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Zac Efron - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Zac Efron - MTV Movie Awards 2009

Zac Efron poses backstage with Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego Brüno, the gay Austrian fashion journalist) at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

Earlier in the evening, Bruno fell into Eminem‘s lap prior to announcing Zac as the winner of “Best Male Performance” for his work in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Glad to see Zac has a sense of humor about it all!

“I’m like the Austrian Zac Efron,” Bruno has joked. “Except I’m two years younger… and I’ve got a bleached arschholle.”

20+ pictures inside of Zac Efron @ the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Frank Micelotta/Getty
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  • a total fan

    Somebody has to be honest with him and tell him that hair style is not working.


    not good

  • vanessa

    he’s just gorgeous.
    The new brad pitt maybe? ;)

  • mertz

    all i need to say about this guy, considering i muted him the whole night and was greatful to bruno for taking time away from him is JONAH HILL BABY!!!!

  • fairycake

    Well done Zac. Looking HOT!!

  • mertz

    lol # 3. that other whack actor chase from gossip girl has a better chance at that. pretty boys who can’t act. meh. he was actually kinda good in the hairspray remake. surprised the heck out of me.

  • JJ

    Bruno and Zac look like brothers. HAHAHAHAH

  • mandi

    Zac Efron is freakin HOTT!! but i gotta be honest he needs to cut his hair its gettin way too long! but he’s still hott!
    Congrats on winning best male peformance!

  • jessica

    zac is really hot!!!

  • zac is a rat

    There were couples that walked the red carpet together and posed for photo’s but suprise suprise Zac was’nt one of them yet again another event that both he and Vanessa arer at but she’s not good enough to be photograped with.

    He only sat by her inside becuase he knew that they would get shown so he’s gotta look like he at least wants his gf with him. Vanessa looked georgous and smiling.

    And have to agree get the haircut he looks like a shaggy dog and always flicking it out of his eyes if it’s that much of a problem cut it.

  • Charles U. Farley


  • jamin

    the boy do need a haircut. how can he not know this?

  • Tennessee Girl

    Vanessa is a class act. Not sure what to make of Zac.

  • hey

    no zanessa :(

  • mykamicks

    ZAC is obviously unstoppable… last year’s Breakthrough Male winner, now Best Male Performance. What’s next? For sure more major awards at stake for him for the next 3 years…

    Love him the way she is with Vanessa. a very charming bf… For all the jealous people, keep your eyes open more wider to feel more insecure with this couple… hahahaha

    Congrats ZAC!

  • zanessa4life

    Oh guys, c’mon stop being rude!
    He needs to grow his hair for his next movie! The death and life of Charlie StCloud!
    And he is a great actor, why else should he have won this and last year?

    If you’d seen the whole Movie Awards you would’ve seen how cozy Zac & V were during the evening. They were holding hands and Zac had his arm around her shoulders.

    So just shut up if you dont know what youre talking about!!

    I’m a little upset Zanessa didn’t won best Kiss but I’m very proud of Zac winning Best Male Performance.


  • http://aol susan

    Get a haircut! Yuck, you look awful.

  • Lo

    Pretty boy, but those shoes are not red carpet worthy!! :S

  • Rita

    I totally agree with Zanessa4life…

  • tami

    Looking a bit creepy these days. He has lost his charm and is screwing up his good looks when he goes out to affairs looking so messy. That hair is just AWFUL!

    I think his day in the sun is now over. He will never transition to the next level because he is really not that good. Any one of the other actors up against him for the award are ten times better but don’t have the crazy tween voters so he won again

    Well enjoy the run pretty boy turned ugly because soon you will be a former teen heartthrob forgotten. I couldn’t even stand looking at him.

  • Laura

    I Iove Sasha Baron Cohen, he’s hilarious :o

  • NativeNYker

    Zac-isha needs to stop it and just shorten the bangs!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Floydette


  • Kate Gosslin

    another one—-Stole my hair

  • smdwh


  • zanessa4everrr!

    i wish zanessa would have won best kiss. :(
    but congrats to zac for winning! .;D

  • zanessa4everrr!

    i wish zanessa would have won best kiss. :(
    but congrats to zac for winning! .;D

  • zanessa4everrr!

    i wish zanessa would have won best kiss. :(
    but congrats to zac for winning! .;D

  • Lilly

    He is truly amazing. And Rat face, I think you will find they arrived together, and left the after-party together, looking all cute and in love, so you can just shut the hell up. They don’t need to spend every freakin minute with one another, V did her thing and he did his, and they sat together in the show, that’s professionalism, they don’t need to be with eachother all the time, that’s the mark of a secure and serious couple. They are actors in their own right, and that needs to be put out there.

