Jon Gosselin is The UPS Guy

Jon Gosselin is The UPS Guy

Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin picks up his 8-year-old fraternal twin daughters Cara and Mady from school on Tuesday (June 2) in Reading, Penn.

Is Jon finally warming up to the attention he’s been getting? He smiled for paparazzi!

The twins helped their dad with some packages that were delivered to their local UPS store. Cara and Mady carried dozens of boxes into the back of the family van.

Meanwhile, bikini-clad mom Kate Gosselin was seen with the sextuplets on the beach at Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

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  • allie

    team Jon for sure…anyone who says this guy is a crappy father is out of their minds…watch the shows..he’s awesome…especially when he doesn”t have that witch screaming for his ball sack.

  • Rayan

    Cute kids. I think in picture number 4 Maddy looks a bit like Kate.

  • Jan

    When they are with Kate, they are on vacation or touring a fun place. They are with Jon and WORKING doing all this heavy lifting. Did he just stand there and let them do all the work???

  • jdub

    as much as i think Mady is the devil child, i think she’s gonna be very pretty when she gets older. Cara is a little cutie and i love that shes athletic. I dont think Jons a bad father, but what was up with his Utah snowboarding trip just “happening to fall” on Kate’s birthday??

  • Shane

    I hear they have their own freebie receiving dock at their new house.

  • becca

    Jon is adorable


    Him and his wife love the paparazzi- They know if the paparazzi keeps their pictures out there for the magazines- which makes them more money and ratings soaring for their show- That means more free stuff- more money- ching -ching $$$$$$ They know the attention brings in big bucks $$$$$$

  • jo jo

    Someone has to teach the kids work ethic. Jon is a good father. They love their daddy.

  • ava

    It’s those crappy books she is hawking to the unwashed.


    The trip to Utah was for an episode for their show- The vacation Kate is on is an episode for their show-It is all for an episode to be shown on tv. Everything they do with the children is an episode for their show- Sad!!!

  • pregnancy

    He seems to have lot of luck to have such a two cutie girls..

  • that’s hideous

    i dont know or understand what is going on with these two
    seems weird she’s at the beach alone…
    hope they work it out :-/

  • trisha

    And rumor is that they were already living apart most of the time before they even filmed those episodes. Yes, Jon has his faults, but I know if I had to choose between hanging out with Jon or Kate, I would always choose Jon. Kate is not a nice person.

  • Donna

    jon gosselin – i love you! I don’t care what you do w. whoever…you’re a good dad and you don’t let fame ruin you or your kids’ lives unlike your wife! And you can breathe loud anytime! haha

  • Daniella

    i love jon! he needs a break, which is understandable. he’s a great dad.
    aww cara plays lacrosse!

  • Daniella

    i love jon! he needs a break, which is understandable. he’s a great dad.
    aww cara plays lacrosse!

  • Rick Garner

    While negative news and gossip swirls around the web about Jon & Kate Gosselin and their family, a new blog is joining the ranks of those praying for this couple and their family – The purpose of this blog is to refocus attention on praying for this couple, their marriage, and their family’s healing.

    Featured also are many resources and tools to help strengthen your marriage.

  • Barb c

    If Kate is so sad that her and Jon weren’t together for her birthday, maybe she should stay home more often, and then her and Jon can salvage their marriage. She plays the victim too much. Jon is a good man, and a great father. She should give him some slack on all the little things and concentrate on her marriage and getting their lives in order.

  • hey

    hes great dad hes stern with them unlike fame WHIRE KATE


  • jim

    Ill pray for them . Dear sweet Jesus ,(not my gardener) Can thou forgive me for wishing these two grifters would walk into thy sea, drown, be eaten by sharks who chompeth them then scatter their naughty bits to all four corners of thy earth? Praise be, amen

  • meemeesgarden

    How can anyone with any common sense NOT see that Kate Gosselin is a manipulative, money-grubbing, scene-stealing, out of control psycho-bitch? Just watch the first episode of the new season. Jon takes the high road and does not “diss” Kate. She, on the other hand, takes EVERY opportunity to portray herself as a “martyr”….Oh my God……she has to take her 8 children to a party store to pick out their party favors……… herself????????????? What a trouper! Give me a break. This “woman” KNEW from the get-go what she wanted, and she has succeeded…at the expense of her marriage and her beautiful, innocent children. Enjoy the money and the fame now, Kate….in about 10 years, you will have to answer to your children for how you destroyed both them and their father.

