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Sophia Bush & Jon Foster: Home Sweet Home

Sophia Bush & Jon Foster: Home Sweet Home

Sophia Bush lunches with her pal, actor Jon Foster, at Home Restaurant on Monday (June 1) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Joining One Tree Hill next season is Brian Austin Green, according to EW. “They’re ironing out a few issues,” notes am insider, “but it’s pretty much a done deal.”

BAG will play Clayton, the sports agent for Nathan (James Lafferty).

10+ pictures inside of Home Sweet Home pair Sophia Bush and Jon Foster

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  • Ash

    Aww they look like there having a funny convo!

    about Brian Austin Green on OTH-Don’t do it…Going from TSCC to OTH is a big down grade..Even though he will alawys be known as David to me lol! I really thought when I heard he would be on OTH they meant to say 90210 LOL because logically that would make more sense.

  • emma.

    GOD. I hope their not dating again. I really like her with James.

  • lily

    Aw, they’re so cute!

    Even if they’re just friends!

  • Mary

    I really don’t like him, Sophia can do so much better.

  • Sam

    ummm WHATTTT?! I thought she was with James. Those two look a little too touchy for pals.

    LMAO Brian Austin Green, are you kidding me. I thought the CW was low on money instead they are bringing FOX peeps over here…Yeah CW you make so much sense..I don’t see why they call it OTH anymore there is not even a CORE 5 nor is it based on what OTH stand for. FAIL.

  • cutie

    She looks super cute there! :-)

  • Jenna

    I hope these two are JUST friends.

  • sOPHIe m

    I liked her with James better, too but as long as she’s happy, it doesn’t matter. This girl deserves every good thing that happens to her. I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with her a few times, most recently last week and she is truly one of the kindest, friendliest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met, she puts no walls between herself and her fans. And she’s actress with an actual intelligent brain and that’s important in young hollywood today! From my experiences with Sophia, I’ll support her in anything that puts a smile on her face.

  • Katy

    really hope they are just friends. I want her and James to get back together!

  • Jen

    God, I hope he’s not going there again. Jon is too good for her.

  • Jennifer

    Trust me, I know everyone is going to get there panties in a bunch after seeing Jon and Sophia together. But the fact is that they are both just FRIENDS. Sophia and Jon started off as friends and after they broke up, they decided to remain friends.
    Just because they still hang out does NOT mean that they are dating again or that there is something there that goes beyond friendship. I’m happy that they can still remain such good freinds after having been in a past relationship.
    A lot of couples who break up, end up being friends. And just because they may still hang out, does not mean they’re dating.

  • j

    dude she is sooooooooooo not cheating on james, they havent been together since forever…. but i do agree about the fact that she really likes to sleep around….. and by the way this guy is like a bad copy of chad michael murray i really dont like chad so this is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny, she sure has a type

  • Mary

    wow poor Jennifer, living in a land of denial. go back to CMM posts.

  • Jennifer

    I agree Mary.
    First of all #13, don’t use my name to make stupid comments like that. I am poster number 11. Not 13. That person is seriously messed up in the head. I think you might be the only person in the world who believes that and because of that, I feel sorry for you.

  • laura

    i swear ever since she and chad broke up this girl has been a mess, dating everybody and so on, chad did really a number on her.. he is an ass for that but it is sad to see that what she has become, i used to love her.

  • Growup

    Over the past 6 years she’s had 2 serious relationships and went on a handful of dates how is that a mess? What century do you guys live in?

  • Carrie

    Are you an idiot??
    I know for a FACT that the break-up between Jon and Sophia was MUTUAL. They both loved one another but eventually decided that they would be better off as friends like many couple do. Sophia has NEVER been a “clingy” person. If she was, she would’ve stayed married to her lying cheating ex-husband and wouldn’t have divorced him like she did. The crap you psychos tell yourselves is hilarious. Get a LIFE.

    And Laura,
    Sophia is the furthest thing from being a mess. A mess is a person who chooses to stay married to a unfaithful husband. She has had three relationships since her divorce which was FOUR years ago. I don’t know where the hell you live, but these days I see women get a new boyfriend every few weeks. So I don’t know where you got the “dating everybody” part from. Sophia is happier than ever and the last thing she needs is morons like you as her fans so I guess its great that you no longer are one.

  • Mel

    Sophia looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Growup

    Let’s break this down Post Chad

    Jon-serious relationship
    Austin-dated on/off
    Tony Romo- barely dated
    James L- semi serious

    How is that a mess? I mean even if you dislike can that make somebody a wreck?

