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Cameron Diaz Covers 'Marie Claire' July 2009

Cameron Diaz Covers 'Marie Claire' July 2009

Cameron Diaz looks denim delicious on the July 2009 cover of Marie Claire, on stands June 9th. Here are some interview highlights:

On going green: “The planet needs a publicist. I had this cartoon in my head a couple of years ago when Paris Hilton was going to jail and Britney Spears was falling apart. There’s a woman at a desk talking to planet Earth, and she’s like, ‘I’m going to make you a star!” And it says, ‘But I’m a planet. And she’s like “No, I can tell, you’re going to be bigger than Paris and Britney. When I’m done with you, everyone’s going to know who you are! (laughs).

On making Mother Earth famous: “It’s the planet, you know what I mean? She should be the one – she should be a star. How do we make this little planet of ours a big star? I want everybody to know who she is.”

On finally fixing her nose after breaking it four times: “S— just finds my face – it’s crazy.” (She most recently injured it with a surfboard, and before that with her own knee.)

On more radical forms of surgery likely being out of the question for her: “I’d love a bigger butt, more meat on my bones. I’d love to be more voluptuous. It’s just not my body type.”

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  • maze

    It’s the one who still thinks that she’s a teenager.

  • AHA

    i hate when celebs “complain” about not being more voluptious….they are thin because they want to be thin. they are just trying to act like they are all humble and insecure so other people will find them more likable. do they actually think that people are fooled? cameron is just as vain and conceited as all the rest of them. if she woke up with j. lo’s butt one morning she would be at the doctors office by 10 AM to have the d@mn thing chopped off.
    actors shouldn’t talk. they should be kept in a pod in hollyweird and just allowed to communicate with each other so they can congratlate themselves on being a superior species…no one in the “real” world understands or cares when they open their mouths to speak their thoughts. we only want them to recite their lines.

  • Saudia


  • Grace

    AHA @ 06/03/2009 at 11:56 am

    You are wrong….I’m thin not because I want to but because that’s just how I am…I eat a lot and I don’t expect you to believe me…I just don’t gain weight….so I understand what she means!
    So yeah it is possible to be thin and to want to be curvy because that’s exactly what I’d like but can’t get….
    I’ve tried to work out so I build muscles and try to get some curves somehow but instead I get thinner =/

  • Kurt

    I have a very strong opinion about this matter!

  • Lo

    I like her! She’s just very lovable!

  • Mitzi Y.


    “Voluptuous” is not something you can get by not “being thin” Not sure if you are female or not but I think there’s a large percentage of women out there who wish their breasts could be a little bit bigger/smaller or their waistlines were a little thinner. It’s just how you are built. Just because she says she would like to be voluptuous doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate what she has now. Your body type is determined by genetics, I could not “grow” bigger breasts by eating specific foods or doing a specific exercise. It’s just not in my DNA.

  • Mellissa

    AHA, you are a complete and total dumb***. Not everyone has the same body type, and it’s very clear Cameron is a naturally thin girl. Body type is predetermined by genetics like Mitzi Y said. Some people can eat all the want, and not gain a lot of weight because they were blessed with fast metabolisms and good genetics. Others can’t, and have to count every single calorie that goes into their body.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont think she looks all that good
    her interview is kinda boring 2 =[
    she should have taken more pics

  • Liverwurst

    Some one has had some under eye filler…lokks good though.

  • dIETER

    I really think she has an IQ of 160 or so. I just wanked on her ass and totally came !!! Love her !!!!

  • sharon

    She does have a big face

  • Marieme

    This is a really good look for her. Youthful and sophisticated.

  • Sally

    Beautiful cover. Cameron rocks in this pics!

  • wtf

    What an empty stupid cow ” want everybody to know who she is.” oh really lol seriously is she talking about the planet here ?? how more dumb stupid level could this idiot get ?? 1 i’ve never seen such an idiot sentence and though ,2 does she really think that an empty retarted old teenager of her type gonna learn me or making me discover the “planet” is she kidding here ??? comparing the planet with the trashness of parisite hiton and shitney ??? putting the planet in the same sentence and the same level of this shitty hos creatures ? im actually suprised that the journalist didn’t laugh at her or asked her are you drunk or something ? or that’s not your fault you’re dumb you can’t help yourself?

  • pc

    Photoshopped to death, we all know the pizza face, the jocker face, the manly features, and the fugly nose you got even after 4 surgeries to fix it, it’s stil fugly.

  • soso

    Please,she works hard as an inscure old hag at the gym,always spotting getting out of the gym with a water bottel,and now she wants some meat plz b!tch who are you trying to fool?hypocrite

    This immature woman somehow reminds me of Aniston, both are old,inscure,plastic surgery addict,instable, acts like an immature kids, didn’t want to grow up, have no personality,they got & stick with the same look,same style,idiots….


    Methinks Cameron needs to Netlix the movies, “The Mask” and “Head Above Water”.

  • kaos

    I like Cameron Diaz and think she is not only beautiful but also quite a good actress. However, if she did indeed say what she said about the planet and Earth in the interview, well, she better stay with frivolous topics like body weight and cosmetic surgery because her statements about the planet et al really make her sound dumb. Same goes with all celebs – stick to what you know and stop trying to be “serious” and “enlightened”!

  • psmaster

    @pc: as someone who has seen the before pic on this one i can tell that no major “digital surgery” was done to her, if any at all. she really is that beautiful!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Her body is perfect!! What is she saying?!

  • cheri

    ok,ok, everyone’s getting all hung up on her saying she wants to be fatter, and i admit, i hate it when skinny girls complain about being skinny, but i really think there is a more important issue at hand….she broke her nose with her own knee….ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? HOW MUCH OF A CLUMSY DUMBASS COULD YOU BE????

  • Suppress your appetite

    Nice pictures.thanks

  • ME

    @AHA: no she has a certain body type where she doesn’t gain weight in her hips so she has to stay fit or else shel gain too much weight in her upperbody and hav an apple shaped body. i know because i hav the same body type as her and would also love to be more voluptuous:/ so don’t judge her; she’s a real person too! “leeave britney alooone!!”:P haha