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Kristen Stewart - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Kristen Stewart - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Kristen Stewart dresses down her Yigal Azrouël embroidered taffeta dress with a pair of Converse sneakers at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

The 19-year-old Twilight actress and costar Robert Pattinson won a Golden Popcorn statue for “Best Kiss”. The twosome beat out Wanted‘s Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy, Slumdog Millionaire‘s Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, Milk‘s Sean Penn and James Franco, I Love You Man‘s Paul Rudd and Thomas Lennon and High School Musical 3‘s Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

UPDATE 1: Kristen is wearing sneakers because she twisted her ankle. She was supposed to wear pumps!

UPDATE 2: Kristen also picked up “Best Female Performance” for Twilight. During her acceptance speech, she dropped the Golden Popcorn statue and awkwardly tried to catch it. Hilarious! Watch the clip below…

Kristen Stewart Drops Golden Popcorn Statue

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  • Dude.

    For real. She was rolling on some ecstacy tonight. did you see her when the whole cast went up there. She nearly punched Denzel in the face, and she was chewing on that gold thing. She also mouthed that she didnt want to go up there.
    She’s a terrible actress. And why does she touch her hair like that?
    Oh, and she looked like shit.

  • Alxfunkilicius

    Gooood why oh my god she is sooo Damn boring like she is really like Bella i just can’t stand that Ugh ! C’mon Sneakers WFT ! I do not think she is Hooot at all

  • pup

    Ugh. Could this chick be anymore awkward??

  • anna

    omg, love kirs so much, she so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    Aw!! I’m glad she won!! She got so nervous when she was up there accepting the award for female actress!!

  • twifanatic Amanda

    that was so funny, love kstew

  • yadada

    I actually love Kristen and seeing her tonight, nervous and totally dropping the award, made her seem down to Earth. hell, if i was up there accepting an award for female actress against kate winslet and angelina jolie, i’d be nervous too. hahaaa good job kristen! :]

  • popculturejunkie

    even though she twisted her ankle, she still could have put on some comfy flats. chuck taylors with a dress is so…middle school haha

  • calliope

    Love Kstew! And I absolutely adore the unbelievably cute outfit! So grunge-glam. She deserved this, and she looked like a million dollars.

  • ?

    Another weird dress.

  • nat

    aww bless her!! shes so awkward its too funny!! kristen<3

  • lindsay

    @me: or high?

  • can’t wait

    She’s a terrible public speaker. At least prepare a speech ahead of time. Edward laughed at her a$$ when she dropped her award. Maybe she did it intentionally because her character is suppose to be a clutz. I dunno.

  • Claire

    She only wore converse cause she sprained her ankle. ;(

    Ps. – Stop all the hate losers.

  • nadia

    she’s too awkward its not nice.
    and she has to stop messing around with her hair,
    and at the same time, stop smoking pot.

  • Boona

    Okay this is the most awkward and adorable I have seen this girl be. She seemed very real and sweet and funny too.

  • anon

    I think she looks cute and is dress appropriately for an MTV award show. Who cares if she wore sneakers for whatever reason? I am sure there were guys dressed in suits with sneakers on.

    And I think that she is just shy and don’t like attention on her very much. Unusual for an actor, but there are some actors that are shy and who don’t give interviews. I don’t think people understand that not everyone has the same temperment and the same level of comfort in front of thousands, maybe millions, of people.

  • Mellissa

    Why are so many people into Twilight? I mean the movie was *ucking horrible!

  • analine

    I want ashley greene photos :///
    kris is funny!

  • Sara

    I agree with others that say she is just uncomfortable. At least she can laugh at herself. And dropping the award is such a ‘Bella’ thing to do. She looked fine… don’t be so hard on her.

  • hot

    She looked gorgeous, stunning, love her to death whoever is dating her is a lucky son of a biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    That was the cutest thing ever!

  • queen bee

    I love her, really, and she’s effing gorgeous. But… converse, seriously? I know these are not the Oscars or something but… ugh, no, sorry Kirks, not this time.

