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Miranda Kerr Covers Rolling Stone

Miranda Kerr Covers Rolling Stone

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr appears nude and chained to a tree for the latest Australia cover of Rolling Stone‘s Green Issue.

The 26-year-old girlfriend of Orlando Bloom wants to shine a light on the Koala Foundation‘s “No Tree, No Me” campaign.

“It’s a sad thing. There are only about 100,000 koalas left in Australia,” she tells the mag. “Something like 80 percent of the koalas’ habitat has been destroyed since Europeans arrived in Australia.”

As for making the cover of RS, Miranda says, “Oh it’s incredible. It’s really surreal to be on the cover. Rolling Stone is such an iconic magazine. You know that song, (sings) ‘On the cover of the Rolling Stone‘ – that’s just so cool and I’m really happy to be involved in this!”

Bigger cover pics inside…

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miranda kerr rolling stone 01

Photos: Carlotta Moye/Rolling Stone
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  • Lo

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful!

  • lira

    Wazzup JJ,,, Why didn’t you post any Australian RollingStone issue before with other celebs. It’s so obvious! Hahahaha

    p.s. I didn’t know there’s an OZ version of RS!

  • TigerMan

    Stupid bitch.
    “Oh gee, there’s only 100,000 koalas left.”
    “Oh gee, those bad Europeans.”
    Europeans CREATE civilizations where Third World scum can’t wait to live, and of course DESTROY.
    Stupid cunt.

  • ola

    Can’t manage to get a decent cover until now no! And coincidentally, all are Australian versions or repeats of picture covers. Not bad!

  • LuckyL

    Fail, tired of non-musicians.

  • gigi

    She reminds me of Eve in the Garden. I know its an eco thing, but a little snake in a tree would have been kinda cool

  • wiseupladies

    I have no idea who she is, but she’s desperate for attention. Stripping off no longer helps you to climb the career ladder any faster… just ask Biel or Barton. Both stripped for their recent films which went straight to DVD.

    The so called ‘supermodels’ of today look like human hybrids. They pale in comparison to the original supermodels like Turlington, Crawford and Campbell.

  • toni

    I think to be on the cover of the US version is the one to be called amazing. Anyways, it’s still a cover.

    By the way, how can posing naked on a magazine be related to saving or bringing awareness about koalas? Overly photoshopped!

    And Miranda, next time try to construct a statement of your own about the enviroment. Not something like Orlando had said before!

  • w.d.

    I can’t believe she would have any interest in Orlando Bloom. She can do much, much better than his dumb, ugly ass.

  • @7

    IMO to compare Miranda to those supermodels is ridiculous…

    Why not compare her to some models who are quite near with her status? Bar Refaeli perhaps? That will make sense yo.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    could this hanger be any skinnier?!

  • @JustJared

    Be consistent with the term supermodel

    The other post you’re calling her VS model, sometimes VS supermodel, most of the the time model gf of Orlando.

    Next supermodel of the universe lol

  • wiseupladies


    I don’t know what you’re talking about, or rather, the point you’re trying to make, but like you said, it’s your opinion (whether it makes sense or not).

  • Ale

    Just Jared is very fast in posting infos about Kerr ey.

  • @wiseupladies

    I mean to compare fake or wannabe supermodels to the real ones is stupid and shameful!

  • toast

    Say what, did she just blame europeans? LOL!

  • elle

    She look ok, but overly shopped in most of her magazine covers. An additional lbs on her body wouldn’t hurt too.

  • noway!

    Hey I’m European & I resent that!!! Um, isn’t this model white too? IF she’s not aborigine then she needs to seriously STFU!!!!

  • sean

    She’s natural beauty but why did they have to photoshop her ???

  • wiseupladies

    Tell that to the media people etc. who use the term “supermodel” to describe models like Miranda…. it will lead to comparisons whether you like it or not. I doubt Miranda considers or uses the term supermodel to describe herself.

  • 24

    Oh don’t bother about her stupid comment! Kerr just wants to create some stirs. You know attention, and she’s getting it cause we’re reacting.

  • Wi

    Her arms are freakishley long. If you really focus on them for a while she kinda looks like a malnourished-animated-cro-magnon person.

    Yes I wonder too, that if was such a natural beauty, then why oh why would they have had to photoshop her so much….

  • tams

    Yeah, and how ironic she’s dating a European.

  • @wiseupladies

    Why would it lead to comparisons? To some people like you maybe. Deep inside Miranda loves the term supermodel, but you’re right, she can’t say it to the world because she isn’t.

  • Noticias de famosos

    What a photograph … goes well and works with a cause.

  • @sean

    If she’s a natural beauty, they wouldn’t have photoshopped her to the extreme. Photoshopping the breast area is quite ok cause that’s normal for models especially for VS models, but the face to be altered extremely is another story.

  • beyatch

    She’s blaming the Europeans for the depletion of koalas, but yet again she’s dating a European. What a stupid beyatch!

