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No Doubt Concert Ticket Giveaway!

No Doubt Concert Ticket Giveaway!

State Farm provided a pair of tickets to rock out at the No Doubt show in New York on June 27th – they are offering you a pair as well!

THE PRIZE: One pair of tickets and meet & greet passes to the No Doubt concert presented by State Farm, on June 27th at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY.

Also, there is an additional chance for people to win a VIP trip to an upcoming tour date at We’re talking limo service, spending money, awesome seats, and a meet and greet with the band!

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here explaining why you should win this contest. Be sure to include a valid email address (will not be published) and a winner will be chosen at the end of the contest — Sunday, June 14 @ 5PM ET/PT. US residents only. Enter as many times as you want!!! Good luck! The winner has been notified!

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  • maria

    i think i should be the one to win the tickets cause im the first one that left my comments. lol. well i know that theres alot of no doubt fans out there, but i would really love to go because i deserve it. please let me win this price.

  • hsl

    oh please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-)

  • emma

    want tickets

  • JD

    I hope I win this contest b/c every time I tried to buy tickets to see no doubt during this tour it kept saying tickets sales TBA. (I checked every day for 2 months) When they finally came on sale I was away and missed my chance to see them :(

  • julia

    it’s nice in this day and age to see a frontwoman of an incredible band who has maintained a great sense of dignity through it all. Each member of this band brings something unique to the group that makes it a band that can keep going strong even after such a long break. To be able to see them during my already amazing summer in NYC would be an incredible thing, and to get a chance to meet and greet them would be unbelievableee. I have been a huge fan of No Doubt since I was in the third grade, and I have seen Gwen in concert but not the whole band together. I want to be able to be at that concert and feel how much energy they have as a group!

  • nikki

    i love no doubt!!!

  • Michelle

    i should win because i am a no doubt die hard fan and have been following them since their ska days!

  • Nicole Borden

    I think that I should win this contest because I have been waiting YEARS for No Doubt to finally come back and now they are and I couldn’t get tickets to the concert on the 27th but I would do ANYTHING to get to go. Please please please please please.

  • kristen

    i’ve been a fan of No Doubt for 13 years – i counted. since i was in 6th grade. i love this band so much and have tried to meet them so many times. i have never even gotten close. i wrote my first fan letter to tony kanal when i was 14. i threw a ‘karma bracelet’ at tom dumont when i was 16. i wrote my college application essay on why i look up to gwen stefani at 18. i have waited for hours on end to meet this band and i’m beginning to think it’s never going to happen. i don’t have tickets for the upcoming tour due to the current economic climate and my sudden unemployment, and to be able to go would, quite literally, make my year. and it’s been a rough year so far. simple as that.

  • Valerie L

    There is NO DOUBT that I am the biggest fan of this band! I love Gwen Stefani and it would be an honor to meet her. A few years back I waited outside of MTV for four hours only to be disappointed to hear that she had left. This would really be the dream of a lifetime to meet the band, one which I would treasure for the rest of my life!

  • anne

    i should win b/c i love no doubt and i was unable to go to the concert in my hometown.

  • monica

    I Love No Doubt.

  • gia

    i think i should win the contest because not only am i a huge no doubt fan, i’m a huge paramore fan, so it would mean even more to me. my boyfriend….er, ex-boyfriend, promised me as an early birthday present (my birthday was may 14th) we’d go up from our college in the philly area to nyc to see no doubt perform on the today show on may 1st. instead he broke up with me the night before we were set to leave, because he felt like commencement should be “the beginning of new girls to screw.” keep in mind, this was after a week of reassuring me that it didn’t matter that graduation was coming up, we’d still be together.

    so i watched the concert broken-hearted and with tears streaming down my face the next morning.


  • Margot

    I think I should win the tickets because I’ve worked my butt of this year, for nothing. I am a huge No Doubt fan and there are no words to describe what Paramore means to me. This year I have been so caught up in school and my future that I have been ditched by pretty much all of my friends. We had plans to attend as many concerts we could over the summer only to lead to my dissappointment that we will be attending none. My best friend ditched me and already went to see No Doubt and Paramore in Fresno back on May 19th. And she didn’t even tell me. She doesn’t even know who any of them are. Only Decode because of Twilight. So know my summer has been totally ruined since no one wants to come with me to any concerts because they already bought their tickets. Thanks guys. So this is why I think I should be considered for these tickets. Thank you and I hope I win!!!!

  • Hope

    My daughter loves Gwen Stefani. She is 12 and would just be in heaven if she could see her idol! She has her pitures all over her bedroom, her screensaver is Gwen and she even wants to bleach her hair, but fortunatley I talked her out of that one!

  • Eunice

    NO DOUBT i want them :)

  • Eunice

    No doubtttt

  • natasha

    I’ve been a big fan of No Doubt since I was little.
    I haven’t been to NYC before.
    I’ve never met a celebrity before.
    Because God thinks I should go.

