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Asher Roth: Stephanie Pratt's New Boyfriend

Asher Roth: Stephanie Pratt's New Boyfriend

Stephanie Pratt likes to cause drama!

The 23-year-old reality star first started a rift in the family by becoming friends with Spencer‘s nemesis, The Hills star Lauren Conrad.

Now she’s romantically involved with her brother’s rival, I Love College rapper Asher Roth. The two got hot and heavy at Body English in Las Vegas on April 23, partying until 5 a.m. “He had a really good night and hasn’t stopped talking about her,” a friend of Asher‘s tells Life & Style. “He’ll ask Stephanie out again soon.”

That won’t go over well with Spencer, who’s preparing to launch himself into the music business as the next big white rapper and recently threw down some harsh words for Asher, also 23.

“I believe my music is more convincing and relevant,” Spencer, 25, recently said. “To me, he’s garbage. That’s why I’m a new rapper – I have substance.” The reality star also made his feelings about Ash known on his Twitter page, saying he can’t believe his sister “is hanging out with that nerd Asher Roth!”

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  • alexia kaelyn

    lame Asher is whack

  • t

    she looks like ashley simpson, they’re both fug.

  • Lo

    Steph does not have the greatest taste in men (as far as we could see on the hills). But if she’s happy, who cares!

  • Savannah

    Aha, I like Asher.

  • Shemp lugosi

    These two were scraped right off the bottom of the barrel of “celebrity”. This site and most of the people it covers SUCK BIG TIME!

    And before anybody says “then why do you bother to come here”, I wouldn’t except the occasional pic of a barefoot male celeb or some hot male celeb sneakers makes trudging through the sludge worth it. Jared loves feet & shoes!

  • Rocky

    White trash people!! White trash! Make a little money and they think they’re something. I’ve never watched that Spencer guy, but he looks like an albino money. The man turns my stomach.

  • w.d.

    Her boyfriend is rather homely looking!

  • anon

    Wow, I think so much less of him because of this.

  • fabio

    is this ashlee simpson?

  • Rocky

    #9. Sure looks like Ashlee before the nose job.

  • Swan

    asher roth was not very high in my books to begin with but he literally just took a nosedive in every positive category. gross.

  • Joe

    she has sneaky eyes.
    not a person to trust.

  • sexya lada

    she’s just as creapy as her brother

  • Liverwurst

    below average, medium talent boy of the moment.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im a rap fan, i think asher is ok, he’s kinda skyrocketed lately with his college son, but he’s been here for a while
    wtf is wrong with her eyes?

  • alana

    Stephanie Pratt is the ultimate technicolor woman. She is crisi-oriented and needs a disaster in order to feel ALIVE. She has nothing else (she thinks). If she doesn’t have a molehill to make in to a mountain of DRAMA, she feels dead inside. Unless this is all a put-on, that chick needs some serious psychiatric help, like ten years ago. I guess every dysfunctional family has to have one.
    It’s really a shame, though, because it adds to her unattractiveness and just makes her an even uglier, more FAKE girl.

  • alana

    sorry. I meant CRISIS-oriented.

  • StupidStephanie

    This girl is as dumb as a box of rocks and feeds on other people’s drama. No substance whatsoever.

  • Guy Smiley

    This whole thing is such an obvious publicity stunt, like everything else associated with these idiots. In one crappy story, the managed to get the girl in the news, promote another guy’s album and mention a new rap career for the blond douche. Well done.

  • Irish Girl

    Who are these people? Why does she look like Ashley Simpson? Bizarre.

  • Andrew Callahan

    asher is mad lame but its hard to hate someone as much as spencer

  • silverstar

    spencer wants to be a rapper? wtf

  • jessica

    What in the world is this Stephanie from the hills dating Asher Roth with her ugly chipmunk self. Stephanie and Spencer are both lame as hell. Asher has no good taste in women to be hugged up on some fake eggz anorexic looking Paris Hilton. Asher do everyone a favor at the daily kush and dumped the hill groupie and ” Be By Myself!!!!!”

  • mertz

    omg. ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmfao rotfl. this is total fake. hahahahaha lol ahser. ahahahaaa. gosh. awesomeness.

  • ?

    Spencer should die. I’m sorry that’s harsh.. maybe he should just like get beaten up or something.

  • CT

    lol….Never expected this

  • L7spider

    Spencer is a rapper?! I would rather listen to a kid with down syndrome recite the pledge of allegiance while being run over by a truck driven by William Hung before listening to any kind of “music” Spencer would put out! What a joke that guy’s whole life is.



  • ashum

    Ummm…. Am I the only person that thinks she kind of looks like Uncle Fester from the Addam’s Family? Creepy…

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Team Asher!! Spencer’s a douchebag!!

  • chelsea

    i love asher roth’s music and i love his personality. i don’t understand how those two would make a couple. he does weed all the time and she is an annoying stupid bitch. hearing her talk makes me want to slice my ears off.

    hopefully this is a publicity stunt.
    oh and spencer is such a hypocrite. he preaches about following jesus and praying but he is such a douche bag. all the prats (including heidi) should leave television. forever.

  • chelsea

    i want to see a battle between spencer and asher. i swear it would be the funniest and most pathetic thing on youtube.

  • grapedrank

    WOW i loved asher…i guess if he’s into the freakishly orange bulimic girls from the hills….then thats his problem. whatever he still makes some pretty good music

    why does she look like Lucifer?

  • kelly

    wow. everyone NEEDS to stop hating on asher. if you dont like him, dont say anything, if theyre dating , FCKING GREAT. spencer’s an asshole and his sister is a drama seeking freak. where did asher go wrong? dont blame him for being a guy and not seeing past the fact that shes pretty. so, yeah …

  • yeaah

    what the hell? Asher is sick and waaay better then Spencer probably ever will be..

    Spencer a rapper? really? hahaha thats ridiculous he is such a douche.

  • yeaah

    what the hell? Asher is sick and waaay better then Spencer probably ever will be..

    Spencer a rapper? really? hahaha thats ridiculous he is such a douche.

  • Tan

    I had to google this Blonde chick! and I just realise she comes from this really funny tv series, I mean funny because they cant even act!
    as for Asher Roth, I am disappointed he even bothered to pose with her! but is obvious he is not with her! is just photos.

  • yasmeanie

    spencer wants to be a rapper? he looks like a f*cking hobo. wtf

  • Jason

    Asher Roth is the gay rapper, who cares…