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Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego Brüno, the Austrian fashion journalist) falls into rapper Eminem‘s lap during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

It seemed completely staged but watch the funny clip of it below! Classic shot here. Mind you, Bruno‘s rear was completely bare. Eminem got 69′d!


This was prior to Zac Efron winning “Best Male Performance” for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Bruno Falls Into Eminem’s Lap!!!

10+ pictures inside of Bruno @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • nonny

    that was so trashy and disrespectful of mtv to do especially when eminem was helping promote the award show.

  • sierrarose

    If this was not pre-approved by eminem, it was one sick joke. it should happen to no one. shoving your bare ass in someone’s face with your dick not far away is not a joke-it is a sexual assault. if anyone has an understanding of why eminem reacted the way he did, listen to relapse. then see if it funny.

  • Rob

    Hell yeah! Man this was the best part of the whole show, seriously. Mr. Mathers deserved everything he got, and it was awesome to see him make an even bigger jerk of himself (If that’s even possible) by storming out like the little candyass he is. Good on ya Sascha, this is the best thing I’ve seen in weeks!

  • Mari

    WAY TO GO SACHA. Eminem you had it coming and DESERVE IT!! He makes fun of everyone, especially women and gays. So there you go little pansy…keep on crying thug!

  • Mari

    WAY TO GO SACHA…EMINEM is always insulting and degraing women and all sorts of people. He had it coming. Best stunt ever!

  • mertz

    i’ll just start off by saying people must be real stupid if they getting hectic about this. eminem knows how to take a joke, even if the joke is on him, but his face doesn’t bare all of his motions so you have to know the guy to get him. second, lol, he’s much much much smarter than you think he is, and he doesn’t do anything without calculation.

    it was sooooo staged. so many people called it instantly, but then other people were debating if em agreed to this then why would he sit there in that awkward moment and have that, and the truth is that no one knows.

    i figure mtv ran him through what was going to happen and em’s guys knew what to due, but the whole thing seemed too convenient. if that’s marshal pissed lol then i must be blind, cause the dude has got a temper it’s kinda scary because he goes both ways.

    also the thing was funny. and thanks to bruno i didn’t have to see zeffrons face for a long time on my tv.

    eminem gets baron cohen. if anything it’s not a personal thing and it would definately be on mtv’s part that messed up getting their wires crossed.

    that was one of the worst awards shows i’ve seen in a while. some good moments though…but they were mostly bad. love ks dropping the award. lol. karma. and jj abrams, the cut eyes at miley from the bres and from vanessa to ks was pretty good too. jonah hill (love him) deserves his own tv show.

  • asdf

    I’m not an Eminem fan and I thought it was not funny! Didn’t even crack a smile! It was stupid! Eminem should of beat the shit out of Bruno instead of walking off. MTV is stupid, superficial, and irrelevant!

  • cutiepie32

    1st of all, the bit wasnt even funny to begin with.
    2nd, if it was me I’d be pissed off too, so I dont blame Em at all. They should have staged it better, like practiced it with someone who actually in on the bit and knew what was going to happen and could pretend to be angry, like Will Ferrell would have been good.

  • vannie

    I was shocked…i was like was this supposed to happen or not? lol Eminem was soo mad, i mean he had every right to be but he could have just laughed it off or moved out of the way…DUH! But again its Eminem and he has a temper and i can understand why he is mad, its his first time back and they always play him like that

  • Bruno FTW

    somebody call Eminem a whaaaaaambulance

  • Tek

    Em has gone through a lot with recovery the last year. He’ s in an addiction/recovery phase and probably not in the funniest of moods. I love Em and support him (bought his whole album to show support), but he got wayyy too pissed about something he could have brushed off. He could have pinched his balls and everyone would have laughed and Em would have still been reguarded as funny, BUT that’s not what happened and EM is gonna have to learn with recovery, to tolerate and realize life is not as serious as he’s making it. I’m a recovering addict too, so he better go to a few more meetings and learn to have fun with life and soon…

  • Rob


    Mr. Mathers. If you want people to take you seriously, then stop acting like a giant douchebag all the time and take some music lessons! Perhaps you could consider pursuing some kind of higher education, and doing something constructive with your life, instead of simply providing entertainment for the lowest common denominator. We already have “reality” television for that.

