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Adam Lambert's Boyfriend: Drake LaBry!

Adam Lambert's Boyfriend: Drake LaBry!

Adam Lambert steps out with his boyfriend, holding hands with interior designer Drake LaBry, at Guys and Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood on Monday night (June 1).

Although the 27-year-old American Idol runner-up has never publicly stated that he’s gay, NY Post is reporting that Lambert will be coming out officially on the next cover of Rolling Stone.

FYI: Drake, 24, has been spotted in the Idol audience and backstage with Adam.

10+ pictures inside of Idol couple Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

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adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 01
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 02
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 03
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 04
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 05
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 06
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 07
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 08
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 09
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 10
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 11
adam lambert boyfriend drake labry 12

Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: Fame Pictures, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • lakers fan in boston

    some poor fan girls r gonna kill themselves now that they finally realized he’s gay

    so obvious 2 u dumb idiots who didnt wanna realize it

  • Saudia

    his boyfriend looks interesting ..

  • rpatzfan

    the gay face of the boyfriend LoL

  • HH

    Are there still people who will be SURPRISED by this?

  • Sara

    Adam looks completely hot! Those aren’t the best pics of his boyfriend, however, who is a cutie.

  • jessica

    omgg. gays are hot :)

  • clr

    I love how happy Adam looks. Maybe now all this bs will blow over and we can focus on Adam’s insane talent.

  • mary

    Go Adam!! You Rock!!

  • jami

    fierce. however i can see adam getting fat, hello double chin!

  • Jalisa

    @lakers fan in boston:
    Adam fans already knew. And not one of us care.

  • Sammy

    hot! and jami, Adam has said he needs to lose some weight.. He apparently put some on during Idol probably due to not eating right and not being able to properly exercise however, he’s hardly fat.

  • Bruce Blakeslee

    I think “Dradam” is way hotter than “Kradam.”

  • http://love45 arlene

    que gay mas lindos que pena

  • -


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    thank god, now everyone can stop with “is he gay” questions and the “come out” comments.

  • Anon

    What’s all this nonsense about “Officially” coming out? Why do people have to “announce” their sexual orientation if they are “suspected” of being gay? Is being gay abnormal? Have you “announced” your sexual preference, Jared? You are famous in the internet gossip world. You post pictures of yourself with celebrities. So tell. Have you officially come out? I am really sick and tired of the media who attempt to shift the focus so that Adam’s sexual orientation is central instead of his talent. I can think of bunches of actors and entertainers who are never ever questioned.

  • Julia

    Who knew I’d find guyliner so hot? Of course, having gorgeous blue eyes doesn’t hurt! This straight girl couldn’t care less about Adam’s sexual orientation. He’s awesome!

  • Awww!


  • ashleigh

    I’m glad Adam is happy that is all that matters. I support him 100% no matter what anyone else says. This shouldn’t be a surprise to any of his fans. I love you Adam:)

  • Honeybunch

    oh gawd—pass me the barf bag.




  • Jennifer

    Gorgeous couple. So glad Adam looks happy!

  • Chris


    Seriously. What’s that ABOUT???????????????????????????

  • Noelle

    Adam, I support you 100% in whatever you do and whomever you choose to be with. I hope you find happiness. Love ya, Adam! ROCK ON!


  • t


  • Gaby

    I love Adam! His BF is so hot too! God I love that he is so happy, it makes me happy inside. Adam is such a great guy and a fantastic role model!

    You rock Adam!

  • Linda

    Chris: we heteros are not obsessed with gay people, we are obsessed with ADAM, an incredibly gifted musical artist. The fact that he happens to be gay is beside the point.

  • Jess

    I think this was fairly obvious. I don’t care if he’s gay, he’s talented and that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to buy his cd!

  • JasonG

    Sometimes when you’re in love you want to hold hands, ya know? I’m a straight guy and I find nothing wrong with these pictures. Adam Lambert is one brave dude. And he’s got one hell of a voice.

  • CaliWriter

    FYI: Drake, 24, has been spotted in the Idol audience and backstage with Adam.

    FYI…..has should be had been since the show is over… LOL

  • caite

    Adam is so adorable and talented. Love him. But he’s got to lose some weight and burn those pants. BF looks pissed but Adam is his same cute self.

  • Bemixilot

    WHERE can I find those JEANS?!? GIMME THE SCOOP!