  • laura

    are you kidding me have you not seen her pics on myspace???????? she has hookep up with at least a bunch of guys in the past four years, she is easy always have been and always will be and THATS A FACT

  • Tricia

    Exactly. It makes me want to knock some sense into idiots who think that having a few relationships is a “big deal.”
    For starters, Sophia is SINGLE which means she isn’t hurting anyone by dating. Whats she chooses to do with her life is her business.
    Second, like Carrie said, Sophia’s has had three relationships since her divorce. But I too, would just say its actually two because she’s spent the majority of the past four years with either Jon or James. And she was also single for quite a while in between there.
    People go out with different people everyday in this country so Sophia having been in like two/three relationships since her divorce is nothing. And anyone who thinks that it is a big deal, should seek help because you probably live under a rock.

  • Jessica

    Shut the f*ck up you no-life b*tch.
    First, Sophia does not have a myspace, a twitter, a facebook, or anything else for that matter.
    And I’ve seen every picture there is that belongs to her friends and stuff that stupid idiots like you have hacked into and tried to steal. A lot of them have her dancing and whatever. Are you saying that when you go to a party or a club, you never dance with guys?? I do it all the time but that doesn’t mean I hook up with them or anything. I also flirt with guys at parties. But that doesn’t mean I want to sleep with them or that I do sleep with them. So stop acting like a freaking nun and shutup.

  • Growup

    Pictures make you easy? Good to know that dancing with friends now makes you some kind of slut. We are in the 21st century are we not? That is the evidence you have that makes you think she is a slut? I don’t get it.

  • Kristen

    I agree with all of your comments.
    I have no idea what century any loser who thinks that having had a few boyfriends over the course of a couple of years is outrageous lives in.
    And Laura and any other dumbassss out there who also shares her messed up mentality—unless you stalk Sophia 24/7 and actually have videos to show us of Sophia in bed with these so called men, I suggest you shut that hole in your face before someone does it for you one of these days.

  • hihi


    Are they dating?

  • sophiabushisLOVE

    I cant believe they are back together! I love them!

  • ivy

    They really looks like two good friends having a good time!
    She is in L.A. and off course she will try to hung around with all her good friends! And we all know Jon is one of them!

  • toni

    i love Sophia,she is so cute

  • jonfoster

    Sophia looks really cute!

  • italian dude

    Sophia Bush was HOT in one tree hill.

  • sophia

    Sophia doesnt date smokers, hence they are not dating!

  • Anna

    I really think they are good friends,she said it in the interview not long ago and we all know whenever she is pictured with another man,they are dating.

  • jules

    sophia is single from jan everybody knows that so it wouldn’t be strange if she’s dating with jon again.but I think they are just friends I remember that I read an interview a long time ago where she said that sometimes ppl love each others but are not in love and shewas talking about her and jon but they remained good friends so maybe it’s that what they are! they are not holding hands or kissing…

  • Rose

    Sophia is definitely not dating Jon. I know that some gossip sites called Jon her boyfriend because apparently these days a man and a woman can’t hang out together without everyone thinking they are dating. Even after they broke up, Sophia has always said that she and Jon were good friends. Its only natural for good friends to still keep in touch and hang out. Just because they’ve dated before doesn’t mean that all of a sudden they’re dating again because they’re laughing and smiling in these pictures(something that friends do all the time) and because they went to have lunch together. Apparently people are still old-fashioned and can’t accept the fact that a man and a woman can still be friends without something more going on in between them,
    With that said, I’ve always loved Sophia and I’ve always loved Jon as well. Its nice seeing the two of them hang out like that and prove once again that exe’s can still be great friends without there being any awkwardness.

  • jules

    yeah I agree and I love that sophia is still friend with him,james and even chad even if some ppl said that it’s not true.

  • Saudia

    OMG no way BAG is joining?? mm this means he won’t make any appearances on 90210 .. I wonder who Brian’s going to hook up with next season

  • Saudia

    I love Sophia, she’s another one of my style icons .. they look really cute together!!

  • *****


  • pat

    some people are just so shallow. for them, having guy friends with you means you’re already dating them.that is so s2pid. if it was like that, you’d probably see like dividers everywhere where u have to separate boys and girls.right now, having guy and girl friends over for dinner, party w/ normal.there is also nothing wrong about your ex-bf/gf being your friend.unless you are bitter, which is acceptable, but not forever.just a while. stu-pid mo-rons.

