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Vanessa Hudgens - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Vanessa Hudgens - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Vanessa Hudgens hits the red carpet at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

The 20-year-old Bandslam babe wore a gorgeous orange Max Azria dress and matching Jimmy Choo “Riv” platform sandals. (Sophia Bush wore the same shoes last week.)

During the ceremony, Vanessa sat next to her boyfriend (and High School Musical costar) Zac Efron.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • Kar


  • Lia

    ha Ashley won. v fans are going crazy. but I wouldn’t mind if her and zac won best kiss.

  • Hannah

    She looks really pretty but I don’t really love the dress. Her hair looks WAY better than Megan’s though!

  • bailey

    dont like the dress. and i think tis funny she didnt win. dont ppl realize that she doesnt have nearly as many fans as they think she does? her and zac wont win best kiss either. obviously that’ll go to twilight. vanessa hudgens is OVERRATED! BUT, her face does look stunning here

  • ?

    Why are all the girls wearing weird dresses?

  • aika

    she looks soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im sad that she lost and ashley won though i am happy for ashley too
    well i hope zac and vanessa win the best kiss
    fingers crossed

  • jo

    Vanessa has a pretty face

  • jazmin

    She looks amazing and sexy…. she’s still #1 for me.

    Love you Vanessa!!!!!!!

  • katie

    just saw her present, wtf she has to be THE most annoying egotistical person around! ugh! maybe if she wasnt so into herself she would be more likeable. maybe.

  • ando

    for those judgmental idiots
    a. she’s not a slut… you’re just jealous so you’ll find anyway of shutting others down to further your own self-esteem… ahh guess what? your behind a computer screen and she’s at the mtv awards ..
    b. her dress is awesome and she’s gorgeous- she always does her own thing, never copies anyone and she sets trends

  • JOJO

    wait, so are zac ands vanessa still together??

  • alyssa

    haterss.i agree with ando.shes successful while your talking shit about her.

  • mike

    beautiful!!!! and she has MANY fans!!! :) quit hating!

  • erwer


  • mike

    @ando: love it lol and to the others obviously they are still together lol

  • Kay

    Vanessa gets uglier and uglier every time I see new pictures of her. She used to be cute, but now she’s just FUGLY.
    And the dress is HIDEOUS. What the hell was she thinking???????

  • mimi

    She looks awful in that hideous dress!

  • Cim

    The girls face reminds me of a chipmunks. I don’t think she’s pretty at all.
    And I know her fans think that Vanessa is perfect. But come on!!
    She is very full of herself. If she didn’t give off that “my sh*t doesn’t smell” vibe, she’d actually be likeable. But she’s always come across as being very arrogant and conceited and thats a HUGEEEEEEEEEE turnoff.

  • Lora

    She shouldn’t have worn that dress. It goes to show how VERY, VERY, VERY TINY her boobs are. They’re practically non-existent.Lol

  • tia

    shes gorjuzz but she just doesnt seem very down to earth!!!! she just comes across as being very very……self centered. and i think thats why ALOT of people dont like her. because she just seems very self absorbed and into herself.

  • dee

    man…what does she do again? besides sing through her nose, and “act”. i swear, tweens are getting dumber by the generation. worshipping anything. some people just shouldn’t be famous, what a waste of spotlight. this goes for the jonas brothers, miley cyrus and the other plagues. idiots would fawn over a broomstick in a wig if they had the chance to.

  • Mon

    ASHLEY TISDALE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know that Vanessa acts as if she and Ashley are really great friends. But those really close to her know that Vanessa is quite competitve when it comes to Ashley. Although she doesn’t like to show it, she always wants to be one step higher than her.
    I bet it must be killing her inside knowing that Ashley won and she lost.

  • cristine

    she is always beautiful whatever she dressed herself into. she is more beautiful in person even w/o make up. her fans are global and she’s w/ zac for 3 and more solid than ever!

  • Rich

    I love reading these boards, so many idiots. Vanessa is stunning as usual, should’ve won the award, though.

    @People thinking Ashley got the votes legit

    It was obviously rigged, if you can’t see that, you’re a moron. Ashley has no where as many fans as Vanessa or Miley Cyrus. Also, no, I’m not hating on her, it’s just the truth.

  • lsp

    She looks gorgeous!! =]

    Congrats to Ashley for wininng! I dont understand why everyone thinks Vanessa would be angry about Ashley winning. She did an amazing job in HSM3, as did Vanessa. I’m sure Vanessa is very proud of Ashley, just like Ashley would have been very proud of Vanessa if she had won. They’re the best of friends, so I’m pretty sure there’s none of that hatred and secret competitiveness that the media and their so called fans like to make up!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    this girl seems really into herself.

  • chels

    she is the best! SHUT UP HATERS JEALOUS

  • Caroline

    she’s gorgeous like always.

  • Naomi


    Sure the MTV Movie Awards are probably nothing more than one big payola scam, with the nominees determined by whichever movie studio buys the most advertisements on the channel and the winners decided by the machinations of foul agents hidden away in underground lairs. And yeah MTV is no longer respectable. It’s so bad that we all remember fondly the days of Jenny McCarthy and by comparison remember her as something of substance. All of that is true. The MTV Movie Awards is a symbol of corruption and corporate greed… but dammit it’s a really fun symbol of corruption and corporate greed. Call me one of the unwashed masses, but I’m tuning in anyway.

    The awards are meaningless but the presentation is always a blast, even more so now that it’s live. Unquote

    It’s so obvious MTV gave the award to Ashley seeing as they have a special relationship with her and her album promo is not making any dent at all and still the haters can’t get over Vanessa.

