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Daniel Craig Takes Ice Pop Form

Daniel Craig Takes Ice Pop Form


007 Daniel Craig‘s sculpted torso is Del Monte Foods’ inspiration for their new “licence to chill” ice pop.

Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies said artists “worked tirelessly” to recreate a shirtless sculpture of 41-year-old Craig in the scene where he emerges from the sea in Casino Royale, the twenty-first film in the James Bond series.

WOULD YOU buy a Daniel Craig ice pop to snack on??

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daniel craig ice pop 01
daniel craig ice pop 02
daniel craig ice pop 03
daniel craig ice pop 04
daniel craig ice pop 05

Photos: Del Monte
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  • cute

    Cute. I’d buy one.

  • old news

    We Daniel fans knew about this yesterday. Its in all the UK papers and other websites.
    You are slow JJ!

  • article
  • so solly no lolly

    only available in the UK im afraid.

  • Daniel Cocksickle

    If you look closely, his c o c k tip can be seen on his left side.


  • look closely
  • Klarissa

    That looks yummy

  • gonk on a stick

    im sure Gonkface will be telling everyone “ive got the real think to suck on”…to friends.

    kinda thing she would do being the smug biatch she is

  • BOB

    There is nothing like having a flat stick up your A S S

  • ??

    What’s the guy doing with his hands? Looks like he’s taking a piss.

  • nope

    Surely Daniel Craig would not endorse this. How disgusting.

  • kkcc

    creepy! haha.

    it looks like his hands are down his pants…

  • susi

    wow that’s just freaky

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmyyy!!! lol

  • 8 & 10

    to 8:
    There is nothing like having a flat stick up your A S S
    Well he does have that already with the girlfriend being around 24/7.
    Too late.

    to: 10
    nope @ 06/01/2009 at 11:36 am Surely Daniel Craig would not endorse this. How disgusting.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Daniel liking it or not. Del Monte did this on their own back and I dont think they needed copyright.

  • alicia

    Daniel Craig sexy, but that is just too creepy!

  • BOB

    @8 & 10:

    They must need some sort of permission to use his image.

  • re: lollies

    They are limited editions for Ice Cream Week in the UK which starts today.
    They will not make it to the US or other countries.
    One time deal which I think his PR team and himself will beathe a sigh of relief over.

  • to 16

    No, they do not. No copyright needed. Different law in the UK.

  • Bunny

    yummy! lol

  • no permission

    no permission needed as it isnt necessarily of bond per se but daniel and anyone can use a person’s image on anything.

  • Del MOnte

    Needs to fire it’s entire marketing department.

    That is incrediibly disturbing concept.

  • Meepzy

    This is gross, lmao.

  • to 21

    I agree but apparently they cannot make enought to fill the orders. So companies are buying them but will they sell?

    If it had 007 or James Bond on it then EoN could pull them but they don’t.
    It’s his likeness and that does not need permission and if he did do something about it, how would that make him look? Getting upset about an ice lolly?
    He’s over a barrel on this one.

  • to 14

    Funny!! Yes but at least the stick doesn’t have saggy t*ts like the gf!!!

  • intelligent head

    eat Daniel? hmm, maybe and what licking his p e n i s like lollipop?

  • Waste

    In this global depression this seems very frivolous and wasteful. They should have donated the money to people starving in Africa instead of working tirelessly on an ice pop.

  • Lo

    That thing looks so scary! I could never!

  • intelligent head

    I would like to have a “Daniel vanilla icy cream” I had a chocolate- strawberry icy cream today. I like licking

  • Stupid

    I find this creepy. DC/Bond franchise have to give their permission to use the image and I am sure they are getting a pretty cut of the profits.

  • intelligent head to waste

    agree with you, people make stupid things and there in Africa are hungry children

  • Painful

    That looks incredibly painful. Poor guy.

  • w.d.

    His has a wonderful body, but one of the homelist faces I’ve seen in Hollywood. True buttaface!

