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Angelina Jolie: World's Most Powerful Celebrity

Angelina Jolie: World's Most Powerful Celebrity

Angelina Jolie has unseated talkshow diva Oprah Winfrey to become the World’s Most Powerful Celebrity, according to Forbes.

Here’s what the mag had to say about the 33-year-old’s power based on money and fame: “Eclectic actress and gossip-column favorite dethrones media maven Oprah Winfrey atop this year’s Celebrity 100. Jolie has always been able to attract tabloid attention and Oscar nods, but this year, she’s finally figured out a way to make serious money. Her most recent blockbuster, Wanted, proved this mother of six’s sweet spot is action films; the movie earned $340 million at the box office. Up next: Salt, in which Jolie plays a CIA officer accused of being a spy.”

Here’s who rounded out the top 10:
#2 — Oprah Winfrey
#3 — Madonna
#4 — Beyonce Knowles
#5 — Tiger Woods
#6 — Bruce Springsteen
#7 — Steven Spielberg
#8 — Jennifer Aniston
#9 — Brad Pitt
#10 — Kobe Bryant

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633 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: World's Most Powerful Celebrity”

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  1. 151
    a total fan Says:

    Most powerful ? Of course and as a fan I always knew what Forbes is finally pointing out. That Jolie is a powerful woman. Lover her or hate her doesn’t matter to Jolie she is happy just being a mom and a loving partner to Pitt.

  2. 152
    lulu Says:

    Angie’s was never in any HW parties nor any dump award shows, nor getting nake in Man’s mag, was even rarely seen in every talk shows during her movie promotion,unlike someone you know who was everywhere, and her movie still raked 340 million worldwide. despite her rarely seen in piblic except in RC, She was still the regular cover for the trashy tab., had the most hit in web site, the most talk about celebrity. That ‘s how powerful Angie is and I think she had to partly thanks the hater trolls for making her achieved it . hahahah…………

  3. 153
    please Says:

    How can she be the most powerful when the majority of women don’t even like her? Just saying..

  4. 154
    gee Says:

    This is ok on paper but I wonder how she can leverage this to her advantage careerwise. As a documentary filmaker, maybe she can get more projects she’s interested in, greenlit..

  5. 155
    To Sillyme Says:

    OH MAN .. Where is my brain.. Angie’s Birthday is tomorrow……. Happy Birthday Angelina.

    I’m sure the kids will be very cute giving Mommy their gifts. I remember at the one of Brad premiers a reporter asked Angie about Brad’s Birthday, and she said something about the kids were making something for him. I think they must do that a lot; have the kids make stuff. Hope she has a great day.. 34 and still just beyond beautiful.

    More on the inside if that is possible. And that is why life is good for her and her family.. KARMA is at play.

  6. 156
    lulu Says:

    please @ 06/03/2009 at 9:07 pm

    That’s your delusion, you thought you were, but the majority was actually the little minority group or part of the 700,000 remaining and dwindling readers of trashy tabloids such as the NE, L/S, STar, out-of thouch.

    She was voted the most beautiful in landslide last year thru polling in the women’s mag. Vanity, so was Hello mag , Brit and canada , so I don’t think she was hated by the ” majority ” woman.

  7. 157
    Not impressed by JA Says:

    please @ 06/03/2009 at 9:07 pm How can she be the most powerful when the majority of women don’t even like her? Just saying..
    Because eventhough 90 % of the wordly population doesn’t even know who useless Maniston, they know and respect a woman who fight for their rights : Angelina Jolie, the UN ambassador.
    For the rest, the haters make her powerful cause shs has the ability to get on their nerves just by the mere mention of her name in top position in a poll more than any other celebrity in the world.
    That’s how powerfull the Jolie is ! She owns the haters like pro and make jealous b*tches tearing their hair in pathetic desperation inventing anything to hide their pitiful pain in front of such a demonstration of superpower !

  8. 158
    sharon Says:

    Congratulations to Angie and Brad. Brad should be #2. Why is X on the list? Give me a break.

  9. 159
    Sillyme Says:

    gee @ 06/03/2009 at 9:11 pm

    What are you talking about. She works what ONCE a year. She can get any film she wants made green lighted. She only makes 1 film a year. I am sure she is offered TONS of roles that she turns down. So as she has said…

    1st……….Kids (being a Mom)
    2nd……. Being woman to Brad
    3rd.. …..Her humanitarian work
    4th………. Making movies..

    she does not have to leverage this for any advantage. She is the highest paid female star, and again who only makes maybe one film a year.. so get real..

