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Kate Gosselin: Hand Sanitizer Obsessed

Kate Gosselin: Hand Sanitizer Obsessed

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin and bodyguard pal Steve Neild take her eight kids – Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – for a fun family outing at the Bald Head Island in North Carolina on Saturday (May 30).

M.I.A. was papa Jon Gosselin, who spent $2,000 on Friday at the Barneys CO-OP in the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey.

Pictured below is Kate helping Hannah wash her hands with hand sanitizer. If anyone has ever seen J&K+8, you know that Kate has HSOCD (that’s Hand Sanitizer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to ward off the dirty evil germs!

10+ pictures inside of hand sanitizer obsessed Kate Gosselin

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kate gosselin hand sanitizer 01
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 02
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 03
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 04
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 05
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 06
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 07
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 08
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 09
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 10
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 11
kate gosselin hand sanitizer 12

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  • ae

    I’m glad Jon finally saw the light and is distancing himself from this evil woman. It’s about time she got off her fat ass from that white lawn chair and take care of those kids. She diserves everything she gets.
    I hope Jon continues on with the divorce and move on with a woman who can respect him as a man.

    I wouldn’t want to be with this witch if she was treating me like she does Jon. He’s so sick of her and I don’t blame him. Even looking at these pictures make me sick of her.

  • teen’smom

    Wow ae, someone needs to get their eyes checked. The last thing Kate Gosselin can be called is FAT. These children are well taken care of (thanks to this tv show) and Kate is doing what any other mother would, she is doing what is necessary to take care of her children. Given the opportunity, I’m sure that most of you would jump at the opportunity.

  • emma

    where are Cara and Alexis?

  • Michelle

    Over-rated!!! can’t wait until her 15 minutes of fame are over!

  • Jacqueline

    Jon is a total idiot, and very selfish. If not for him getting caught in the negative media scrutiny, he probably would have done the same thing. Now because of the focus on this family on every news, he feels like he’s in PRISON. Yes you are in prison with the sports car, million dollar house, all the perks that has been laid on upon his table, he’s lost. The dummy doesn’t realize what he has! I also think he’s very stubborn. He’s going to WAKE up on of these days and realize what he’s lost. I give him a I.Q. rating of below 50, which is borderline of mental retardation, sorry if I offended anyone with TRUE mental problems, but he sure fits in this category. He’s basically thinking about his own self when so many people are involved, especially his CHILDREN. He sent this whole family under the bus, when they could have lives in which people dream about. Such a dummy.


    Has anyone ever noticed even the bodyguards clothing even matces them- Why should his clothing match- Strange!!!

  • HaHa

    Hmmm… Could there possibly be #9 on the way for Kate? She looks totally preggers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Watch yourslf Kg/Mommy Dearest

    My only ? is this- What KIND of man wants to WILLINGLY be around 8 kids ALL THE TIME when they are not even his? Hmmmm? If I were her (I am soooo glad I am not) I would be very careful who I let into my inner circle… all I keep thinking is P-e-d-O-p-h-i-l-e…


    She does look pregnant in the photo.


    Radar shows her in a bikini- Guess she is not pregnant-

  • Karen

    Just saw her in the tangerine bikini , wreeetch . There’s a girl who never played any athletics or moved her body as a younger person.

    and as far as the sanitizer……gargle with it Kate

  • kiddo

    I can be very obsessive about hand washing. So either give me something better than this, or dont mention her at all.

    having said that.

    Guess Jon is going to have to put up with filming a little longer while he brood shops.

    Say what we can about Kate, she works, she admits it.

    He is an ingrate and selfish. 75K an episode 1.3 milion dollar house, perks, your wife’s annoying neck /throat is the one most people go for, not his and HE COMPLAINS!

    He has put in his digs too. Remember he made fun of her extra skin-yeah nice during post partum stage. He also used to put her down about her dress, made comments about her hair. He is very superficial.