    Zac truly deserves his award, he is a brilliant actor and person, a humble and hard working guy. He will be amazing, and his new role will showcase his true talent. His hair is for that by the way, he always grows it for roles so they can cut it how they want it, a true professional as always.

  • diana

    Zac is awesome. End of.

  • leo

    First of all he looks like a sissy with that stupid hair and secondly, he looks like a piece of wax from a museum with all that make-up. Both he and his gf should get the award from the most horrendous looking couple of the night.

    PS…he did not deserve to win that award.

  • mimi

    #31, well put. I was thinking he looks so plastic and fake.

  • zanessa

    I’am happy!

    Zac ! Love you!

  • Ali

    I agree – this hair style is so over. he needs to grow up and get a better stylist or he will be gone.

  • Steph

    there’s just something about his man bangs…

    vote for zac (or your favorite from last night) at:

  • Jen

    Love him, good actor and cute guy.. does need a haircut though

  • eliza

    this show us again that vanessa doesn’t have a name for herself… she doesn’t win and the only takes for her was because zac was sitting next to her…
    3 nominations and 0 awards… zac u could do so much better!

  • Jennie

    yayyyyy zac got best male! i voted like 20 times for him ;D

    I LOVE YOU Zac! well done!



  • Ann


    I totally agree with you.

  • Kim

    I am so glad Zac won! He is a wonderful actor with so much talent. I think he looked perfect. I wish that Zac and Vanessa would have won best kiss but that is ok.

  • http://facebook Sheila niaz

    I love zac efron!!!! u deserves this award more than anyone!!

  • zac is a rat

    Why is it that it’s always Zac could do better sorry but to me Vanessa deserves better than efron.

    And so what she did’nt win this time there will come a time that Zac won’t always win for whatever he gets nominated for and that maybe be coming sooner than a lot of people who think that Zac is so godlike who can’t do or say anything wrong yet Vanessa can never do anything right, she’s not perfect but guess what neither is Zac he may be 21 in age but at only 20 Vanessa shows more grace, intelligant and respectful replys to what she is asked in in terviews where he is concerned and their relactionship than he ever does.

    Vanessa time will come of that I’m sure and she is also going to suprise a lot of people but unlike him she is doing it on the quiet and not wanting to jump into anything to quick including doing a nude scene whereas Zac seems can’t wait to get his kit off.

  • daci

    zac is really hot.. but he does need a haircut

  • awurbii


    Just because she did not win an award she is not good enough for him?? You are kidding me right??

    What are you better?? (Do you see how stupid that question is)

    No one is better than anybody else. If Zac wants to date Vanessa, it’s his choice . Do you honestly think that if she was using him he would still be dating her?? He has a brain. He’s not stupid.
    Rethink that statement.

    There is nothing worse when someone trys to state that someone is not good enough for somebody else.

    Who the hell do you think you are??

    How can you go ahead and degrade someone’s else’s status??


    Get a life!! Maybe one day you will learn to gain respect for others!!

  • trinisiita

    HE NEDDS TO GROW HIS HAIR FOR HIS NEXT MOVIE! The death and life of Charlie StCloud!

    The people are stupid… i hate the jealous people
    He’s a GOOD actor!
    is so hot…so cool!

    Vanessa is amazing and so georgeous….good actress…
    she din’t won but and what? I LUV U ZANESSA

    HSM the best movie for me..

    (sorry but my english sucks) hehhee

  • lise

    that hair looks aggravating. kudos to #16 for the information, that was a more productive post than the 15 before it put together!

    i didnt get his appeal at first (including his looks) but after seeing HSM3 and 17 again, i think hes extremely sexy, has a great screen presence, seems extremely likeable, and is good enough of an actor, for now.

    i dont see “ugly on the inside and outside” — he seems like a good guy, had to deal with a LOT of media attention and scrutiny in a short amount of time while growing up (the whole makeup and fake eyelashes phase was kind of baffling) in young hollywood, but he has retained his dignity, stayed with the same girl, is not falling down drunk outside of clubs, is not posing and gesturing a la megan fox. he seems like he has it together and i think he’ll go far

  • Bradley

    Zac looked good last night. I am so gold he win.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Congratulations Zac! fortunately only posed with Bruno and not how it happened to Eminem …..

  • anniew



  • robefe

    he colored his hair lighter. but actually i don’t really like it it’s more kind of a carrot :D i like it darker