  10. 160
    sugar Says:

    Congratulations to Angelina, The Jolie. What an extraordinary girft for her birthday. God Bless you, Brad and the children Maddox, Pax, Zee, Shiloh, Viv and Knox.

  11. 161
    Mrs. Chancellor Says:


    I’m watching the special also. It’s facinating.

  12. 162
    a total fan Says:

    #153 Where are the numbers? How can you say that the majority of women don’t like her? I guess it depends on what blog you are on. Some blogs are made soley to trash Jolie and others like JJ who post varies threads about everyone proves that not all women dislike her,it seems that the majority of comments on this blog are favorable when it comes to THE JOLIE.

  13. 163
    You/Me Says:

    power over what? @ 06/03/2009 at 7:12 pm All the negative press Angie gets on a daily basis helped to put her on that list. I wouldnt brag about that. Just shows that any press is good for an actor. That said, that doesnt erase all of the baggage this woman has. She isnt powerful enought to have all her filthy naked pics removed from the internet. She isnt powerful enought to have all the negative articles about her removed. She isnt powerful enough to remove any evididence of her past from the internet. She can make anyone forget all the PDA’s with BBT, or the naked pics of her and Jenny Shimizu. She isnt powerful enough make the naked pics of her and the horse disappear. She cannot have the Rolling Stone interview, where she admitted being institutionalized because she feared BBT would not ditch Dern for her. She cannot hide any of this from her kids, who are already learning how to use google…SEEMS SHE DOESNT HAVE THE POWER TO KEEP BRAD FROM HOOKING UP WITH JEN, OR THE POWER TO HALT THE 2 NEGATIVE BOOKS THAT ARE GOING OUT….Guess what folks, that title is pretty worthless. I just shows that a lot of people like to read negative stories about this demented creature.

    BUT, she DID have the power to get over her past and find true happiness, become a loving mother, help needy impoverished abused children around the world while also bringing the world’s attention to these poor children, gain respect from world leaders, and be associated with and known for her humanatarian works and beliefs as opposed to just being known as another useless actress. :-)
    I love Jen but you have to give Angie her props, she has made more of herself than being just an actress or being known by people around the world as “the other woman”. There is so much more to her than just her relationship with Brad and other than dumbas*es who just focus on her past the rest of the world knows and respects Angelina for who she is NOW and what she does NOW.

  14. 164
    dianad1968 Says:

    Can anyone imagine the telephone call between Okra and Maniston? :lol: They must be p*ssed that nothing they do or say, can bring this woman down.

  15. 165
    Alexanderina Says:

    WTG Angie and congrats. Thanks Jared

  16. 166
    Yawn Says:

    Who cares about this list? You can be sure Angelina doesn’t.
    If you’re a fan this is nice conversation piece but if our are a hater, well this just toatlly messed up your day.

  17. 167
    holly Says:

    And here are the top 10 most powerful actresses per Forbes:

    1. Angelina Jolie
    2. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Sarah Jessica Parker
    4. Meryl Streep
    5. Reese Witherspoon
    6. Cameron Diaz
    7. Nicole Kidman
    8. Anne Hathaway
    9. Drew Barrymore
    10. Sandra Bullock

  18. 168
    Alexanderina Says:

    Angie the most power celebrity in the world and the jenloonies are losing their sh*t :lol: I love it. Poor miserable and pathetic jenloonies

  19. 169
    aeon Says:

    Congrats to my girl Angie, The Jolie. We fans already knew this. Haters must be foaming at the mouth. Heads are exploding all over the blogsphere. I love it. later…

  20. 170
    Alexanderina Says:

    for the fans on the WC, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is on FX

  21. 171
    a total fan Says:

    #163 She doesn’t have to remove her pictures off the Internet. She doesn’t have to remove anything written or said about her. Jolie has always owned up to her past so why would it bother her now? Even with all the negative press she still came out in the # 1 spot !! Beside all the negative press doesn’t come from her it comes from all the haters and their assumptions.

  22. 172
    Molly Says:

    Jennifer is right under Angie on the list for the top 10. These two are always going at it.