  • maribeth

    no doubt has been my most FAVORITE band since i was 10 & i will be 24 in august. my room is a SHRINE to them. gwen has just been the most incredible insperation to me through out my life. i remember sitting on my living room floor & seeing the video for “just a girl” for the first time. it is so vivid & i can remember just how i felt when i saw it. it was like my world was turned upside down & i got chills. seeing gwen with her platinum hair, red lips & for the first time was, to this date, THE most important event in my life in terms of my personal being & who i wanted to be. i’ve been collecting ND & gwen memorobelia for fourteen years now – every magazine, poster, book, rare CD. it’s a huge hobby of mine. before the advent of youtube, i would sit there at my family’s VCR hogging it up, taping every no doubt performance & interview & show. i STILL have every video tape & watch them. gwen’s lyrics have gotten me through SO much in my life. my family has had some hard times & her lyrics have gotten me through. while i’ve seen ND in concert a few times [not as many as i would like due to my young age at the time of thier break out & my family's financial situation growing up], i have never ever met them. meeting no doubt would be THE dream come true for me. it’s something i really thought would never ever happen. it just seems to far out for me. if i got this, i don’t even know how i would react. it would be the best gift anyone could ever give me.

  • hlovesu

    I really really want to win this because my best best friend has a birthday coming up on the 25th and she is OBSESSED with no doubt and i wanted to get her tickets but they were sold out in my hometown, not to mention terribly expensive!! she has been going through a really tough time lately with personal problems and i know it would totally make her birthday if i could get her tickets! not to mention mine!! :)

  • maryellen killeen

    I am a working mother of 3 girls 13, 9 and 2 and never, ever go anywhere fun and both my hubby and I are HUGE NO DOUBT fans-
    this would make my year-and bring me back to my carefree days -
    I just love their music and the experience would make my year!!!!

  • Olivia


    I think that I deserve the tickets because I have loved no doubt for a very long time! I absolutely love them and I have every single one of no doubt’s soundtracks. I think it would be a great experience to go to No Doubt at jones beach since it is one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite venues. It would be a break well deserved from work and the stresses of life! I tried to get tickets already! but guess what they were all sold out and I was really bummed that I can’t go and would love to be there and rock out with them since I have been waiting those long years for a reunion tour and album! please please please let me go because I love no doubt and just jared :) pick me!

  • simplethings

    I’m just a very simple guy. I’m trendy, like to do trendy things. I love media, entertainment and anything pop-culture. I’ve loved No Doubt since I was in middle school – i’m 25 now. I never went to see them in concert because I never thought I was cool enough to see them. I didn’t think I would fit in at a No Doubt concert. I would love the opportunity to go see them. It’s not my birthday, nor am I the # 1 die hard No Doubt fan. I’m just a big fan that would love the chance to see a great band put on a great show.

  • Boone

    I think I deserve to win this contest because:
    1. I have never been to a concert before. The closest thing to a real concert I’ve been to is the school’s spring sing.
    2. I have been kind of a nerd for the past four years and I am going to graduate from UCLA cum laude in 2 weeks. I deserve some excitement in life, don’t u think so? :)
    3. have gotten me through my college years. I have been and am still checking many more times that I check my e-mail daily.
    4. I think Gwen is an incredibly talented artist and I would love to meet her.
    5. We’re myspace friend, Jared lol…

  • Jen

    I have been a huge NoDoubt/ Gwen fan since high school. Would love to see them live in NYC.

  • Anna

    Cause I’m losing faith in my own existence and need something to cheer me up…. like the belief that incredible music still exists

  • jessica Neuman

    i think kristen should get them!


    What an incredible opportunity! I’m currently a college student in NYC and have been a huge No Doubt fan since Tragic Kingdom came out. That CD was the first I ever bought, so it holds a special place in my heart. When I heard they were reuniting I was so excited and went to see their first performance together on the Today show. I waited in line for hours in the rain, and by the time I actually got in I could hardly see over all of the people in front of me since they were all so tall and holding up posters. I knew that would be the only chance I’d get at seeing them live since I can’t currently spare any money on things that aren’t necessities, so it was just such a bummer to hardly even see my idols while they were on stage. To win this contest would make up for such a heartbreaking experience and would fulfill my dreams of getting to meet them, since their music has gotten me through some really rough times.

  • Shelley Schulman velasquez

    Please please please choooose me. My husband and i got married a year and a hlf agao and it that time he has had 2 accidents, a broken foot and a broken hand(in 2 places) and was out of work. I am in the staffing industry and business is pitiful. Soooo like most of america, we have had a the year of being broke BUT it was our first year of marriage! My husband is a musician, plays guitar and plays piano and sings but since moving here from peru 3 years ago has only been to one concert (the Cure) and I would so love to take him to see No Doubt. she is such an amazing rocker and we deserve some fun (dont ya think? lol). Pleeeeeeeeease choose me.

