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Angelina Jolie: World's Most Powerful Celebrity

Angelina Jolie: World's Most Powerful Celebrity

Angelina Jolie has unseated talkshow diva Oprah Winfrey to become the World’s Most Powerful Celebrity, according to Forbes.

Here’s what the mag had to say about the 33-year-old’s power based on money and fame: “Eclectic actress and gossip-column favorite dethrones media maven Oprah Winfrey atop this year’s Celebrity 100. Jolie has always been able to attract tabloid attention and Oscar nods, but this year, she’s finally figured out a way to make serious money. Her most recent blockbuster, Wanted, proved this mother of six’s sweet spot is action films; the movie earned $340 million at the box office. Up next: Salt, in which Jolie plays a CIA officer accused of being a spy.”

Here’s who rounded out the top 10:
#2 — Oprah Winfrey
#3 — Madonna
#4 — Beyonce Knowles
#5 — Tiger Woods
#6 — Bruce Springsteen
#7 — Steven Spielberg
#8 — Jennifer Aniston
#9 — Brad Pitt
#10 — Kobe Bryant

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  • jdub

    ok ANGIE!!! love her

  • jill

    But is she happy?

  • RO

    Rank Name Pay ($mil) Web Rank Press Rank TV Rank
    1 Angelina Jolie 27 3 5 3
    2 Oprah Winfrey 275 4 8 2
    3 Madonna 110 9 6 8
    4 Beyonce Knowles 87 2 20 16
    5 Tiger Woods 110 54 4 4
    6 Bruce Springsteen 70 32 19 25
    7 Steven Spielberg 150 48 26 48
    8 Jennifer Aniston 25 6 30 21
    9 Brad Pitt 28 11 7 6
    10 Kobe Bryant 45 53 10 15
    11 Will Smith 45 37 18 17
    12 Dr. Phil McGraw 80 74 55 10
    13 Britney Spears 35 10 16 11
    14 David Letterman 45 35 36 9
    15 Coldplay 70 64 17 57
    16 Adam Sandler 55 25 43 44
    17 Harrison Ford 65 13 48 75
    18 Michael Jordan 45 19 33 39
    19 LeBron James 40 58 15 27
    20 Tom Cruise 33 33 13 19
    21 Bon Jovi 50 20 57 50
    22 Donald Trump 50 57 47 26
    23 Rush Limbaugh 54 80 45 22
    24 George Lucas 170 71 65 85
    25 Simon Cowell 75 62 97 40

  • Rebecca

    brads not two or three………………….rock on angie.even though she is odd

  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    She is certainly most powerful in my book and most beautiful! We love you Angie. Glad you’re on top. She has a lot of clout – can open a movie, can get interest groups talking and get people listening to just causes. What an impressive woman. Angie makes me proud to be a woman.

  • Joe

    CONGRATULATIONS beautiful & kind Angie!!!!

    what a birthday present…knocking O..WOW

  • RO
  • Rebecca

    where is passin gags n guli buli…………..must be sleeping dreaming of angie and brad as they do 24/7

  • JeterLover

    HAHA that’s amazing..! I love Brad and Angie! I knew this day would come when she would top Oprah. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wonder why Kobe is on there!



  • Rebecca

    she has got the biggest forehead, mouth n lips i have ever seen……….yuk

  • billybob

    i guess i dodged a bullet there man.

  • Andrew

    She deserved it. We love her , Jolie ……..

  • Rebecca

    I see jennifer is on top of brad, she ued to ride him on top in bed to…those memorys never die.

  • anonymous

    That’s why Jenho can’t get her @ss off the Jolie-Pitt train. She will continue to coattail Angie. Haters need to give it up. Angelina is unstoppable. Brad was very smart to to hook-up with Angelina.

  • Rebecca

    the d list jen has more power than the oh mighty a-list braddy……….lol

  • power over what?

    All the negative press Angie gets on a daily basis helped to put her on that list. I wouldnt brag about that. Just shows that any press is good for an actor. That said, that doesnt erase all of the baggage this woman has. She isnt powerful enought to have all her filthy naked pics removed from the internet. She isnt powerful enought to have all the negative articles about her removed. She isnt powerful enough to remove any evididence of her past from the internet. She can make anyone forget all the PDA’s with BBT, or the naked pics of her and Jenny Shimizu. She isnt powerful enough make the naked pics of her and the horse disappear. She cannot have the Rolling Stone interview, where she admitted being institutionalized because she feared BBT would not ditch Dern for her. She cannot hide any of this from her kids, who are already learning how to use google…SEEMS SHE DOESNT HAVE THE POWER TO KEEP BRAD FROM HOOKING UP WITH JEN, OR THE POWER TO HALT THE 2 NEGATIVE BOOKS THAT ARE GOING OUT….Guess what folks, that title is pretty worthless. I just shows that a lot of people like to read negative stories about this demented creature.

  • marina

    great that the 3
    first are women! and Angie is a working mom and an advocate and publicist for good causes. More power to them!!
    She is truly devoted to several good things and besides that, manages to have a career.
    Good that she tries to balance things and has a great partner :)

  • Jill

    Maybe now she can buy a sandwich. The gal needs some meat on her bones.

  • Katrina

    Oh, Jill, she obviously is happy.

    For me, the biggest puzzle is why Jennifer Aniston is on that list. She’s so over…Although I do love her SmartWater.

  • gaga

    I so happy for her, i love her and her movies and family!

  • me


  • Molly

    Isn’t this hilarious? She made waaaay more than Brad while Jen is only a step up from Brad. I guess Jenn and Brad found a way to be together on a list HAHAH!


  • Molly

    By the way, no wonder Brad is taking on so many roles! he wants to keep up with the one that wears the pants in the family.

