MTV awards. Very tacky.

  272. 272

    Today it was quoted in the newspaper that Eminem told a website called Rap Radar: “Im thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it.” Eminem said that when he left the show he went back to his hotel room and laughed for three hours, including as he watched the playback. Eminem knew what he was going to face at the the MTV Movie Awards, including Sasha Baron Cohen’s BARE BUTT! Eminem said the stunt was all rehearsed, right down to his mock disgust.

    That makes most this a bit better, but it was still too much for MTV to put out for teenagers and young kids. They need to stop and think about what they are doing. It’s poor judgment.

  273. 273
    Jael Says:

    To everyone saying that Eminem deserved this for his years of making fun of people on his records, I highly disagree with you. I dislike Eminem alot but even i think that this was taking it too far. There’s a difference between SAYING something and PHYSICALLY DOING something. He deserves to be made fun of, but no one deserves having an ass crack shoved in their face on national TV. That was taking it WAY too far.

  274. 274
    Jacob Says:

    come on, this is hilarious! eminem is, apparently, just too famous and cool for bruno’s ass. I guess that embarassing moments are what really makes the real slim shady stand up. Best moment of mtv awards!

    btw this stunt could really go both ways and I think Sacha Baron Cohen is the only one who could pull this off without getting into serious trouble.

  275. 275
    Jacob Says:

    haha lol just found out that it was all planned. “taking back my words”.

    nice acting though, i totally believed it

  276. 276
    Sciontcracer2o05 Says:

    Yeah , But Why not Eminem should have move away if Bruno go down and smash his face out before too late so If I m him , I will move away from seat and bruno will get down hit on the floor like bird pooped on the floor from sky I think so ….

  277. 277
    elsapatricia Says:

    what the hell is going up there?
    bruno is such an idiot..

  278. 278
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    His performance was hilarious.

  279. 279
    OwyheeBrave11 Says:

    dudes it was fake eminem and sasha planed it all out they even reheased it i watched an eminem interview where he talkes abot it

  280. 280
    goatroper Says:

    Remember when Triumph the Insult Comic dog schooled Eminem at the MTV awards a few years ago? People then were saying “He’ll never come back to THAT awards show!” Golly gee, look who came back…
    What a sellout. (Although that implies that he had some talent to begin with, which he doesn’t.)
    I’m not a big fan of SBCohen, but if he takes this poser down a peg or two, I’m all for it.

  281. 281
    seo Says:

    I think Eminem was told about the stunt beforehand and agreed to SBC landing on him (“ha-ha, sure I’ll go along”) BUT he had NO IDEA about THE WAY SBC was going to land on him. Remember, Eminem wasn’t present for the so-called “rehearsal.”

    It was funny but I bet Eminem was genuinely annoyed. Not “goons kick his az” mad but annoyed by having smell Sascha’s family jewels.

  282. 282
    Issac Rosavio Says:

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