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Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry: Kitson Couple

Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry: Kitson Couple

Adam Lambert just went shopping with boyfriend Drake LaBry at Kitson Men in Los Angeles.

Adam, 27, and Drake, 24, shopped up a storm and according to staff, the pair was “really cordial and nice.”

Adam bought a Marc Jacobs Blazer for Drake before their night out at Guys & Dolls nightclub.

On Monday night, Adam and Drake were seen holding hands after a night out on the town.

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  • LuckyL

    You are friends with Perez.

  • Oh_em_gee

    Tsk, tsk. Couldn’t Adam find a better looking boyfriend? Other than that good for him for not being ashamed of his sexuality.

  • Oh_em_gee

    Tsk, tsk. Couldn’t Adam find a better looking boyfriend? Other than that good for him for not being ashamed of his sexuality.

  • Lovett

    Brad >>>> Drake.

    WTF is he wearing?!

    @GoCheeksGo here =

    Gokey MUST go down!

  • Magicha

    ew gay boy

  • stella

    I cant believe some random on American Idol now has paparazzi following him. Andy Warhol once said “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” and it is soooooooooooo true. Basically all you need is to be rich, have famous friends, or have a reality show (whether it be scripted like The Hills or a dating show like Rock Of Love) and you are automatically considered a “star”…….

  • totally!!

    @#6 so true. jon and kate gosselin (or whatever their names are) is an excellent example. Along with 95% of celebs on this site. This has become a “15 minutes” themed site.

  • totally!!

    Another example is Octomom. Why is she “famous”?

  • jaye

    The inevitable question is not ‘Who’s on first?”, but….

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    the boyfriend looks like a tall skinny gay version of shia labeouf. hahahaha.. a really, really gay version. he’s the king of gay face, and the god of gay walk. lmbaooooo..

  • Luli

    I really can’t believe that people hate gays. I’m not gonna start a whole conversation but Adam deserved to win no matter if he was gay or not. Now he’s having fun, because he IS a celebrity. He has an incredible voice.

    I’m glad he is having fun with his boyfriend (:

  • [☆Fug Face Man!ston☆]


  • kitty

    I read some of Drake’s blogs while he was at the university. The guy is talented, smart, inventive, serious. He has a lot to offer ,and I can see why Adam fell in love with him. So glad Adam didn’t pull a “Susan Boyle” on us and deny us of his tremendous gift to the world. They both seem so grounded, hope Drake can deal with the onslaught that’s about to happen to him. Keep singing, Adam. You are inspiring!

  • noticias de famosos

    They make a nice couple … they look very good.

  • so gay

    adam is the sugar daddy. he buy stuffs for his boyfriend. i bet that skinny gay is enjoying using the eyeliner gay’s so called fame and fortune. eew.

  • Raean

    These two cannot possibly get any gayer..oh wait whoops they already are!

  • Me

    Are those two girls?

  • yawn

    Who cares if Adam is gay. It was very obivious from the get go even though he was being coy about it. Looks like he gained a few pounds though. His boyfriend is very average. They go well together.

  • lori

    like adam

    what the hell is that drake doing

    people follow them around cause he was the most buzzed about

    kris just won. and he doenst do anything

    he’s proably back in arkanasa
    moving on with his life.

  • Paulie

    It’s so wonderful to have an out and proud pop star. I mean, sure George Michael and Elton John are gay but they were closeted during the height of their successes. It will be interesting to watch Adam’s career.

  • T

    cute couple

  • lakers fan in boston

    enough of this guy already
    it’s not like he won AI
    yah, he’s gay who didnt no
    move on 2 other ppl jared

  • Norcal2009

    Adam will be the icon Paula predicted. The majority of his fans already knew he was gay and quite simply do not care. We have learned to appreciate people on a level simpletons will never be able to. As for the 15 minutes of fame…that belongs to the guy who won the show…what’s his name again?

  • Harry

    Adam deserves to be happy, especially after that upset loss to his inferior contender. Take your time, Adam because you’ll be busy soon with your career.

  • caite

    It is very nice to see an out and about gay couple. I’m proud of them. Adam Lambert is an extremely talented singer and performer. He has gained the respect of many rocker, stars and artists. Not crazy about the boyfriend and all the sugar daddy stuff. Brad was much better. It would be better for Adam’s career if he were single.

  • o.o

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:

    Haha…I also think he looks like a skinny and taller Shia A LOT.

  • Zebratalk

    EVERYBODY MEET DRAKE: http://tiny


  • Zebratalk

    123 testing

  • omg

    @Oh_em_gee: He’s so hot are you kidding me!

