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Eddie Cibrian's Wife: LeAnn Rimes is a Stalker!

Eddie Cibrian's Wife: LeAnn Rimes is a Stalker!

Eddie Cibrian distanced himself from his Lifetime movie costar LeAnn Rimes after rumors of a steamy love affair surfaced.

Now Eddie‘s wife, Brandi Glanville, is claiming that LeAnn is still obsessed with her husband.

LeAnn is a stalker,” Brandi tells Us Weekly. “She refuses to leave us alone — it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance… LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants. She’s hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom.”

Them fighting words!

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  • betsey

    I really don’t know which side of the story i should believe……

  • pup

    well. umm, who cares??????? o.O

  • ?

    @pup: I completely agree.

  • Uptown

    Seriously, if he did do something with LeAnn, then he is really desperate. LeAnn is FUGLY to the 10th power. LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE SCARECROW.

  • k

    Grow a brain Brandi. Your husband cheated so he is at fault too. Looks like you want your 15 minutes of fame.

  • john

    they are all ugly so they deserve each other

  • ann

    His poor wife must be desperate if she has gone to the tabloids with this story.

    Of course he has equal responsibility for his marriage but it is quite believable that Rimes is stalking him after he decided to dump her. No wife would go public in this way if it wasn’t true. He should be a MAN and publically support his wife and family.

  • LAna

    John are agree with u 100%

  • LAna

    John are agree with u 100%

  • Ken

    I thought it was some kinda of stunt to sell their stupid lifetime movie. If it wasn’t then wifey better know they are still screwing each other!! She’d better believe that her looks will not save the marriage because the way Leann Rimes was sucking his finger in that video suggests she’s a freak.LOL. The cheating husband always says the woman is stalking me honey I can’t get her away from me she’s crazy when they’re finally found out lady. LOL!!

  • Not impressed by JA

    k @ 06/03/2009 at 2:22 am Grow a brain Brandi. Your husband cheated so he is at fault too. Looks like you want your 15 minutes of fame.
    Maybe it’s a situation a la ‘Fatal Attraction’.
    They had an affair, the guy wanted to stay with his wife, put an end on it and she forgave him and tried to get her family back while Leann wants him to divorce his wife and stalk him
    Maybe that’s the situation, a classic one, where the former girlfriend, lover wants to get back to her former lover by any means necessary..

  • Tomoh30940

    Brandi Cibrian is trying to save what is left of her marriage and even though Eddie is a classless scum, he seems to be trying to save it as well. Rimes is an obsessed WTH and a redneck homewrecker who needs to be legally restrained. Rimes’ husband has been so publically humiliated I am sure he wants the divorse as bad as Rimes does. Rimes is acting like a teenage who lost out on the affection of the captain of the football team, been there done that, not fun.

  • Chinese Rocket

    LeAnn Rimes scares the hell out of me.

  • Kel

    Mrs. Cibrian, she’s already famous!!! Instead of telling the world she’s messing w/ the “wrong mom,” don’t you think you should be telling her! A person who is secure handles their own problems privately – you’re NOT intimidating.

  • JustErica

    Eddie was hot. He needs to shave that gray fuzz. And I’m sure Leann isn’t the only woman trying to get that sexy man.

  • NativeNYker

    He’ll let her say anything so that he don’t have to pay alimony!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • raquel

    #12. ITAWU! LeAnn doesn’t need Eddie to be famous, the girl’s been famous since her first record at 13! I think Ms. Brandi is the one looking for attention and if she had any class at all, she’d keep her personal business private and handle it like a woman!!

  • cawed

    yeah he looked like he was really not interested in her “stalking” at that lakers game they were photographed together at.

  • Leesa

    I don’t know what’s going on with Leann. It’s almost like she planned the whole thing and now she feels like sh*^! I’ve been in her shoes, haven’t we all!! I hate REJECTION-it’s the suckiest feeling in the world!!!!

  • Roxanne

    WOW!! I don’t see anything wrong with her trying to save her marriage. Like someone posted before maybe her husband realized that he messed up in the worst way and wants to save his family. Obviously Leanne was just a jump off piece of a$$, and an ugly one at that. I’m sure its probably diffucult for them to move on if Leanne is stalking him, some women are obbsessed like that and don’t take rejection very well. Eddie probably worked her over really good, told her all the bu!!shIT he wanted her to hear to get in her draws. Now he doesn’t want her and Leanne is pissed off. So sometimes it’s hard to keep your private business private when there’s a run-down country hick lunatic stalking you. Of course Eddie the douche is responsible also. And FYI Leanne fame has been fading for a long time now. Her next gig will be on some celebrity reality show…trust.

  • bella

    It is sad to see this played out in front of everyone. I think he has kids. It is so disrespectful.

  • Paley

    Wow .. you don’t hardly hear this stuff coming from semi-normal Hollywood people. Women do stalk, but she might be getting subtle message from Eddie. Who knows .. we certainly do not. Like cawed said, Eddie did not look too upset seeing her at the Laker’s game.
    I knew a nutty woman who did this type stuff.

  • LolaSvelt

    I’m not even a big fan of LeAnn and I find this woman stupid. She says LeAnn is desperate for attention? Who is the one selling their quotes to trashy tabloid rags? At least LeAnn is famous for something!

