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Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Bruno Falls Into Eminem's Lap!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego Brüno, the Austrian fashion journalist) falls into rapper Eminem‘s lap during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

It seemed completely staged but watch the funny clip of it below! Classic shot here. Mind you, Bruno‘s rear was completely bare. Eminem got 69′d!


This was prior to Zac Efron winning “Best Male Performance” for High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Bruno Falls Into Eminem’s Lap!!!

10+ pictures inside of Bruno @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • qBOY

    @Why don’t you get it and: – WHAT’S WITH ALL THE ” YOU AMERICANS” CRAP?? WANKER!

  • B_ROCK


    Bruno I hope to god that someone seriously hurts you for that bullshit of a stunt that you pulled last night. The thing you don’t understand is that Eminem has some of the craziest fans in the world, and they all got his back. He does not even have to do anything, his fans are capable of anything. You will be lucky if you don’t get killed over this bullshit. I hope you do.

  • tal

    That was so disgusting


    MTV has been dead to me for 10 years.

  • Winston

    Well I never!!!

  • Leon

    check out all them girls and that peeing their knickes, they have NOOOO class. i just sat here and imagined that dudes bare butt in one of them girls faces… would they be laughing then, hmm….

  • kellybelly

    the worst Eminem will do is rap about ‘bruno’ in his next song! i thought it was funny – Cameron Diaz was laughing her head off – at least she’s got a sense of humour! lighten up

  • Nigapleez

    It was a hilarious stunt, which both eminem, and cohen were a part of, its just a publicity stunt, an B_Rock lighten up, we all know Eminem fans are nothing but wannabe hardcore suburban nerdy white kids who wish they were innercity blacks, his music sucks, but the stunt was funny

  • npdelo

    LOL Eminem is a little bitch.
    hes cries like a 12 year old girl, just get over it man

  • CAppy

    You would never see a chick hanging like that or have the camera man zooming in on her skin like that at an awards show… just shows that Hollywood is full of fags.

  • hannah

    shut up how would u feel if someones @ss and everything else was in your face!!! my man looked pissed!! love u Eminem !!

  • mrloki

    Hahaha I hate M&M so I really just have one question? As he looked deep into Bruno’s brown eye, did he enjoy the tea bagging?

  • mrloki

    I love how all you idiots think m&m is some kind of tough guy, he is a wee lil girly boy. Wife beater and Tats don’t make you tuff, taint breath.

  • RnBlover

    Who is that gay dude? His booty was all in Eminem’s face. Poor Eminem. I think Sasha planned this, but Eminem never knew about it.

  • hannah

    how the hEll would u know that your just a nobody who has nothing better 2 do why don’t u shut the fU(K up loser!! your just making him more famous!!anyway dumb @ss

  • mrloki

    Strange how he just stared at it for awhile, before finally acting upset. We know you like that man booty m&m. You ain’t fooling nobody.

  • mrloki

    Hey Hannah, go make a “leave Brittny alone” type you tube video for your fruity m&m. My money is your a fatty who digs fem dudes with concave chests!

    Just make sure he gets some listerine to wash out that taint smell!

  • mrloki

    I can’t wait for the “my bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips” remixes with this video. Thank you BRUNO! This will stay with that little b*tch for the rest of his alleged career. m&m looking at his brown eye should be the official movie poster! All of m&m’s little 14year old tough guys probably cried all morning over this, I did too, but that was from laughing so hard. I wish I could have seen Dre’s face, my money is he laughed his arse off too.

  • chocolate starfish

    Hello I’m Bruno’s chocolate starfish, would someone please tell em to stop staring at me?

  • mrtainty


  • RnBlover

    @mrloki: LOL. “My bum is on your lips”. From Eminem’s own song.

  • he cracks me up

    I smell a$$ did eminem just burp?

  • mrloki

    I hope SBC tells everyone about how lil emmy was sporting wood during the whole incident.

  • david

    I thought it was funny! These rappers take themselves AWAY too seriously! Take your work serious, not yourself!


  • susan boyle

    all u eminem retards are going to look real stupid when this is revealed as a setup . i thought it was bloody hillarious !!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    actually tom green said that..

  • JWil

    Okay, to the people saying he deserved this, let me make an example:

    how would you feel if you were making fun of an animal and one day the animal decides that it will try to make you the mother/father of its children…how would you feel?


  • mrloki

    Yeah Tom Green did, but m&m who has never had an original thought in his life (like most rappers stealing other peoples work) used the line in one of his “songs”

  • kramer

    He totally got done that was truly amazing . and that is why sacha is possibly the best comedian in the world . LEGEND

  • mrloki

    JWil, wtf are you smoking? emmy is a b*tch, the body of a olsen twin with the mouth of a fighter. F him and his “fans”

  • lakers fan in boston

    1st of all, i think this was planned by sacha and mtv, but im pretty sure em had no idea about it
    he genuinely looks pissed off and i actually saw it on tv and he started swearing….if he knew he wouldnt have said that
    not only is that some gay shit, but it’s really rude
    who wouldnt get offended, some random guy just puts his a$$ in ur face….really?

