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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Paris People

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Paris People

Hayden Christensen holds hands with fiancee Rachel Bilson (in Paige “Skyline” skinny jeans in beachwood) as they take in the sights in Paris on Sunday (May 31).

Earlier, the couple was also spotted shopping along the famous Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore street.

Besides spending time sightseeing and shopping, Hayden and Rachel were in town to attend the French Open tennis tournament. Lacoste is a sponsor of the tournament and Hayden is a spokesperson for the brand.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden and Rachel‘s sightseeing Sunday…

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 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 01
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 02
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 03
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 04
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 05
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 06
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 07
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 08
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 09
 rachel bilson hayden christensen paris sightseeing 10

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  • bintk
  • Saudia

    cute!! LOL but he looks really girly ..

  • Lola

    A gay and his beard!

  • Lola

    A gay and his beard!

  • -

    they look so cute together!

  • Mia

    he looks so gay!

  • G

    What makes him look gay in these pictures? (May I ask?) Especially since these are only like the second set of pics where Hayden is actually touching and demonstrating affection for and toward his so-called future wife. ( Honestly, I was getting scared there for ya girl!) lol

    He IS TOO THIN though.

    It’s not cool when your boyfriend makes YOU look fat cause he’s thinner then you Rach,lol.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I am sick of them in JJ

  • vishu

    @8 I am sick of them too. They are completely pressing out their personal life for money and it’s nauseating.
    @3 Yes he is gay. Check this link, Page 2 I believe, where he has his hands on another guy in a far more intimate manner than we’ve ever seen from him in RL, and eye witness who says that the guy is completely gay.

    This is nothing but a setup between a terrified closet case who used to want to be an A-list actor (and it’s impossible now since it’s been proven how bad he sucks with 4 BO failures, one right after another) and a low-rent actrine who could never ever make it to A-List or B-list roles without some major visibiilty. She too has zero talent as has been proven from her dismal performance in Jumper.

    They are selling their celebrity to Lacoste for money because neither can get work and their personal life is all they have left to sell. PATHETIC.

  • Frankie

    Ditto to @8 Sharyllee
    It’s becoming impossible to ignore these posts now, majority of comments are hate.
    Is the site for you personal gratification or fans, cos fans of RB + HC are few thanks to you constant fawning.

  • fake couple

    This couple is brought to you by Lacoste, who just signed Rachel to do a commercial for them as well as Hayden, shooting very soon, and now that she’s on their dime and he’s obligated to present the image of a couple, they’re showing some affection- first the first time in over 2 years of the so-called relationship. It’s no accident or coincidence that now that Hayden is being paid to show some kind of affection to Rachel, he finally does it and for the first time off a commercial shooting set. Notice also how he only once was photographed kissing a girl he wasn’t related to– that wasn’t his co-star and not while he wasn’t filming– and this was an Italian model and several years ago. The model is dumber than dirt too by all accounts, even in the Italian press, and it was about one or two dates at the most. He must only be able to be friends with stupid girls because a smart one would figure out that since he’s gay he’s just using her and isn’t interested in any real relationship.

    Hayden is being straight for pay, it gets more obvious all the time, and this is a PR stunt by both parties to promote vanishing careers. If you all buy this PR bullsh*7 then you’re probably too naive to be allowed to cross a street by yourself.

  • Wi


  • Wi


  • DC_galles

    This isn’t news, and i hope they will finally go away soon. You wanna know what TRUE news are? Well, then go check out this link about NIN’s Frontman Trent Reznor saving a life of one 27yo guy of Las Vegas:

    This is something everyone should do, and Bilson should really do something just as Trent Reznor did, instead of being always papped with her boyfriend and make unworthful PDA’s. Who gives a cake about that, anyway?

  • ?


  • ?

    Is so funny! When they do not show PDA you say are not a couple and when they show your PDA you say are fake! LOL

  • ?
  • hilarious


    They loked pissed to see the paps, but that’s the life they chose. Especially if you and your girl are gonna be pimping out the same brand

  • Nina

    Thanks for the link. Is Hayden not feeling well? He was taking some pill.

  • ? is a moron

    They’ve been allegedly together for over 2 years and there was a question for most of that time if they were even a couple, never showing any kind of affection or look that they were in love at all. In fact he looked totally miserable and depressed, dressed like a complete bum, never shaving or washing/combing his hair. They still don’t come off like a real couple although they’re trying to make it look more like it–now that they’re being PAID FOR IT. It’s just like a continuation of Jumper. Since that turkey isn’t being made anytime soon they’re starting filming for it courtesy of Lacoste.

    You can’t look at them today and look at what’s been going on between for 2 years and believe that this is a real romance. it’s a showmance that gives showmances a bad name.