  • Shelley Schulman velasquez

    Pretty please?

  • Shelley Schulman velasquez

    with sugar on top

  • Shelley Schulman velasquez

    I am down on my knees
    Begging you please

  • Amy

    I love No Doubt!!!!

  • Shelley Schulman velasquez

    I think I shpuld win these tickets because
    I am a really good person
    I try to make everyone else in the world happy
    I never ask anyone for anything for myself
    BUT this would make me so happy
    So so happy

  • nreagan

    I work the most amazing co worker ever. And because of her blog I won tickets to a concert Tuesday. So this is my chance to return the favor.

  • nreagan

    I work WITH (forgot “with the first time) the most amazing co-worker ever. And because of her blog I won tickets to a concert Tuesday. So this is my chance to return the favor.

  • jourdan

    I really want to win tickets to see no doubt, there albums really inspire me and touch my heart. I am a HUGE fan and follow everything they do……..I really hope I am picked!! thanks for the opportunity :-)

  • airam

    This is an amazing opportunity anyone would be thrilled to win, especially me. No Doubt is a band that lifts my spirits, with their rythm and lyrics there is no way that their songs dont affect you in some way. An amazing band with amazing people, Gwen Stefani is a role model to all, she is independent, strong, and intensly unique. Someone that I’d be honored to be in the presence of.
    To this concert I would take my cousin, a close friend. We have encountered some problems and hardships but thankfully have passed them. During these times we have had a rough patch[the waves keep on crashin' on me for some reason] that is in the midst of being fixed right now. I want our friendship to be as strong as it once was. To be able to share this concert with her would be great. It would definetly bring happiness and smiles, smiles that would warm hearts. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would greatly appreciate if you would pick us, however I know it will be a difficult decision since there are many entries from loyal fans.
    This is one Hella Good opportunity that im glad I get a chance to be a part of! =]

  • Lauren

    I want to win because Gwen is my fav and I’ve loved them from the beginning!!!!

  • jules

    i deserve the tickets! My sister and I are both working moms of toddlers who rarely get a night out and the concert is the weekend of our birthday (we’re twins). Help us have a kickass birthday jared and give us the tix!!!

  • Shelley Schulman velasquez

    I should win thes etix beacuse I am spending my whole lunch hour at work begging you for them…

  • Nina

    I love no doubt!! Especially Gwen Stefani. We’re the same age. She’s inspired me in so many ways. #1 way is to not take life too serious, to always have fun and OF COURSE wear something black and white! A couple of years ago, I went to Atlanta to see her in concert with Akon, but it rained so hard that I got my money back for the ticket- talk about disappointing! UGH! I would REALLY love to try and see her in concert again. It would be a blast!

  • marie

    no doubt is my favorite band, and one of the best in concert! they’re also GREAT to their fans.

  • sydney

    OMG! I love No Doubt & would be ecstatic if I won the tickets!

  • ashley

    I love no doubt!
    I think I should win because I’m a huge fan of theirs and had tried getting tickets earlier, and I’d like to give the tickets to my sister.
    she’s an even bigger fan and it’d be nice to do something in return for her after all that she’s done for me.

  • amanda


  • rena

    I’d love to win these tickets, I just turned 36 and I feel a real kinship with gwen, i feel like we’ve grown up together… it would be a dream come true if I got to meet her in person, omg that would be so awesome! So please make a dream come true, thanks!

  • Dana

    I absolutely love no doubt! I’d love to win!

  • Jessica

    there are absolutely no words to explain my feelings for no doubt, but i will try my best. i remember being 8 years old and receiving a gift that would ultimately change my life forever. that gift was my very first cd, tragic kingdom. the minute it was put into my hands i knew that it was something very special. from that moment on, the rest was history. i have grown up with this band being my absolute everything. i didn’t have many friends through out my middle school and high school experience, but i had four amazing people i knew i could turn to just by pressing play. i can not even think of the person i would be if i didn’t have no doubt inspiring me every single day. one of my personal dreams in life is to be in the fashion industry. seeing gwen make her own dreams come true by having her clothing line, gives me such hope to succeed. i don’t just admire no doubts music, i admire them as individuals as well. as i grew up, i was able to watch them grow and turn into incredible parents, spouses and role models. their incredible journey, has brought me so much joy and happiness for the last 14 years. every time i think about what they have unintentionally done for me, i get choked up because its such a strong, indescribable feeling that means so, so much to me. after all these years, i’ve never had the opportunity to tell these people the effect they’ve had on me. more than anything, i would love to be able to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

  • A. martinez

    Cuz I wanna RoCk oUT witt my %@^% OuT at the concert!