    2nd of all i think sacha takes his role 2 seriously, bruno for a fact will never ever reach the funniness of borat, it just cant
    from what ive seen of bruno, it’s not even funny…..a gay supermodel movie?
    no thanks man, there is already a great movie on that called zoolander
    i no he has a wife and kid and all but sacha just comes out as totally gay 2 me, totally losing respect for him

  • jboy904

    come on yall !! yall are saying its a joke, ( eminem lighten up ) and saying em makes fun and disses people lyricly,cuz what he sayz is true,and just jokes, but its verbally !!!! he aint never put his hands on nobody,, but that dude rockin a thong and ass next to the face and he’s on ur lap, in 69 position,, yo thats crossing the line with a joke,, thats a disrespect,and that was uncalled for,, what if that happend to yall,,, and dont front like you would go along with it,, cuz you lying,

  • Jackson

    @Paulie: Agreed, but the “Bum is on your Lips” comment was mocking Tom Green. Eminem didn’t come up with it.

  • chocolate starfish

    I’m surprised emmy could even walk sporting that stiffy, then again he probably doesn’t pack much downstairs.

  • JWil


    He talks about that stuff…it’s another thing to shove your balls in someones face…how would you feel if someone did that to you?

  • mrloki

    Hey lil emmy you whiny B*tch, you can’t stop the internet baby. The video may have been pulled from here for now, but it will live on forever! Hahahaha, he’s scrambling to get it pulled off every where, WON’T HAPPEN B*TCH!

  • Shawn

    I personally think that if Eminem knew he was straight he would have laughed it off, but I think Sacha should have known his limits. Eminem should realy man up since it’s just a joke….and Twilight sucks ass!! Not even the cast liked the book or the movie!!! Did you not see their reactions everytime they went on stage….”STEPHANIE!!!” XD

  • godsword

    Em did the right thing.. i’d be pissed off to if i had some balls thrown in my face for millions to watch! and for all you who said he acted like a bitch for leaving you guys are the bitches!

  • GoHomeDude

    “mrloki is obsessed. I bet you wanna lick Eminem.

  • For the record…

    Paris Hilton stated on “The View” that she was told about the stunt beforehand and that Eminem DID NOT know it was going to happen.

    So there!

    Eminem can say whatever he wants to say. It’s called freedom of speech. He has never attacked anybody’s person. He doesn’t go out brawling in bars and he’s also never been accused of raping a woman.

    This Sacha guy is mental. He doesn’t know where to draw the line and thinks everything is funny.


    His nasty, stinky hairy butt in Eminem’s face was nothing short of psychotic. The guy had better watch his back. I’m sure a lot of rappers who like Eminem are very angry about what that crazy idiot did to him.

    MTV sucks. The show is a big waste of time.

  • Taliya

    yes it was staged but eminem didn’t know anything about it thats why he was pissed when it happened because no one told him what was going to happen.

  • paula

    i think that was very rude i mean Eminem didn’t expect that to happen regardless of his homophobia or not that was a very rude thing of Bruno.
    he got lucky that he didn’t get beat up!! I love eminem<3


    i dont get it

  • is a little bit of both

    CIt’s the $64,000 question of the day: Was the Flying 69 that Sacha Baron Cohen executed on Eminem at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards staged or not?

    The answer, according to Life & Style magazine, is a little bit of both.

    An MTV insider tells the mag that producer Mark Burnett did, indeed, get the go-ahead from Eminem to allow Cohen—in the guise of his latest movie character Bruno—to drop in from the sky and situate his rear end in the rapper’s face.

    But according to the source, Em was left in the dark as to how naked Cohen would be when the stunt was pulled. And as everyone who watched the awards ceremony last night knows, Cohen was in a very natural state indeed.

    A second source reveals another tidbit about the stunt: That Eminem wasn’t the first celebrity they intended to pull the stunt on. Apparently, the producers had first hoped to drop Cohen’s butt in the face of hotel heiress Paris Hilton, but she declined—because Hilton is classy like that, yo.

    “Paris is quite happy she turned down the offer,” the insider notes.

    What, like she would have even noticed?

    Have your say in the comments section: Would you have preferred to see Sacha Baron Cohen pull his stunt on Paris Hilton instead?

  • gobruno!

    LMFAO!! EMINEM DESVERD THIS! You can put your ass in someone’s face (I think The Real Slim Shady Video) but no one can’t put an ass on YOUR face?…Take it B!tch!

  • gobruno!

    Sorry. DESERVED*

  • mUFFY

    Eminem is not gangster! I like Em, but he’s not a bada**! lol

    That was nasty! If that was black guy, Sasha would’ve been in the ICU!

  • The Real Slim Shady

    Doesn’t MM already have a song about this incident? It goes:

    I don’t believe it, it’s almost to good to be true
    I ain’t never seen an ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my peepee go DOING DOING DOING

  • Caro

    hahahahahahahahaha that’s the best thing i’ve ever seen hahahaha i really don’t like eminem so this is the best!!!!!

  • mrsefron.

    POOR EMINEM!! !that was soooo messed up!