    Well, this night the award will be over, those with their breakthrough popcorn will take them home while those getting the breakthrough roles will head on to work.

    Come 2010 and 2011, we’ll look back and see how the breakthroughs have panned out in movies released and progress in career.

    Van looked gorgeous as always and carried herself with grace and poise. She doesn’t need such favors to make her own impact or get breakthrough roles.


    haters be quiet!!!! the cool thing is vanessa doesn’t let this phase her, she has future projects and it doesn’t matter…..awards do not always get it accurate anyway, you can be as good, equally good, better…etc. etc. it dont matter! :) sooo im just happy v is there supporting everyone! PLUS SHE LOOKS WAYYYYYYYYYYYY STUNNIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGG!!!! <3


    SHE’S GLOWING :) :)


    SHE’S GLOWING :) :)

  • Naomi


    Dream on baby. Even with this win, Vanessa is still in a different league.

    She is that great. She is earning her place in Hollywood in spite of setbacks and no favoritism. She’s landing significant roles right off the bat from HSM on her own merit and she’s become a fashion icon on her own merit.

  • Malia

    Vanessa is absolutely gorgeous in that peach dress. More beautiful than anyone there.

    Good points, Naomi. Well said.

    And from conversations on “certain” fan sites, we KNOW that a lot of people were not voting FOR Ashley, but AGAINST Vanessa. Sort of like the 2004 presidential race. A lot of people couldn’t stand John Kerry, but they were voting AGAINST George Bush.

    Sometimes that happens.

  • sunny

    I hope you guys do realize that most of the first page is the same person trashing Vanessa with different names. Look at their writing, repeating words like very, very and CAPATALIZING letters for emphasis. You can tell, it’s the same person trying to make her look bad.

  • ainamae


    really, ashley outshines vanessa?? (i think this night only), you’ve got to be kidding me, how come we didn’t hear any new movies with her! no… yeah and saying trying to get out from her Disney image is through her album well she’s doomed,. well trying to be sexy and edgy is out from her saying trying to get out from her Disney image. she have to grab some serious roles and movies not some teeny booper films about aliens and everything…

    anyways vanessa looks so stunning…

    and how come you know she’s self-centered?? pfft lame

  • paula

    Beyond gorgeous

  • wow

    she is earning her place in hollywood??? lol

    where did you get that?

  • nat

    I really don’t like this dress. She is usually one of the best dress. I don’t know what happened to her tonight, everyone looked very bad, they were only a few starts that looked descent. I have not seen a take a breath away outfit.

  • wow

    and can you please name the “significant” roles she is landing? lol


    cute dress!

  • marainsconset

    stunning! always sets the trend! looks flawless, and very confident with whatever she wears I observed. Beauty inside out. Overrated comes from the perspective of the media not from her. It is easy to stick a label onto someone. It is difficult and challenging to see this person in her uniqueness. Consider the possibility that what you see as a defect in a person may not be a defect at all but really something that your upbringing and conditioning have led you to dislike. (this applies to anybody) Now try to search for the treasures buried in any individual that your dislike prevented you from seeing before. Your dislike had clouded the vision and prevented you from seeing. When you don’t judge you will be amazed that you yourself are not being judged. It’s all in the attitude.

  • wow

    #31 You had to quote that on here huh.. because Vanessa didn’t win? :D

  • Len

    Hold upppppppppp.
    So all of a sudden Vanessa fans think she is some sort of a major A-list actress just because she has a like two or three movies coming out within the next two/three years????
    First of all, you don’t even know whether they’re going to be any good….for all you know, they could end up being major flops. Second of all, after reading the plots of her “movies,” they all sound like stupid crazy disney bullsh*t with witches and magic spells and all that other nonsense. So give it a rest already. This girl is nothing special.
    And btw, just because Vanessa fans aren’t too happy with the fact that she’s been getting a lot of negative comments on here, doesn’t mean they’re all from the same person. I know it might make you feel better thinking that Vanessa has only one hater but thats not true seeing as how a lot of people can’t stand her, myself included.
    The sooner you come to terms with this fact, the less painful reality will be the day it bites you in the assss.

  • paula


    MTV writes the material/what they say on stage.

    Should really know what you’re talking about before you speak, just makes you sound ignorant.

  • wow

    #31 quote this:

    Vanessa Hudgens on stage (fully clothed) with Jonah Hill (also fully clothed) to make pubic hair jokes and give the award for Breakthrough Performance Male. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the audience what the award was.


  • Naomi


    Right after you name the ones the breakthrough award winner is landing.

    Go back a few threads you’ll find them.

    She is earning them, baby., albeit gradually. Studios and producers don’t invest millions of dollars on you except you have something to offer. If you’ve got anything to offer worth being given a role, you’ve earned it. That’s show business!

  • hulicious

    Congrats for Ashley !!! i love her so much xoxo Maybe she don’t have lots fan as Miley or Vanessa but she always be the best actress n singer in my heart !!!!!!!
    But i don’t think Vanessa ‘s beautiful at all :) i don’t like her dress n her face :) Anyway , zac n vanessa such a nice couple :)

  • Rich

    Vanessa is actually going somewhere, and and the Ashley reward was obviously rigged, just to get her name out there.

    Vanessa doesn’t think she is that great, she just has confidence, People take what celebrities say too serious, she was joking when she said that on-stage, and if anything, like paula said, it was probably staged.


    Get off these boards, you’re a complete idiot.

  • Ann

    WOW! Look at that. A stick with a rag on it.