  • ello



    Kate just throws the in front of the camera and shows how miserable she is,

    She should not benefit financially from whoring out her children. The little ones are five now. It’s been too long already.

    don’t watch so she can learn what REAL LIFE IS

  • Jon

    OK kids, our freebie are here.

  • baby huey

    When the kids are with Jon they seem more relaxed. Not such a circus atmosphere. More Jon, More Jon. thank you…that is all

  • Topogigo

    @Papa Tony: Tony, 1 meatball, 1 spaghetti, 3 garlic knots, 5 lasagne 28 pepperoni pizzas. Got that Guido. Good.

  • jim

    Should I send it to your rat hole topogigio(you speled it wrong dumb F)

  • jim

    Should I send it to your rat hole topogigio(you speled it wrong dumb F)

  • mike


    your a stupid bitch and selfish bitch just like kate are you that damn stupid to see it all. wake up

  • Papa Tony

    Bella !. Should I send it to your Rat Hole Topo Gigio?

  • Papa Tony

    Me gotta some slope head pissed off.


    I don’t think they are separated – I think they are still together and wanting everyone to think they are separated- The show was getting boring- By all the blogs they knew alot of people wanted Jon to leave Kate- So they want everyone to believe that- Big ratings, more money-the girlfriend thing I think that was just a friend- maybe in on it- They want this show to last – They like the fame,free stuff, and money.

  • kw

    TEAM JON! the paparazzi should leave them alone…oh im sorry…the “p-people” as kate calls them. hmmm…

  • Papa Tony

    who’s messin witha my name? Santa Miguel


    Mullins..please get a life…stay off the computer and jj for a while. There’s a thing called blogspot…look into it. You need it.

  • sue
  • sue
  • SaMMY

    Jon you little asian marshmellow bunny you make me melt.

  • http://deleted Lachick25

    I love Jon been watching the show from the first episode and he is a great dad those kids love both their parents. Emotions like that can’t be faked by little kids I really hope they make it work for the kids.

  • w.d.

    Hey Jon, now that you’ve carved out some time for yourself, why don’t you exercise a little, you fat, ugly bastard. Kate deserves better than your feckless butt. Team Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keeks


    I definitely agree with you!

  • Mia

    I don’t really know what’s up with them. I have watched the show a few times, and from the clips I saw from Monday’s episode, it does seem like Jon & Kate are getting along better now, than the big premiere episode. There definitely wasn’t as much tension, or awkwardness, so maybe its a publicity stunt, or they really are having problems, and are trying to work things out. Regardless, I just hope they stay the focus on their family, and not the TV show.


    Mullins#2 – You get a life- This is America !!! Maybe you need to get off sucker!!!


    Mullins#2 – You get a life- This is America !!! Maybe you need to get off sucker!!!


    First of all, all the episodes that are going to be shown going forward were taped before the infamous season premiere.

    Second of all, I’m glad to see that others commented on how happy the kids look when they are around Jon. And of course he has a big ole fin on his face, Kate is thousands of miles away.

    He’s not perfect, but I believe that they are separated off screen. That’s why he says he did’nt cheat. In his mind they are not together. She probably cheated on him first. She never looks happy, she is the most miserable woman. Money cannot buy happiness.

  • Shaking my head

    Jon is a spoiled child who needs to take a good, long look around at all his news “toys” plus all the advantages he now has…especially the “hanging” with all his friends…and get a grip. He may be a part of this show but it is obvious who “run the show” (Kate) and instead of being grateful he acts like a surly little boy! I am not wild about Kate but she sure has what it takes to get them where they are financially and all he does is complain! WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM?

  • laura

    More freebies??

  • trisha

    Yes, Kate has what it takes – GREED. She loves getting that $50,000 per episode and working 40 episodes a season, and over her dead body will she stop that gravy train even if her husband and kids want her to.

    I think the people that like Kate share many of the same nasty characteristics, so they see nothing wrong with her.

  • scott schwartz

    I hope. No, I pray, that all the media scrutiny drives Kate to suicide.

  • trisha

    I don’t like her, but I would never hope for that! Disgusting.

  • jdub

    @scott schwartz: yea thats really sick. how can someone you dont know, who has no effect on you, bother you so much that you wish they commit suicide. sounds like you’re the one with the issues