    If its over, its over. But thanks to the gossip rags, she has somewhat credible evidence he was creepin. lol

    I love this stuff. I just need more than hand sanitizer during a “flu” scare. And dont get me started on that propaganda!

    Have a great whatever is left of your weekend. I actually ent bike riding with my bike trailer in tow. No camera’s! lol

  • Jon

    I ‘d rather have my new tight prime roastbeef than that tough old gristled rumproast called Kate.

  • nan

    Sanitizer obsessed: What else do you want from a grown woman who throws around the words “icky” and “gross” every five minutes,words that my 14 year old daughter has already outgrown.

  • Hey -_-

    OMFG jon was at riverside!!!!! I live in the town where that mall is!!! I go to the barns and nobles there! too! damn…

  • lakers fan in boston

    JON IS THE FRIKING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    damn i have total respect for this guy now
    i use 2 hate him because he could never stand up 2 his wife and it seems like he grew a pair
    forget her man, ur college girl is a way way way upgrade
    im just glad that he decided he’s had enough
    respect jon

  • Jessica

    The kids are soo cute! They will all grow up to be so beautiful. Little leah is soo adorable. Shes my favorite. Kate is looking good these days.

  • aray

    SHE’S NOT HAND SANITIZER OBSESSED. Gosh, she’s a nurse and she’s practicing good health habits. She’s killing germs and bacteria.

  • J & K Auto Posting Robot

    She’s a great mom
    It’s tough being a mom of 8
    She’s doing the best she can
    Kate looks fantastic
    She takes charge
    Kids – clean & happy
    Kids – well taken care of
    Kids – Cute
    Give them a break
    You are all jealous
    Jodi- jealous
    Jon is a lazy,womanizing,immature,clueless,cheating,childish, bum

  • Cindy

    She definitely had a boob job recently! In earlier shows she’s quite small chested. Now her boobs are huge. Tanning, highlights, nails, she loves to take care of herself!

  • dElORRIS

    ONCE AGAIN, THE KIDS HAVE NO SOCKS !! HOW UNCOUTH. IS KATE TOO LAZY TO PUT SOCKS ON HER KIDS? That must be sooo uncomfortable, walking around all day with bare feet against those hard buckkles and straps and leather. And Mady had tongs on. Her toes must be aching from all the walking in those things. Kate, ever hear of socks and comfy soft sneakers ???? ????

  • dElORRIS

    Whoever’s photographing Kate is turning in only the photos showing her with a disgusted or nasty expression. It’s a very selective process. You see only what the photog turns in. I bet there’s a lot of photos of Kate smiling and laughing and looking nice. Not that I’m defending her any, but you have to know how the paps work.


    @Pinky: Jon is the one thats at home all the time with the kids while kate is aaway anjs that is frequent. Jon is the good guy here not kate

  • CC

    Where’s Jon…? Do you really think she “allowed” him there? She has a nanny and a bodyguard. She has no use for him anymore. She says that in the last 6 months they have grown apart. How sad that a relation ship that you’ve had over 10 years plus 8 kids can dissolve that quickly to you (kate). Once the show comes to an end and all those people are gone she will realize how alone she is. Right now she has all the “yes” people around because TLC wants the show to continue, as does she. How coincidental that as soon as Jon says he wants to stop doing the show (because he saw the effects if was having on his family) that things start going down hill from there. Kate’s & TLC’s PR people are doing a great job of making him look like a moron and her the martyr. You have to give him some credit for putting up with her as long as he did.

  • mjkbk

    That you would make fun of someone justifiably trying to keep her children free of infections–especially after all the flu-related advice about hand-washing–shows how abysmally ignorant Just Jared is about ANYTHING not related to sex, glamor….or the latest trendy obsessions of the sexy and glamorous.

    Being an infotainment celebrity doesn’t mean one has to be as dumb as the infotainment media.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She is a really goos mom!

  • #1 Gosselin fan!

    The paparazzi needs to leave them alone!! its tearing their family apart!

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