  • Zebratalk EDIT


  • one

    Adam looks happy and that’s all that matters. As for being coy he had to sign a contract with 19 and so did his mother not to say anything, so get off it with him not coming out then. JustErica, you are a moron, you should go pray to lose the hatred in your soul. Adam is a wonderful human being and a good heart which is more than I can for all the ignorant haters. You guys should go back under your stinking rocks.

  • tj

    Glad to see some evolved beings on here, the rest of the hater moron group confirm the fact that humanity is basically stupid.


    WATCH THE VIDEO I POSTED OF DRAKE PEOPLE :) HE’S ADORABLE. Brad’s videos were intelligent and hilarious but I found him a little immature and a bit…idk I don’t want to say iffy….non-sexy. Drake is SEXY, funny, protective, smart AND cute. I APPROVE ADAM.

  • http://aol susan

    Dah, is this supposed to be a surprise to us? Personally, I have NOTHING against any gays, however, I simply don’t understand how a person can be attracted to the same sex, but then again, I don’t need to understand it. I’ll notice a nice looking woman with a gorgeous figure, but I have no desire to touch her…lol
    But to me J. Lopez, Beyonce, Scarlett, Monroe, and the likes have the figures I envy; Lohan, Ronson, Ritchie, and all those others who frankly have figures like little boys are not ones I envy – at all. As a matter of fact, I think ANY MAN who is attracted to skin and bones has homosexual tendencies and should check that out. So, if you are a guy and into those really thin women, I would say go for Adam or his boyfriend.



  • JustErica

    @one: Just because I think you’re nasty and pathetic, that doesn’t mean I hate anyone. Or that I am homophobic. Not everyone is into that lifestyle. Accept it.

  • Norcal2009

    sounds like stella needs to get her groove back and realize that Adam is the next big thing….Just google his name, dear….over 17,000,000 entries. Adam is the pooh…so take a big whiff. LOL

  • becca

    hot boyfriend!!!

  • Heller

    I’m not convinced he’s the next big thing at all….he has potential, but I’m just not seeing it. His stage presence on AI was too broadway for me. I felt like he was just putting on a show, rather than meaning what he was singing. Although I am glad that he’s not fronting Queen. there is only one Freddy Mercury! He can’t be replaced!

  • Allie

    LOL his boyfriend LOOKS like a “Drake” haha
    SO VERY fem
    MAN!! VERY, VERY fem….
    we’re talking the Queen of feminine!
    Drake should have a little scarf to swing around and bat his eyes behind as he pulls it through is dainty fingers!! Feminine!!
    Woah! Im not even that girlie….and i’m pretty girlie!

  • lala

    There is nothing more disgusting then an feminine gay man. Gross.

  • ?

    @lala: I disagree completely, there is nothing wrong with feminine man. It’s just the same as butch woman! They are a very cute couple and I’m glad they are happy.

  • kimberly

    His boyfriend is kind of gross-looking, but Adam is very talented. It doesn’t bother me at all that he’s gay or that he didn’t come out sooner. Haters, just deal with it. So he’s gay. You don’t have to read this stuff if it pisses you off or offends you or whatever.

  • selena

    I’m glad your living your life your way- thats all thats all thats really important here. Your super-sonically talented and your career will be

    You rock Adam!!!

  • Patrice

    So you don’t like Adam or his lifestyle. It isn’t really your business, now is it? Isn’t that what you would say to someone who was commenting on your lifestyle – “it’s none of your business.” You people who hate gay people are going to be looked at in later years of history the same way we now look at the rascists who lynched black people. Seriously. Keep your comments to yourself. You don’t make the world a better place by your comments, unlike Adam who does – just by being himself, a light, and a phenomenal talent.

  • amanda

    um, it’s not 15 minutes of fame for Adam. It probably is for his boyfriend “drake” but not for Adam. He’s talented. He CAN sing. 15 minutes of fame belongs to Kris, the winner.
    By the way, did someone say that drake had a blog? I wanna read it :)

  • lala

    Equally disgusting if you ask me. Butch women and girly men. Yuck. Adam’s career is so over.

  • iloveadam

    ADAM ROCKS!! I wish him and Drake the best…both awesome, sexy, smart and interesting men! plus Adam is soooooo talented! I can’t wait for his CD to come out!!!

  • iloveadam2much

    GO ADAM!!
    It’s great to see people living the life they love and loving the life they live!
    ADAMAKE fan as of today!

  • LuckyL

    Haha, I like how the homophobes act like they were fans in the first place. No one cares. You were always a hater. He is losing nothing.