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Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego Brüno, the Austrian fashion journalist) falls into rapper Eminem‘s lap during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

It seemed completely staged but watch the funny clip of it below! Classic shot here. Mind you, Bruno‘s rear was completely bare. Eminem got 69′d!


This was prior to Zac Efron winning “Best Male Performance” for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Bruno Falls Into Eminem’s Lap!!!

10+ pictures inside of Bruno @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • Billy the Kidd

    HEHE that was great, loved every second of it, eminem is a big tough guy (thats why he needs a crew lol) and look at him get humiliated like that. MTV is lame and their awards are a joke, its basically the commercial music sellout channel, this was the only interesting to see all night.

    Go rap about that tough guy.

  • Rainee

    I thought it was pretty hilarious. sorry.
    it could have been anyone but why him?
    but ye, no one deserves all that in your face. disgusting.

  • sterculius

    I thought it was hilarious and think Eminem WAY over reacted. You would think someone who dedicates their career to controversy would have a sense of humor, or at the very least understanding when it came to Cohen’s antics, but instead he just throws a tantrum like a toddler.

    Most people I know thought it would have been gross sure, to have another man’s bare ass in their face, but they also would have simply laughed it off and shook their head with mild embarrassment. But not Eminem, oh no he got a taste of his own medicine and did not like it one bit. He can dish it but can’t take it.

    Instead of sleeping pills, maybe he should’ve gotten addicted to chill pills.

  • bruno

    it’s obviously staged… all sacha baron cohen’s material is made to look like it’s real, and the fact that you’re all questioning it shows how good he is at it. the idea of his comedy is to outrage people, so it’s definitely worked. if it was real, eminem’s bodyguards would have actually attacked him, rather than just pushing him around so he swings comically like he did. but the whole idea of sacha baron cohen’s is to cross the line, THAT is why it’s funny.

  • Tom

    It was not funny. Not sure if Em was in the know or not and was playing along. But I could see how it would annoy someone.

  • sjk

    What a perv! And way to totally ruin Zac’s moment. So uncool!

  • mankey wanky

    It’s about time MnM ate humble pie, or should that be peachy ass. PMSL. That was hilarious, staged or not.

  • Simone

    I just dont see the funny side at all.

    Only bit that made me laugh slightly was Zac Efron’s “what!?”

  • http://hotmail Furiousblue

    hmmm…………….let’s see…. being totally humiliated on national TV
    as another man’s junk and bare buttocks is in his face.
    Ur right he should not be mad at all.

  • jules

    that was disgusting…it wasnt funny…eminem had every right to be upset…so uncalled for! ….no one wants a strangers bare ass in their face like that

  • J

    Face it Eminem is not going to do anything to Sasha. Em can talk all this crap he wants about it as this goes on, but the reality of it is that Sasha already has no shame in his comedy. Its gonna be hard for Em to win that one. And for real, Em isn’t going to do anything violent now or 5 years ago. Hes an ENTERTAINER not a gangster, criminal, thug. Stop reading into the music so much. This is truly funny. Em was the butt of a joke that he couldn’t take. To go gay on a homophob. Great prank!!!!!

  • drew

    @EMINEMisBRILLIANT: I agree totally, he did the right thing. Yeah, he could have stayed and had people constantly looking at him the whole show. Chances are though, being the facts of history shows us Eminem has been in Anger Management programs, it could have gotten out of hand. I think he did the mature thing, was the bigger person, and just walked away.

  • kevz

    That was rude..

    Eminem doesn’t know that something like that would happened..
    He’s so pissed..
    Anyone would be pissed of what Bruno did..

    I mean, do you like a gay’s face on front of your cock and a gay’s ass on your nose and face…

    Very irritating.. x(

  • oooggaaa boooggaa

    I think it was really messed up what he did to Em. I mean he deserves better from MTV after performing and everything. People tune into these awards just to see acts like Eminem. So I would say he definitely didn’t deserve it. I think they owe him a big apology. If I was Em I would be pissed off too, I don’t know why Em didn’t just start wailing on him? It’s just really embarrassing because you know millions of people saw it and are gonna be talking about it.

  • finallyfindtheway

    That’s perfect for EMINEM

  • bpop

    To think after all eminem has been through in the past year, which has taken him to hell and back, and then to see them to do this to him live on mtv is rediculous. Completely rediculous

  • Frankrizzo


    my bum is on your lips is from Tom Green moron. Eminem said it making fun of the fact that people get on TV with dumb shit like that. Maybe if you actually listened to what the man says in his songs, you would understand and be able to comment about them.