  • to stupid

    No they did not as the words “James Bond” or “007″ are not on there. This is NOT a Bond product!
    His likeness is public domain and can be used as such in the UK.
    Do your research please!

  • to 29

    i hear it has nothing to do with the whole bond thing at all.
    all the money is going back to the makers and profits to the distributors, im sure his office will come out with a notice stating no money from that is getting back to them as it isnt, if they don’t they should.


    He has kind of made it clear he is so sick of getting questions from interviewers about that scene in the movie….I bet he really is going to love the questions he gets NOW!

  • to 25

    Well yes, I think that is what Del Monte was thinking. But as these ice lollies are for sale to anyone, including children, I doubt that is is penis showing.
    If it is then his office would have a good case to pull it.

    (Not his penis, the ice lollies).

  • to 35

    I can see some poor b a s t a r d interviewing him about the play and bringing one of these out and asking Daniel.

    I’m sure that interviewer will leave with the ice lolly up his a r s e and the stick down his throat to the strains of Daniel shouting “for f u c k’s sake”.

  • africa

    Oh, just, give me a break on the Africa thing, as though no one is allowed to have any frivolous fun EVER just because there are bad things happening EVERYWHERE in the world. I promise to never again smile at passersby, or laugh at old Seinfeld reruns, or go to the theater to waste two hours watching a frivolous comedy like Night at the Museum, or eat chocolate, or loliies, EVER, EVER again–because there are more “important” things to think about….I’ll stop, at least until all the world’s problems are solved. Even Jesus was realistic and said two THOUSAND years ago “these things will be with you always”….just like you and your need to always try to make other’s feel guilty, apparently…

  • Blue trunks

    I wonder if th gf wears the famous blue trunks to bed :)

  • http://google Guinness

    The company is using his fame to make money. HMMM… I could do that too. UK laws? Capitalisma! Put proceeds toward finding Sats another job. Daniel, you got some influential HOT friends????~just me guinnessbanned from you know where.

  • to 39

    If she does wear them hopefully she wears them over her head as she is butt-ugly!!!

  • his face

    To me, the face isn’t right. they made him look 60, and he didn’t look that old in CR. He actually doesn’t even look that old now, even though he does look older than 41. Some days he looks great, some days not so great, but he has never looked as bad as the lolli makes him look. I notice that he did NOt have a 6 pack belly in the CR trunk shot, but they gave the lolli a 6 pack. I actually liked the way he REALLY looks in eth CR pic better and wished they had matched his actual body better. If I didn’t kno wthis was supposed to be Craig, i woudln’t have guessed. Lolli not very accurate, face or body.

  • C**k pop!!

    Just what you want your children to suck on!!?? A little too realistic in the trunks for a children’s ice pop. Very strange.

  • Eva

    What’s next an Eva pop with real nips for the boys? The Bond franchise will sell anything for a buck.

  • answers

    to 39:
    Apparently he burnt them. But I think his mother has them and has pinned them to a “altar” she has for him in her home along with his awards.

    to 42:
    Well there is only a certain amount of realism that a smoothie can be made into.

    to 43:
    Yes, if that is indeed his c*ck that they put in (if you look closely you can see a bulge under the “trunks” too and on the LEFT side on which he famously ‘dresses’). The whole thing looks hideous as they should have rethought his pose. he looks like he is either taking a p*ss or fondling himself.
    Either of which I’m sure he does but NOT on an ice lolly.

  • to 44

    For the last time, the Bond franchise are NOT involved with this.
    NOT a Bond item, NOT a 007 item, if it was it would have the registered trademark on.
    Purely something made up from Del Monte I assure you.

  • to 40

    Maybe Sats can stand on a corner on Broadway and sell the pops. That is the only thing she could sell on a street corner and actually make money.

  • someone will sue

    just you all wait, some mothers/parents will object to this and try to sue del monte for “sexual overtones’ in this lolly.
    that is why the Bond franchise has zero to do with this. too many problems.

  • me