  • You/Me

    Well, first off, Brandi showed her lack of class and her own desire for attention by even bringing this to the media’s attention. What, did she think calling LeAnn out in public was going to embarrass her and make her stop (if this is even true) because it seems to me that all she did was embarrass herself. This is not the first time Eddie has cheated on her so shouldn’t Brandi be looking at her husband for blame instead of “the other woman”, seriously Brandi, get a grip and see what’s really going on! Second, how freakin hard is it to change her phone # if someone is “stalking” you??? Don’t want her calling, change the #, problem solved. So, one of two things is happening, A) Eddie does not want LeAnn to stop calling but he lies to his wife and calls it “stalking” or B) Brandi is trying to drag this out so she can get her own exposure.

  • hhmm

    His wife is an idiot. I hope he leaves her dumb ass.

  • cassie

    yeah sure…….no one forced Eddie to kiss LeAnn.

    The wife is stupid enough to believe what Eddie says…even with obvious proof??

    just another Hollywood bimbo

  • Lisa too

    If there is/was something going on it takes two, she should have her husband be man enough to admit he was wrong and make it all public. Then Leann will look like a fool/liar for denying that there wasn’t anything going on. Maybe if she was outed out, then she will leave them alone if it’s true that she is a stalker?

  • Roxanne

    #27 I agree with you, but sometimes some women in situations like this feel the need to tell the other woman that they are not the one to mess with. Them “accidentally” meeting at the Lakers game looks suspect. I think the moment Eddie found out LeAnn was there he should have high tailed it out of there instead of adding fuel to the fire looking for a photo op. Maybe they were trying to send the message like hey we’re friends it’s no big deal. Anyways, obviously his wife is confirming something went down. Maybe Eddie should come forward and say hey I made a mistake, he loves his family and wants to work it out and it’s time for everyone to move on with their lives. Instead he’s taking the cowards way out having his wife do some stuipid rag bag interview

  • pat

    TEAM LeANN, I think Eddie is playing both of them!!! hope LeAnn realizes this and moves on!!!

  • JacklynD

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge Leann Rimes. My instinct tells me that Brandi is looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame. She’s not exactly a household name.

    She’s the one drawing the media’s attention in order to play the martyr in public. Kind of pathetic really. If she is so worried about her children and if her husband really has rejected Rime’s advances then why is she still talking? Does she really believe that Leann is skulking outside her house?

  • sal

    Good for you Brandi!!!!!!
    LeeAnn is one fame-whore chick.
    Do Not let LeeAnn destroy your family!!!!!

  • angela a

    I agree with the wife. This country singer loser Leeanne is certainly desperate. Go away Leeanne Rhimes. Far away from L.A.

  • sum sum

    What is wrong with trying to save your marriage and family??? Yeah, Eddie did her wrong, BUT, BUT LeeAnn should totally back off!!!! It has been rumered for years that LeeAnn will do ANYTHING for fame!!! ANYTHING.!!! Remmber LeeAnn – WAS a famous child star – WAS!!
    She is such a media-ho. No morals what-so-ever. It’s all about attention for LeeAnn.

  • elliot

    OMG!! Brandi is SO MUCH prettier that ugly sad sack LeeAnne.
    LeeAnne Rimes is a total PIG-FACE. SNORT SNORT. BOW WOW.

    So go for it Brandi. Stand up for yourself and your family. And make sure you knock some sence into that cute but very stupid husband of yours.

  • jennifer

    Really feel bad for the kids and Brandi in this mess. Eddie should admit he made a HORRIBLE mistake and he wants his family back. All very public and to the point. This will send the message that LeeAnn is not an issue anymore and that she needs to move back to Nashville and stalk another poor undeserving family man for fame!

  • gypsey

    Leeann is a scaryass freak. Just the look in her eyes and on her face, She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Eddie messed around with the wrong mentally unbalanced country slut. This Leeann person WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!

  • shaver

    I cannot believe Eddie f___ up his life to bang Leann Rhimes! What an idiot. I mean have you ever watched or listened to Leann? She is really messed up. Has been for years. We live in Nashville and EVERYONE knows what a wack-job Leann is. And we are talking major country wack-job town here!!
    Hope Eddie can pull his life and family together. Leann will probably not go away quietly. Not her style.

  • melissa b

    TEAM BRANDI!!!!!

  • l lemon

    The poor wife is just trying to save her family. Eddie is a huge jerk. And he is a fool for allowing the fame ho Leann to break up his family. As for Leann – cannot stand her. Think she is just trying to get her name and image out there no matter who she hurts!!
    AS for trying to call Leann out, well obviously Leann dosen’t care. She wants the attention.

  • Michelle

    brandi, you’re an idiot and in denial. you bring women down. your husband lied and cheated on you. and now you’re trying to let leann be the escape goat instead of admitting what the public sees. your marriage is over. once the man cheats, it’s over. you can do better. i hope you get emotionally stronger to see this.

  • faye

    Brandi needs to devote her time and efforts to making sure her husband keeps his pants on. Only he can choose to be faithful..or not.
    But she is doing what women always do, focusing on the other woman instead of on your cheating spouse.

  • samm

    sorry but who is this bitch? LeAnn has a career and people know her name, I’ve never even heard of this couple until the affair rumor came out so it kinda looks like ur looking for fame cus u got no carrer

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Honestly, this does not surprise me at all.

  • winonaindepp

    Desperate of fame??? LeAnn already hits the pinacle of FAME, what r u talkin’about? Who ever u r, wife of Eddie, you are the one clinging on the outskirt of Leann’s fame so u better let go and start satisfying your husband again so he won’t dip his finger to someone else’s somewhere!!!

  • jenner

    I think the main question here is… who the F is Brandi Glanville???

  • cooldeydey