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Shia LaBeouf is a Harley Davidson Dude

Shia LaBeouf is a Harley Davidson Dude

Shia Labeouf wears a Harley Davidson t-shirt as he grabs breakfast and the morning paper Sunday (May 31) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actor then attended the MTV Movie Awards and revealed a sneak peek of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, out June 24.

Talking to MTV, Shia shared a little bit about what to expect in the upcoming film: “I think this is a darker one. There’s more at stake. You’ve got more humans getting injured, and there’s more death.”

10+ pictures inside of Shia getting breakfast and then at the MTV Movie Awards…

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Credit: Winter; Photos: Limelightpics, Getty
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  • JJ

    I like his sweater!
    hehe Cute!

  • me

    He should NOT be wearing those pants…they’re horrible! And to top it off he’s wearing his grandmother’s sweater! WOW!

  • LuckyL

    Adam’s boyfriend

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    he looks like a bum. where’s adam? hahahaha..

  • yahdahyah

    he looks like Jesus with short hair

  • Halli

    He’s wearing mama’s sweater.

  • @yahdahyah: hahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! i should of thought of that! damn, that was funny.

  • Sayuri

    Lindo como sempre. Absurdo ele não ter ganho o MTV movie awards. SHIA (L)

  • jdub

    hahahah shia only looks clean when he’s at events. lol he looks like he hasnt showered in a week. he’s still awesome tho :)

  • Emily

    i love him so much!! i dont know why haha

  • JustErica

    He always dresses like he is broke. At least he is saving money.

  • lalalove

    Gosh, he’s so hot!! I hate being a groupie!=( But, he’s so f-in hot!!! Gosh, I want him! LOL
    Should he be all pristine everyday, peeps!?

  • pregnancy

    he’s cute.. I like High School musicial.

  • that’s hideous

    used to think he was hot, but lately he always looks un-showered

  • Christian

    what the hell does he have on? damn everytime i see him he dressed like a damn hobo. get some call Shia, in case you haven’t noticed you’re a celebrity.

  • kimberly

    He looks kind of dirty and nasty. Ugh.

  • shoes!

    anyone know what brand of shoes are those?
    on shia


    more like his grandma’s sweater!

  • stella

    He looked hot at the awards. He should have won best actor

  • heshot

    he looks hot. i dont care what he’s wearing. HE’S REALLY SEXY, cant wait for transformers 2

    #19. i totally agree with you, he should’ve won best actor. hes better!!!!!

  • LongLeggedLady

    This guy is so HOT! Stop bashing him!!! I love his sweater. He looks like that he just woke up in the photo with the sweater, how cute, I love a man with wavy hair ;) Shia if you are reading this, take it as a complement when those dude’s called you “a Jesus look-a-like”. About his shaving, have you ever thought that maybe he can not shave cause of his meds for his finger? Anyway, two thumbs up for this guy looking like a regular dude!!!!!!

  • fashion

    He look like he lost his weight.

  • Lisa

    I used to like Shia, now he’s just full of himself!!!!

  • LongLeggedLady

    Sorry hunny but you must have gotten Shia mixed up with Robert Pattinson. Now that guy (Robert) is a fugly dude who is way full of himself!!!!! May I suggest that you check out the MTV Movie awards where as Shia is presenting an award to “Mr. Stuck Up Fugly Man” (Robert P).

  • keithwentz

    anybody knows what brand of jean is that?????

  • lol

    HAHAHAHAHAH he DOES look like jesus!!! :D thats hella funny.

    omg that is such a hot sweater. ahha

  • Purely-good

    What is so funny about Jesus? I am sorry but I don’t get it.

  • laura

    I love me some Shia but what’s up with that sweater?

  • mcqueen

    He seems really down to earth. I like the fact that he is not so “iced-out”, just your next-door–neighbor type of guy. He does look scruffy, but when ti comes to events he cleans up real nice! super-handsome =)

  • lalaine look tired hon! you need someone to take care of you..i’m here hehe…

  • Harry potter

    He’s a “Harley-Davidson dude” just because he wears a Harley T-shirt?

  • disappointed

    He looks cute in these photos
    I just read on IMDB that Shia may not do a film that his good friend asked him to do, D.J. Curusso. What a lame friend that Shia is, fame must have gotten the better of him to dump on his good friend D.J., yeah I say it has. Shia is one dumb@ss if you think about it. D.J. is the one who did Disturbia, and if it was not for Disturbia Shia may have not been in any of these films that he is in today. Also Shia has said somehing like that one of the great things about doing a kissing scene is that his friends think that he (Shia) is cool as $hit. Shia needs to not worry about what his f*cking friends think! That is so lame

  • http://khristi06/03/2009@1:40pm Khristi

    I love me some Shia Labeouf, but he’s weaing a cardigan. Why?

  • facts

    Here is what Shia accually had to say about the entire “Y The Last Man” thing:
    “I’m not willing to make that movie currently”, Shia says bluntly, “and may be too old to play the role by the time it does come around.”
    So you can take it for it is worth about Shia.

  • misse

    Okay, I am confused here,so is Shia dropping the “smaller fish (D.J)” for the “bigger fish (Oliver Stone)? I must say that D.J. is so much better and has a better character about him than Stone. Chit I hope that Shia is not doing that, because that will show what type of person that Shia Labeouf is. If that is the case where as Shia feels that he must work with “bolder and better” than yeah, fame has so much gone to his head. And if this is true I feel so sorry for D.J., he seems like a decent man and you are right #32 D.J. is what made Shia big. Also another reason could be if Shia is dropping the smaller fish for the bigger one, is that he is all about fame and money, yuck!

  • Kosher

    I think that Shia wants to get away from the Sci Fi flicks because he said that his father does not like that sh*t. Maybe Shia is trying to impress his father and wants his fathers approval SO bad so that is why he is saying no to the sci-fi movies and no to his good friend Curruso. Think about it you never ever see Shia out and about with his “pops” he is always out with his ma…….
    About the photos, he is not clean cut in any of these photos but he is somewhat attractive in them.

  • gone

    There are some rude as people on IMDB trying so f**king hard to impress Shia Labeouf by being a total b**ch. They could think that Shia will get off on the b**ch type…just because he is friends with that type….okay.

  • Geezzzzzzz

    Shia looks good in these photos but here is a hot photo of Shia looking smokin hot with his clean cut look rarrrrrrrrrrrrrr:

  • Geezzzzzzz

    Shia looks good in these photos but here is a hot photo of Shia looking smokin hot with his clean cut look rarrrrrrrrrrrrrr:

  • Claudia

    Even naked Shia is handsome. I took his clothes off and get him naked.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Hungover much?

  • lynne

    he is such a good looking man. i would most likely be scared to talk to him in person. (kuz he looks that good.) LOL


    i love him i wish i coukd meet him

  • Jokergurl

    Thus a contradictive guy in Harley Davidson shirt and a grandma sweater, still he’s very cute, and he’s hilarious, he’s not a fashion plate (ehem David Beckham) and doesn’t care how he dresses. He does always look nice when he’s at a premiere on awards show though. He’s just a normal guy with a string of hit movies under his belt. Not too shabby for Even Stevens himself.