  • nikki

    Ouch….poor girl! :-( Has to wear sneakers because she twisted her ankle, AND she dropped the popcorn! This is definitely a Bella Swan moment! Nice attempt to recover though!

  • sasha

    @c@can’t wait:
    Edward? You mean Robert.
    Gosh, i hate effing idiots who hate on Kristen cause she got to kiss your ‘Edward’.
    His name is Robert and he is an ACTOR, not edward.

  • sasha

    @c@can’t wait:
    Edward? You mean Robert.
    Gosh, i hate effing idiots who hate on Kristen cause she got to kiss your ‘Edward’.
    His name is Robert and he is an ACTOR, not edward.

  • NANa

    Seriously… dropping the award?? LOL! “I was just as awkward as you expected me to be, bye!!”but the end was really cute!

  • mg

    She was high as a kite on ecstasy or coke

  • queen bee

    Hahhahaha WORD sasha, just WORD.
    She twisted her ankle? Yeah and that’s an excuse to wear sneakers? Come on, she could have weared flats, or flat boots (idk if i’m saying it right, but i guess ppl will understand me xD my first lenguage is not english sorry! n_n) or… idk, just anything flat that’s not THAT casual, it doesn’t fit with the dress :S or her make up, or anything :S

  • LT

    Was ir just me or was she drunk because when she came out to debut the new twilight trailer she was really out of it and then the whole dropping the award thing also she looked pretty disheveled and was also hanging off a co-star when Twilight won best picture

  • twilightlover

    omg i luv u kirsten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u look soooo good
    only u can pull of a dress and converse
    u and rob go good together

  • x]

    lol, i love kristen so much. she acts so awkward though. and she’s the only one who can pull of converse with a dress. dudes, stfu, let her be herself. (: ily kristen. <33

  • twilightlover


    ur a bitch

  • diva

    How very Bella of her she truly was destined to play her! I luv Kstew even more for having that moment and the NM trailer OMG amazing

  • JustMe

    All you people saying you don’t like her and stuff and talking about her clothing or whatever, who cares, keep dumb comments to yourselves (she prob. wouldn’t like you either). I believe one should be who they are! Grow up! I just think she was a bit nervous.

  • Chingao

    Man.. she was totally drugged out, she was peaked out during the pre-show

  • queen bee

    yea well, it’s horrible to see how other people hates your fav actors/actresses, but guess what? the world is free, so everyone can say whatever they want…
    it was cute how she dropped the award and how roberts laughs… and then she goes back to say a lot of things like really really fast lol it was cute, awkward, but cute…
    geez, twilight new crazy hyserical fans, i hate them…
    great book, not such a great adaptation, but whatever…

  • JustMe

    world aint so free

  • queen bee

    yes if we’re talking about saying if we like or not some celebrity on internet, at least :rolleyes:

  • Jullez

    Probably wouldn’t have dropped it if she wasn’t high. It’s no secret that she is a pot head, just look at her glazed eyes….or the dozens of pictures of her getting caught smoking in public.

  • babe_luv_ya

    I can’t believe that she has won BEST FEMALE PERFOMANCE!!!!
    she sucked as Bella

  • angel

    Angelina jolie was the princes of beating to your own drum in her youth, but it works for her. Kristen just looked like she was on something, which is probably why they told her to wear sneakers so she wouldn’t fall on her ass! Very dissapointing…



  • hey hey hey

    so clumsy, just like bella, love it


    I love her!! she is just simply being herself… unlike other actresses who try so hard to look apealing and dress girly with high heels and revealing dresses!


    CONGRATS KRISTEN!!!! she looks gorgeous are always.. i love her!

    haters!! envy much???!!! bwahahahahaa!!!!!
    say whatever.. she won the awards.. she’s bella, she gets to kiss rob.. SUCK IT!!!

  • Will Smith

    she is so beautful~~~~

  • Tania

    i kind of think she looks like a drag queen

  • Alex

    her dress is awsome…its sumthing i would do….the sneakers and dropping the popcorn…klumsy or high, either way she’s a great actress :)

  • bella

    OMG! i feel so bad for her. i know how she feels! ily kristen!