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Miley Cyrus - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Miley Cyrus - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Miley Cyrus cozies up to New Moon hunk Taylor Lautner at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star paired her Moschino Cheap and Chic nude silk cowl neck halter dress with Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James jewels.

Miley‘s hit song “The Climb” from Hannah Montana: The Movie won her a Golden Popcorn statue for “Best Song From a Movie.”

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards..

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Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures; Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • queen bee

    geez i hate SO much when this girl does that ¬¬

  • kellie

    is she doing that to make selena jealous?
    hm..just wondering

  • kellie

    is she doing that to make selena jealous?
    hm..just wondering

  • hank

    hate to pick on a little girl but i think she’s overated and dresses way too mature. looks like a middle-aged homely woman. gawd, i’m going to be struck by lightning for being so cruel. lol

  • hank

    unfair to say this of a teen but she has no class. children from well to do families are usually more refined and carry themselves better.

  • notsofast

    where’s ashley’s post ?!

  • NANa

    I agree, hank. She should wear clothes young and fun. She looks like a grandma!

  • LuckyL

    Too old looking once again. I wonder how many times she has f***** her Justin Bobby/ Bobby Brown/ K-Fed/ etc.

  • LuckyL

    I prefer Kate Gosselin.

  • queen bee

    Yeah I agree she totally looks old with that dress. The shapes, the shoes, the colours. All is too 40-ish for her.
    She’s trying so hard to look mature.
    And about Selena… probbably, it wouldn’t be surprising coming from her.
    Gah I have to say it again, STOP POUTING!
    It makes me want to punch her right on the mouth XD

  • Saudia

    she looks all grown up .. I love the dress !!

  • tia

    she looks good

  • andy


    umm no, they have known each other for years

  • fantasy

    man taylor’s sooo hot!!!

  • beccaa?

    wow, slow down chuggin that hater-aide!! hah. yeah, the pouty thing is weird. but whatever. selena ALWAYS wears stuff like this, so idk what y’alls problem is.. :I O_o plus, um, sel + miles = FRIENDS! hello. miley & taylor have been friends/known eachother for a long time! says so in her book.

  • http://justjared simone

    I think she looks nice and she must have been thrilled to win a award.she works very hard and I dont think its fair to keep picking on a person that you have never met.I think it is much harder for a child or teenager to be famous then a adult.A adult does not need to do schoolwork and take exams on top of learrning movie scripts etc.

  • stella

    omg I almost died when she got her award and gave her speech. Miley is soooooooooo annoying. She has a pig face, a man voice, as mature as an 11 year old, cant dance, cant act, and definitely CANT sing, I really don’t understand why girls idolize her. She would have never made it in hollywood if it weren’t for her dad. And please don’t yell at me and tell me im “jealous”…because I am not, I just dont like her. There are plenty of other celebs who I am jealous of, but Miley is not one of them.

  • Stace

    @kellie: pouting to make selena jealous?? I don’t get it, what does that mean?

  • kristina l

    she looks amazing! she never tries to be super trendy. LOVE how she overaccessorized with jewelry- really adds a young vibe.

  • queen bee

    nono, taylor to make selena jealous
    pouting just because she’s annoying lol

  • babe_luv_ya

    her outfit is not age appropriate!

  • hate to say it but…

    She looks like a thirty something year old secretary. It must su(k being so plain and in the same room with so many beautiful sexy people. Rob wouldn’t look twice at her.

  • neelmani

    she looks great. haters are never happy with what she wears, its either she looks to old or shes trying too hard. she looks amazing.
    #19: your right: she does over-accessorize, it makes whatever she wears young and trendy. and if selena did wear this, it would be that she look amazing. she looks great-from the hair to the makeup-to the dress.

  • hate to say it but…

    where’s her fame w*ore bf?

  • Courtney

    I agree, her outfit’s a little boring but she deserves the award. She works really hard so good for her.

  • Chau

    What’s up with her jewelry? She tries WAY too hard to look edgy or stylish. And I agree with those who said she doesn’t dress according to her age. This is something I wouldn’t even wear and I’m 22!

  • Bella

    Haters much? “The Climb” was a wonderful song that can be inspiration to many. I know many are rolling their eyes while reading this, but seriously just listen to the lyrics. It’s a beautiful song. I’m not saying this because I’m a fan. I didn’t like See You Again or Fly On The Wall.

    Anyway, this isn’t her best outfit, but I think she looks pretty. I don’t think she’s the most gorgeous girl ever, but no way do I think she’s hideous.

    Congrats, Miley!

  • Kris

    to the people saying “where’s her fame whore boyfriend Justin – JUSTIN NEVER GOES WITH MILEY TO AWARD SHOWS OR ANY RED CARPET EVENTS!

  • twifanatic Amanda

    ewww i want to kick her in her horse teeth

  • pgc

    not age appropriated? that’s hilarious, so now everybody goes to party on a nun costume or what?
    and of course she’s not trying to make selena jealous, miley&selena are friends so there’s no reason
    i think you hate what she does or wears just cause it’s miley, selena also wears boring clothes and you are only against miley

  • teamAI

    no offense to her but i really hate it when she’s pouting it’s so annoying!
    she is just trying to hard/

  • http://yahoo lhavemileyciouz

    owh mah gosh she looks fab thing! likey her sowh much..