  • mertz

    that was one of the worst tributes by two non comedians to give to a comedic actor. triumph was good. the whole awrds should have been called highschool muscial et al, or disney, and the twilight show. i don’t know how jim carey (love him) won, or how ks won so many awards. twilight, is probably one of the worst movies ever, even if the actual book is a good book. my goodness. i thought mtv took low to a new level, but after this lol they’re definately in the desperate for ratings category. i guess the fans are to blame since they voted for the winners, and also this awards show lol i guess can’t be taken seriously since they tried (hardly) to actual include good movies from the past year, and not necessairly the ones that made the most money. i guess that’s why we have cannes, sundance, tiff et al. one of the worst things i’ve seen on television. andy was alright though.

  • Shawon

    Yes it might’ve been funny for people, and yea it was just a joke, but how can you blame Eminem for getting pissed. You can say oh Eminem is always rapping about homos and all that, yea true, but RAPPING about homos is different than having another man’s junk and bare ass all up in your face. It would’ve been different if Bruno was just on the stage and cracking jokes about Eminem making fun of gays or something, yea of course, but you cross the line when you actually do something like that and physically invade his personal space like that.

  • elnino

    I don’t think it was staged because Eminem looked pissed. I would be too if I got someone’s a$$ in my face! I would not be surprised if that dude turns up bruised up somewhere.

  • cutiepie32

    I also dont happen to find Sasha funny at all. Borat was stupid, I didnt find it funny at all and bruno also looks like a dumb movie. The only movie he was good in was Talladega Nights, I think its because he actually didnt write his lines in that movie.

  • mertz

    also relpase is selling pretty well, so even though you may think em is washed up, lol, listen to the record and you’ll find a couple good tracks, and great lyrics and some decent beats. it’s not bad considering all that has happened to him in the last while. not surprised by the critics and all, but there was prejudgements about what this album was going to be, but eminem makes no bones about this record. he knows what it is and what he was doing. lol. he says it himself. people need to stop taking the dude so seriously.


    Eminem should chill out, I love him, but his recovering addict pitty party needs to toughen up and learn to laugh at life already.

  • steve

    wow if i was EM i would have punched him in the face!!!!

    em rocked the stage and now this!!! wow……………..

  • steve

    wow if i was EM i would have punched him in the face!!!!

    em rocked the stage and now this!!! wow……………..

  • kylie

    there’s no need for people to lighten up, that was CHEAP comedy.

  • Firtula

    Eminem is always bashing people in his songs…and if they make fun of him for just a second, he has to act all childish. Eminem won’t really make a diference in MTV, he’s an idiot. You should really lighten up Em’…it’s comedy!

    Also, Em’s entourage was EXTREMELY harsh about trhe situation…they actually beated ‘Bruno’…they should be charged of something.

    In conclusion…Em’s a stupid sore loser and Sacha Baron Cohen is a hilarious actor!

  • Firtula



  • Adolf

    It is funny how eminem always talks shit to everyone, but when he is insulted he can’t take it if this was’nt staged.

  • Charlie

    eminem looked highly pissed..

  • jami

    sacha was wearing underwear, it was a prank n unsurprisingly, eminem and his crew of goons took it way too seriously.

  • marty

    eminem should have kicked that fags ass

  • jason

    eminem got OWNED! He got a mouth full of a$$ & c*ck. Finally that lame bastard got what was coming to him. anyone ever heard of KARMA!

  • marty

    @diggie: F U

  • taipeigurl

    it is rude but c’mon, take a joke em!
    It’s pretty anal of him (literally too) if he’s actualy pissed! hahahah

  • jordan

    He has every right to storm off and be upset.. he had that guys junk all up in his face. Nothing to do with him taking himself to serious or anything..i think anyone in that position would have got extremely upset, surprised eminem didnt punch the douche bag

  • Fudd

    Ha… I would have whooped his ass… Eminem left so he wouldn’t slap the shit out of that fag… Was funnt as Hell though!!!!! Lmao

  • yvonne

    Eminem got what he deserves but this stunt was disgusting.

  • c12pimpin

    where the heck is Ashton Kutcher? to tell Eminem he got Punked on Mtv!!!!! wheres the punked crew at???????