  • @ beyatch

    Maybe she didn’t realize that Orlando is a European? Maybe she thought only that he was “Orlando Bloom” famous heart throb so everyone would be so jealous of her. That’s what all the shippers seem to think that we are all so “jealous” of her. I’d rather be one of the koalas.

  • Akron


  • Akron

    I’m laughing off my a** cause this girl is a try hard knock out! Since when did she become all these eco thingy shitz? Since dating OB lol

  • *******

    Only 100,000??? Seems like quite alot

  • wow!

    She looks amazing!
    Love her!

  • LOL!

    poor, sad haters
    nothing better to do with their lives than to scour the internet for news on Miranda
    poor, poor haters

  • Jonathan

    This was on ONTD, you know, a site where people have actual names, and the majority of posts were favorable. But here, the same pathetic hater can post over and over again, pretending to be different people.

  • ignorant

    Ignorant people.
    She’s right. Europeans caused the destruction of the natural habitats of many animals when they arrived in Australia, AND the Americas.
    The native peoples lived in harmony with nature, Europeans destroyed it to suit their needs. I’m know that some things HAD to be destroyed in the fight for civilization, but saying that habitat was destroyed after they came is accurate.
    As for the idiot sayingt hat she shouldn’t be saying that because she is dating a European, well stupid, SHE is of European heritage, too. Most of the ancestors of non-native Australians came from Europe. Specifically Great Britain… know…where Orlando is from.
    Please read your world history books before commenting again.

  • http://Justjared Nicole

    Please note I searched for posts of Orlando not Miranda! And if she is a supermodel than I am the Queen of England.

  • Misshalfway

    did she know that Orlando is European….?????

  • @36

    But why did you stop to post?
    Why is she that important to you?

  • http://justjared lol

    Orlando “fans” the Delphi loons ignore threads only about him but are parked here 37 comments what the hell obsessed much?

  • jaye

    It’s a stupid cover. She should have insisted on better.

  • Erika Fonseca


    At least she is doing something to add in this world.

  • http://israel ——–

    all Miranda’s haters here: go to hell or go f*** your self!!!!!
    what a sad life you probubly have!!! poor people!!!!!!!
    ))))))))))))))) : if you dont like her just DONT leave comments here!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    good cause i guess, not a big fan of koalas tho, i prefer kangaroos
    i dont like her on the cover as well
    looks like she has extensions

  • abc

    She isn’t a beauty. She looks awful without make up.

  • Chau

    Photoshop much? Anyway, you don’t have to get naked for a cause. She’s so desperate for attention. She probably made thousands of dollars for herself more than help the poor koalas.

  • molly

    shes skinny and ugly ewww.

  • @45

    So are you also against the PETA ads? You know, the ones that a lot of A-listers have posed for….”i’d rather go naked than wear fur”. The ones that have helped put the fur industry out of business? The ones that have brought awareness for decades? Those ads? Or are you only against ANYTHING that Miranda does because of your irrational hatred? Yeah, I thought so.

  • @ 47

    not poster 45.

    I do not care for the PETA ads “i’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

    The point, at least for me is, some people do not feel comfortable looking at others who are naked posing the way she is on the cover of a magazine that is visible to themselves or their children at any store that may happen to sell it.

    There is a reason why Playboy and Penthouse along with the others are kept in plain brown wrappers behind the counter. So others do not have to see them if they do not want to. And a person must be a certain age to purchase them. Not that it would make much difference in maturity

    For me personally it makes your voice far less credible, especially in this case, considering the way they have her posed and the expression on her face. Chained to a tree, naked.

    When I used to work at a video store I used to get so sick to stomach every time I had to put away the “adult” videos, which is what this cover looks like.

    I am very happy that the PETA ads have put the fur industry out of business….I just do not particular care for the way in which they have done it. Does not matter who the person is who is being photographed.

    I do not think it makes them bad people, nor do I feel they were bad people to begin with.

    But there are lots of other ways to get the point across. Most who do ads of this sort are comfortable enough in their own skin to do so. Some of us are not. At least I’m strong enough to admit it. Doesn’t mean I consider myself ugly, just modest.

    Does not matter who is posing naked sweety. Why don’t you get up there and join her if you think what she is doing is so Noble?

  • @48

    Let me get this straight. You are comparing that picture, to the pictures in Playboy? You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you are kidding. A confidant, strong woman using her body to bring awareness to a cause is, to you, the same as a desperate woman selling her body to make money for big wigs in fancy offices? OMG.
    She isn’t showing ANYTHING! She may not be wearing clothes, but she is as covered as she would be on a beach, in a bikini.
    The FACT is that posing in this manner, be it for PETA or Save the Rain Forest, or what have you, gets people talking. THAT’S the idea. I bet twice as many people know about the plight of the koala right now, than they did yesterday because Miranda Kerr posed sans clothing. It grabs people’s interest. It works, because it shocks people. It’s just some people are more easily shocked than others.
    I do think that her cause is noble. But I don’t think anyone would care if I stripped for a cause. But if my stripping would garner more interest in breast cancer research, I would do it in a heartbeat.
    Oh, and by the way, it’s ‘sweetie’.

  • alice

    rolling stones mag has stooped so low