  • http://yahoo lhavemileyciouz

    owh mah gosh she looos fab thing..likey her sowh much! sorry peepz..

  • Kevin F.

    ugh another britney in the making i hate disney kids # 17 knows wut im talkin bout

  • mertz

    i really want to like this girl, and i try so hard to like her so so so so so hard. it really is kind of a back of the mind off the table kind of struggle though since i don’t fit into her fan base, but come on, who BIGS UP god. i think she’s authentically herself and i want to commend that, but i can’t. i can’t even try to like her. i’ll just say she’s okay. when she lived here she worked with some of my friends and i got to know her through them and she’s really sweet, but my goodness i must be the snob that talks shit behind people’s backs, because i can’t even get it in me to like her. my friend wrote her a hit song. thanks miley for choosing her and making her a lot of money.

  • Loren

    Wohooo Miley rox

  • kamilah

    dont get me wrong i like the song “climb” but i was pissed that it won best song. “decode” got my vote and not just because it was for twilight. paramore is awesome in my opinion and the song fit perfectly for the movie

  • Josie Ann

    FAKE POUT, sexy NOT!!!! Dresses old, I agree. Outfit makes her look like she’s over 40 with kids and I should know; I am. Poor kid, try act and dress your generation. Girl needs to appreciate her youth.

  • mertz

    yeah the only good thing about twilight is maybe the soundtrack. when they were getting up for all their awards and paramore was playing i was like why aren’t they getting an award for their song. good song.

  • Jokergurl

    That dress is for someone in their mid 20′s, 30′s not some 16 year old kid. It’s way too mature for her, it’s not that she looks old, she just doesn’t look appropriate.

  • Laura

    Okay…Miley is dressing way too old for her age. She should take a cue from Kristin Stewart and take it down a notch. In some of these pictures she doesn’t carry herself well. New stylist, anyone???

  • mia

    Well, she seems to like the mature look. At least she’s not wearing gladiator shoes, I’m so tired of that look.

  • Diana x3

    omgosh she looks fantastic :)
    so gorgeous…. I LOVE that dress and her hair are the best ♥
    Miley is the best <3 she’s soooooo pretty

  • lexie

    the bitch is back :D:D

  • Carly

    she looks awful…
    and she has no talent :S
    Miley?! can you at least wear clothes for your age group? it looks bad like this :S

  • Lo

    Adore the dress. Love the accessories!

  • No Name

    That dress is too old for her. Maybe she thought the nude color was sexy. (gag) What’s up with the lips? She looks like a duck when she does that. I have no idea how she won that award. There must be alot of 5 year olds who can master voting on the MTV website. That song …..ewwwwwww!

  • Jen

    looks good, but dresses too old.. also needs to stop pouting, ugly mouth

  • fake-is-in

    I don’t understand why if you hate her so much why you search out things to comment on. Also as far as her dress it is fine, and in case you didn’t realize she is growing up! Besides that its her career not yours have you ever thought that maybe she doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana forever? And the girl can’t even take a picture with her mouth closed because shes “pouty” well when she smiles you make fun of her and call her a “chipmunk” or “horseteeth”, so according to you haters on here she should just die and disappear, alot of folks would think it would be a better place if you assholes who think they know how everyone should behave and act even though they are being themselves while the rest of you try to pretend to be mini-celebrities, fashion , music, and movie critics would just die and disappear. And while I am at all you parents need to learn that just because someone is on your “babysitter” (television) so you can get on here and be dickheads, doesn’t make them your childs rolemodel that has to be the dumbest stuff I hear from parents all the time! Its your job to be rolemodels quit being so judgemental on how other people live their lives and see where you failed as a parent if your child starts exibiting out of control behaviour and then you blame people like Miley or whoever on t.v. you are blaming the wrong ones they didn’t sit your child in front of that idiot box, you did!


    Saudia, Tia, Kristina l, Neelmani, Bella,

    You guys are SOOOO right she Looks GREAT! She is a BEAUTIFUL young lady inside and out! She has a kind heart!
    She’s having Fun! She likes what she does!

    You guys are right some people will never be happy! You can’t please everyone! So Miley be true to yourself! Follow your heart! Your true fans will support you always!

    Don’t listen to the negative people. They are all around trying to bring you down. The haters are desperate to bring you down to their level! They try to make fun of you and insult you but, they are really only hurting themselves. Truth is that people that make fun of other people have a very low self esteem. So to try to feel better about themselves they lash out at the people they are jealous of! The haters are jealous and envious of you Miley. They wish that they had
    your life!

    As far as the haters saying that you have NO talent! I don’t think that Miley would be where she is right now without any talent. She DID NOT just get the part of Hannah because of her dad. If fact it made it harder as she had to prove herself. She went to the audtion in LA, and did not get the call back so she and her family went back home to Tenn. After several months the studio called her back for another audtion. And again she had to wait. Third and final call back came and she was one of the last few finalists left from 1000′s that the studio had looked at! She finally got the call that she did get the part of Hannah! The rest is history! This was all on Miley Special on the E Channel – Entertainment Channel.