  23. 173
    a total fan Says:

    Sorry my comment # 171 was directed to :power over what? @ 06/03/2009 at 7:12 pm

  24. 174
    ha ha Says:

    They just gave a news break and the news anchor screamed Angelina tops Oprah! coming up at 11:00 pm

  25. 175
    groundcontrol Says:

    passing Through @ 06/03/2009 at 8:35 pm # 85 groundcontrol @ 06/03/2009 at 8:05 pm
    The Forbes salary thing is ALWAYS effed up. Angie didn’t work from Dec 2007 to Feb 2009…so how the hell could she have earned anything in 2008? She got paid in 2006 for KFP and 2007 for Wanted & Changeline, so that’s ZERO INCOME for 2008. For 2009 she’s currently filming Salt and word is she got $15MIL plus 6% gross (gross points). That would put her 2009 earnings at $15MIL. So how did Forbes come up with $27MIL?
    As far as I know Angie DID NOT have points on KFP. Supposedly she got $10MIL for the voicework. She may get points on the sequel though, but I would say it will depend on the size of her role.
    As for Wanted, there were rumblings that she got points, but mostly I read at movie sites that she got a straight salary of $17.5MIL. And again – that’s was salary for 2007, not 2008.
    And don’t even get me started on Brad’s $28MIL. In 2008 he did TOL and IB. He basically did TOL for free. . . . The SoftBank gig supposedly pays $4MIL per year.
    Hey, Pt. I love that you are so up on all this stuff. It’s really more interesting to me than the silly gossip about relationships no one but the people involved have any clue about. Aargh. My post just got eaten.
    Here’s my question. If people like Angie and Brad get gross points then they wouldn’t get the results of their points until the final tally on th film was done. That can be 1 to 2 years after their work on the film. Wanted wasn’t through its theatrical run until the 3rd or 4th quarter 2008. So its conceivable she didn’t get that money until 2009 or maybe late 2008. Same with Fung Fu Panda if she got any points on that. The studio used her name & face to a great extent on selling KFP so I can’t imagine that she & Brad weren’t smart enough to know she was a huge asset to the film. Didn’t that movie make about half a billion? I also wonder if the income for stars of Angie’s caliber depend on how largeher role is in Kung Fu Panda 2. I think the studio calculates how much her name & face attached will add to the film’s revenue and negotiate her contract based on that.
    You know studios have always been and continue to be as secretive as they can be about their finances and what they have to shell out to get talent. For all the talk you never do hear stars talking about the financial aspects of their contracts. I can”t think of a time I’ve heard talent discuss that in public. There are very few actors or directors who get gross points and they usually obly get them for certain types of movies. I think the studios like this as sub rosa as possile. The media and industry can gossip about it all they want but the tudios never confirm this stuff. At least not that I am aware of.
    Brad’s work for multibillion dollar overseas corporations must yield him more than $4 million. That’s what they spend redecorating their CEO’s suites. As we all know, Brad is a huge celebrity worldwide. To get his face and name attached to their product has to be costing the giant corps $25 million a year or more. Especially taking into account that he is acting in commericals not just posing for photos. I don’t know how he’s getting paid – cash, stock, charitable contributions, a combo of those. But a face and name so well known and liked all over the world is what they want as they open new markets and expand existing ones. Now a jeans company may pay him only $4 million but Softbanc? I’m doubtful about that. Just my opinion, of course.
    Tree of Life courtesy of State of Play. I love it!
    I had this argument at a film site with some guy who couldn’t understand that Brad Pitt’s “play or pay” contract clause would be the very best and tightest in th eindustry. It didn’t matter that it was Brad who rejected the script because that was the luxury his contract allowed. The studio would have been in material violation of the contract by failing to deliver a script acceptable to Brad. Simple as that. Do people really think that Brad didn’t get paid for wasting his time reserving his schedule, turning down other offers, and prepping for State of Play? Not to mention that $20 million is chump change to Universal who, in the end realized, they had no leg to stand on despite their obnoxious posturing and empty threats to sue Brad. Let’s not forget that they need Brad for future projects. They had to have known that all along. I would bet anything that Universal did what Brad’s contract called for – play him under his terms or pay him his $20 million.
    Universal’s mistake was thinking they had to pay Crowe $20 million. He would have done it for half that. I hope Crowe didn’t take points instead? LOL! He’ll be owing Universal.

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