  • HockeyGurL

    For everyone saying he deserved this why ? because he makes fun of people in his music videos, he didn’t deserve this, would you want to be teabagged by some nasty guy? Now we know why he never attends awards show cause of crap like this.

  • http://http jo jo

    That’s what that little b!tch Eminem gets! hysterical!

  • sam

    I looks pretty was staged becasue his people were did not punch or hit Cohen, if you see the repeet they just pushed him out but all the blows were up in the air, there was no real punch. In another situation they probably would have punch him out and security would have jumped in

  • Misha

    Why wouldn’t Eminem just get up though? It was obvious dude was about to fall in his direction. He stayed so im thinking completely staged.

  • tom sawyer

    well i mean he showed up as triumph the dog thingy right?
    so maybe that’s why he stormed out?

  • Ninjawookie

    @EMINEMisBRILLIANT: He was obviously just pointing out that Eminem and his whole posse are just a bunch of homophobes, which is funny because Sascha Baron Cohen is married man. What sort of a reaction is that for someone who talks shit at everyone whether they deserved it or not, to not be able to take it.

  • homermoosevols

    You guys are idiots if you don’t think this was staged. I mean come on. Everything is staged at these award shows. Right down to the lip syncing. If you believe this to be true then you are some dumbA$$es. If it was true M&M would have punched him.

  • amuff

    you’re saying eminem is a bad actor but you’re saying it’s not staged, which basically states you can’t tell if he’s actually pissed or not which makes him a good actor if it was planned. You’re not to bright are you kid?

  • Helena

    well.. trying to annalize it objectively… it WAS sort of funny… if it’d been me I’m one hundred percent sure I would have laughed my head off the whole show, and would be still laughing. I think eminem overreacted, but well, he’s the superstar, not me. don’t think he was a sh*thead as everyone’s saying, he just doesn’t have the same sense of humor as we do.

    I think, the priceless thing here, what everyone is missing, what ‘bruno’ overshadowed, is zac’s reaction. he’s completely confused, as we see him mouthing ‘what? did i just win?’. he was so absorbed in the distraction that he missed everything!

  • az wildcat

    hahahahaha!!! That was funny, if you think it was rude or over the top you obviously never listened to a Eminem album before. This will be all over the news tomorrow, giving Sacha Cohens new movie “Bruno” some great publicity. A brilliant move on Sacha’s part, there is no such thing as bad publicity. If you were a fan of Borat, then tonights stunt is only affirmation that “Bruno” is going to be funnier than Borat.

  • Karen

    I am not an Eminem fan—really I can’t stand him or what he says, etc. HOWEVER. Sacha Cohen was totally out of line and disgusting. I was far from being funny. And moreover it was unfair to the winner of that award no matter who won it. In this case it was Zac Efron who obviously was floored that he won but worse yet he couldn’t he tell that he had won until everyone else started telling him he had done so! The tackiness of this really ruined the moment for the winner of that award. It was shameful. MTV has absolutely no class.

  • http://aol susan

    Disgusting. I would be furious. I think Bruno went way too far and it was not funny at all. Let’s see what happens when the same thing happens to him. We will see how he likes it. There is funny and then there is just rude and obnoxious. And, to do it in front of all those people and on TV was even more disgusting.

  • Yadayi

    why would MTV risk something like this? they shouldn’t even staged this or planned it in the first place…

    come on doing this to somebody like eminem draws trouble and might jeopardize the whole award show….

    sacha cohen is prolly goin to get his a$$ f’d up later on….

  • funny!

    omg too funny, so NOT staged!

  • Brett

    You idiots, of course it was staged. Do you really think that he “just happened” to come down, perfectly positioned, on Eminem like that? Just so happens that both of these guys happen to have new projects they are supporting this month? You people are so easy to manipulate it’s pathetic. Do you morons understand “show business”? Here’s a tip for you…. and trust me I KNOW… “accidents” don’t happen in showbiz. Never…… EVER.

  • Stilk

    It’s fun to read all of the comments. Are people really upset? A guy who makes crappy movies put his rear end in the face of a guy who doesn’t know what music is on MTV. MTV, who completely forgot what “M” stands for. I think you have to have additional MTV channels in your cable package to even see something that involves “music”.