  • http://yahooo eve

    people can really want to interfere in other people’s lives if you are not Sophia’s fun please there is no need for you to send us your trash coz it is her life to decide whom to date or not so you chics calling our chic a mess you are a mess yourselves so please buck off bitch who ever called her a mess F**k

  • g.queen

    Sophia a mess …yes, after teh devorce but now sh’s happier than ever
    she only dated -jon relatinschip
    -romeo a couple monts
    but she never said she was dating james , chad said that … non of them approved it

  • tru

    her and jon were sleepin together when stay alive filmed when she was very much still married

  • Jen

    Jon ended the relationship with her, and lol at her friends for trying to say differently. She wanted to be more serious and he didn’t, so he ended it. That’s great that she’s remained friends with him, but it was not a mutual decision.

  • Catherine S.

    You are WRONG. It was a mutual decision. I don’t know Sophia but my ex-boyfriend is good friends with Jon and Jon would tell him things. According to my ex, Jon and Sophia really loved one another and they continued to love one another. But most young relationships come to a point where things change and you realize that maybe you’d be better off being just friends then lovers. And thats what happened between them. They’re actually pretty close friends and remained so after they decided to end their relationship. Whether or not they will ever get back together, I don’t know. Only time will tell. But I can truthfully say that Jon still loves her.

  • Kaley

    No idiot, Sophia and Jon got together when she knew good and well that she no longer wished to stay married to Chad. It took a pretty long time for her divorce to go through but when Jon and Sophia had gotten together, her and Chad were done. So she never cheated although his crazy fans like to tell themselves in order to make themselves feel better. If you really want to know who cheated before and during that marriage, just take a look at her ex-husband. So don’t go around starting sh*t you can prove and especially when you that its a lie.

  • Jenna

    Jon smokes, gross.
    BAG coming to TH! Can’t wait.
    Sophia looks adorable.
    Soph and Jon look like they are playing with the paps. lol

  • xo

    CHUBBY SLUT with cankles.. just horrible.

  • Ashley

    First of all, look up what “cankles” really mean and then talk because you obviously don’t know what it means.
    Sophia is freakin GORGEOUS as hell.
    And she is actually taller than a lot of women in Hollywood like Eva Longoria, Rachel Bilson, Hayden Panettiere, Jada Pinkett Smith to just name a few. Most women in Hollywood are right around Sophia’s height with some exceptions. So I’m assuming you think that more than half of the women in Hollywood are all “chubby” too. You’re obviously pretty stupid.

  • Ali


    No, she just marries them. CMM is a chain smoker. I don’t think smoking has ever stopped her from dating someone…if they are back together, good for them. This is the happiest Sophia has looked in a while, It seems like Sophia is pretty dependent on having guys in her life, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not a great thing either.

  • Jayla

    You’re a stupid a$$ b*tch. That’s all I can say to explain your messed up mentality. Everyone of those ladies that Ashley mentioned are beautiful women with great bodies. Sophia is not at all chubby and nor is she short. For those who’ve actually gotten the chance to see Sophia in person would be shocked because in actuality she is much skinnier than she comes across looking in pictures or on the show. She is very petite. But like someone already said, although she is quite petite, she is also kind of curvy which makes her look that much more attractive and not like a skeleton unlike some women in Hollwood.
    And do you even know what the f*ck “five months pregnant” looks like? My best friend is five months pregnant right now and every picture of seen of Sophia in these past few months makes Sophia look like skinny as hell compared to my best friend and the funny thing is that my best friend isn’t even that fat.
    Sophia’s skin is quite pale, but it’s a beautiful pale. Which is even more obvious when you see her in person. Her skin is flawless and not at all damaged from the sun like I’ve seen many girls have in LA.
    And if you don’t thinks she’s gorgeous, well then like you said its your opinion. But I know MANY, MANY, MANY people who will disagree with you because believe it or not, Sophia is the idol girl for both men and women alike. And I’m not just pulling this stuff out of my a$$. I know many guys and girls who think she is HOTT as hell. She even made the list this year and last year as well in which women are the ones who decide who is hott and who is not in Hollywood. This proves that many women find her very attractive as well.
    And what do you know about a “decent movie?” Just because you may have not liked any of her movies doesn’t mean everyone else didn’t either. She got a lot of fame for her role in JTMD and The Hitcher and audiences really liked them too, not to mention she had every guy drooling in both movies.
    And you know what I find sad?? You claim to not be a OTH fan and not a Sophia fan either, yet by reading your comments on this post including many other Sophia posts on JJ, you sure do LOVE talking about her. Is your life really that boring, pathetic, and meaningless that you spend so much time talking about someone you claim to not like, you stupid pathetic twat?