  • Frankrizzo


    you mean his washed up rapping career that just happens to have the number 1 album right now?

  • Nando



    I don’t think it funny at all..if you are talking about bashing people Sahha id the expert on bashing people Emenem is a man to live the show…

  • Lori

    He deserved it for talking shit? Since when is speaking your mind a crime? He has a right NOT to agree with the gay lifestyle (most people think its pretty friggin gross, I sure as hell do!). So he gets publicly humiliated because he’s not fake like everyone else? This “politically correct” BS only makes people hide their true feelings. Cohen is a nasty, obnoxious jew who thinks he’s Gods gift to comedy. He isn’t the least bit funny. I doubt anyone who had his sweaty balls and hairy ass plopped in their face would think it was funny.
    MTV is a joke (and NOT of the humorous variety). If I were Em I’d sue them for assault. That was no doubt the most disgusting display of “comedy” I’ve ever seen. MTV has sunk so low they’ve lost their credibility. Whats the point in presenting someone with an award when you reduce it to nothing more than a joke? Where’s the honor? Do they really think these actors and actresses were proud to receive them under the circumstances they set forth?
    Sasha Baron Cohen is a perfect example of WHY some people don’t like gays. As if that lifestyle isn’t perverted enough, you have to literally shove it in someones face? Cohen acts like a complete moron, and I’m dumbfounded as to why people even think he’s funny. Eminem showed more class by walking away than I would have because Cohen would still be looking for his nasty little nads.
    If you don’t like what I have to say, tough crap. Its still a free country and I’m free to say how I feel.

  • Frankrizzo

    anyone who thinks he “got what he deserved” or that it was funny, or that it wasnt criminal, come by. 1357 Ave U. Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY. I’ll be happy to slap my nuts in your face and we’ll see how funny it is when I put it up on youtube for the world to see.

  • KingManos

    Its different to say something about someone else and its different to put your ass in front of somebodys face idiot….

  • Lori

    @KingManos: Which is what I was saying, idiot! Can’t you read? Or maybe its comprehension part that eludes you .

  • Lori

    @KingManos: I’m the idiot? LMAO! If you’re going to comment on something, try reading it first. Idiot.

  • Lívia

    Sacha Baron Cohen is an ass!

  • zenlove

    That was not cool!! Just because the whole world is into the gay thing doesnt make it okay to do that to a guy who obviously has a problem with it. Eminem should have beat his ass!!

  • Per Edman

    Eminem could always get a new stage name. I suggest T-bag.

  • Faith

    I have to admit that I like sasha….but that was just sick and rude.

    Not to mention blasphemous for mocking God’s creations that way.


    When Eminem make fun of people, he does it on his music videos, not in someone’s face! If Sacha want to make fun of Eminem, he should’ve make fun of him in his movie!

    If Sacha did that to some other Rapper, he would’ve got his ass kicked!

    I wish Sacha try that stupid act one more time to some other Rapper or someone that is a gangster!

    I wouldn’t think they would take it as a joke!

  • rigworker

    The rigging was put in place and tested so that Bruno would drop down over the seat. “Bruno” began turning forward and locking his legs into the rigging wires & at the same time he let his right arm make contact with the speaker rigging. Eminem was in NO way aware that the actor was going to drop all the way down and if you were there you could see that the last 4 feet he came down rapidly and the planted subject in FRONT of Eminem made sure he landed the way he did. Eminem dropped the F bomb and it was picked up on “Brunos” Microphone. The censors cost MTV a $250.000 fine for that by not catching it. Eminem just finished his set on stage and they made their way to the seats. They didn’t “show up” as part of the plan. It was only “Planned” in the sense that they set Eminem up for the worst gag in history. You have to ask yourself one question, Would Any rapper set himself up to the the OWNED poster boy for the next 20 years? He was NOT in on this stunt. He was “Punked” by the MTV show producers.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    funny?!? boron cohen’s a complete lame.

  • cutie pie

    that was some silly bullcrap.. i would have been pissed too, some of you people take things too far, that was not funny a mans bare butt up in another mans face,, i believe it was stage dor there would have been a big as– fight! so silly and childish!!

  • Crystal

    Omg, that was just so f-d up.