  • Bemixilot

    WHERE can I find those JEANS?!? GIMME THE SCOOP!

  • LuckyL

    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 06/02/2009 at 11:01 am

    thank god, now everyone can stop with “is he gay” questions and the “come out” comments.
    Copy and paste

  • LuckyL

    Lol @ people needing people to announce their sexuality for them to go on with their lives

    This post-coming out America haha. It started with Portia and Ellen.

  • LuckyL

    BE PROUD AND COME OUT @ 06/02/2009 at 11:10 am
    Your logic doesn’t apply here. He never whined and took this all in good humor.

  • ~m~

    Can’t wait for his album!
    he is mad talented!
    him and Allison should to another duet

  • Pam

    I think this is the guy sitting with Adam’s mother at AI in the audience one time. Anyway, my heart has been broken twice, first Adam lost, and now he has a boyfriend. I guess there is no chance from me anymore. HEHE, just kidding. I am 56 years old, but I still love you Adam. I hope you do very well in the music industry and anything you want to do with your talent!!!! You are amazing.


  • katherine

    You are always true to yourself,I adore u adam

  • alicia

    They are a good looking couple. Kudos to Adam! He has an amazing career ahead of him.

  • cHEERS

    ooohh, they’re both so hot. Go Adam, I think you’re a really cool

  • Melanie

    I thought Adam was smart, but I see that he is not. Everyone knew he was gay, but It is just plain stupid to play to fulfilling the gay agenda while he is trying to build a career. It is the stupidest thing for him to do a Rolling Stone cover declaring his Gayity. There are many stars who will not discuss their sexuality, and Adam was on the right track initially, but his boyfriend probably threw a hissyfit and pouted and got a headache, so Adam said, OK, I’ll turn this all about me being Gay and Gay and Gay!!! Gay, Gay Gay Gay!!!

    Adam, if that is all you want to be about, then go ahead, be stupid,., Gay it up!! Act like Lindsay Lohan, spend all your time going in and out of clubs holding hands with guys, talking about being Gay, interviewing about gay, gay gay gay gay.

    How stupid you turned out to be.


    Its great to see our handsome, supertalented Adam looking so happy! He deserves and has earned happiness, love and just plain fun after the stress of Idol. As a loyal loving fan I support whatever lifestyle he chooses. A happy Adam is a singing Adam… I love you, you’re perfect, DON’T change! Can’t wait for your first CD, it will be awesome!

  • YR

    DONE! Great, now we can MOVE ON…poor Drake doesn’t look happy, but he’s a CUTIE! Hope he can handle your fame Adam!

  • u_go_boy

    well, Adam, your bf is HOT. good for you.

    NOW can the media please get on with it’s little lives and leave this amazing guy sexuality alone? please?

    ADAM-go & make some good music for the whole world to enjoy.
    you ROCK! (and HOT! &sexy as hell &seems like a really nice &smart guy).

  • emily


    I couldn’t agree more. The dumbest thing he did was go out and hold hands with his boyfriend. Most musicians know that when they are starting out regardless of if they are gay or straight do not divulge their private lives so publicly. It alienates fans. Jumping on the gay bandwagon is the dumbest thing he ever did. So called Gay activists don’t care about his Career, but they just want publicity. Coming out gay has not done anything good career wise for Clay Aiken, T.R Knight, Lindsay Lohan. Now all we see is them with their partners.

    p.s He needs to loose weight, your 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

  • Zach

    Adam, everyone who had a brain knew you are gay. You could have been the next big star, but instead Are You going to be the next b-lister Gaying it up at clubs every night for the Paparazzi? Getting more and more bloated like a Tante in Drag?

  • marce

    He is not dumb, is not like he is going to be hiding all the time, plenty of us find him equally attractive , what I find a little off is that he indeed needs to loose weight, not much, just a little…luv you Adam you are hot! Now I understand why men find watching two girls making out exciting!!!

  • Nan

    Melanie – Adam deserves a life. He should (and obviously will) live it to the fullest, regarless of ignorant people like you. Are you suggesting that people in same sex relationships should not go anywhere together? It seems that you are the one making an issue about how others live. Adam is just going out on the town for fun with someone he cares about. He has never tried to push an agenda on anyone else. Leave him alone and go live your very narrow-minded life!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    #16. TELL IT GIRL!!!! TELL IT!!!! ITA!!!

    His boyfriend is ‘HOT’.