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Kelly Clarkson is a Super Nova

Kelly Clarkson is a Super Nova

Kelly Clarkson hits up Nova radio station on Tuesday (June 2) in Sydney, Australia.

It was just announced that the 27-year-old first-ever American Idol champ will be performing at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards. Kelly will perform a song off her album, All I Ever Wanted, at the June 21 bash in Toronto. Lady Gaga had already been announced as a performer, while the Jonas Brothers will host and perform at the show.

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Credit: Snapper Media; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Charles U. Farley

    Miss Piggie is that you?

  • Jennifer

    Fatty ……Fatty…..

  • Lover

    Well, she’s more talented, richer, and has no pretenses bout nothing. You on the hand…are something else. Poor, full of hatred, and I’m sure fugly!!

  • hjj


  • Lover


  • sandy

    looks good. i dont know what haters want from her? maybe they are fat….

  • kathastic

    the outfits actually quite flattering, ive seen her in worse things….

  • Nino

    as some of you may not know she’s a singer – not a model
    so.. SHUT UP!!
    she is incredibly talented and very good looking!

  • lori

    looks fine

    someone should be this weight
    to be a role modle for girls
    cause all you se now ar thsoe anorexic bitches.

    she looks fine realx
    im sure your no size 2

    she’s an amazing singer

    people really are shallow these days

    talent should be put in first not weight


  • pregnancy

    I haven’t seen her for long. She gained more weight. I like her. She’s great singer. I am looking forward to listening to her new album.

  • Simone

    she looks gorgeous.
    It makes me mad that people call her because she’s not a stick insect.

  • jimbo

    …and that sweater used to fit perfectly .POW!

  • bluelake

    She’s a role model for baby elephants.

  • ****

    She looks like my mom….who is 45.


  • jahad

    Miss Fat of Lard

  • ****

    Hey Simone! You’re fat, am I right?

  • Kris

    “Kelly will perform a song off her album, All I Ever Wanted….was another bag of Cheetos”

  • NativeNYker

    Damn, she looks FAT!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mean

    I can not believe how mean some of you are. She seems to be so nice, friendly & very GENUION. No I don’t believe she is fat, I think she is probably the average size woman. Very talented lady. Ignore the haters Kelly, you don’t need them.

  • zxc

    Sorry girl but you looks old more/less 40 yo.

  • Sammy

    I guess to look “young” she needs to flash her vag for you guys LOL. Kelly looks very cute and thank god she’s got more going for her than her dress size because it’s what will keep her going musically long after the latest skinny bitches are gone.

  • kate

    Here’s the problem in America – the average sized woman IS fat!! Anyone who isn’t fat is considered anorexic. Read the headlines people – we are fat, we are unhealthy, we have too much fat related illness and death – diabetes, heart problems, strokes, depression, sleep apnea…….

    Get over yourselves and go lose some weight. Thinking Kelly Clarkson is fat isn’t hateful – it’s the truth! She’s fat. And most of this country is fat.

    So get the donut out of your face, put on your sneakers, and go take a walk.

  • Moo

    She is NOT fat. We have grown accustomed to seeing rail-thin models with no curves, no breasts, and no hips. Go to the mall in your city and you will see dozens of people who look just like her.

    She is a true American Idol as she looks like a real human.

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    You people only judge someone by their weight instead of their talent. This is really sad and why people become anorexic.

  • Bri

    kate @ 06/02/2009 at 8:24 am

    Completely agree with you!

    Kelly Clarkson is fat…that’s unhealthy…look at her thighs and face…

  • Greg

    People why are you focusing on if she is fat or not!!!

    that’s what matters the most! haha

  • Trace

    Moo @ 06/02/2009 at 8:48 am

    Because of people like you, girls that are extremely skinny get boobs implants and butt implants!!!
    You can turn the weight card around!
    If you don’t like people complaining about someone’s fatness then don’t judge on someone for being skinny!
    because being skinny is normal…there’s people that just don’t gain weight…it’s genes and not necessarily anorexia!

