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Gerard Butler Breaks For Biking

Gerard Butler Breaks For Biking

Gerard Butler is seen getting off his bicycle and walking along the Hudson River Parkway while listening to his iPod in New York City on Sunday (May 31).

Other pictures include the 39-year-old Scottish stud in new movie stills from Gamer. Synopsis: Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player named Kable (Butler) from a game called “Slayers” looks to regain his freedom and escape the prison while taking down the game’s twisted mastermind (Michael C. Hall).

Gamer is set to hit theaters on Friday, September 4th.

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  • Jules

    LOVE this man! and 1st?

  • Amy

    Really great actor


    Yumm… Some people like to focus on every wrinkle and imperfection of this man’s face. You got to look at the whole package: gorgeous body, height, the way he moves, interacts with others and walks, etc. He is never known for having “exquisite” facial features and that’s just his uniqueness: manly ruggedness that’s so appealing…

    That said, he probably can use more sun protection since he is originally from the part of the world not known for so much sun light like L.A.

  • !!!

    For average thinking humans – don’t bother to make a comment – as they say, ‘Move along, nothing to see here!’

  • bailey

    gorgeous. glad he is relaxing some more in nyc.

  • boring

    Getting predictable JJ. How many posts on Butler in the past week and a half — five?

  • Rocky

    #2. ITA!! The man makes me HOT!!!

  • wierd

    Odd attire for biking. Jeans, a long sleeved dress shirt and a hat? Look like it would be hot and not exactly suitable for biking. Isn’t there a helmet law in NYC?
    So odd. And all this coverage is even more odd.

  • Rocky

    #5. I’d rather Butler than Rhinna!!

  • Rocky

    #7. It’s been cool here in New York. Dress shirt? I don’t think so.

  • raquel

    OMG!!! The man just made my panties steam. LOVE HIM!

  • fugly

    Wierd old man riding a bike. Just as bad as wearing shorts and black socks. What happened to him? Not attractive at all.

  • jk

    Isn’t that park across the street from where Hugh Jackman lives? Isn’t this the same park Hugh is at every day?

    Is he stalking hugh? jealous stalker!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    gerads new movie looks like a real shitfest. hahahahaha.. it’s going to tank something awful.

  • whatthe?

    JJ, are you getting paid by Gerry’s team to promote his films? If you aren’t, you should be.

  • pafan

    Better GB than Suri Cruise being carried around again.

    I’d rather gawk at Gerry than anyone else, so the more pictures the better.

  • helmet


    He’s not riding the bike, just pushing it around. But you are right, he’s weird.

  • On yer bike

    HEY! That is my bike you pushing!. GIve it back, you thieving Jock basterd!!
    I agree with Sharia law. chop his hands off.

  • @Jk

    #12. Interesting. Are you a fan of Jackman’s? Both GB and Jackman are great in their own ways. GB a jealous stalker of Jackman’s? What are you trying to imply?

    Maybe GB needs to become a family man, being pleasant and politically correct all the time and laying off his dirty jokes. That way, maybe all the people who dislike him will go away. Better yet, GB changes his name and hides from this world….. Sorry to say, this is not likely to happen. So take GB as is. Live and let live.

  • weetiger

    Keep it up JJ! Lots of lovely pics to look at and the funniest comments on the internet every time you do a Gerard Butler post! Thanks!

  • bronxcheer

    I see nothing wrong with the guy. Some of you should try riding a bike and exercising something more then your ignorance.

    You might discover some old neurons that haven’t seen activity for a while if you’re lucky.

  • huh

    Is this news?

    “A man walks his bike around a park. Film at 11.”

  • d’oh


    Hmmm…last time I checked, the name of this site is JustJared not CNN.

  • huh

    d’oh – It’s still boring. Isn’t there supposed to be some entertainment value, or are people like you that easy?

    Never mind. We already know. ;)

  • WTF

    Keep posting shots of Gerard, everyday if you like (or until you get arrested for stalking.) He’s just gorgeous, we love him, and its great to see that he makes time for weak photo opps, just to keep us die-hard fans happy!
    As for all the haters: why don’t you just look somewhere else, like google who you do want to look at and leave us to our (very) happy snaps.

  • hag

    both he and manny have chipmunk cheeks. they would be perfect together, too bad he is so insistent to tell the world HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO HER

  • WTH

    Where are all these alleged haters? Only one person took a shot at him personally (vs. his film or choice of clothing to cycle in) out of 26 comments on the thread. I’d say he’s getting a lot more support than hate. Stop being so defensive or crazy, whichever it is.


