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Cam Gigandet - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Cam Gigandet - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Cam Gigandet keeps close to girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff (in Pencey’s “Popular Dress”) at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

The 26-year-old hunk’s vampire showdown against Robert Pattinson in Twilight won him a Golden Popcorn statue for “Best Fight.” The pair even beat out The Dark Knight‘s battle over Gotham featuring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger!

25+ pictures inside of Cam Gigandet @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • Sopha

    So hot
    I want to do him a bj :)

  • Emily

    gosh he is gorgeous!!!!!! and his girlfriend is prettier than i thought..however maybe she shouldnt wear such a tight dress given that she just gave birth like a couple of weeks ago…but anyways i LOVE HIM!!! <333

  • booyah

    @Emily: i say good on her

  • twifanatic Amanda

    that’s right woohoo!

  • mertz

    you know there’s something wrong when…lol at your blurb jared

    “The pair even beat out The Dark Knight’s battle over Gotham featuring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger!”

    totally crazy. there will be a time when people look back and say what was i thinking…but i guess that i should be glad that anything that has mtv in it doesn’t count. i don’t even want to be a snob about it, cause that’s not my level, but really mtv has sunk.

    congrats to cameron. good on him for getting some work.

  • madisonblueeyes

    the show was kinda awsome by the second award i knew twilight would win everything it had a nom for

  • ddlovato

    wow um his girlfriend is so average looking. and why would she wear a dress so tight? her stomach is huge..gross. he can do better.

  • ddlovato

    she looks like she’s pregnant again. wtf she needs to do some damn sit ups. my god she is ugly!

  • ddlovato

    did anyone see, when they were talking to some celeb, and cam’s unemployed fugly gf, was trying to be all up in the camera fixing her hair and shit. she’s all “like omg! its my chance to get my 15 minutes of fame” um no skank never. she think shes an A list actress because she played in ONE! CHEAP low budget film! haha talk about lame!
    cam should be dating a disney star!

  • sarah

    @ddlovato: a disney star? hahaha. perhaps he has taste. and actually prefers somehow emotionally and intellectually more mature. he is twenty-six after all, and adults don’t just judge people on their looks.

  • missme

    I think his g/f looks pretty good for only having a kid a few weeks ago!!

  • Sh.C

    Ohh Cam is smokin’ hot! And humans don’t be so hard on Cams gf, u compare them 2 that’s why you think shes ugly. He likes her that’s what matters.

  • Anna

    His girlfriend is pretty. I wouldn’t wear that dress so soon after birth but I say good for her that she’s comfortable with her body.

  • Laura

    Nice guns he’s got there ~ whoever he is?

  • NativeNYker

    I’d stay close to him to if I were her! He is some type of yum!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Saudia

    omg he is soooooooo damn hot !!! Love Cam .. his girlfriend is so pretty <3

  • Jen

    Love Cam, hes a cutie.. His gf is also pretty but I would advise her not to wear such a tight dress given that she had a baby so recently…

  • kimberly


  • mimi

    yea cam, and twilight, the awards were great, love that cam had dom there, i like her dress but yea it is tight maybe she could have pick a better one for her tummy, but hey if you got it work it. it’s not a bad a big girls wearing 2 pieces bathing suit.

    i think they look cute and i so happy for cam. yea cam you sexy beast. i love you,

  • Bunny

    she should not have worn such a tight dress

  • sue

    dom tight dress no, but i like the dress and you are pretty and cam is damn sexy i so happy that the awards worked out for cam and the twi cast. happy to see that cam took dom as his date, you know that they are happy, god i just wish i was cam’s girlfriend. my life would be perfect.

  • samantha

    i don’t get what he sees in her either. @demi, i didnt see her with him that much until he won the award. she hugged him so hard and was starring at herself on the big screen. soooo obvious. i love your comments. we all clap on them! she loves the fame that she can get out of him. how hot is kellan btw in the photos on just jared. i think he is hotter anyways. he isn’t running around being daddy. cam would be so much hotter if he was dating a pretty girl who had a job and didn’t have a baby. my friends and i can’t stand to see a girl all over him. they are too young to be playing house. i hope he is saving his bucks, he is going to need it later. CAM, DUMP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she makes you look bad.

  • junie

    its because she trained him to be wrapped around his little finger. thats why she got prego and he is too dumb to realize it. who cares anymore, he will learn his lesson later in life.
    rob and kellan are way hotter and smarter.

  • vanesshfan

    one word….fugly and i am not talking about cam. he should still be dating odette or some other actress. not a waitress who gets prego to keep him from straying. cam, run for the fields!! hahaaaa literally.

  • vanesshfan

    and cant she find a bra to wear, they are down to her knees. what about some spanx. this guy coul’ve be with a way hotter girl.

  • newmoonfan

    stop talking aout the body, look at her face. no make up can cover that ugliness. sorry. she is not cute but many she gives good bjs #1. lol. i give them a year max, he will want a hotter girl.

  • geans

    i feel bad for him. oh well. whatever floats his boat. i hope they don’t get married. if you think of it, he could’ve been dating sienna miller or megan fox who were at the awards show. they are gorgeous.maybe he likes average normal girls.

  • marie

    you people dont know a damn thing cam has dated dom for years and there is no trapping involved no golddigging, nothing is wrong with them the are a normal happy family, with no problems. he knows he can support everleigh without being with dom, he chooses to stay with dom, they are a normal happy couple who started a family, and he is a free man no ring on his finger and no plans to put a ring on yet, so if she had him so wrapped around her finger there would be a ring on his, which there is not. you people read something on line and you think oh i must be true it is writen on the internet. plus it’s his life not yours so what the hell is the problem. let them live their lives and take care of their family. nothing you people say is going to change a damn thing, so you might as well drop it.

    cam is so sexy congrats to him and the rest on of the cast.

