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Rihanna: Leather Jacket Lovely

Rihanna: Leather Jacket Lovely

Rihanna arrives to a pack of waiting photographers at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (May 31).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty continued to rock her super high hair and wore a stylish leather jacket. Is Rihanna back to attend tonight’s 2009 MTV Movie Awards??

According to Star,Vogue EIC Anna Wintour approached the singer to offer her a front cover but rescinded the offer after nude photographers of the singer suraced.

The source reveals, “Anna hasn’t returned any of her calls. Rihanna’s so upset…She hopes the people at Vogue change their minds.”

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33 Responses to “Rihanna: Leather Jacket Lovely”

  1. 1
    click Says:

    She looks like a Woodpecker.

  2. 2
    Irish Girl Says:

    @ click lol.
    Her hair is crazy; its got to go.

  3. 3
    martin Says:

    We see so many photos of this girl and she doesn’t seem to be doing much lately. Do her people tip off the paps?

  4. 4
    Jax Says:

    Rihanna should stop pulling her hair back like that. She is going to go bald.

  5. 5
    Jax Says:

    ^Actually, looking at the close-ups, she is already starting to go bald. She is really harming her hair.

  6. 6
    cute Says:

    cute outfit. terrible hair.

  7. 7
    jj Says:

    She looks a lot older than 21. About the same age as Whitney Houston. They even look a bit a like.

  8. 8
    ruchi Says:

    i love her style, i really do. even tho i don’t like her as a person.but then again, i dont know her like that, so who am i to judge?
    anyways..,.cute oufit rihanna!

  9. 9
    ewww Says:

    Eh…that wig hurts my eyes.
    Why is she making herself look so fug?

  10. 10
    irene Says:

    Rihanna would probably be quite attractive if she got a decent hairstyle. Agree, she does look older than 21. I’d guess 30s if I didn’t know her age.

  11. 11
    Cinn Says:

    Her body has been on point lately.
    Her style not so much.

  12. 12
    Dont be so paranoid Says:

    HOT! She’s like a supermodel.

  13. 13
    Forever Kenny Says:

    Rihanna looks gorgeous. I see the haters are already hating. Rihanna knows how to advance fashion. She’s being very different with her hair. It is unique! Go Rihanna, you’re a beautiful woman(inside and out).

  14. 14
    snowberry Says:

    I don’t think she ever was a Vogue candidate. This is just something her pr is pushing to make her look good. The n.ude photos leak was not her fault and I don’t think Vogue would hold that against her.

  15. 15
    megxo Says:

    rihanna isnt doing anyting that you seee becasue she is recording her yeah you wont see her do anything apart from walking around.!!

    love her, she looks simple yet stylish

  16. 16
    timeflies Says:

    i like Riri, she makes good music but somehow she lost the “it” factor after the chris brown and n.u.d.e photos incident. i hope she can bring back the sparks she used to have.

  17. 17
    LOLOLOL Says:


  18. 18
    LOLOLOL Says:


  19. 19
    lol Says:

    she is trying hard to make a fashion statement but always fail!

  20. 20
    wow Says:

    lol >>> dont know anything about fashion smh im a fashion major student

    this young woman is a fashionista

  21. 21
    buzz Says:

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt before, but I don’t think she’s doing anything but partying and clubbing right now. Maybe she records a track here and there but she spends so much time shopping and looking for photo opportunities that she can’t possibly be getting much work done.

  22. 22
    MTV Says:

    Sorry, but Rihanna got fug. She was so pretty when she started out. :-(

  23. 23
    whaaaaa Says:

    no no no No more rihanna daily forever kenny, timeflies, megxo i think your trip is over.

  24. 24
    becca Says:

    I love her jacket but the hair has got to go!!!

  25. 25
    triumph Says:

    It’s Fug-Hanna daily lately.
    Girl needs a new stylist.

  26. 26
    twifanatic Amanda Says:

    She should’ve been in Dragonball.

  27. 27
    susi Says:


  28. 28
    mertz Says:

    i like the jacket. especially the ruffles around the neck. looks like a hard treatment but easy for a soft leather. thanks for posting the vogue thing jared. lol.

  29. 29
    susan Says:

    I am sick of seeing her every day! All she does is play dress up with a new outfit wherever she goes. Maybe she should give some money to charity rather than spend what she spends on her clothes. I get the feeling the most important thing to her is ‘her’, her clothes and her hair. How shallow.

  30. 30
    sunshine Says:

    #14 ….I agree I don’t think she was ever offered this deal and her PR team was trying to make Vogue do it becasue the public would be upset she was canned for the rasy photos. Rihanna is a ticking time bomb and really need to lay low for awhile and stop trying to make people believe she is ok when really she’s not.

  31. 31
    san Says:

    she’s a fashion victim and i’m tired of her diva attitude

  32. 32
    M3l Says:

    I love those sunglasses, anyone know the brand?

  33. 33
    loveable Says:

    Rihanna doen’t look good without make up

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