  • hEY JARED…

    GO ANGIE!!! and the best thing about it is I’m sure she couldn’t care less :)

  • jesy

    Course she is # 1 it took them so long to realize it..i have never seen an episode of oprah cant stand the fat head biatch!
    yea angelina cant wait for salt.

  • bdj

    Congrats to Angelina Jolie. She is a devoted Mom, Partner, humanitarian and great Actress. Angelina Jolie puts family first and still has managed to have a successful career and done great with with her UN and humanitarian projects. . She marches to the beat of her own drum and is a strong independent woman. A good person with beauty, inside and out. Happy early birthday to Mama Angie.

  • huh

    Brad will now realize (if he hasn’t already) that he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Jennifer for Angie. But that boat has sailed. Sigh.

  • rob

    1 Angelina Jolie 27 3 5 3

    luv u angie!

  • rob

    1 Angelina Jolie 27 3 5 3

    luv u angie!

  • bdj

    Hens are a trip. I so enjoy their la la land delusions.

  • Linden

    I don’t want to fuel any feud, but why the heck is Jennifer Aniston doing on that list. She doesn’t do anything except use her personal life to sell movies and her films usually suck.

  • Lori in canada


    Well put! I agree.

  • guli

    Thanks Jared! CONGRATS. ANGIE!!!!

    OMG–the trolls are already losing their sh!t :lol: :lol: :lol:

    PT–when you get a chance check email please.

  • lia

    Is she happy is the question I agree with because she looks like she has no friends.

  • marina

    trollettes will be trollettes.
    Like if Brad is an innocent dove there.
    Melanie Griffith had a wild childhood and youth
    Drew Barrymore? find about her.
    Any rockstar? What about their kids? will they google them?
    Tatum o’neal?
    natalie cole?
    there is one thing these women have in common, too, they have had trouble and overcaame (most of them, I hope Tatum is still strong)
    there are loads more. stories of fallen stars and their recovery.
    . angelina was young when she made mistakes and turned her life for the better because she found out what was truly important in life, not just living the HW life. She has more important things to do,read and think. -
    - last thing they re worried about is some loon in internet posting C’ra’p for their kids to see it. That is left for braindeads trolls on a “mission”.

  • soi

    To ‘power over what’ Clearly she has power over you.

  • huh

    Iam just talking out of my ahole again, so happy and jealouse of angie

  • Lori in canada

    Sorry, my comment was that I agree with “bdj’s” comment about Angelina being many things, including what appears to be a devoted mother, partner, actress, and humanitarian.

  • Molly

    Get over it loonies. Jen is on the list whether you like it or not. I rather her be replaced with someone like Drew Barrymore.

  • COCO


    Rank Name Pay ($mil) Web Rank Press Rank TV Rank
    1 Angelina Jolie 27 3 5 3
    2 Oprah Winfrey 275 4 8 2
    3 Madonna 110 9 6 8

    6 Bruce Springsteen 70 32 19 25

    9 Brad Pitt 28 11 7 6

    Oprah SHOULD IS NO1.

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie tops Forbes celebrity ‘power list’

    27 minutes ago

    NEW YORK (AFP) — Superstar actress and humanitarian advocate Angelina Jolie has unseated talkshow diva Oprah Winfrey as the world’s most powerful celebrity in a new survey published by Forbes magazine Wednesday.

    The top ranking is based on income over the past 12 months as well as web references, press clippings, broadcast mentions and major magazine covers devoted to the celebrity, Forbes said.

    Oscar winner Jolie, 33, one half of the Hollywood golden couple dubbed “Brangelina” with Brad Pitt, earned 27 million dollars between June 2008 and June 2009.

    Her earnings and “famous face,” Forbes said, were enough to dethrone media maven Winfrey, who earned 275 million dollars.

    Jolie, who came in third last year, is known for balancing her movie career and work as a goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency with her ever-growing six-child family with Pitt.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Congrats to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teri

    Yeah Angelina! Love her.

  • some bunny

    Congrats to the most powerful celebrity in the world. Angelina Jolie actually wins over Oprah! I love Angelina Jolie, I love that she is NUMBER ONE in the WORLD!

  • doors

    #2 — Oprah Winfrey-cant stand the biatch go away already
    #3 — Madonna-whatever
    #4 — Beyonce Knowles-sick of her face
    #5 — Tiger Woods-whatever
    #6 — Bruce Springsteen-what
    #7 — Steven Spielberg-ok
    #8 — Jennifer Aniston-what the fuuuukkkkk is this needy crying clingy old fart no talent pcs of ******* woman doing in this list dosent ****** stupid*******
    #9 — Brad Pitt-love you, should be number 2
    #10 — Kobe Bryant-ok

  • passing Through

    # 8 Rebecca @ 06/03/2009 at 7:04 pm
    Damn, Becky. You sure got it bad for me and Guli. You’re more concerned with our whereabouts than anything else in the world. That’s just all kinds of creepy…guess I better put my cop neighbor on high alert….

  • doors

    #1 Angelina Jolie-Yea baby!

  • ebmo

    power over what? @ 06/03/2009 at 7:12 pm
    I keep telling you, no matter how you try to twist the facts, make up lies and drag up old news or tabloid news, no one cares except for X hags and possibly X herself.

    So apparently she wields a great deal of power over you!

    I guess that happens when you have a life without meaning.
    You hop on celebrity threads of people SO much more fulfilled and successful than yourself so you can try tear them down. You must feel so powerless in your own pathetic existence to sink that low!

  • rotflmao!!!

    o so much jealousy. Angelina has all that negative press and she’s still number 1. that’s what gets the haters. they try so hard to bring her down but she just keep rising.