  • casey

    man you people are the worlds biggest a**holes, god what the hell has cam or dom done to you? they are together b/c they want to be together. they care for each other from what i saw of them at the awards they were enjoying watching the show, laughing and having fun. all those stories that you people believe so much in are FALSE. you people are just trying to add drama to a happy family, there are no problems with them and no drama.

    i agree with marie 100%

    congrats to cam and the rest of the twilight cast.

  • terrie

    is she asian?????

  • tina

    i dont know if dom is asian, i heard she was asian, itailan, mexican (dont think so) so really i dont know what she is.

    I agree 100% with both marie and casey,

  • ddlovato

    man that skank is pure WHITE. she wishes she was a mexican, italian mix like me! and who really wears PROM DRESSES to an awards show. my god she is lame. she is not cut out for this world! she’s so ugly.
    and did you guys see when cam was trying to go up there to accept his award, she jumped all over him he looked annoyed, like get the eff off of me bitch! i dont want anyone to see me with you! cam is embarrassed and ashamed of her. if i were him i would be embarrassed too!

  • rose

    agree all the way with casey and marie, cam is happy, those people who think they know what is going on in cam’s relationship dont know a damn thing, cam and dom are happy, have dated for years, started a family, just leave them alone.

    congrats to cam and cast on the winnings

  • azula


    you got it so wrong cam turned around to hug her, she didnt grad him he turned to hug her, and he is out in public all the time, doesnt sound like he doesnt want to be seen with her, you know i think you just jealous that she is with cam and that she and cam are happy together. b/c you dont know a damn thing about their lives.

    inside scope dont ask how promised i wouldn’t tell

  • tina


    you sound like a straight up ***** dom didnt grap him and pull him in and jump all over him, cam turned around and hugged her. and they laughed and enjoy theirselves all through the show i agree with azula i think you jealous that she is with one in this world is perfect, diff people are drawn to diff people. get over yourself you sound like you think you are hot sh*t.

    cam and dom looked great i did like the dress, but maybe she should have gotten something not a tight, but hey if you got it show it off.

  • terrie

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terrie


  • tina

    @terrie: @terrie:

    you are so FAR OFF

  • CJ




  • lena

    hi, sorry to interrupt the ridiculous arguing, but does anyone know by any chance where Cam’s boots are from? They look like Doc Martins but they’re all patent.
    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! : )

  • amy

    you know calling people ugly and fat is something that leads to problems, like being depressed, and could lead to suicide. it people like some of you that cause so much body problems for the world. no one is perfect.

  • amy


    nope i dont know but the are very cool looking

  • Vicki

    Of course she has to follow him there as usual. She has no life.

  • sara


    she has friends, family, a daughter she does have a lot to give her a life nothing wrong with her being cam’s date, maybe he asked her to go.

  • kara

    CAM has HIDDEN Dom for some years and now she is everywhere. I guess Cam doesn’t want to hide his private life anymore because he has become a such pretentious man… but, hey darling, how can you be proud of that chick? Remember last year, you were dating Odette Yustman and then bang you got trapped by an unemployed waitress who told you “ahem I’m pregnant”… poor cam! she even told us that she trapped you!! her friends wrote the story on IMDB in september and she was only 3weeks-prego. Blind man.

  • w.d.

    I like Cam and think he’s a tremendous actor, but people aren’t being very fair to his GF. Cam is not THAT good looking, and if I didn’t know he was a star, I would think there was parity with their looks. She’s cute, and he’s handsome, but not exceptionally. No need to aggrandize him and deprecate her.

  • sara


    friends, family, daughter she has lots of things to give her a life. you never know cam might have asked her to go with him. i mean hell that is his girlfriend nothing wrong with her going with him,

  • azula


    he has never hidden her, it just now that twilight is came out more people are following him, and you are seeing more of them. dude she didnt trapped him, you people are trying to drama up something that has no drama for entertainment. i remember an interview with him when he was doing the oc. he was asked it you can take any 3 three things to an island with you what would they be. he answer i’d trade those 3 things for my girlfriend, who was dominique. he has been with her for years and loves her and their daughter. you read something online that said something i must be true right, wrong alot of stuff online isnt true. people are always making things up to shake things up. nothing is wrong with them. they are great sweet normal people who have a family that is it.

  • kara

    Last year he was dating Odette Yustman – he went to the 2008 MMA with her. In a lot of interviews he’s often been confused talking about his private life. He said last year to People that he was a single man and happy then everyone discovered that he was with a girl named dominique and that he lied – all gossips were talking about Cam being a liar, so Dom was hidden! This year, 12 months later, CAM is officially dating Dominique and has a baby of 6 weeks. Don’t tell it’s all serious and all these bullshits like they decided to have a baby after a long reflection because it’s not true – In June he was still with Odette for some months and in August Dom was pregnant. oh.Now explain me how someone could write about her pregnancy after only 3weeks being pregnant if they were not close to Dom – you only believe what you see but some know the real truth, not cam’s family trying to save Cam on various boards like Keeperofsanity on IMDB (=:Jay Gigandet)

  • terrie

    kara….you are so right on…….
    he dated odette and a hot designer before he was famous. (its on a cam gigandet fan site, a long time before dominique came into the picture but cam likes average waitresses. good for him. it will only make his career brighter…kidding. i didn’t know about the imdb board, interestingggg….i will have to take a look. every man knows women trap with pregnancy. duh. he should’ve at least upgraded, not downgraded.