  • jay

    for all yall talkin shit about ems homophobia. he did s show with Elton john years ago….i dont thinks hes that homophobic. for all yall that said he should lighten up, let me rub my nuts in your face and see if you keep a smiling face… yaaaaburnnnn

  • jackie

    Lori @ 06/01/2009 at 10:01 am
    Sasha Baron Cohen is a perfect example of WHY some people don’t like gays. As if that lifestyle isn’t perverted enough, you have to literally shove it in someones face?

    erm Lori NEWS ALERT – Sasha isn’t Gay he’s married father of 1, Bruno is a gay character /alter ego her plays in a forthcoming movie!!.

  • pete

    hilarious GO ON SASHA!!! laughing my head off :D

  • ELLE

    Don’t blame MTV, blame the disgusting rabid twilight fans who can’t bear to see anything else but Rob, Kristen and the movie itself win.
    If the Oscars were nominated and voted on by the people, Kristen and Rob would already be Academy Award winners.

  • Micah

    i don’t know why people think it is okay to sexually assault someone (and by legal standards that is in fact what Cohen did), if you dislike them personally or politically. Eminem is offensive, but he is verbally offensive not physically offensive. Cohen crossed the line both ethically and legally. He should be in jail just the same as anyone who would do that to a woman WOULD be in jail.

  • Shakirakitten

    I thought it was too funny. Laughed out Loud. Seeing ‘Bruno’ flying around in a thong and getting all messed up was pretty funny. Normally, I am quite a ‘properly’ behaved person but come on guys, that was funny.

  • Duderino

    Dude, you guys need to loosen up, that was HIGHlarious!!!

  • asim

    @Emily: well if some one put their hairy balls and ass crack in your face and you didnt know about it then i think you’d be pissed as well i guarantee if that was someone else , celebrity they would react in similar ways

  • JC

    LMFAO @ the people who thought this was real!!!!!


  • Noticias de famosos

    What a shame Eminem had to go in front of the whole world
    who were in the gala, with all that ass in your face ….

  • Dat nucca

    @diggie: washed up? be real bro, the guy doesnt rap all the time anymore because he is more so producing, and if you just listen to his commercial shit, try actually listening to his mixtape shit. you say the man over reacted but if you werent told about a dude about to have his ass(literally) in your face i think you would react close to the same. the guy wasnt even wearing pants, thats messed up. Eminem held himself back from assault charges and embarressing himself on tv by whooping the dudes ass. And for those girls who think he over reacted its just like having some random chick put her ass in your face without knowing. Yeah he might crack on people with his lyrics, but do you ever see him put his bare ass in somebodys face on camera? Dont think so. all yall need to quit lying about the way you would of reacted, anybody in that situation deserves to be pissed like how Eminem was and leave. The nigga makes music, he isnt a comedian.

  • Greg

    It was staged. If you look back at the movie awards right before the commercial break you will see them escorting Eminem down to that seat from his actual seat. When he got up and left after Bruno sat on his face he didnt leave the awards show he just went back up to his seat

  • Kyle

    I am an eminem fan and a cohen fan and I’m gonna have to side on the person whose balls were exposed on this one. All eminem does is talk about how people need to get a sense of humor and not take him seriously. Seems like he got dished exactly what he talks about in his songs and didn’t enjoy it too much. Seem extremely hypocritical to me for him to make such a big deal out of this. It’s hilarious and he himself needs to lighten up (another point he stresses but apparently doesn’t follow through on). I enjoyed it and if it happened to me I’d be honored to smell his balls and I am nothing remotely close to a homosexual and I’ll end it on that.

  • britbeck

    We made u Eminem…haha now u have somebody to make u bak. However, it is really insane n silly n stupid n cruel. Em’s react to this action was really gud. Just walking away very manly aha. Em wont let this go, he will pay u bak MTV.

  • http://wqeewqe Fake

    Come on people this is FAKE.
    MTV and Sasha planned this and Eminem had to be in on it.

    no way would you sit there and watch some dude in a thong land head down in your lap.
    he never flinched or got out of the way.

    how ridiculous are you people for believing this is real?

    and M’s entourage was there…and did nothing until he said something.

    total BS and totally fake…wasn’t even that funny. kinda ripping off Stern and fartman. MTV awards are a bunch of BS anyway…and I am surprised big names actually go…except Jim Carey who is so amused by himself…I used to like him and think he is funny.

    If this is real M should really tell MTV to F themselves because they always pull this fake crap on him…like with Triumph the insult comic dog….which was actually pretty funny.

  • LEE