  • M

    i didn’t know she’s only 27!

  • Saudia

    I love Kelly .. but I think she should hire a stylist

  • boombababoom

    **** looks like a freeze frame from “Attack of the 50 ft. Woman” just before she bursts out of her clothes.. streeetch…pop pop…..riiiip

  • gina

    Kelly is starting to look like a soccer mom.

    She probably wouldn’t look so sausage like if she wore clothes that weren’t too small for her.

  • identified

    oh thanks !!
    kelly IS fat ..
    and that is the truth ..
    u know .. being so fat is like being so thin .. UNHEALTHY !!
    oh kelly .. remember those nice days back when u first appeared on american idol?
    what have u done to urself =(
    u know .. she is talented and great ..
    but i think she should pay more attention to her health ..

  • crumpet

    PIC 3 —-her chubby pig toes are all scrunched up and dying to get out of those open toe shoes

  • RM

    Someone please tape her mouth SHUT


    She’s not fat but she is slightly overweight – the weight she was when she first auditioned is probably a good ‘regular’ weight for her. I don’t want to use the word ‘normal’ because nobody really knows what that is and it would be foolish to try and define it but there IS a target weight for every height – you can be under it and look slim or over it and look fuller. I personally think Kelly is outside her target zone but she looks healthy and happy and tbh – as long as she’s not obese or making herself depressed by being anorexic – it’s absolutely fine.

  • sillyme

    I don’t think she’s overweight. If you look at the height and weight charts, the range goes from 111 all the way to 150 to someone Kelly’s height, depending on her frame. That’s a 40 pound difference. She’s just soft, and, well, pudgy. You can be your correct weight, but if you’re soft and pudgy, you will look fat.

  • Stop Eating

    This has got to stop…

    Kelly looks really fatttt….
    she needs to stop eating so much, it looks terrible.

  • PrettyKelly

    Kelly, you don’t have to be blond and perfect. I like flaws, I like real women, you can sing your butt off and you are the real deal. You don’t need 5 outfits in one night to feel beautiful because you’re beautiful no matter what. Some people need that extra boost because they are so insecure. You know who you are and you’re the best!!

  • Kelly’s Thighs

    Let us out !!! we can’t breath

  • CRazy oldie

    more laps, less krispie kreame fatty

  • noodle

    Aw damn she’d fattened up.

  • cc

    i love kelly clarkson, and ive never seen her as a skinny girl ever but always as this beautifully healthy woman, but now i dont know anymore.
    i mean, shes bigger. and im no fat hater.
    like i said, she was never dead set skinny but this is just ridiculous.

    though as long as the songs are great =D

  • Jen

    great singer.. and even though her outfit is flattering, she is fat.

  • Ariana


  • kelly C.

    Looks like we need another box of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.
    Any flavor is good, just keep them coming……..

  • andi

    wow. shes not technically ‘fat’ but she is definatley big

  • sheryl

    Kelly is such a great singer!!!
    Can’t wait to see her on tour.
    I think her hair looks way cute!

  • kELLY

    It’s so funny to me, yet so sad, that people feel justified and quite comfortable posting insulting remarks about people they don’t even know and have no reason to be hostile towards on these blogs. These are the same people who would cry or go totally emo if someone uttered a negative remark about them, and who also would not have the fortitude to say these same negative things to someone’s face. It must be sad to feel so powerless in your real life that these base kinds of comments posted with anonymity online are how you fool yourselves into feeling powerful. I hope you all can get some help and lead productive lives someday. P.S. If you’re compelled to reply, I challenge you to really make an effort to sound mature and educated instead of resorting to childish insults. I know you can dig deep and do it.

  • christina

    i’d like to see the ppl who say she’s fat :) i bet YOU guys are the ugly ones.

  • Sam O’Brien

    Watch for her new single…”My life would suck without food”