  • @19

    He has to take drugs in order to be able to appear straight for the cameras. Probably tranqualizers. Enough of those and you can cozy up to a gila monster.

  • whatever

    He looks gay in the video. The way he walks, holds the paper – strong gay vibe coming off him. No chemistry off them. She too busy texting – all PR.

  • tonie

    @19 It looked like it could have been over the counter allergy medicine.

    How will they keep interest up now that they’ve stopped pretending to hide their relationship? Better be something good because it’s getting ridiculous seeing them do nothing everyday. Boring. Let’s see some scandal.

  • Viper

    God that video you can view the way he walks, he sits this man is a flammer. Also notice they outside a cafe and what does he doe ignore her she texts or views her commets to see what people think. Truly a game. And if she just landed a job for LaCosta then gee it’s all fun and games. Sorry I don’t see one bit that this man is truly or will truly ever be that into her.

  • hello

    @Whatever was just thinking the same thing

  • g

    hayden is so cute!!!! love him, back off my man, rachel

  • florendafan

    @Mia: dude, its just a tshirt, its just a lacoste tshirt.. he usually looks like a man.

  • Just saying

    Chemistry between them is pure zero.
    But i hope that he isn’t gay.

  • lili

    Great couple

  • wow

    ::Swoosh:: theres the sound of HC career , potential and life going down the drain.

    rb is a pos

  • guess its true

    She’ so playing out this thing to the media – look what was written about when her engagement was seen march 6th. And this guy knows what he’s talking about.

    There was even something similar written on the crazydaysandnights blog.

  • guess its true

    She’ so playing out this thing to the media – look what was written about when her engagement was seen march 6th. And this guy knows what he’s talking about.


    There was even something similar written on the crazydaysandnights blog.

  • http://@VICTORIA#4 Justmyopinion

    HC is not gay but artsy!
    RB gets a new job thanks to her (boy)friend HC. She is ot even Famous in Europe and French people dont even know her.

    they look weird together, never in tune. HC should stop smoking and start eating some meat!

  • n.o.l.a

    HE looks like a dyke.

  • imdb

    From imdb

    Hayden signed the contract with Lacoste late last summer. The May launch at Roland Garros was already in place when he became attached to Casino Jack last fall. “Bagman” was originally to start filming in June. When Spacey signed onto the project, he already had Father of Invention in preproduction. (It actually begins filming in New Orleans the week after Casino Jack wraps.) In order to accommodate Spacey’s schedule, filming got moved up to May and Hayden “became unavailable”, as Hickenlooper stated.

    And please don’t believe everything you read. Although Lacoste is trying to present a younger, hipper image, Rachel’s style does not fit with their marketing.

  • DC_galles

    After seeing that video, i do agree with other previous posters here stating that he looks so gay. Not to mention the fact that Bilson didn’t even cared about being together with Hayden. This whole engagement thing isn’t real at all, at least to me.
    You don’t look like that when you’re together with someone you do care for.

  • S

    In that video, he was checking the two women who passes by. Rachel, watch out.

  • @37

    He was checking out a couple of guys too: a tall blonde as he came in and another guy that he smiled at who came to chat at their table. That’s a lot more interest than we saw him show to anyone. One thing is for sure: he’s not into RB. He looked so bored with her at the table he could just die and she was busy with her phone.

    This is nothing but a setup.

  • S

    I think the guy who came to their table was the waiter, asking him about something. I did not noticed the blonde guy.

  • boytoy

    Yeah he was checking out those two. Or maybe the waiter…

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, he’s still pimping for lacoste….
    unless rachel does something despicable, i will always love this cutie =]
    no matter what ppl say about her
    she looks really cute ONCE AGAIN!!
    that hat is horrible tho =[
    stay away from his smoking ass rachel

  • wow

    Thery wernt aware of the vid and not 1 word, not 1 look between them. weird. feels cold and tense.

    the pics, they knew cameras were there.

    this is strange but they seem to do what we mention on here. now they are holding hands.

    we know rb frequents here. need more ideas rb?

    lets see pics of you with adam again? stir up some controversy. youll definitly get press then

  • @wow

    how exactly how do you know Rachel frequents JustJared? are you with her 24/7? are you psychic? or are you guessing and talking out of your a** just like half the people posting here

  • DC_galles

    @wow: couldn’t had been more well said ;)

  • wow

    i know she comes here. jj is on her twitter

  • @wow

    uhh what twitter are you talking about? in her twitter she is only following 20 and none is JustJared

  • wow
  • Mailah

    I love them!
    Canadian boys are sooo sexy.

  • wow

    she recently removed A LOT of stuff. probably tired of all the harassment

  • wow

    her friend on twitter rachel style is evidently in paris too

    maybe it was her who had jj on her friends, i do know rb was linked to jj on there