    Love the imperfections,beauty, wrinkles and talent…absolutely all of him. I guess some people can’t handle their own imperfections and boring existance. Great work Jared. Love me some Butler!!!!

  • nyob

    few comments:

    He looks good.

    Weird outfit for biking, although he is not riding but walking (also weird).

    Raquel – keep that sh*t to yourself.

    Those of you who keep defending him . . . you are not helping. How embarrassing for him that his fans make a federal case out of everything thing that is said about him.

  • x

    He’s lost his sexy. Shame. He was hot several years ago. Now he’s just old and average. JMO.

  • Liz

    Jared, you continue to rock!!!! I LOVE your Gerard Butler attention!!! Please keep it coming!!!!! I love to know where he is, what he’s wearing, and what he’s doing!!!! I’m always amazed how you’re able to come up with these shots for us! Thank you so much!!!! I’m counting the days until “TUT” (53)..and my heart is also palpitating for “G” coming on Sept. 4. Jared, you’re amazing!!!! I love your site for any Gerry news! You’re better than Twitter!!! Gerard and Jared, you’re the greatest!

  • Anon

    Gerard Butler is gay, so all you fraus who are “yum-ming” are hilarious.

  • bW

    Thanks JJ for the shots.
    Gerry is adorable.
    I’ll keep coming here for the pleasure of seeing him again.

  • Dear horny hausfraus

    Stop blogging on this website and get back in the kitchen. bake a flan or something.

    Damm this female empowerment!, b itches will be wanting the vote next…

  • stacie

    First of all THANK YOU JJ !!! I just love all the photos of Chris Pine , Zach and Gerard Butler. I swoon for them all . Hell I’d do them all. They are the reason that I come to your site first. Thank you so much ,

  • w.d.

    I think ugly guys like Gerard Butler are so sexy! After all, if they can be considered “hot,” then there’s hope for all of us. Keep smiling my little winky!

  • Hello nurse


    Anon…….Darling, please leave these women alone and to their fantasies. Don’t be so cruel. They’re actually smart enough to realize that Gerard is indeed gay but as long they hear a vague reference every now and then to a woman that never surfaces or SEE him with a c_ck in his mouth, they can pretend otherwise.

  • incredible

    This place is teaming with Nutburgers of all sorts and sizes. GB brings out the best in every one it seems. I can see why my friend told me about this thread.

  • WTF

    @WTH: look at the previous JJ/GB thread when he was at LA airport: thems the haters, and seems like most of them have already left the site.

  • pafan

    Lovers, haters: If you didn’t find something fascinating about this guy you wouldn’t be here.

  • just me

    Ok, I don’t get it. Just trying to understand this one. If you’re not a Butler fan….fine…I get that. But, why do you take the time out to pick on someone who is a fan? Are you going to change them? I just don’t understand why so many people go out of their way to bash the dude or his fans…if you’re not interested in him or anything he does, etc?! Why are you on this site looking at pics of him doing nothing? And then complaining that you are seeing pics of him doing nothing? Lol….that freakin cracks me up….really??!! WHY DO YOU BOTHER TO LOOK THEN??!!! This intrigues me because it just shows how miserable some folks really are….you’re your own worst enemy. Do you just need something to bitch about? Is that it?

  • that’s hideous

    he should get back on that 300 diet

  • who knows

    Wow! He looks great to me.

  • yawn

    Notice the comments are just people bashing each other instead of talking about Butler? That is because Butler has become a bore. He isn’t interesting anymore. He is gone Hollywood and is a cliche. It’s too bad too. Now, there is nothing left to do but sit around and pick on other posters.

  • yawn

    Notice the comments are just people bashing each other instead of talking about Butler? That is because Butler has become a bore. He isn’t interesting anymore. He is gone Hollywood and is a cliche. It’s too bad too. Now, there is nothing left to do but sit around and pick on other posters.

  • kandi

    He looks like sh*t. He’s not sexy, not hawt, not manly- tho he certainly was once. He’s just the average looking 39 y.o. male who hasn’t taken care of himself. More proof he doesn’t have a steady GF.

  • 0_0

    Some faces are slappable. His is kickable.

  • ?!?!

    We need some new dirt on this guy. Anyone out there got news, stories about G? Old or new..whatever..

  • anon annoy

    Maybe the Nordic chicks will come back. LOL

  • meme

    did he just fart?
    looks like it in that pic!